Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Cabin: Michelle & Benjamin's Weekend Away Part 2

The morning after their first night at the cabin Michelle and Benjamin lay in bed slowly waking up. Michelle is not ready to let this moment go just yet. She lays with her head on his shoulder and is completely blissful.
*Benjamin* "Did you sleep okay Darlin'?"
*Michelle her eyes are still a little dreamy* "MmmMmm."
*Benjamin* "I didn't wear you too much, did I?"
*Michelle runs her fingers across his chest* "You'd like to think that wouldn't you...."
 *Benjamin rolls over* "Good, I don't know about you but I am getting real hungry."
*Michelle* " too."
*Benjamin* "Why don't you decide what we can eat for breakfast. I gotta use the little boys room."
Benjamin kisses her and gets up he tosses her the room service menu. 
*Benjamin* "Just go ahead and order us some breakfast. I'll be out in a minute."
 *Michelle smiles* "Okay....."
Then he turns and walks into the bathroom and closes the door behind him. The second he closes the door she throws herself back onto the bed. She covers her face with the pillow so he can't hear her squeal in delight.
She is literally floating on cloud nine. She can't wait to tell her sister of her amazing weekend and it hasn't even ended yet! She takes another second to get herself together then she sits up and checks out the menu.
She looks the menu over and figures out what she wants to order for breakfast. She grabs Benjamin's phone on the table by the bed and calls it in. She gets up out of bed and grabs her bathrobe. As she is slipping it on Benjamin comes out of the bathroom.
*Benjamin smiles at her and leans against the doorway* "Did you order breakfast?"
*Michelle finishes tying her robe closed* "Yeah. I ordered coffee and pancakes.  Should be here in about 20 min."
 *Benjamin* "Sounds good to me. Now what?"
*Michelle* "It's my turn now."
*Benjamin blocks her from getting through the door* "Whoa! Whoa! where are you going Darlin'?"
*Michelle* " To the pee! I gotta go...."
Benjamin bear hugs her and starts tickling her under the arms.
 *Michelle starts giggling* "No, don't!..... Stop! That tickles and I gotta...."
*Benjamin reiterates what she said* "Don't stop? Okay..."
Michelle squeals and tries to tell him him no again but she can't stop laughing. She tries to free herself from his grasp but she can't.
Benjamin finally stops
*Michelle* "What was that for?"
 *Benjamin* "I don't know...I just wanted to see if you were ticklish, now I know."
*Michelle* "Yeah? Well now I really gotta pee...."
*Benjamin kisses her* "Sorry, Darlin'... I couldn't help it..."  *then he steps aside
so she can get through the door.*  
He  jumps back into the bed while he waits for her. He thinks to himself how amazing she is and how he just can't get enough of her. He has never wanted to be with someone all the time as much as he does when he is with her.  Then he realizes that she could be the one. Coming to that realization scares him but overall it makes more happy than he could ever imagine. 
 She finally comes back out of the bathroom and slips back into bed next to him. He is so lost in his thoughts that he doesn't even notice she is there.
*Michelle* "What's with you?"
*Benjamin* "Uh!? Oh! nothin' Darlin'. Just thinking about you......"
*Michelle* "Oh, really....and?"
*Benjamin slides down and pulls her to him* "Oh...just thinking about what I want to do to you......"
 Benjamin slides his hand under her robe and starts to pull it off her shoulder.
 *Michelle* "What are you gonna do to me?"
*Benjamin* "You know exactly what I want to do to you...."
 *Michelle, all the while he is kissing her neck* "But, what about breakfast?"
*Benjamin stops* "Oh, yeah....breakfast....."
 *Benjamin continues* "I guess we better get up then."
The two smooch on each other for a couple minutes longer, then finally get up. Shortly after that their breakfast is delivered.
*Benjamin* "You ready to try and go skiing?"
*Michelle* "Yeah, you said you were going to take me. I don't know how good I will be but..."
*Benjamin* "You'll do fine. *sips his coffee* You played sports in high school. You can handle skiing."
*Michelle* "I know but you always hear about people getting hurt when they go skiing."
*Benjamin* "What you don't trust me?"
*Michelle* "I trust you..."
*Benjamin* "I won't let anything bad happen to you. Besides we are just gonna go over the basics. *he looks her in the eyes with satisfaction* We'll take it nice and slow, Darlin'.  Just like last night."
Michelle blushes red at his comment. All of last night comes flooding back to her and her body vibrates involuntarily on just the memory of that moment.
*Benjamin* "Don't be embarrassed....."
*Michelle* "I....I'm fine...Just a little nervous about trying to learn how to ski, that's all."
Benjamin doesn't say anything. He just continues to drink his coffee. They finish their breakfast with only few words spoken between. They were both quite hungry. Then get dressed to go outside.
 Michelle comes out of the bathroom dressed and ready to go. Benjamin is ready as well.
*Michelle* "How do I look?"
*Benjamin puts on his hat* "Perfect Darlin'.....You look good. Just zip up your jacket it's cold out there."
*Benjamin* "Let's go see what it is like outside first. Then we can put the skis on."
 *Michelle* "Okay..."
Benjamin opens the door and gestures for her to go first. Michelle walks out the door and just takes it all in. 
*Michelle* "Wow! It's beautiful...."
*Benjamin* "I'm gonna go ahead and grab the skis. I'll be right back."
*Michelle a little mesmerized* "Okay..."
While Benjamin went back inside to grab the skis Michell walks around and checks out the scenery. She bends down and touches the snow. 
 When he comes outside again she stands back up with one hand behind her back.
*Benjamin suspecting what she is up to* "What are you doin'?"
*Michelle* "Oh, nothing....just something I always wanted to do in the snow."
She pulls her arm quickly out from behind her and chunks a snowball at him. It lands square on his head. Michelle starts laughing....
*Benjamin smiles* "I knew it....You just couldn't resist starting a snowball fight could you?
 *Michelle still laughing* "And resist seeing the look on your way."
*Benjamin* "You better start running Darlin'. Cause it's on now!"
Michelle turns and runs towards the trees.
  She stops and turns to see if he is following her. Then she continues into the trees. He has already scooped a handful of snow and is forming it into a ball.
*Benjamin* "You can run but you can't hide Darlin'."
He sees her pop out of the trees then decides to make his move.
 Michelle is giggling and having so much fun letting him chase her.
  He finally has her cornered at one tree. 
*Benjamin* "You know it's just a matter of time. I'm gonna get you..."
*Michelle walks up closer to him* "So get me..."
  He fakes to his right then she runs the other way back towards the cabin. He has her exactly where he wants her. Benjamin comes up behind her and gets her with the snowball right on top of her head.
*Benjamin* "Gotcha!"
Both of them are laughing and enjoying the moment. 
  *Michelle* "You know this means war..."
*Benjamin* "Yeah, but I'm willing to risk it."
She tires to break free from him but they end up falling down. Benjamin is too quick for her and he pins her down in the snow.....

*Benjamin* "Looks like I win Darlin'. You ready to surrender?"
*Michelle* "No."
Michelle wiggles and kicks. Benjamin just laughs. 
*Benjamin takes one hand off her* "You give up?"
*Michelle* "Fine!....I give up. You win."
 And at the moment she kicks up her leg again and forces him to roll off her. As he is rolling back Benjamin grabs her and pulls her with him. This time she lands on top of him. He runs his fingers through her hair and stares intently at her.
Both of them are already breathing heavily from all that just happened.
*Benjamin blurts out* "Why are you so flustered.....You've already won Darlin'."
*Michelle a little confused* "Wh...What do you mean?"
*Benjamin* "My heart....You've won my heart. I love you, Baby."
 Michelle was not expecting him to say those words. He completely caught her off guard.
 *Michelle* "I....I love you too."
*Benjamin kisses her with much affection* "Now, you ready to put on your skis?"
*Michelle* "Yeah..."
Benjamin helps her into her skis and tells her some basic rules and courtesy on the slopes.
Then begins explaining some of the basic moves she needs to know to get started.
*Michelle* "Are you sure? I feel like I'm gonna fall over."
*Benjamin* "Yes...that's because your not moving right now."
Michelle starts wobbling
*Michelle* "Benjamin!!...I'm gonna fall..."
He ducks in behind her and catches her before she falls.
*Benjamin* "You're fine Darlin' just relax. Your tensing up too much. You want to distribute your weight properly."
He continues to explains the basics to her and she follows his instructions.
*Benjamin* "Good, well you ready to go out and give it a try?"
*Michelle* "Already?  You don't think I need to practice more?"
*Benjamin* "That's what we're doing. I'm not gonna let you get on a run yet your not ready."
*Michelle* "Oh, then where are we going?"
*Benjamin* "Just over those few hilly spots over there so you can get the feel for it. Let me put mine on then we'll be ready."
*Michelle* "Okay."
*Benjamin* "You ready? Just follow me..."
Michelle nods and Benjamin takes off walking in his skis. She follows behind him as best as she can. He helps her practice for a good hour or so before they decide to start heading back towards the cabin.
*Benjamin* "Your legs getting tired yet?"
*Michelle stops* "A little, I know I'm gonna be sore tomorrow."
*Benjamin* "That's for sure. Skiing is a great workout, but if your not too sore tomorrow we can maybe try one of the kiddie runs."
*Michelle* "Sure...I'm just glad I haven't fallen on my ass yet..."
The second those words leave her mouth she stumbles back a little.
Michelle is trying to keep her balance. Benjamin tries to tell her to use her poles to keep her from falling but it's too late....
She falls right on her ass and Benjamin just cracks up laughing.
*Benjamin still laughing* "You jinxed yourself the second those words left your mouth. Ah!! That is too funny. And you were doing so good...."
 Michelle a little winded still by the fall and unable to speak.
 *Benjamin* "You want some help?"
 *Michelle* "No, I can do it."
 She makes several attempts to get up on her own but fails.  Michelle is too tired to move any more. While she was struggling to get up Benjamin removed his own skis then comes over to help her with hers.
 *Benjamin still laughing  a little* "You had enough yet, Darlin'?"
*Michelle* "Just get these things off me...."
He helps her out of the skis then holds out his hands so she can get up.
 *Benjamin* "Let's go get changed and go eat lunch at the lodge restaurant."
*Michelle* "A change of clothes and some food sounds real good." 
It slowly starts to snow, 
they walk hand in hand back to the cabin. Michelle steps up to the door first to open it.
*Benjamin* "You have snow in your hair..."  
*Michelle turns to face him* "Is it a lot?"
 *Benjamin* "No, your fine.....It'll probably melt a little once we get inside."
 *Michelle* "Oh, okay.....maybe I should take a bath before we go eat?"
Michelle is so busy talking about getting dressed to go eat that she doesn't even notice Benjamin is staring at her and starting to change his mind about going to lunch. He walks up to her and presses  
her against the door with his body.
He doesn't speak. He just reads her face and her reaction. Michelle responds by reaching back and opening the door. They shuffle into cabin eyes still locked on each other.
*Michelle* "I guess this means we're not going to lunch?"
*Benjamin* "I'll take you out for dinner....."
This time around things aren't moving as slow as the first time. They both rush to get out of their clothes. Pulling and tugging on each other.
 Once they are about halfway out of their clothes. Benjamin lays her back onto the bed. He removes her heavy boots so she can get more comfortable.
Michelle watches him and smiles while he unstraps her boots and takes them off.
*Benjamin* "What's that big grin on your face for?"
*Michelle* "Because I am absolutely, without a doubt, head over heals in love with you...."
Benjamin smiles and pulls his shirt up over his head.
*Benjamin* "With out a doubt, huh?"
*Michelle nods* "MmmmMmmm."
Then throws it down and slides on top her.
*Benjamin* "Me too, Darlin'......"  
The End....

I'm sure you can imagine what happens next.
They fully enjoy the remainder of their stay and make it home safe and sound on that following Monday evening.  They both had a hard time leaving each other once Benjamin pulled up to her parents house but they both had to work the next day, so they eventually said goodnight to each other.  

Thanks for tuning in and see you all on the next episode!!


  1. Wow! I just absolutely love this story. This latest episode was so realistic and i just love the cabin and the out doors scenes. What a way to spend a getaway. I cant waite to see what you are going to cook up next.

    1. Thanks William :) Glad to hear you enjoyed it.
      I had so much fun building these to dioramas. I definitely have some more ideas for dioramas. Just wish I had more time....

    2. I hear you on that one! lol I just love the whole connection these two have together. You have an amazing flair for chemistry between two dolls. Ive been working on a story simular like this one and let me tell you its really juicy!

    3. Thank you :)
      I love it when they click well together it is hard for me to bond with a doll if their personality doesn't show right away.
      I love a good juicy story...can't wait to see what you have cooking :)

  2. Your scenes were awesome, Loved the story.

    1. Thank you Dear Mustiwait!
      I had a lot of fun with the romantic getaway for them :)

  3. Wow, this segment was worth the wait. Hope their relationship keeps growing. Your cabin dio is awesome, both inside and out.

    1. Hello Phyllis,
      Thanks! I hope they relationship keeps on too :)
      So glad you enjoyed the cabin!

  4. Very well done Miranda! Your cabin scenes are awesome and on point. Loved it!!!

  5. Thank you, I had a lot of fun putting this cabin series together. I am glad that everyone it enjoyed it so much. :) I am hoping they get to come back next year!

  6. Very realistic episode! I'm glad they had such a wonderful time. Amazing job again on your cabin. Seems to be a cabin theme going on in doll world and real life. My boyfriend suggested we rent a cabin in the North GA mountains. I hope our trip goes as well as this trip. Maybe I should show him the story before we go, just so he can know where my expectations lie. lol. Happy New Year!

    1. Hi Vanessa!
      Thank you these Cabin episodes were a lot of fun. There sure was a lot of cabin themes this year. A real trip to one sounds wonderful! Lol! Yes, a romantic getaway is always nice :)

  7. Hola, es realmente impresionante tu sesion fotografica, tu diorama es muy real, saludos desde Mexico.

    1. Hola Linda!
      Gracias, me alegro de que haya disfrutado de las fotografías y dioramas. Tengo un montón de diversión el hacer de ellos y tomar fotografías.

  8. Love your story and the diorama. The scene details are awesome! Happy New Year! :-)

    1. Hi Cindi!
      Thank you and Happy New Year :)

  9. Miranda
    May i ask how you made the inside of the cabin. I see that cardboard was used but what else if you don't mind. I want to make a cabin of my own and i need ideas....

    1. Hi William,
      I don't mind at all. The walls are cardboard. I cut strips of cardboard and hot glued them to another piece for more stability. Then I primed them with gesso paint. Once that was dry added some different shades of brown. Then put a white wash coat over that. The wall the separates the bathroom is half inch foamcore with different contact papers on each side. My doors are also made from layers of cardboard. Then primed with gesso and painted brown. I used jewelry bits and pieces to make the door handles. ^_^
      Hope this helps...If you want to know more just let me know....

    2. Awsome. You did an excellent job on this cabin and it looks pretty realistic as well.

  10. This is quite possibly my favorite post so far! That says alot because I love Luke so much! But it all started with the amazing breakfast room service menu and went to level 11 for me! Well done!!! Soooo Good!!!!