Sunday, February 26, 2012

Valentine's Day Date

Laura has moved back in with her parents temporarily until they find a place.  Luke has come to pick her up for a romantic 
Valentine's Day date.
*Luke smiles* " Happy Valentine's Day babe."
*Laura* "Awww! You brought me chocolates and a rose. Your so sweet thank you!"
Laura turns and sets the gifts on the table and
 looks in the mirror at herself.
*Laura* "My hair will just not cooperate today!"
*Luke* " You look gorgeous. Lets get going so we are not
 late for our dinner reservations."
Laura turns and Luke pulls her to him 
and kisses her softly.
*Luke* "I love you. You look perfect."
*Laura smiles* "I love you too, baby. "
*Luke* "I'm starving lets go."
Luke takes Laura by the hand and they head off 
for a romantic evening together.
Much later in the evening the two talk of their future 
together back at Laura's parents house.
*Luke* "These chocolates your Mom made are delicious. I see where 
you get your love of cooking and baking from."
*Laura* "Mama is always cooking something. She always had something ready for us when my Sister and I came home from school. The house always smelled of home cooking. It still does.  I can't wait to do the same for my kids. Our three kids will come home from school and we will all make dinner together and then when you come home from work we will all sit down and eat as a family "
Laura smiles she looks forward to all these things happening 
having a successful career and a wonderful family.
 *Luke* " Wow! three kids huh? Such the planner. You know what day you want to get married too?"
Luke kind of feels uncomfortable talking about kids and raising a family. He has always just lived in the moment and never thought too much about the future. But when he looks at her he does find himself thinking the same thoughts and he can't imagine a future without her.
Laura gets up and walks over to him. 
*Laura* " Silly boy that all depends on you. So you better start planning the mother
 of all proposals.  Cause I do have a tentative date set."
*Luke laughs and pulls her closer* " I have other things on my mind right now."
A third voice enters the kitchen and startles the two lovebirds.
*Krystal* "Ya'll have a good time tonight ?"
*Luke* "I think I found the only French restaurant in town that Laura hadn't been to."
*Krystal* "Is it the new one that opened up downtown? I need to get Scott to take me down there. It looks very nice. Did you like the food sweetie?"
*Laura*"Yes it was very good. They have a great menu. Very fresh and up to date. I would love to open my own place like that someday."
*Krystal* "Sounds great! When did you two get back?"
*Laura* " A little while ago. Did Daddy take you out for dinner?"
*Krystal* "No, we decided to have a nice quiet meal here at home. Maybe in a couple weeks I'll get your Father to take me out. He has been working long hours with his company. Well, I'm off to bed now. Goodnight you two."
*Laura* "Goodnight Mama."
*Luke* "Goodnight Mrs. Lavigne."
*Laura hugs and kisses Luke goodbye* "Don't forget we have some condos to checkout this weekend."
*Luke* "Okay, I'll make sure that Hayden opens up the shop for me this weekend. Goodnight baby. I'll call you tomorrow."


  1. Oh Laura.. why couldn't you let Luke be my valentine for once?! Hahaha ;)

  2. Lol! My husband says the same thing about Laura. She is one of his favorite of my girls. =D