Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Bull Tavern Remodel

Aric and Roxie Metzger are in the process of moving and remodeling their business. Bull Tavern is a popular hangout for their up and coming neighborhood. So when some prime commercial real estate went on the market they decided to move to a much larger space. Aric has asked his best friend Luke Cooper to come check out his new purchase and meet with the architect Kyu who will be redesigning this old building into the new and improved Bull Tavern!

Naturally where ever Luke goes Laura is always there.....
Luke* "Hey we're here!"
 Aric* "Hey y'all!! I'm glad you made it. Kyu should be here shortly and we can get down to business."

The girls could care less about business talk and head off to the bar to get some wine.
Roxie* " I love your skirt. Is that from that vintage shop off of 6th street?"
Laura*"It sure is. I just got it yesterday. You have to go shopping there with me sometime. You never know what you gonna find."
 Roxie*"Yeah...I been meaning to check it out. How about this weekend? I could use some downtime after all this crazy business with the bar. And I know it's gonna get more stressful once the remodel gets underway.  I say let the boys have their fun here and we can go spend some money!"

So as they begin to plan their "girls only" weekend of fun. Luke and Aric start a game of pool while they wait.
Not long into the game Kyu shows up and playtime is over.
Kyu* "Hello everyone I hope we're not too late."
Aric* "Come in, Come in!....Naw we were just killin' some time."
Kyu* " Great! Well, this is my girlfriend Jasper. She is just tagging along. I hope that is okay. We plan on hitting the town after this."
Aric* " It's quite all right. Let's go ahead and sit down and get down to business."
So the boys sit down with a cold mug of beer in one hand and talk shop.
Kyu* " Well, I must say you have found a great place to relocate your bar. And having your apartment on the next two levels will be a great convenience for starting out here. All the original brick will be redone and the use of rustic reclaimed accents to give this place some nice architecture."
Aric* " You're speaking my language Kyu. I also want to expose the ceiling beams and refinish them. These boring outdated ceiling tiles have got to go."
Kyu* "Definitely I agree. Well, if everything goes according to plan you can have this place up and running in a couple months." 
Aric* "Perfect. Yeah we can't afford to let this move and renovation take too long. Luke will be helping me demo this place out this weekend and get it ready for the contractor to come in."
Kyu* "That sounds great. I know contractors will charge an arm and a leg for demo and clearing out. You will see a big savings on that part. All I need now is for you to go over these specs and sign the paper work."

As the boys finish business the girls are getting to know Jasper and have invited her to their "girls only" weekend.

Roxie* " That is so cute. He is an architect and you design clothes. You two are peas in a pod." 
Jasper* "I never really thought of it that way, but you're right we are both passionate about design."

Laura* "I love your dress did you make it?"
Jasper* "Yeah I did, thanks! I love to use vintage fabrics. I am all about up cycling and re-purposing  old items."
Laura* "Then you are gonna love that vintage shop! Ladies, I think this weekend is going to be a lot of fun"

*To be continued...........


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    1. Thanks so much Cat!
      It's great to hear from you :)

  2. The new bar looks great. Love the pool table.

    1. Thanks Vanessa! I can't wait to get it all complete.

      Frankly I have been getting a little obsessive with this particular diorama. I have been going crazy. I hope in the end it is all worth it and I am satisfied with the outcome