Sunday, December 9, 2012

Mamma is Coming to Town!! Part 2

 Cynthia has completely surprised the young couple. They were expecting her to be traveling solo. All Luke can do is wonder who she is. 
*Cynthia* "Now I know I didn't tell you that I was bringing someone with me, but I just wanted to surprise you all. Luke. Laura.  I would like you to meet my girlfriend Megan."
*Megan* "Hi! It's so nice to meet both of you. Cyndi has told me so much about you."
Luke is in shock and Laura is speechless.
*Luke* "Whoa! What? What did you just say?"
*Cynthia* "This is my Girlfriend Megan. We have been together for almost 7 months. Megan just moved in with me."
*Luke* "And your deciding to tell me about it right now in the middle of a busy airport. Mom, this is insane. I think you could have at least called and told me you were in a relationship with someone. How hard is that?"
*Cynthia* "I know, Sweetie. Don't be upset.  I did want to tell you but I just figured since I was flying down to see you.  I would just surprise the two of you."
*Luke* "Well, who wouldn't be upset, Mom. I mean I had no idea this was coming. 7 months? could have mentioned this long ago. Are you really serious about this relationship? Or is this some phase you are going through?"
*Cynthia* "Luke! Why on earth would you ask me a question like that? No, It is not a phase. I have never been more happy with a person than I have been Megan. I was down and out after my last nasty break up with the opposite sex. Megan was there for me as a friend in the beginning. *Cynthia turns to look at Megan with affection* And then one day we realized that we were falling for each other. So here we are."
*Luke* "Okay....okay I got it. Let's  just make our way out of here and get some dinner."
*Cynthia* "Yes, but first I need to use the ladies room."
*Megan* "I'll go with you. I hate using those airplane toilets."
*Cynthia* "We'll be back in a minute."
 As soon as the two have disappeared into the ladies restroom Luke just looses his composure.
*Luke * "Wow!  What the @#$% is she thinking! I am totally speechless.....Just when I thought she had stopped doing these things to get attention.  %@*#!"
*Laura* "Baby, don't get yourself worked up about all of this. It's okay. I think your Mom was sincere when she spoke of her feelings for Megan."
*Luke* "Of course she is sincere.  She believes she is too. Until she decides she is board and moves on to the next.
*Laura* "Ummm.....Luke." * Now she is at a loss for words*
*Luke chuckles trying to find some humor in their conversations that was just moments ago now came true.* "And you were worried you would make a wrong first impression. She managed to shock the hell out of me again. Just when I finally thought she was gonna grow up and stop all this crazy @#%^!"
*Laura* "Luke...Baby you need to calm down. I know your furious with her for springing this on you. But she is your Mom and she looks very happy. Lets just make the best of it and move on."
*Luke with frustration and disappointment in his voice * "It's just she always has to be over the top with everything she does. I was really hoping it would be different this time. I really thought she was coming down here to just visit me and finally meet you. But no she has to make it about her and her fabulous new lifestyle!"
*Laura tries to comfort her distraught lover. She has never seen him so very upset.* "Luke....relax,... let it go. Let's just enjoy ourselves and have a good time. You will feel so much better once you do that. If you can't do it for your Mother. Then please do it for me. It pains me to see you so upset."
*Luke* "Your right. It's not fair to you. *Luke takes a deep breath* "Okay, okay I'm better now.
*Laura kisses him* "Good, now lets go eat some dinner."
Cynthia and Megan have now made their back and are ready to leave.
*Cynthia* "So do you have a special place in mind for dinner?"
*Laura* "Actually, yes. The restaurant I work at. That is where we are going for dinner."
*Cynthia* "Wonderful! Luke has told me you are quite the cook. I cannot wait to try it out."
*Luke * "Okay, well lets head on out of hear. Laura has made sure we have a table reserved. The place can get very busy on a Friday night."
So the 4 make their way from the airport to the restaurant. Luke is doing his best to enjoy the evening and give his Mom a chance. He just hopes she doesn't have anymore surprises in store for him.
Stay Tuned!!!
To see how dinner goes at Ma Chérie


  1. OMG! This is really good!! I figured this was the cliffhanger, although I am still in shock. Lol! I love it! Great storytelling.

    1. Hi Georgia Girl,
      Thank you so much! Cynthia is here to add some life to the party lol!

  2. Love your airport. Laura did a wonderful job consoling Luke. Dinner should be real interesting. I'm looking forward to it.

    1. Thank you Vanessa!
      I think she was quite worried about him. I think Luke's Mom can bring out the worst in Luke and really put him in a mood. But he still loves his Mom and tries to tolerate her crazy ways :)

  3. NICE!!!!!! Love Cyndi as Mom makes me want to let mine out the box!!

  4. Hello from Spain: congratulations for this scenario. Your doing a great job. I love your dolls clothes. I really like the airport. It is very real. keep in touch

  5. This was AWESOME!! LOL, just because you're a mom, doesn't mean you can't be full of surprises. Luke's reaction cracked me real. SO looking forward to the dinner. :)

    Oh, the airport was perfect! I'm really going to have to try your tutorial for making theatre/airport chairs.