Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween Night Part 2

Next to arrive is Isolde with her older brother Cruz.

Roxie and Aric are pleasantly surprised to see Cruz tagging along. Last they heard he was living in Florida.
Laura greets them at the door and ushers them in. 
 Aric gets up and goes to talk to Cruz.
 *Aric* "Hey!, when did you roll into town? Good to see ya man, how have you been?"
*Cruz* "Good to see you too, Aric. I just got back into town yesterday. Isolde told me she was going to a small Halloween party and wanted me to tag along."
*Aric* "Well I'm glad you did. How long have you been down in Florida now? Five years?"
*Cruz* "Ah, yeah something like that. Time sure flies by."
*Roxie* "Yeah 5 years is right because, he left about a year after Isolde came to work at the bar."
*Aric* "Yeah that's right! So what have you been up to?"
*Cruz* "Oh, staying busy at work mostly, but I did get engaged a few months back."
*Roxie* "Really? That's wonderful! Did your sister know? Cause this is the first we heard of it."
*Cruz* "Um, no. I just told her and my Mom. Holland wanted to wait because she was trying to figure out a way to tell her own parents who happen to live in the UK."
*Roxie* "Oh my! She sounds so lovely just by hearing her name. So I guess that means you have alot of decisions to make on where the wedding will be uh?"
*Cruz* "Yeah.....but enough about me. How are ya'll doing? Isolde tells me your new bar is doing really well. She likes working there a whole lot."
*Aric* "The bar is booming Roxie and I couldn't be happier about it. You will have to stop bybefore you leave town. The bar is closed tonight, but we'll be back open tomorrow."
*Cruz* "Yes, definitely. I'll be here till the end of the week then I'm flying out to meet up with Holland to meet her parents."
*Aric* "Well hell man then we gotta get the gang together at the bar before you leave again.  I know Benjamin and Hayden would love to see you."

While old friends continue to catch up. Luke and Laura are talking with Isolde. Both of them were friends with Isolde before she set them up on a blind date with each other.
*Isolde* "Well it looks like I did you too a favor by hooking ya'll up. I am so happy for the both of you."
*Laura* "Yeah, when you first told me about Luke I thought the date was going to be a total nightmare. He sounded so not like the type of guy I would date."
*Isolde* "Ha! Yeah I remember you called me before you went into the restaurant. You were so freaking nervous."
 *Luke reaching out to her* "I know why you were so nervous."
*Laura* "Oh, really?"
*Luke* "Yeah.....your a planner Babe and going on a blind date makes you nervous because you have no idea what to expect. But all it took was one look at you and I knew that I was gonna ask you out again."
 Laura laughs and Luke pulls her to his lap.

*Isolde* "Ya'll are sweet and cute and all but I'm in need of a beer....."
Isolde gets up to grab a drink and the door bells rings.
*Laura also gets up and looks strnly at Luke* "YOU need to slow down with the beer Handsome and eat something. I am gonna get the door."
* Isolde turns back and looks at Luke*"I'd listen to her if I were you......"

To be continued.....


  1. I love love your set up! Everything is set up so nice! I can't wait to see the other guest and their costumes.

    1. Thanks!!! There are a few more guests set up to arrive:)

  2. Wow, he came as the Baywatch guy. lol. Happy Halloween!

    1. TEEhee! Yeah I thought he would make a great Hoff!!
      Happy Halloween Vanessa! :)

  3. In my opinion, Isolde is the most stunning girl of the series! I adore that kind of "vamp beauty". Let me tell you, Miranda, I'm addicted about your story, reading all the episodes in the last two days. I expect you continue that for a very long time. Hugs from Brazil.

    1. Thank you! So glad to hear you are enjoying the stories :)
      I hope to keep it up!
      Isolde is a lovely doll I hope to keep adding her to more storyline in the future :)