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I figured now would be a great time to stop and review some character bios.
Plus it gives me more time to set up my diorama for the next scene :)
 Here is where it all began with this photo......  After their first photo shoot together I fell in love with these two. And that lead to creating a world for my 2 favorite dolls ^_^.
These two were hot and heavy right from the get go.  Laura was introduced to Luke by a mutual  friend a little over a year ago.  These two have not slowed down yet.  Luke loves Laura's fiery passion and of course her cooking.  Laura ...well she just loooooves Luke he is everything a girl could ask for sexy, smart, independent, and passionate about life.
Name: Luke Allen Cooper
Occupation:  Owner of  Vintage Vinyl Record Store
Hometown: Born and raised in Seattle, Washington
Currently: New Orleans, Louisiana
Marital Status: Never  married ~
currently dating Laura Lavigne
Luke is a survivor.  He worked hard to get where he is today. Worked the music biz in his early 20's prepping stages for musicians and bands all over.  The first time he came to New Orleans he knew this is where he wanted to be. So, he scraped together everything he had to open his business.
Name: Laura Othelia Lavigne
Occupation: Master Chef at a local French Restaurant Ma Chérie
Hometown: Born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana
Currently: New Orleans, Louisiana
Marital Status: Never married
 ~currently dating Luke Cooper
Laura's passion is good food and fashion. And now Luke too. She worked her way through culinary school waiting tables by day and creating recipes by night. She is a very passionate person and believes that delicious food is the fuel that feeds it.
 Aric and Roxie Metzger
Character Bios:
Aric and Roxie Metzger were happily married at the tender age of 18. These two were high school sweethearts and have been inseparable since. They took all their savings and open a bar and named it Bull Tavern. Aric is a good ol' boy. He is honest and straight forward. He loves his woman, his Harley, and his beer. Aric has been friends with Luke since he moved to New Orleans. They have become very close friends and find they have much in common.
 Roxie is a lot like Aric. She loves her Harley and beer. But most of all loves her man.
 Aric Metzger with his younger twin sisters Mina and Mila. There is a 10 year age difference between Aric and his sisters.  He has been a very supportive brother from a young age ever since their Father left when the girls where 2 yrs old.
 Mina Metzger
Occupation: Personal Trainer/ aerobics instructor
Hometown: New Orleans,LA
Currently: New Orleans,LA
Marital Status: Never married...
Currently dating long time boyfriend Jai
Mina is the tomboy of the two girls. She is always into some sporting activity. Her and her boyfriend Jai both work together at the local health club/gym.
 Mila Metzger
Occupation: paralegal assistant / Law school
Hometown: New Orleans,LA
Currently: New Orleans,LA
Marital Status: Never Married...single at the moment
Mila is the complete opposite of her sister. She thinks sports are ridiculous but she loves some good courtroom drama. She works hard and studies hard. She hopes to be a successful lawyer one day.
  Krystal Lavigne
Occupation: Part-time Interior Desingner
Hometown: Houston,TX
Currently:  New Orleans, LA
Marital Status: Married to Scott Lavigne
 and Mother to their 2 daughters Laura and Michelle Lavigne.
Fell in love and married her college sweetheart. Then moved to New Orleans when he took up a job.
Michelle Ava Lavigne
Occupation: Currently unemplyed
Hometown: New Orleans,LA
Currently: New Orleans,LA
Marital Status: Never Married....
Currently dating Benjamen
Michelle is the kinda girl that thinks she knows what she wants and will do whatever it takes to achieve that goal. She is stubborn, headstrong, and not afraid to say what is on her mind. Which sometimes gets her in trouble. She recently moved back home after going the college. She has a degree in business but currently looking for work.
Penelope  Vargas
Occupation: Department Store Manager
Hometown: New Orleans, LA
Currently: New Orleans, LA
Marital Status: Never married...Single at the moment
Briefly dated Benjamen
Penelope and Laura have been best friends since high school. They remain close friends to this day.
They are both girly girls, so they love to go shopping together and chat about all the latest gossip. Penelope is a very passionate and caring person. She works full time as a department store manager. She loves helping people and putting a smile on a customer's face.
Isolde Peterson
Occupation: Bar Tender
Hometown: Seattle, Washington
Currently: New Orleans, LA
Marital status: Never married.....single at the moment
Also briefly dated Benjamin
Isolde ended up moving to New Orleans when she was a senior in high school. Her Mother decided to move back to her hometown after a messy divorce with Isolde's Father. Isolde works at Bull Tavern as a Bar Tender. She is an all around tomboy who loves her sports and a cold mug of beer. She is very easy going and laid back but also loves a good adrenaline rush. She is also the mutual friend that introduced Luke to Laura.
She knows Luke since she works for Aric.
And she knows Laura from the gym she works out at.
Benjamin Trudeau
Occupation: Trudeau Contracting
Hometown: New Orleans,LA
Currently: New Orleans,LA
Marital Status: Never married....
Benjamin is best friends with Aric and they have known each other since they were kids. Benjamen's Mother passed away when he was 10 years old. With his Father always busy with the family business he ended up spending a lot of time with Aric's family and they naturally formed a brotherly bond from a young age. He now helps his Father run the family business and is set to take over in a few more years. His father just wishes he would settle down before then. Ask any girl who has dated him and she will tell you that Benjamen is afraid of commitment and tends to move from one girl to the next.

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Mamma Is Coming To Town!!

Meet Cynthia Ann Rawlins-Cooper!!
Age: Old enough to be Luke's Mom [She refuses to tell me how old she ;)]
Marital Status: Divorced
Hometown: Seattle, Washington
Cynthia was always a wild one. She was pregnant at 17 with Luke and married his father at 18 years of age. A year later they divorced and she raised Luke on her own. It wasn't easy being a single mom but she made it work and Luke managed to grow up into a responsible adult despite her waywardness at times.
Luke has put off Laura meeting his Mom for an entire year because his Mother can be quite eccentric and tends to scare any decent girl away. She is finally coming down for a visit and meeting Laura for the first time. Luke hasn't been this nervous in a long time......
 It's late afternoon and Luke is pacing the floor waiting on Laura to finishing getting ready so they can go pick up his Mom at the airport. He keeps looking down at his phone to check the time.
He walks over to the stairs and calls up to Laura...
*Luke* "Babe! I'm sure you look beautiful. We gotta go. I don't want to hit any traffic and be late."
*Laura* " Okay, okay just give me five more minutes!!"
Laura mumbles and talks to herself
*Laura* "Why? Why, of all days for my hair to be a disaster?! Ugh!...."
While Luke contemplates whether to go upstairs and see what is taking her so long. The doorbell rings. Luke walks over to answer the door.
*Luke* " Who in the world would be at the door right now?"
Luke answers the door and sees that it is Laura's sister Michelle.
*Michelle* "Hey Luke, sorry to show up unannounced. I need to talk to Laura."
*Luke* " is not a good time, Michelle. We are just heading out the door to go pick up my Mom from the airport."
*Michelle* "Oh! I'm sorry I didn't know. I haven't talked to Laura since she called me about Benjamin. That's why I came over."
*Luke* "Yeah, I'm sure she would love to talk to you about it. She was quite upset after she hung up with you that day. But we are already running late. I'm just waiting for her to finish up."
*Michelle* "Okay, sorry for the bad timing. Just tell her I stopped by and when she gets a chance to call me. So we can talk..."
*Luke*"Will do...I know she will be relieved to know that you stopped by."
*Michelle* " Thanks Luke. I guess I'll see ya'll later. Bye."
*Luke* "Bye."
Laura finally makes her way downstairs. Just missing her sister by a matter of seconds. 
*Laura* "Hey handsome....was someone just at the door?"
*Luke* "Yeah, it was your sister."
Laura walks over to the chair to grab her purse.
*Laura* "What! You're kidding me, right? I have texted her like 10 ten times in the past week. She never responded. I think she is still pretty mad at me."
*Luke* "No, I'm not joking she was just here. She said she wanted to talk to you...."
*Laura* "Okay, so why did she leave?"
*Luke* "Because I told her to."
*Laura* "What! Why...why would you do that?"
*Luke* " I think it's obvious, Babe. [patience wearing thin in his voice]  We need to leave. We are already 20 minutes behind. I don't want to get stuck in afternoon traffic. And then my Mom will be waiting on us. That's why!"
 *Laura* "Okay, I see your point. So what did she say exactly."
*Luke* "That she wanted to talk to you and to give her a call when you get the chance."
*Laura* "That's it?"
*Luke* "Yup. Now let's go before we waste any more time. You can ask me more about it in the car."
She sets her purse back on the table.
 *Laura* "Okay, just give me 2 minutes to fix my hair. [she points to her head] This is not working."
She moves quickly to the stairs before Luke can protest her decision.
*Luke* '' look fine. You can't fix it in the car on the way there? We gotta go."
*Laura* "No. I'll be down in 2 minutes. Besides planes now a days never show up on time anyways...."
*Luke* "Ugh! You're killing me here. You better be ready in 2 minutes. I'm waiting in the car. So make sure you lock up."
*Laura* [her voice fading as she walks up the stairs] "Okay..."

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Michelle & Benjamin's First Date: Part 3

The theater has pretty much all cleared out. Michelle and Benjamin also begin to make their way out of the theater. As she walks past Benjamin she trips on his shoe. Benjamin moves quickly and grabs her hand so that she does not fall back.
*Michelle* " Wow! I guess I had a little too much wine to drink.  I was a little light headed getting up."
*Benjamin* "It'll do that to ya. You ready to go home and call it a night?"
*Michelle* "Um...yeah. I think so."
Finally they make it safe and sound back to Michelle's parents house.
*Michelle* "Thanks for taking me out tonight. I had a great time."
 *Benjamin* "I'm glad you didn't find me boring. So you want to do this again sometime?"
*Michelle chuckles* "You boring? Never! And I'd love to go out again. You know, we could go together to your friend Aric's reopening of his bar. It's in a couple weeks right?"
*Benjamin* "Yeah, he is finally getting that place open after relocating and remodeling. Okay, I'll text you when I get an exact date and time on the reopening. Well, I guess I'm gonna say goodnight."
Benjamin reaches for the door knob but Michelle reaches out to stop him before he leaves.
*Michelle* " Hey! I just want you to know that I think you are a really great guy and I think my girlfriends are just a little worked up over some silly drama. Like I said earlier I would really like to get to know you better despite all the negative reactions from everyone."
Benjamin pulls Michelle in closer to him contemplating whether to kiss this beautiful woman standing here in front of him.
*Benjamin* "I really like you too Michelle and........"
Before he can finish his sentence Michelle takes a step back.
*Michelle* " You were thinking about kissing me right now, weren't you? Did you already forget what we were talking about at the theater?"
*Benjamin[a little embarrassed by getting caught]* "Um...yeah, but then I remembered what we were talking about earlier and I stopped myself."
*Michelle* "It's okay....I....I know the whole "saying goodnight" thing to each other is kinda awkward."
*Benjamin* " Tell me about it....well I should get going. I gotta work tomorrow."
*Michelle* "Okay...thanks again and drive home safe."
*Benjamin* "Goodnight, Michelle."
*Michelle* "Goodnight, Benjamin."
After Benjamin has left Michelle changes into her pajamas and finds herself a midnight snack. Some leftover homemade mac n cheese. She grabs her phone and starts dialing.
Phone begins ringing and then someone says hello...
*Michelle* "Hey girl!! You ready to hear how it went?"
*Friend* "Yes! Tell me how it went.
*Michelle* "Okay to start off.  He took me to this really snazzy Chinese restaurant...."
*Friend* " Was it The Golden Dragon? Did he order oysters for an appetizer?"
*Michelle* "Yes!! Oh my gosh did he take you there for ya'll's first date too?"
*Friend* "Yeah! He ordered the oysters and a bottle of wine. He got me nice and buzzed. You know? Now that I think about it he hardly drank any of that wine. Then he took me out to take a walk on the pier. At that time I thought it was the most romantic date ever."
*Michelle* " What a total player! He was probably planning to do the same thing with me."
*Friend* "That was the best make out session I have had to date. He may be a total player but he sure knows how to kiss a woman."
*Michelle* " Wow! Really? I hadn't realized he had a routine for seducing."
*Friend* " So.....did you totally dis him when he tried to make a move on you? Did he try and kiss you?"
*Michelle* " I didn't have to. I made him feel so guilty about me standing up for him. Despite all the horrible things that everyone is saying about him. That he basically said he was going to behave and not make a move on me. But then when he dropped me off and we were saying goodnight he tried to move in for a goodnight kiss."
*Friend* "Really? Wow!  So did you stop him or he backed off?"
*Michelle* " I stopped him....then we said goodnight."
*Friend* "You know he'll try to make a move sooner or later."
*Michelle* "By then he will be totally in love with me and then I will tell him that I just want to be friends. Then he'll know how it feels to have his heart broken.....hopefully."
*Friend* " are getting way too into this whole revenge thing. Obsessive much? Anyways...."
*Friend* "I got a text from Kira like an hour ago she said she saw you at the movies with Benjamin."
*Michelle* [pops up from where she was laying]
"No way! Wow...word is traveling fast. Good that means there is gonna be more pressure on him the next time we go out. Knowing everyone is waiting and seeing if he is gonna screw things up."
*Friend* "Don't you think that your being a little hard on him?"
*Michelle* "Oh come on Penelope, you know he deserves this. Don't feel sorry for him. If you knew more about him before he asked you out would you still have said yes?"
*Penelope* " Probably not....but still just be careful Michelle. You don't want to ruin your reputation either."
*Michelle* "You are so right Penelope, I just want to give him a little taste of what he did to you that's all."
*Penelope* "I think you need to calm down and get some sleep. You are just too wound up. We'll talk more tomorrow. Hopefully you'll be more sane then. I gotta go to bed. I have to work in the morning. Bye Michelle."
*Michelle* " Bye, Penelope."

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*Side Note*
The mac n cheese featured here is made by my good friend Elaine. 
She makes and sells tons of fabulous foods for our dolls.
Here is her flickr page Elaine's Flickr

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Michelle & Benjamin's First Date: Part 2

Finally! After a month long hiatus I have gotten back to blogging. It has been a madhouse around here getting my kids ready for back to school. So now things are back to routine and I get my dolly playtime. Yay! So let's get to it ^_^.

The two have arrived at the movies and are looking for some seats in the semi dark theater. 
*Benjamin* "This looks like a good place to sit."
*Michelle* "Yeah, this is fine."
Michelle walks past him and makes her way to her seat. Benjamin cannot help but stare lustfully at her backside as she walks by. Typical Benjamin....
*Benjamin* "I'm gonna go use the restroom. You want any popcorn or something to drink?"
*Michelle* "Nah, I'm good. I am still full from dinner."
*Benjamin* "Okay, well I'll be right back."
She smiles at him and replies.
*Michelle* " Okay."
As soon as Benjamin leaves the theater Michelle pulls out her phone and begins texting someone.
"here @ movies w Ben call u later w all the juicy details..."
When Benjamin returns Michelle shuts off her phone and puts it in her purse. Benjamin turns and looks at her.
*Benjamin* "We're you talking to someone?"
*Michelle* "No....I was just checking the reviews on this movie supposed to be quite scary." [She says with excitement in her voice.]
*Benjamin* "Is that so? Well, I guess that makes you a lucky girl to have me here in case you get too scared." [He says jokingly.]
Michelle laughs.
*Michelle* " Yeah right, I think YOU THINK  you'll be the lucky one. Which probably won't happen cause horror movies haven't scared me since I was like 10."
*Benjamin* "Ouch! You're still not gonna give me some slack uh?"
*Michelle* "Oh come on, you and I both know you can't help saying stuff like that."
*Benjamin* "Just offering a shoulder if you need one. [giving her is best smile] Besides, I think the evening has gone well and I haven't even tried anything. Like you said earlier we are just hanging out having some fun. Right?"

*Michelle* "True and yes you have been a gentleman so far this evening but you gotta remember I am sticking my neck out here. A lot of people say I shouldn't give you a chance.  And I hope they are wrong but you say cheesy stuff like that it makes me think maybe they are right."
*Benjamin* "Wow!, so direct and to the point. I like that. Okay, okay... I'm gonna prove you wrong.  I can be just friends with a woman."
*Michelle* "Oh really....Okay, so we are friends just hanging out. That means next time we "hang out" dinner is one me. Are you okay with that?"
*Benjamin* "Yeah, totally I can do that. I think we could be great friends."
*Michell* " Cool......shake on it.[She smiles sweetly at him and puts out her hand]
*Benjamin* "Deal....[ reaches out and shakes her hand]
The lights dim to a low glow and the movie screen comes to life. So the two begin to watch the movie..... 
So, two hours later the movie concludes and everyone begins to slowly exit the theater.
*Benjamin* "So were you scared? You seemed to jump up a few times."
*Michelle* "No, I didn't jump I was just getting comfy in my seat."
*Benjamin laughs* "Haha...You are not gonna admit it are you?"
*Michelle smiles and laughs* "No."
While the two are talking a young lady in the row above them is trying to get Michelle's attention.
*Young Lady* "Michelle Lavigne? Is that you?"
*Michelle* "Kira! Oh my gosh...hey girl how are you?"
*Kira* "I'm good just here with some friends. When did you get back?"
*Michelle* " Oh, it's been a couple weeks now. I'm sorry let me introduce you to Benjamin. He is friends with my sister's boyfriend. Benjamin meet Kira. She is a old friend from high school."
*Kira* " Nice to meet you."
*Benjamin* "Nice to meet you too." 
*Kira* " We will have to get together and catch up sometime. It's girls night out tonight so I can't keep them waiting."
*Michelle* "Okay, yeah I will. Maybe we can hangout this weekend. It was great to see you. Ya'll have fun!"
*Kira* "Bye, Michelle. Nice to meet you Benjamin."
*Michelle* "Bye!"
*Kira whispering to her friend* "OMG! I think that is the same Benjamin that cheated on Penelope."
*Girlfriend gasps* "I think your right. I cannot believe that guy. He has no shame.  Does she know Penelope too?"
*Kira* " Yes she does. Her sister and her are both good friends with Penelope. I cannot believe she would go on a date with him. I'm calling Penelope right now."
*Girlfriend* "Oh, she is going to freak out!"
Well.... this run in with Michelle's old friend does not bode well for Benjamin. If he is serious about changing his reputation. Then he has got his work cut out for him because word of this will be spreading fast. So this will be a true test to see if Benjamin is ready change his ways.....

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