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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Night Part 3

Well I planned on posting this late last night but we had a HUGE thunderstorm last night and lost power for over an hour. So by the time we had power I was too tired to do anything...

As the evening progresses a few more guest arrive. Laura heads on over to answer the door and sees that it is her sister Michelle with Benjamin by her side.
*Laura* "Hi! C'mon in..."
*Michelle* "Hey sis!"
*Laura* "I am so glad you two made it!"
*Michelle* "You know I couldn't miss this."
*Laura* "Yeah....how about a drink.? Ya'll come in and find a seat."
As Michelle and Benjamin are arriving Luke takes a moment to introduce himself to Cruz.
*Luke* "Hi, Luke Cooper."
*Cruz* "Hi, Cruz Peterson...I'm Isolde's older brother."
*Luke* "Yeah. I see the family resemblance. She tells me your living in Florida?"
*Cruz* "Yeah, I moved there because of my job. I work in marine biology."
*Luke* "Wow! That must be some interesting and scary work. I'm sure you have some great stories to tell."
*Cruz* "Yeah, it has it's good days and bad....."
As the two continue to talk Benjamin comes in and spies his old high school football buddy....

 *Benjamin* "Uh Oh! Pretty boy Cruz is back back in town!"
*Cruz* "Ben! Hey man! Good to see you."
*Aric* "Hey, Benjy! Who you supposed to be, that Bieber boy!!
*Benjamin* "Hell no! He wishes I came dressed as him.... I'm ME as a hip hop star. Can't you tell?"
*Roxie* "Hahahah! Good one Benjamin. Very creative..."

Roxie gets up and offers Benjamin her spot. She has decided to go see what the ladies are discussing. Benjamin sits down and takes her place on the couch. 
 *Benjamin* "So when did you get back are you stayin' long?
 *Cruz* "I just came in last night. I leave on Saturday to London, England."
*Benjamin* "Woah! Really? Is it for work or pleasure."
*Cruz* "I guess you could say pleasure. I'm meeting my Fiance's parents."
*Benjamin" "I'm sorry what did you say? Fiance? Dude! Your getting married?
Wow!! That's gonna leave me as the only bachelor of our little group...."
*Cruz* "Yeah! Crazy huh? I'm getting married. Believe me I had plans to stay a bachelor. I was living it up but then Holland came along and I just couldn't picture my life without her. How about you? I saw you come in with someone, is it serious?"
*Benjamin shrugs* "Sorta kinda?  We are just dating and having fun right now nothing too serious."

 On the other side of the room the ladies are chatting and saying hello to each other.
*Michelle* "Hey Isolde! Good to see you again."
*Isolde* "Hi Michelle, I see your still hanging out with Banjamin."
*Michelle* "Yeah we are. I know you have good reason not to like him but he has been great so far."
*Isolde* "Well, I guess as long as you know what your getting into with that one I guess he can't be so sly."
*Michelle* "True, but I made a bet with him on our first date. You know how men are. They can't resist a good bet. And of course he wants to make sure he wins the bet and I fold."
*Isolde* "Smart move, what kinda bet did you make?"
*Laura* "A crazy one that is for sure..."
*Michelle* "I bet him that he couldn't go out with a woman and just be friends. Because he is so used to making sexual advances and getting a girl to go to bed with him."
 *Isolde* "I agree, that is one crazy bet. I'm assuming the bet is still going?"
*Michelle* "Yep! No one has folded yet."
*Laura* "So do you really see it going anywhere with Benjamin?"
*Michelle* "Honestly, no. I'm just having a good time with him. I am having too much fun torturing him with this bet."
*Isolde smiles* "I like it. Torturing men is fun."
The girls laugh.
*Laura* "You two are naughty."

Across the table Luke and Aric are talking.
 And Roxie has just came back downstairs after a trip to the ladies room.
Everyone has settled in and are enjoying each others company.
The guys have gravitated to the couch and the girls are in the kitchen.
*Cruz* "So Luke how did you and Aric meet?"
*Luke* "Our businesses used to be right next to each other before Aric moved to his new location."
*Cruz* "What kind of business do you own?"
*Luke* "It's a record shop. We carry vintage records and music that might be hard to find. Plus we feature new and upcoming local artists and bands."
*Cruz* "Cool. Now that I think about it. I think Isolde did tell me you were the music shop guy.
What about you Benjy you running your Daddy's company yet?"
*Benjamin* "Not yet. Probably in a couple more years I will. Which still gives me some time to party and play the field since technically I am the last bachelor out of all of us."
*Aric* "What about Michelle? I thought you two were real serious?"
*Benjamin* "No were not serious. Although she would love to be.  We're just friends hanging out and having some fun. She knows she can't grab this bull by the horns."
*Luke lewdly grabs himself* "That's because she's got your bull by the balls ,man! You haven't told Cruz about that crazy ass bet you made with her."

In that instant Cruz busts out laughing. While Aric is to embarrassed to speak after what Luke just did. Benjamin is starting to steam. Cruz is the last person he wants finding out about his bet with Michelle. So he instantly chimes in to defend himself but finds himself speechless.

*Benjamin* "I.....She...."
*Cruz still chuckling* "Oh man! I think you finally met your match. So what's the details of the bet?"
*Benjamin* "It's nothing....just a stupid bet, but she know she can't win."
*Cruz* "Oh really, how long the bet been going on?"
*Benjamin* "I don't know like 3 months?"
*Luke* "It more like 5 months, man. You 2 have been going out since July."
*Benjamin a little surprised its been that long* "Oh...yeah. It has been about 5 months."
*Cruz* "5 months! Crap! (Cruz pats Benjamin on the shoulder) Benjamin, my friend you have already lost. She has you and you don't want to admit it."
*Benjamin* "But you don't even know what the bet is."
 *Cruz* "I don't need to. You have been seeing in each other for 5 months and she hasn't folded yet?
Whatever is may be you already lost man! She is playing with you now and you can't see it!
Just admit it your in love with her."

*Aric raises his beer* "I'll drink to that. That's the best advice there, Cruz. I have been trying to tell him.  We can all see it but he don't wanna listen. Maybe it'll sink in this time.

As Benjamin mulls over what just happened the door rings. So, Luke goes to answer the door....

To be concluded in Part 4!!!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween Night Part 2

Next to arrive is Isolde with her older brother Cruz.

Roxie and Aric are pleasantly surprised to see Cruz tagging along. Last they heard he was living in Florida.
Laura greets them at the door and ushers them in. 
 Aric gets up and goes to talk to Cruz.
 *Aric* "Hey!, when did you roll into town? Good to see ya man, how have you been?"
*Cruz* "Good to see you too, Aric. I just got back into town yesterday. Isolde told me she was going to a small Halloween party and wanted me to tag along."
*Aric* "Well I'm glad you did. How long have you been down in Florida now? Five years?"
*Cruz* "Ah, yeah something like that. Time sure flies by."
*Roxie* "Yeah 5 years is right because, he left about a year after Isolde came to work at the bar."
*Aric* "Yeah that's right! So what have you been up to?"
*Cruz* "Oh, staying busy at work mostly, but I did get engaged a few months back."
*Roxie* "Really? That's wonderful! Did your sister know? Cause this is the first we heard of it."
*Cruz* "Um, no. I just told her and my Mom. Holland wanted to wait because she was trying to figure out a way to tell her own parents who happen to live in the UK."
*Roxie* "Oh my! She sounds so lovely just by hearing her name. So I guess that means you have alot of decisions to make on where the wedding will be uh?"
*Cruz* "Yeah.....but enough about me. How are ya'll doing? Isolde tells me your new bar is doing really well. She likes working there a whole lot."
*Aric* "The bar is booming Roxie and I couldn't be happier about it. You will have to stop bybefore you leave town. The bar is closed tonight, but we'll be back open tomorrow."
*Cruz* "Yes, definitely. I'll be here till the end of the week then I'm flying out to meet up with Holland to meet her parents."
*Aric* "Well hell man then we gotta get the gang together at the bar before you leave again.  I know Benjamin and Hayden would love to see you."

While old friends continue to catch up. Luke and Laura are talking with Isolde. Both of them were friends with Isolde before she set them up on a blind date with each other.
*Isolde* "Well it looks like I did you too a favor by hooking ya'll up. I am so happy for the both of you."
*Laura* "Yeah, when you first told me about Luke I thought the date was going to be a total nightmare. He sounded so not like the type of guy I would date."
*Isolde* "Ha! Yeah I remember you called me before you went into the restaurant. You were so freaking nervous."
 *Luke reaching out to her* "I know why you were so nervous."
*Laura* "Oh, really?"
*Luke* "Yeah.....your a planner Babe and going on a blind date makes you nervous because you have no idea what to expect. But all it took was one look at you and I knew that I was gonna ask you out again."
 Laura laughs and Luke pulls her to his lap.

*Isolde* "Ya'll are sweet and cute and all but I'm in need of a beer....."
Isolde gets up to grab a drink and the door bells rings.
*Laura also gets up and looks strnly at Luke* "YOU need to slow down with the beer Handsome and eat something. I am gonna get the door."
* Isolde turns back and looks at Luke*"I'd listen to her if I were you......"

To be continued.....

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Halloween NIght

Luke and Laura are hosting a party for a few close friends for Halloween.
Everyone is coming dressed up and ready to Monster Mash the night away!!

Aric and Roxie are the first to arrive.
Luke greets them at the door while Laura is upstairs for last minute primping.
*Luke* "Okay, I know Roxie is Wonder Woman but who are you supposed to be, Aric? Rambo!?"
*Aric* "No, but close enough. Like a mercenary or some sh*t like that. I just put it together last minute."
*Roxie* "I tried to get him to dress up like Superman but..."
*Aric a little flustered* "I ain't wearing no tights. How long have you known me?"
*Luke laughs* "Yeah that would be a stretch for you."
*Roxie quickly changes the subject* " So ,where's Laura? She still getting dressed?"
*Luke* "She's upstairs fixing her hair or something."
*Aric* "Who the hell are you supposed to be?"
*Luke* "You're joking right? C'mon you should know this one."
*Roxie as she heads upstairs* "He's the Phantom of the Opera, Honey."
*Aric takes a seat* "Ah! Yeah, I forgot about that guy! Did you choose your costume or did Laura have it all planned out for you?" *with a slight snicker*
*Luke reluctantly acknowledges Aric* "You know Laura, she had it all planned out. She rented me this costume from some place."
*Aric* "So are ya'll all dressed up to match as a couple?"
*Luke sighs* "Yeah!! But she looks great in her costume and she is so happy to be hosting a party.  She has been wanting to plan a party for a while. But it's freaking hot with this cape and tux and all the layers."
*Aric* "Ya'lls relationship is still young. So I understand. But me and Roxie well....She knows she can't get me to do something fancy like that.  I'm too country. 
*Luke smiles* "Yeah, the things we do for love....but I can't wait to get her out of that sweet little outfit she's in later tonight."
*Aric* "You low down dirty dawg. I see what your doing. I wasn't thinking about it from that angle. You're into that kinky sh*t in bedroom?"
*Luke shrugs* "Yeah, maybe? I don't know..."
*Aric* "Let's leave it at that.  It's more than I wanted to know."
*Luke* "Awe! C'mon it's good to get a little out of your comfort zone sometimes."
*Aric* "I ain't to sure about that. Not when it comes to ya know...."
*Luke* "So you don't fantasize when you see your wife all dressed up for Halloween? You have been together since you were teenagers."
*Aric stutters* "Well....I.... yeah I guess so."
*Luke* "See it wasn't that hard to admit it. You gotta stop being so up tight about sex, man. Women want to be romanced."
*Aric* "Easy for you to say. You led quite the life back in the day, traveling with rock bands and  music legends."
*Luke* "Yeah, I saw some crazy sh*t. There was this one time...."

Voices start to follow down the stairs and Luke stops mid sentence. 

*Laura eyes them suspiciously* "What were ya'll talking about?"
*Luke clears his throat* "Ahem.....Oh, nothing Babe just catching up."
*Laura not sure to believe him* " Uh huh, can you turn on the music I forgot to do it?"
*Luke* "Music? Why do we need music?"
*Laura* "Just turn it on. But not to loud."
*Luke bows and goes to turn on the music* "As you wish, mi lady!"
*Aric chortles* "I see you got the accent to go with that outfit your wearing too!"

  So the ladies choose to ignore the men and their silliness.

 *Laura* "So how have thing been going at the bar?"
*Roxie* "It's been great. We get a great lunch crowd. Much better than where the bar was located before. We might need to hire another waitress. So I can help out more in the kitchen."
*Laura* "I might know a few girls who could fill that job, just let me know."
*Roxie* "Yeah, I'll let Aric know we just started considering it."
*Laura* "Okay, I think it might be a good idea. Especially with the holidays coming up. People tend to eat out more while they are holiday shopping."
*Roxie* "That's a good point. How are things going at your cafe?"
*Laura* "Things are going great at work. Oh! A lady who blogs about local restaurants wants to interview me. She said Ma Cherie is one of her favorite place for brunch with girlfriends. So next week she is coming in before we open to talk to me."
Aric turns around overhearing what they are talking about.

*Aric* "Sounds like you are doing real well over there, Laura."
*Laura* "Yes and Roxie tells me business is booming for ya'll in the new location."
*Roxie* "Laura said she may know some girls who might be looking for a waitress job."
 *Aric* "Okay....once I got over the months revenue then I will know for sure if I want to hire another waitress."

Ding Dong!!

Sounds like there are some more guests at the door. 
Stay tuned....!!!