Friday, September 7, 2012

Michelle & Benjamin's First Date: Part 2

Finally! After a month long hiatus I have gotten back to blogging. It has been a madhouse around here getting my kids ready for back to school. So now things are back to routine and I get my dolly playtime. Yay! So let's get to it ^_^.

The two have arrived at the movies and are looking for some seats in the semi dark theater. 
*Benjamin* "This looks like a good place to sit."
*Michelle* "Yeah, this is fine."
Michelle walks past him and makes her way to her seat. Benjamin cannot help but stare lustfully at her backside as she walks by. Typical Benjamin....
*Benjamin* "I'm gonna go use the restroom. You want any popcorn or something to drink?"
*Michelle* "Nah, I'm good. I am still full from dinner."
*Benjamin* "Okay, well I'll be right back."
She smiles at him and replies.
*Michelle* " Okay."
As soon as Benjamin leaves the theater Michelle pulls out her phone and begins texting someone.
"here @ movies w Ben call u later w all the juicy details..."
When Benjamin returns Michelle shuts off her phone and puts it in her purse. Benjamin turns and looks at her.
*Benjamin* "We're you talking to someone?"
*Michelle* "No....I was just checking the reviews on this movie supposed to be quite scary." [She says with excitement in her voice.]
*Benjamin* "Is that so? Well, I guess that makes you a lucky girl to have me here in case you get too scared." [He says jokingly.]
Michelle laughs.
*Michelle* " Yeah right, I think YOU THINK  you'll be the lucky one. Which probably won't happen cause horror movies haven't scared me since I was like 10."
*Benjamin* "Ouch! You're still not gonna give me some slack uh?"
*Michelle* "Oh come on, you and I both know you can't help saying stuff like that."
*Benjamin* "Just offering a shoulder if you need one. [giving her is best smile] Besides, I think the evening has gone well and I haven't even tried anything. Like you said earlier we are just hanging out having some fun. Right?"

*Michelle* "True and yes you have been a gentleman so far this evening but you gotta remember I am sticking my neck out here. A lot of people say I shouldn't give you a chance.  And I hope they are wrong but you say cheesy stuff like that it makes me think maybe they are right."
*Benjamin* "Wow!, so direct and to the point. I like that. Okay, okay... I'm gonna prove you wrong.  I can be just friends with a woman."
*Michelle* "Oh really....Okay, so we are friends just hanging out. That means next time we "hang out" dinner is one me. Are you okay with that?"
*Benjamin* "Yeah, totally I can do that. I think we could be great friends."
*Michell* " Cool......shake on it.[She smiles sweetly at him and puts out her hand]
*Benjamin* "Deal....[ reaches out and shakes her hand]
The lights dim to a low glow and the movie screen comes to life. So the two begin to watch the movie..... 
So, two hours later the movie concludes and everyone begins to slowly exit the theater.
*Benjamin* "So were you scared? You seemed to jump up a few times."
*Michelle* "No, I didn't jump I was just getting comfy in my seat."
*Benjamin laughs* "Haha...You are not gonna admit it are you?"
*Michelle smiles and laughs* "No."
While the two are talking a young lady in the row above them is trying to get Michelle's attention.
*Young Lady* "Michelle Lavigne? Is that you?"
*Michelle* "Kira! Oh my gosh...hey girl how are you?"
*Kira* "I'm good just here with some friends. When did you get back?"
*Michelle* " Oh, it's been a couple weeks now. I'm sorry let me introduce you to Benjamin. He is friends with my sister's boyfriend. Benjamin meet Kira. She is a old friend from high school."
*Kira* " Nice to meet you."
*Benjamin* "Nice to meet you too." 
*Kira* " We will have to get together and catch up sometime. It's girls night out tonight so I can't keep them waiting."
*Michelle* "Okay, yeah I will. Maybe we can hangout this weekend. It was great to see you. Ya'll have fun!"
*Kira* "Bye, Michelle. Nice to meet you Benjamin."
*Michelle* "Bye!"
*Kira whispering to her friend* "OMG! I think that is the same Benjamin that cheated on Penelope."
*Girlfriend gasps* "I think your right. I cannot believe that guy. He has no shame.  Does she know Penelope too?"
*Kira* " Yes she does. Her sister and her are both good friends with Penelope. I cannot believe she would go on a date with him. I'm calling Penelope right now."
*Girlfriend* "Oh, she is going to freak out!"
Well.... this run in with Michelle's old friend does not bode well for Benjamin. If he is serious about changing his reputation. Then he has got his work cut out for him because word of this will be spreading fast. So this will be a true test to see if Benjamin is ready change his ways.....

Stay tunned for the finale to their date. I will be posting it next Friday morning ^_^
Thanks for reading and your comments are always greatly appreciated!


  1. Nice episode! I look forward to seeing how this is going to pan out.

    1. Thanks so much!! I am so glad you are enjoying the story :)

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  3. I really like how your theater turned out. Nice story. Poor Benjamin. It's hard trying to change a reputation. Especially when there are gossip girls floating about.

    1. Thanks Vanessa! :)
      Yes, people can be quick to judge. I hope it works out for Benjamin too

  4. I love your stories, and you did a fabulous job on the movie theater! I had to look twice, I was thinking...I must have missed this play-set by Mattel. ;)

    1. Hi Tracy!!
      Thank you so much. That is the sweetest compliment :) Putting the movie theater together was a lot of fun. I posted a tutorial of how I made the row of seats on my flickr

      I am so glad you are liking the story too...stay tuned cause I will post the final part of their date next Friday ^_^

  5. Nice Job on the theater it looks perfect. Hope Benjamin can handle all the attention he has brought himself. Guess he has to figure out nice guys can have fun too!

    1. Hi Mustiwait,
      I agree... Benjamin needs to decide if he wants to grow up. I hope it all works out for him because the girls are all a buzz gossiping. Thanks coming by and stay tuned to see how their night finished :)