Friday, September 14, 2012

Michelle & Benjamin's First Date: Part 3

The theater has pretty much all cleared out. Michelle and Benjamin also begin to make their way out of the theater. As she walks past Benjamin she trips on his shoe. Benjamin moves quickly and grabs her hand so that she does not fall back.
*Michelle* " Wow! I guess I had a little too much wine to drink.  I was a little light headed getting up."
*Benjamin* "It'll do that to ya. You ready to go home and call it a night?"
*Michelle* "Um...yeah. I think so."
Finally they make it safe and sound back to Michelle's parents house.
*Michelle* "Thanks for taking me out tonight. I had a great time."
 *Benjamin* "I'm glad you didn't find me boring. So you want to do this again sometime?"
*Michelle chuckles* "You boring? Never! And I'd love to go out again. You know, we could go together to your friend Aric's reopening of his bar. It's in a couple weeks right?"
*Benjamin* "Yeah, he is finally getting that place open after relocating and remodeling. Okay, I'll text you when I get an exact date and time on the reopening. Well, I guess I'm gonna say goodnight."
Benjamin reaches for the door knob but Michelle reaches out to stop him before he leaves.
*Michelle* " Hey! I just want you to know that I think you are a really great guy and I think my girlfriends are just a little worked up over some silly drama. Like I said earlier I would really like to get to know you better despite all the negative reactions from everyone."
Benjamin pulls Michelle in closer to him contemplating whether to kiss this beautiful woman standing here in front of him.
*Benjamin* "I really like you too Michelle and........"
Before he can finish his sentence Michelle takes a step back.
*Michelle* " You were thinking about kissing me right now, weren't you? Did you already forget what we were talking about at the theater?"
*Benjamin[a little embarrassed by getting caught]* "Um...yeah, but then I remembered what we were talking about earlier and I stopped myself."
*Michelle* "It's okay....I....I know the whole "saying goodnight" thing to each other is kinda awkward."
*Benjamin* " Tell me about it....well I should get going. I gotta work tomorrow."
*Michelle* "Okay...thanks again and drive home safe."
*Benjamin* "Goodnight, Michelle."
*Michelle* "Goodnight, Benjamin."
After Benjamin has left Michelle changes into her pajamas and finds herself a midnight snack. Some leftover homemade mac n cheese. She grabs her phone and starts dialing.
Phone begins ringing and then someone says hello...
*Michelle* "Hey girl!! You ready to hear how it went?"
*Friend* "Yes! Tell me how it went.
*Michelle* "Okay to start off.  He took me to this really snazzy Chinese restaurant...."
*Friend* " Was it The Golden Dragon? Did he order oysters for an appetizer?"
*Michelle* "Yes!! Oh my gosh did he take you there for ya'll's first date too?"
*Friend* "Yeah! He ordered the oysters and a bottle of wine. He got me nice and buzzed. You know? Now that I think about it he hardly drank any of that wine. Then he took me out to take a walk on the pier. At that time I thought it was the most romantic date ever."
*Michelle* " What a total player! He was probably planning to do the same thing with me."
*Friend* "That was the best make out session I have had to date. He may be a total player but he sure knows how to kiss a woman."
*Michelle* " Wow! Really? I hadn't realized he had a routine for seducing."
*Friend* " So.....did you totally dis him when he tried to make a move on you? Did he try and kiss you?"
*Michelle* " I didn't have to. I made him feel so guilty about me standing up for him. Despite all the horrible things that everyone is saying about him. That he basically said he was going to behave and not make a move on me. But then when he dropped me off and we were saying goodnight he tried to move in for a goodnight kiss."
*Friend* "Really? Wow!  So did you stop him or he backed off?"
*Michelle* " I stopped him....then we said goodnight."
*Friend* "You know he'll try to make a move sooner or later."
*Michelle* "By then he will be totally in love with me and then I will tell him that I just want to be friends. Then he'll know how it feels to have his heart broken.....hopefully."
*Friend* " are getting way too into this whole revenge thing. Obsessive much? Anyways...."
*Friend* "I got a text from Kira like an hour ago she said she saw you at the movies with Benjamin."
*Michelle* [pops up from where she was laying]
"No way! Wow...word is traveling fast. Good that means there is gonna be more pressure on him the next time we go out. Knowing everyone is waiting and seeing if he is gonna screw things up."
*Friend* "Don't you think that your being a little hard on him?"
*Michelle* "Oh come on Penelope, you know he deserves this. Don't feel sorry for him. If you knew more about him before he asked you out would you still have said yes?"
*Penelope* " Probably not....but still just be careful Michelle. You don't want to ruin your reputation either."
*Michelle* "You are so right Penelope, I just want to give him a little taste of what he did to you that's all."
*Penelope* "I think you need to calm down and get some sleep. You are just too wound up. We'll talk more tomorrow. Hopefully you'll be more sane then. I gotta go to bed. I have to work in the morning. Bye Michelle."
*Michelle* " Bye, Penelope."

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*Side Note*
The mac n cheese featured here is made by my good friend Elaine. 
She makes and sells tons of fabulous foods for our dolls.
Here is her flickr page Elaine's Flickr


  1. Ooo...this was JUICY! :) I dunno, Michelle may end up falling for Benjamin, and he might turn out to be a decent guy underneath. Oh, the games we play, LOL.

    I sure hope there's more coming...I'm hooked. :)

    1. Hey Tracy!

      Thanks so much!! I think Benjamin is misunderstood too. But Michelle on the other hand is trouble and I never know what to expect from her.. :)

      I plan on posting more this Friday. ^_^

  2. Wow, I missed the first part of this story, so I have no idea what he did to her friend. I guess I better go read about it. This will be interesting. Usually when people set out to do evil things, it never turns out as planned. Can't wait to see how this plays out.

    I've always enjoyed Elaine's dios. She is already one of my Flickr contacts. Great mac n cheese.

    1. Hi Vanessa!

      Yes, Michelle is definitely not thinking of the repercussions to follow.....

      Elaine is a wonderful person. I am lucky she and I live in the same city. I have a blast every time I go visit her ^_^.
      That Barbie dollhouse she made is TDF!

  3. Hello from Spain: I like your dioramas. This theater is beautiful and very real. Your collection of Barbies and Kens I love. I also really like the clothes they are wearing. The dialogues are very real.. Great job. Keep in touch

    1. Hi Marta!
      Thank you so much! The theater was a challenge to put together but in the end I am happy with the way it came out :) I try to make everything mimic real life.
      Thanks so much for following ^_^