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Friday, August 10, 2012

Michelle & Benjamin's First Date

Benjamin has come to pick up Michelle for their first date. Krystal has answered the door to see that Benjamin has arrived on time. 
*Krystal* "Please come in and sit. Michelle will be down in a moment."
*Benjamin* "This is a lovely house you have Mrs Lavigne. You have restored it wonderfully."
*Krystal* "Why thank you, Benjamin. It has taken a lot of years to get this house back to it's former glory."
 *Benjamin* " Growing up as a contractor's son I have seen some fantastic restorations. This house is mighty fine."
*Krystal* "Really? I had no idea your family was in the business. My husband is a contractor as well."
*Benjamin* "Yes, ma'am. My father has been preparing me my whole life to take over when he retires."
As they begin to talk Michelle makes her way downstairs.
*Michelle* "Okay I'm ready."
*Benjamin* "Wow! You look great, Michelle. You know we're just going to dinner and a movie, right?"
*Krystal* "I agree, you are lovely Dear. Well, you two have a good time."
*Michelle* "Bye Mamma, don't wait up. We will probably catch a late movie, so I'll be home after that."
*Krystal* "Okay, Dear. Ya'll be safe and have a good time."
*Benjamin* "Bye, Mrs Lavigne."
*Krystal* "Bye, Benjamin take care of my baby girl."
Benjamin takes Michelle to his favorite Chinese restaurant "The Golden Dragon".
They have just been seated and the waitress has come to take their drink order.
*waitress* "What would you like to drink?"
*Benjamin* "We'll take a bottle of your best wine and an order of oysters."
*waitress* "Wonderful! I will be back with your wine and put the order for the oysters in."
*Benjamin* "Thank you."
Moments later the waitress comes back with glasses and a bottle of wine.
And takes their food orders.
*Benjamin* "To good food n good friends."
*Michelle* "Cheers to that!  Mmmm...good wine."
*Benjamin* " This place has the best Chinese food in town."
While they begin chatting the waitress comes back with their appetizer of oysters.
*Michelle* " Mmmm these are very good. I haven't had oysters in forever."
*Benjamin* "So what movie do you wanna see?"
*Michelle* " Oh, that new cheesy horror movie looks like fun to watch."
*Benjamin* "You like those kinda movies? I would have thought you'd want to see the latest romance novel turned movie."
*Michelle* "Nah! I can't stand all that sappy romance. I'd rather see action or horror. Much more entertaining." [she laughs]
*Benjamin* [he laughs with her] "You surprised me there. You don't seem much like your sister."
*Michelle* [she get serious] "Me and her are nothing alike. Sorry, I am a little upset with her right now. She called earlier today to tell me I was crazy to talk to you and warned me I was in for heartbreak."
They pause their conversation momentarily while the waitress brings in the food.
*Benjamin* "Oh man! Yeah she don't like me too much. But I did hurt Penelope. I was wondering if she was gonna come storming over and pull your phone number right outta my hand that day at the barbeque. She didn't look happy at all."
*Michelle* "So you admit to being the bad guy?"
*Benjamin* "To an extent. I should have stopped dating her sooner. She was getting way to possessive to the point of embarrassment. So I went out one night with some friends and got a little too drunk and was caught dancing with some girl."
*Michelle* "That is not the story I heard. They made it sound a lot worse like you were all over every girl there. I believe you though I know Penelope and she is a bit crazy. Her and my sister have been friends since high school. So she is always gonna side with her no matter what."
*Benjamin* "I hope us dating doesn't cause major problems with you and your sister. I would really like to get to know you."[he gives her is best smile]
*Michelle* "Don't worry about Laura I can handle her. [smiling back at him] Besides I would like to get to know you better too."
They continue to talk as they each finish their meals.
The waitress comes back to clear their plates and leave them the bill.
*Benjamin* "You ready to go see that movie?"
*Michelle* "Yeah. let's get outta here."
Benjamin watches her as she walks to the door. Thinking to himself she is one beautiful woman.
Michelle sensing his eyes following her. She knows she has got his attention but what will she do now? Lead him on or will she fall for him?

Stay tuned to see the conclusion to their first date!!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Phone Call

After sleeping in some the next morning after the party. Laura heads downstairs to make some coffee and call her sister.
Since Michelle moved back home she has been living at her parents house. She is sitting in her parents living room already primping for her date with Benjamin. He sent her a text late last night and they made plans to go out. 

Michelle grabs her phone and sees that her sister is the caller.
*Michelle* "Hey Laura! What's up?"
*Laura* "Well, I wanted to know why you gave Benjamin your number? You left right afterwards and I didn't get a chance to talk to you about it then. You remember what I told you he did to Penelope, right? I just don't get why your interested in him. He is a complete jerk!"
*Michelle* " Yeah, I remember you telling me about it. It always seemed to me that she let herself get hurt. Look, I just want to have a good time and Ben is that kind of guy. I am not looking for a serious relationship right now. We are just going out for some fun...."
*Laura* " Michelle you need to be careful. He...he is just not the kind of guy you should be dating...."

*Michelle* "Oh my god Laura! You are seriously not gonna do this to me right now...are you? Who I date and hangout with is my choice. I cannot believe you! You're one to talk ,Laura. Didn't you sleep with Luke after your first date with him?!"
*Laura* " Um, No! You need to get your facts straight. Yes, I did SLEEP with him but we didn't have sex. We stayed up nearly all night talking then fell asleep together."
*Michelle* " Well.... I don't think you should be lecturing me. I have been on dates with other guys like Ben before. Look,  I will be careful. I am always careful. Listen I gotta go. I am going out with Ben tonight. "
*Laura* "Wow! he doesn't waste time does he."
*Michelle* "Bye Laura! I'm done talking about this."
[Michelle hangs up and puts the phone down. Krystal walks into the living room and sees that her baby girl is upset.]

*Krystal* "Were you just on the phone with your sister? You look upset what happened sweetie?"
*Michelle* "Laura called to lecture me about giving my phone number to Benjamin and going out with him tonight. I know she doesn't like him but she hardly knows him. I mean look at her she moved in with Luke after knowing him for 6 months! I just wish she wouldn't tell me what to do when she is doing her own crazy stuff."
*Krystal* " Well, sweetie no one is perfect. Your sister loves you and is just being overprotective after what happened to her friend Penelope. She just doesn't want to see you get hurt and I don't either. I have heard a little bit about this Benjamin fellow and I do feel you need to be cautious with this guy. I think that is all that your sister wants too. I know dating is different than when I was young woman but I still think you can never be too careful. "
*Michelle* " Your right Mom...and I promise I will be careful. I just want to go out and have some fun. I don't see myself falling for Benjamin.  I'm not ready for a serious relationship."
*Krystal* " Well, I'm not gonna lecture you anymore either. I know your a responsible young woman and I love you no matter what."
Laura sits with her head in her hands and thinks back though the conversation she has just had with her sister.  She wishes now she had handled the phone call differently. But it was too late now. Maybe she underestimated her sister and shouldn't have jumped to conclusions. 
[Laura talking to herself]
"Oh,well I guess it could have been worse. She is not gonna wanna talk to me for awhile after I lectured her on her love life" [she sighs] 
Luke comes down the stairs in a sleepy stupor and a headache to go with it.
*Luke* " I'm guessing the phone call to your sister didn't go as you planned?"
*Laura* " Yeah, she was not happy I told her she shouldn't be
 going out with Benjamin. I screwed up.  I talked to her like she was some hormonal teenager who needed to be lectured."
*Luke* " I told you... you worry too much. You said yourself you haven't been that close to your sister for the past 3 years. I am sure she has had her heart broke by some guy at least once since she has been at college."
*Laura* " Your right...I haven't been close to her since she went to college. We have both been so busy with our own lives.... We used to be close. I guess that is why I was trying to hard to tell her what to do."
*Luke* " You gonna eat this?"
*Laura* [sighing] "No I'm not that hungry. I'll eat something at the restaurant. I gotta go to work."
*Luke* " I thought you were off today? So... no breakfast uh? [rubbing his head as he speaks] I was hoping for some of your homemade waffles to cure my killer hangover."

 *Laura* " Sorry honey I got an email and they need me today at the restaurant today. You'll have to make your own breakfast this morning. I am already running late."
[she kisses him and heads up stairs to get ready]
*Luke* [looking at the danish on the plate in front of him] " Damn! Well, I guess you'll have to do. [he grabs it a takes a bite] "Mmmm....not to bad for store bought."

Stay tuned........