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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Walk In The Park

Luke and Laura are taking a shortcut through the park on their way back to Laura's place after checking out few places for rent.
"Well that was a disappointment I didn't expect that place to be so small. My stuff alone wouldn't even fit in there!"
"Yeah its too bad. It was a perfect location. It's only our first day. We'll find something." he laughs again "The look on your face when we walked in there was priceless."

She turns to look at him
"Well at least one of us is laughing. Cause I am still in shock that you can call that an apartment. Oh well, like you said we will find something."
"You're so cute when your all flustered and angry."
She stops them from walking and kisses him.
"Always the charmer....I'm hungry. I got a new recipe to try out. Wanna be my guinea pig?"
"You know I can't say no to that."

Its The Little Things That Count

Luke and Laura have been dating for sometime now and things are starting to get pretty serious. The two have talked about moving in together but both know it is a big commitment. Luke wonders if it is too soon in the relationship to move to this next level. Laura on the other hand is thrilled about the idea and has already started scoping out the for rent properties.
As they lay in bed talking to each other about their day. Luke begins to realize that he loves these moments with her and doesn't want them to end.
"I have some time after work tomorrow if you want to go check out these places you found"
"Really! I thought you wanted to wait until renovations were done in your record store?"
"Yeah but I think we should start looking now cause we might not find one we like right away."
"True but there is one I found that could be perfect if it is still available. I'm gonna go get my laptop so I can show you."
Luke kisses her forehead.
"How about I show you how much I love you."
Then kisses her nose and moves to her mouth.
At this rate these two lovebirds might not get much done if they don't get some sleep. But when your in love time almost stands still and those moments in each others arms is all you need.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Date Night

 New to this whole blogging thing hope to use this as a home for my upcoming doll story.