Saturday, July 28, 2012

After the BBQ

So to recap this takes place late in the evening after the BBQ at Aric and Roxie's place. Laura is so mad she could scream. Her younger sister Michelle gave Benjamin (Aric's old high school buddy) her phone number. Why is Laura upset? Well, Benjamin has already dated two of her close friends but neither relationship ended well. As Benjamin always says "I can't help it if girls want to throw themselves at me." He has quite an inflated ego and thinks very highly of himself. This is why Laura is freaking out. She is worried her sister is going to be seriously hurt by his womanizing ways. But Michelle has been off at college for the past 3 years; so Laura is not up to date on ALL that her sister has been up to. 

So later after the party Luke has to listen to all of Laura's ranting.......
While she is putting away dishes she starts again.
*Laura*"Ugh! I cannot believe she did that and right in front of you too. And you looked as if you were about to bust out laughing....
I have told her about him and what he did to Isolde and Penelope. Especially Penelope she was really into him. Hooking up with some bimbo at a night club when she had to work. Luckily someone she knows saw him there and sent her a text or he would have kept on doing what he was doing. Why?...Why would Michelle want to hook up with him. Who knows how many women he has been with! Ugh! He is so repulsive!"
[Laura turns around and notices that Luke is looking at his phone]
*Laura* "Luke?"
*Luke* " Umm...yeah?"
*Laura* " You didn't hear a word I said did you?"
*Luke* "I was checking my emails but I heard you. Your mad at you sister for giving Ben her phone number. You haven't stopped talking about it since we left the BBQ! Michelle is a big girl, she can handle Ben. Besides she approached him. I think she knows what she is doing, Babe.  She's a grown woman and can make her own decisions on who she dates."
*Laura* " Well, I still don't like it! And I am calling her first thing in the morning and reminding her what she is doing is crazy. [sighing] Anyways... I am off to take a shower and get the smell of smoke and BBQ off of me. You coming to bed?"
*Luke* " I will be up in a bit just gonna watch the news and email back my Mom. She says she is coming down in a week. She wants us both to pick her up at the airport."
*Laura* " Oh my gosh! I totally forgot about her coming down. I will make sure I got that day off from work. She staying here with us?"
*Luke* "No, she booked a hotel to stay at. I told her that was the only way I could handle her being down here for 2 weeks."
*Laura* "Well, I can't wait to meet her but I am nervous at the same time too. Okay, I am off to take a shower. Don't take too long." [smiling at him as she heads for the stairs]
Laura finally comes out of the bathroom taking much longer than she planned and sees that Luke is already in bed.
*Laura* "You still awake?"
*Luke* [in a sleepy voice] " Just waiting for you...."
*Laura* [walks around the bed to her side]
*Luke* [smiling sleepily at her moves so she can slide into bed next to him]
*Laura* [gives him a disappointed look and crawls into bed]
*Luke* "Ah c'mon Laura you can't find it the least bit humorous?"
*Laura* "No! You know I can't stand Benjamin and the whole idea just makes me frustrated."
*Luke*" Maybe your sister is just doing it to see how you or all of us will react. You said it before she always liked to stir things up. [Luke chuckles] Maybe they are meant for each other and it's just fate."
*Laura* "Don't say that!
 Just hold me and kiss me and tell me that everything is going to be okay. "

*Luke pulls her close and kisses her* " Babe, I love you but you worry too much."
*Laura* "I love you, too Baby." 

Fade to black..........


  1. Love it! Your room setups are fabulous. I'm with Luke. Laura worries too much, but I understand why she is worrying.

    1. Thanks Vanessa!! I really enjoy putting dioramas together. :)
      I agree too. Laura is worrying too much hopefully it will all work out. She is just being a overprotective big sister :)

  2. That kitchen is awesome!!!!!! Great story too.

    1. Thanks Mustiwait!! I am very glad you enjoyed the story and dioramas as well :)