Thursday, September 26, 2013

Bull Tavern's Grand Opening

We begin at Luke and Laura's Place......
You may have noticed that they're place looks different. It is currently undergoing construction this is a small peek of what it might look like. :)

 Luke is patiently waiting for Laura to finish getting ready so they can make their way over to the grand opening of Bull Tavern.

*Luke* "Babe! Lets go already. I told Aric we would get there early so we could tour of the place before they get too busy."
*Laura* "I'll be right down. I am just trying to find my purse."
*Luke* "You mean the big white one? It's down here in the kitchen, Babe."
*Laura* "Yeah that's it."

Laura makes her way down the stairs and grabs her bag.

*Luke* "So, everything copacetic now? We ready?"
*Laura* "Yes, I'm ready. Oh,wait! How do I look? You think I'll get people staring at me because I'm wearing white after Labor Day?"

Laura Turns and does a 360 so Luke can get a full view.
*Luke* "I'm wearing a white T-shirt. No one cares about that anymore. Let's go. We are already running late."
*Laura* "Okay, Okay lets go..."
So the 2 have now made their way to Bull Tavern. They peek in the window and see that they are still the first ones to arrive. 
The 2 walk in and are amazed at how fresh and new the place looks since the they last saw it back when it was still being renovated and covered in construction dust. Luke makes his way to the Bar where Aric is standing.  Laura goes and sits down at a table where Roxi is already sitting and enjoying a glass of wine.
*Aric* "What do you think?"
*Luke* "The place looks great man. It's great to see it back open for business. Kyu did a great job at getting it renovated."
*Aric* "Yeah, he really brought this place back to it's former glory days. This building is old and it needed a lot of updating. He is now working on our apartment up stairs. We are gonna make it one big place instead of 2 small apartments."
*Luke* "I think this new look will drum up a lot of new business for you. I would love to find an old building for my record shop.  Laura too would love to find an old building for her to open her own restaurant."
 *Aric* "Ya know I heard the building next to us is going to be going up for sale. It's almost exactly like this one."
*Luke* "Really!?"
*Aric* "Yeah, I was talking to the owner the other day. He has already partially renovated the place. He showed me around. It's got a lot of potential. I can tell him your interested maybe he'll give me his agents number so you can find out more about it. I think the place will sell quick considering how much this area is starting to be revived."
*Luke* "Yeah see if you can get me his number. I'll talk to Laura. I'm sure she would love to move into a bigger place."
While everyone is chatting and getting some drinks. Kyu and his fiance Jasper show up. Aric could never have dreamed up this place without Kyu's help. He has been a major help to a lot of the small businesses in this newly revived and up and coming area of the city.  
*Kyu* "Luke, great to see you again. Aric give you the grand tour already?"
*Luke* "Likewise man. Yeah he did.  I really like what you did with the place. And I can see that Aric is really happy with how it all turned out."
*Kyu* "Thanks, I'm glad it shows cause we worked some long hours on this place ,especially Aric. "
While the boys have been talking business the girls have been chatting away about their favorite places to shop and find good deals. Roxie offers the them some drinks and and they continue talking. 
*Roxie* So Laura. is your sister still dating Benjamin?"
*Laura* (with a slight sigh)"Yes, and she seems to be falling hard for him too. I just hope he doesn't break her heart like he did with Penelope."
*Jasper* "Who is Benjamin? He sounds like trouble. How long has your sister been dating him?"
*Laura* "Benjamin is an old friend of Aric's from high school. He dated my friend Penelope who is an old friend of mine. They met and started dating. Penelope was head over heels for him but she found out he was screwing around behind her back. She was devastated. He acted like they weren't exclusive so she shouldn't be so upset. My sister has now been dating him for a couple of months now."
*Jasper* "No! He actually told her that!? What a pig. I hope your sister wises up soon and dumps him."
*Roxie* "That's not all. He was dating my bartender Isolde at the same time too. Luckily they had only gone out a few times before she got wind of all the girls he was apparently dating all at the same time. She told him flat out after that, that she wasn't interested in him anymore. He didn't seemed bothered by it and moved on."
*Jasper* Oh My God! Are you serious? How may girls was he dating all at one time? I mean does he think he is God's gift to women or something?"
*Laura* "He probably thinks that. Yeah, he has quite the ego but is definitely easy on the eyes. I heard it was 4 or 5. But there were a lot of crazy rumors going around about him. So who knows what is really the truth. I don't think he will ever tell the truth about what really happened."
*Jasper* "That is crazy."
*Laura* "Speaking of sister new what had happened to Penelope. When she came back home after finishing he last year of college. She met Benjamin at Roxie and Aric's 4th of July BBQ. She is the one who came onto him. She flat out gave him her number and he called her that night.  And now......they have been dating since late summer."
So as they continue to gossip about Benjamin and Michelle. Little do they know the 2 have right outside.  The 2 lovebirds are entangled in a tight embrace and shadowed by the new night sky. They hadn't seen each other for a few weeks. Benjamin had been away on business for his Father's company. He kisses her hard and pulls her tightly against him.
*Michelle* "Wow! I think someone is really, really glad to see me."
*Benjamin* (deep southern drawl)"Thinking of you Darlin' was the only thing getting me through all the boring business meetings my Dad had me attending."
*Michelle* "Awe!! You know I missed you too. I did find a job while you were gone. You're looking at the new paralegal for the LeFleur law firm."
*Benjamin* "That's great! I guess your parents are happy you finally found something."
*Michelle* "They're not the only ones. I hope with this job I can save some money so I can move out of my parents house. But I will still probably need to find a roommate to split the costs with."
*Benjamin* "You know you can always come and crash at my place."
*Michelle* "Oh, I don't doubt that. I can literally feel the reason why bulging in your pants right now. But you know the deal we made that night at the restaurant. You promised to wait until I felt you held up your end of the deal. "
*Benjamin* "Yeah, I remember that night. But it's nearly been 3 months. I think I have proved to you I can be just friends with a woman."

Michelle doesn't respond to what he has just said, instead she quickly changes the subject.

*Michelle* "Let's head inside and see who is here already."
*Benjamin* "Fine, lets go see who's here."

I am sensing Benjamin is starting to get a little frustrated here but he is not 100% sure how to feel about all of it.

The group of ladies stop talking immediately as soon as they see who has walked in. Seeing the reaction on Laura's face Roxie knows they need some time to chat sister to sister.
    *Roxie* "Come and sit with me at the bar, Jasper. I think these 2 sisters need a moment to talk. "
*Laura* "Thanks, Roxie." 

Laura gestures to Michelle for her to come sit with her. 

Roxie and Jasper make their exit while Benjamin orders some beers.

Michelle ponders for a moment if she should talk to her sister. She figures she might as well since she has the chance and  tells Benjamin she is gonna go catch up with her sister.
They haven't talked much since Michelle started dating Benjamin.
*Laura* "How have you been? I feel bad we haven't talked much lately."
*Michelle* "I've been good.  I finally found a good job last week. So now I won't have Mom hounding me about that anymore."
*Laura* "That's great! I am so happy you found something. We are you working?"
*Michelle* "I'm gonna be a paralegal for a small law firm. I start on Monday."
*Laura* "Well that is good to hear.  You look very happy. How is it going with Benjamin?
Dare I ask?"(Laura cringes at the thought of asking her sister)
*Michelle* "I am very happy right now and things are going great with Benjamin. I know you have a legitimate reason for disliking him but he has been great.  And Mom and Dad absolutely love him."
*Laura* "Well,  if Mom and Dad approve of him then I will accept him too, but if something happens I want to be the first in line to take a shot at him. (she says jokingly)
*Michelle* (laughs a little) "No problem, but you'll have to be second in line after me."

The girls laugh and pause for a moment

*Laura*(in a serious tone) "But I really do miss talking to you. Would love to spend more time with you since you back home for sure now."
*Michelle* "I feel the same way too Sis. I always had the best time shopping with you and now that I have a job I have a really good reason to go clothes shopping!"
*Laura* "Some retail therapy sounds good to me. I have to take you to this great resale shop. I think you can find some great pieces for work there. Plus you'll love the prices."
*Michelle* "Sounds like fun! Are they open on Sundays? We could go tomorrow. I start my job on Monday and would love a new outfit...or two. "

The 2 sisters continue to talk like they hadn't been fighting at all. While they have talking Benjamin is trying to convince someone to start a game of pool with him.

*Benjamin* "So? Who wants to get their ass kicked at a game of pool?"
*Luke* "You that confident you can beat any of us?"
*Benjamin*(hands Luke a pool cue) "Here...prove me wrong."

Laura and Michelle see that their 2 handsome fellas have let their overinflated egos speak for them and now want to prove themselves at a game of pool.They both roll their eyes at each other. Luke takes off his jacket and breaks sinking a couple balls.

*Luke* "I call solids."
He continues his turn and sinks another solid ball. He makes his way around the pool table looking for his next shot.

*Benjamin*(he decides to take a seat) "Dang! Looks like I got some competition here."
While the boys continue to play Mila one of Aric's younger twin sisters shows up with her doctor boyfriend.
They are greeted by Roxie and Jasper who are still at the bar.

*Roxie* "Hey! I am so glad ya'll made it. Your brother is gonna be so happy to see you here."
*Mila* "You know I could never miss this, I was just waiting for Ken's shift to finish at the hospital. So we could come together. Is Mina here yet?"
*Roxie* "No, not yet but her and Jai should be here soon. I'm gonna go see if the food is ready.Ya'll sit here and grab a drink."
 While Roxie and Isolde go to the kitchen to check on the food. Aric gets his sister and her date a cold beer to drink.

*Aric* "Mila, you look lovely tonight. I am so glad to see you here. Ken, it's good to see you again too."

Isolde comes out from the kitchen with a piping hot fresh pizza. Roxie helps out and makes sure everyone got a slice.

After Benjamin got his ass handed to him at a game of pool. The guys decide to go and sit with the ladies and eat.  The bar is beginning to fill up with more people. Mina shows up with her boyfriend Jai and they are checking out the jukebox to see if her Brother added any of the songs she suggested to him. Also an old high school football teammates Hayden shows up with his fiance Carmen to check out Aric's new bar. And finally one of Aric's motorcycle riding buddies Chip and his girl Poppy are the last to arrive.

Chip and Poppy catching up with Aric and Roxie.

 *Hayden* "Beer for me and a glass of wine for the lady."
*Aric* "Coming right up, my friend."

As the evening winds down. Luke, Laura, Michelle, and Benjamin. Continue to talk for awhile. The bar is slowly starting to empty as people say their goodbyes and congratulate Aric and Roxie on a job well done.

Finally the four are the last to leave. They say their goodbyes and head out the door.
It seems tonight helped bring these four a little closer and the tension that was there is now almost completely gone.

Now the bar is empty and only Aric and Roxie are there. They went ahead and sent Isolde home instead of helping close up.  The 2 are very satisfied with how the night went. They chat as they clean and enjoy the quiet of the bar. The night has officially come to an end.

And with that we say GOODNIGHT!!


  1. That Bar turned out really nice that ceiling lights are an exceptional touch. I love that you included an exterior view too. Great Job

    1. Thank you!!
      I wanted to be able to have different views of the diorama :)

  2. I love your Tavern and your story Miranda! Great job! :-)

  3. WOW, you came back with a vengeance! That Tavern is amazing! It's so good to see Luke & Laura again and I'm totally stoked for Michelle and Benjamin. She's got the right idea making him wait. :). Can't wait for the next episode.

    1. Lol! Thanks Tracy.....
      I was determined to not give up. I was a bit disappointed that I couldn't get the diorama done sooner than I wanted but in the end it was all worth it. I am very happy with it and ready to start on another one ^_^

      I was missing Luke n Laura too they always make me happy when I get to play with them. As for Michelle I think she intends to torture Benjamin as much as she can.....

  4. Miranda, the bar is awesome!!! I love it! You really nailed it. The story lines were great to the point that I am anxiously waiting your next one. I guess Benjamin is not too bad of a jerk since Laura is deciding to give him a chance. I agree that if he messes up with Michelle that she needs to kick his butt. Great job!

    1. I forgot to mention that the new design of their apartment looks fab!

    2. Thank you!
      I know the wait was long but I am so happy you enjoyed the story and dio :)
      Yes Benjamin can be sweet when he wants to. And I think these 2 sisters realize that 1 guy is not worth ruining their sisterly bond.

      Yes! Luke and Laura are getting an updated look for their new dio :)

  5. I'm finally making it to the blog post. I've already expressed on Flickr how awesome the bar is, but I will say it again. You nailed it. Seems like a place I visited in real life. I love the outside shots and the lighting is fantastic. Great job.