Friday, January 24, 2014

Laura's First Doctor Visit: Part 2.0

Luke makes it back in time to take Laura to her doctor's appointment. They have just arrived at Dr. Bratter's office. 
Laura steps up to the window to check in while Luke looks over the waiting room for a place to sit.
*Laura* "Hi, I have a 1:15 appointment with Dr. Bratters."
*Receptionist* "Sure, just sign in...*she looks up* "Laura?"
*Laura* "Yeah...? *she takes a better look at the receptionist* "Kira?"
*Kira stands up* "Yes! Oh my god....I haven't seen you in like forever...How are you?"
*Laura* "Oh!...Um..good. How about you?"
*Kira* "I have been great...*she smiles* "I'm coming round to give you a hug. It's so great to see you!"
Kira comes out from behind her desk and gives Laura a warm welcoming hug. 
*Kira* "Come fill out your paperwork back here and we can catch up a bit."
*Laura* "Okay..."
Laura looks back to check on Luke and he has already made himself comfortable.
So, she goes ahead and follows Kira in through the doorway.
Luke looks down to see if there are any interesting magazines to read but decides to find something to do on his phone since they are all baby magazines...
*Kira* "So, I am guessing your pregnant...Is that your husband out there?"
*Laura* "Boyfriend..Yeah, we just found out right before Christmas."
*Kira* "Congratz! You are gonna be the greatest Mom. You still in the restaurant business?"
*Laura* "Thanks....Yeah, I'm still at Ma Cherie. What about you? Been working here awhile?"
*Kira* "I have been here for about a year. Dr. Bratters is great to work for. 
He even delivered my baby."
*Laura* "I didn't know you had a baby."
*Kira* "Yeah. She just turned 2 awhile back."
*Laura* "Wow! Has it been that long since we have seen each other? She sounds sweet. So, are you married? boyfriend..?"
*Kira* "I know...right? Neither. Marley's Dad and I didn't work out."
*Laura finishes up her paperwork and sets it down* "Oh! I'm sorry to hear that..."
*Kira* "Oh don't be sorry he is a complete ass. *she tilts her head to look out at Luke* "You seemed to snag yourself quite the handsome man. *she stares at him with a scrutinizing look* "You know, he looks familiar...."
*Laura unsure how to respond* "Really?...How so?"
*Kira* "Yes! I know now, he looks like this guy I saw in a pic in a mag I was just reading."
 Kira reaches behind her desk and grabs the latest issue of RockStar magazine that she was thumbing through right before Laura had arrived. She flips through the magazine until she finds the page she is looking for.
*Kira* "Here it is. It's an article on musicians and where they are now. *she points to a picture of Rufus Blue and standing a little ways behind her is Luke* "He looks like this guy in this photo..."
*Laura trying not to scream with frustration* "Yeah, that's Luke....He dated Rufus before he moved down here. This pic must be at least 5 years old. I'm guessing she doesn't go out it public much anymore, so they mustn't have anything more recent."
*Kira* "Oh my god! Really?!..Wow!"
*Laura dropping the conversation quickly* "Yeah, really...Well, I guess I better let you get back to work. You should call me or stop by the restaurant sometime for lunch.."
*Kira* "Okay....yeah that sounds great!"
 Laura opens the door and steps back into the waiting room. Luke looks up when he sees it is her. She looks at Luke and rolls her eyes. He can see she is frustrated about something.
*Luke* "What's wrong? I thought you knew her?"
 *Laura* "Yeah, I do. We went to college together. How come you didn't tell me about that article in the latest RockStar Magazine. I know you have it home...."
*Luke not expecting that* "What for? So you can get more stressed out. It's not important. You know that is a really old picture anyways..I don't know why they chose that one."
 *Laura* "I know...She just caught me off guard with it. She recognized you right away..I'm just tired of being reminded of you and her."
*Luke* "Let's just focus on us and why we are here today. Have you thought about when or how you want to tell your parents? You can't put it off for much longer."
*Laura* "Yeah, I have been thinking about it. Maybe we can meet them for dinner tonight since we are both free. I think telling them in public would be better."
*Luke* "Okay, I guess you can call your Mom when we are done here."
While Laura is talking with Luke. Kira can't help herself but watch them.
She is caught by Steph who sees her staring intently at the couple.
*Steph* "You need to stop staring the looks of it he is already taken."
*Kira turns her head* "Oh crap! Was it that noticeable?"
*Steph* "Um yeah!! Your mouth is agape and your drooling like he is something yummy to eat..."
*Kira a little embarrassed* "That bad, huh?" *points to the magazine* "Flip to page 62. He used to date Rufus Blue..."
*Steph grabs the magazine and opens to the page* "She looks at the picture then out into waiting room.  Oh, wow! Yeah I think your right. Still he doesn't look like he has wandering eyes. So too bad for you!"
*Kira* "He's hot but I wouldn't dream of hitting on him anyways. I know her. She and I went to college together."
*Steph* "Good cause that would be embarrassing...Who's up next?"
*Kira grabs the clipboard* "Midge..."
 Steph steps out to call the next patient and they all get up and follow her back into one of the exam rooms.
Luke and Laura sit in silence for a while. She grabs a magazine in hopes it will distract her some. Luke just sits and fiddles with his phone.
Laura can't help but notice how hard it is for the other woman to sit with her big round belly.
She turns to look at Luke....who is already looking at her...
*Laura* "Will you still love me when I get big and fat waddle all around?"
*Luke smiles* "Of course, Babe.  I think I will love you even more...just knowing all the changes that are happening to you are because your carrying my baby."
*Laura smiles* "Good answer...You saved your hide on that one..."
*Luke* "I'm being serious. I know we weren't planning this but the more I think about it, the happier it makes me. I think I'm ready to be a Dad."
*Laura smiles and feels her eyes water* "Oh! Luke....Me too..." 
*Luke* "Don't cry, Babe..."
*Laura* "I can't help it..they're happy tears. I'm glad..."
Laura looks down at the magazine she is holding and stares at the baby on the cover. She blinks and a few tears drop...
*Laura* "Sooo, you hoping for a boy or a girl?"
*Luke* "I'm happy with either....."
*Laura* "Really? Not secretly wishing for a boy?"
 As they continue to talk about the baby. Another expectant mother walks in for her check up. Then another big bellied patient exits the door that leads to the exam rooms....
Steph comes back out to call on another patient. 
The lady hands her mother her baby while she follows Steph to the back.
*Lady* "Here Mom, he woke when I got up so he might get hungry but, I shouldn't be too long..."
*Grandma smiles* "I got it sweetie..."
The mother turns and walks away leaving baby with Grandma. Laura turns her attention to the delighted Grandmother. She hopes her Mom will be happy when she hears the news. Her Mother is quite traditional and feels that couples should be married before they have children.
*Laura* "He is a very calm baby..."
*Grandma* "Oh, yes....He has such a wonderful disposition. He might fuss a little here soon, once he starts to get hungry."
*Laura* "He is precious....How many months is he?"
*Grandma* "He is going on 4 months. Are you pregnant with your first?"
*Laura* "Yes...we found out right before Christmas."
*Grandma* "Oh! What a wonderful surprise..Well, congratulations!"
*Laura* "Thank you! You seem quite proud of your grandson."
*Grandma* "Oh, yes!  I am so excited to be a grandma. I was over the moon when my daughter told me."
*Laura* "That's good to know....Cause we still need to announce it to my Parents."
*Grandma* "Do it as soon as you can before you start to show too much. Are you two not married? Is that why you are nervous?"
*Laura* "Yeah...that is exactly why I have procrastinated. I'm hoping my Mom will be okay with it all."
*Grandma* "I wouldn't worry about it. A Mother's love is a strong thing and when she finds out your having a baby she is going to be happy and want to experience it all with you."
*Laura* " have no idea how much better that makes me feel."
Grandma stands and pats the baby on his back.
*Grandma* "Glad I could help....would you like to hold him?"
*Laura* "Oh! No that's okay....Thank you though..."
*Grandma* "Here....he's a very calm baby and I'm right here. It's fine."
*Laura* "O-okay....What's his name?"
*Grandma* "Christopher...."
Grandma gently places Christopher in Laura's arms. Laura cradles him softly and looks down at him. She was sure he would start to fuss the second Grandma set him down in her arms.
*Laura* "Hi, Christopher!! You're a sweet lil' guy...."
Christopher gurgles and squirms a little. And it looks like he 
smiled at her.
*Luke* "See...your doing just fine..."
*Grandma* "Yes, I think you will be a wonderful Mother...."
 As Laura continues to hold the little baby boy. Steph comes out to call the next patient.
*Steph* "Laura Lavinge..."
*Laura* "Oh! That's better take him back."
Laura hands Christopher back to his Grandma and she sits back down with him.
*Laura* "Thanks for letting me hold have a very sweet grandson."
*Grandma* "Sure! I can see your glowing quite beautifully now....I wish you all the best. "
*Laura gets up* "Thank you and it was so wonderful talking to you..."
*Grandma* "Likewise Dear!! Now don't keep the nurse waiting..."
Laura smiles at her one last time then turns and heads in Steph's directions. Luke follows behind her.
*Steph* "Hello, how are you doing today? Ready to meet Dr Bratters?"
*Laura* "Good, thank you....and yes."
*Steph smiles* "All right then, follow me..."
Luke places his hand on the small of her back to reassure her that he is there with her as they walk though the door. Laura is comforted by his touch but after he talked more openly to her and her conversation with the kind, insightful Grandmother, she is feeling a lot more confident about having this baby. She is ready to announce to her family and friends that she is pregnant. For the first time she finally feels excited about all of it and she can't wait to drag Luke into that fancy little baby boutique....Cause he did promise to take her shopping!

Concluded in Part 2.5

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Laura's First Doctor Visit: Part 1

Okay!! So I was gonna post this next Friday but after I sat down and looked at a calendar I realized that I really need to speed it along if I want to stay on track with this....
So here we go!

Everything is a dark and foggy haze. She opens the door to their place and steps inside, sensing something is not right.....
She hears voices floating down from upstairs. Stumbling and trying to find her way in the darkness she finally finds the stairway....
She starts to panic....she tries to move but her body won't do what her mind is telling it.  Her feet stumbling over and over, struggling to get to the top of the stairs....
Then the sounds become more clear to her and suddenly she finds herself standing at the top of the stairway. She hears someone calling out his name... 


but it is not her voice. She turns and walks. She stops and 
stands in the doorway of their bedroom to find........

 She screams a blood curdling wail, as if she saw a dead body lying in front of her. 

"Noooo! Nooooo! Nooooo! Get off of him! Luke! Why!?....wh..." 
but it seems like she is the only one who can hear her cries.  She steps inside the doorway of their bedroom hoping this time they will hear her. She screams at him again.
 "Luke! How could you do this to me! Luke!...Luke! Look at me!...."
It's like he is under the other woman's spell and has no idea she is there in the room with the 2 of them.  She walks around to her side of the bed and screams at him again.

"Why?! Luke?! Why?! You said you loved only me. How could you do this?!" 
But her attempts go unnoticed. He doesn't respond to her. He is only focused on the other woman.
Everything continues to be a foggy haze and she is getting sick to her stomach because she can't get neither of them to look at her. Worst of all she can't get them to stop.....
Then suddenly all that changes and she can see the other woman's face come into focus. The woman stares right at her with a wide, evil, satisfied grin and speaks. 

*Rufus replies cold and confident* "He is mine and he will never love you..Never!..."
She screams again and Rufus rocks her head back laughs with a frightfully phsycotic cackle, then turns her attention back to Luke, who is still lying beneath her..... 
She thinks to herself what is wrong with him? Something is not right.... Why won't he answer me?, He doesn't even acknowledge that I'm here.....
She speaks again. This time only to Rufus.  

 "What did you do to him?....Get off of him! You, B*tch!....leave us alone!...."

 Rufus looks up at her again. She continues to laugh and enjoy the torment and pain she is instilling in her. 

*Rufus with a haughty spiteful tone* "Don't you get it? He doesn't love you.....He never did....And he never will....I am the only one who can truly make him happy."
She screams out loud this time so loud that is startles her......
and she pops up.
She wakes to find that it was all a very bad dream.
Laura rubs her face and tries to erase the visions of Luke and Rufus from her memory.
She is sweating and shaking. She knows it's a dream but why did it feel so dark and ominous. She starts feeling like crying but she doesn't want to wake Luke, even though he is a heavy sleeper. She looks down at him there sleeping next to her.  The images of her dream still there, she can't help but let out a sob.....she tries to reign in her emotions and pull it together.
 Luke starts to stir and wake. He thought he heard her speak but wasn't sure. Then he sees her sitting up in bed, looking pale and sick again. And he becomes more alert. He's been worried about her lately.
He reaches out and grabs her arm. She is startled by his touch.
*Luke* "Babe, what's wrong? You look sick to your stomach again.....your cold and clammy. You alright?"
*Laura* "...I'm.... I'm okay.....I think.....I had the worst dream just now.  It felt so real!" *she shudders* 
 *Luke* "What was it? You want to tell me about it?" 
*Laura* "I don't'll probably just think it's silly."
*Luke tries to encourage her* "No, I won't. You got me worried, Babe. You look really upset. Did it have something to do with you being pregnant?"
*Laura* " was nothing like was mainly about you and...and...."
Luke gestures for her to continue.
*Laura* "It's stupid...forget it.....It's just a really stupid dream."
*Luke sits up more in the bed* "You sure? I think it will make you feel better if you talk about it."
*Laura sighs a bit she knows she needs to get it off her chest* "I was dreaming I caught you having sex with Rufus Blue in our bed. The worst thing was you wouldn't acknowledge that I was there. You wouldn't look at me! You wouldn't talk to me!" *he can see the sadness and pain in her face as she talks about it* I screamed and screamed at you but you wouldn't just....kept..." * Her voice trails and She shudders again* "Ugh!!! It was horrible! It was like I never existed to you...."
 Luke sits up even higher in the bed and puts his arm around her and kisses her forehead.
*Luke* " know that is never gonna happen. I have no desire to be with anyone else."
*Laura* "I told you it was a stupid dream..."
*Luke* "I think it's just stress and I know your nervous about your doctor visit. I am too."
 *Laura* "It just felt so real and I really don't like the feeling it gave me....."
*Luke starts to get up out of the bed* "Dreams can do that...Let's just get up and get ready. It'll fade away after awhile. I gotta open the shop up for Fionna before we go to the doctor...."
*Laura stops him from getting up* "What?! I thought Jacob was gonna open the shop today. Your not gonna take too long are you?"
*Luke* "Yeah, he was but something came up apparently. He will be in later to close up.  I'm sorry I forgot to tell you about it last night. I was just so tired after coming home from work."
*Laura* "You really think Fionna can handle being there on her own? She has only been there for a couple weeks now.  I still think hiring her was a bad idea. I don't like her...."
*Luke sighs* "Aww...C'mon..Babe, don't start with that again.  She is fine and can handle it. Mondays are always a bit slow anyways...I don't know why she gets to you but, if I hadn't have hired her then you'd be going to the doctor on your own. Would you prefer that?"
*Laura* "No! You know I want you there."
*Luke* "Well then, I need to get up and take care of the shop before your appointment."
*Laura* "Look, I know you've known Peter for years but I'm telling you there is something not right about Fionna. Luke....She is...weird."
*Luke sighs* "It's way too early to be arguing about this...besides it's already been done....."
A little frustrated with her persistence at such an early hour......he gets up and walks into the bathroom before she has a chance to respond.
Whoops! Looks like someone prefers to sleep in the buff!  
While he is in the bathroom it gives her a moment to think about their conversation. She has felt so strange and uneasy lately that she has had a hard time controlling her emotions. She starts to think that maybe Luke is right. She is just too hormonal and needs calm down. She has been busy though, with the holidays and working long hours at the restaurant. She never even had time realize that she was pregnant and it was never planned which makes her even more uneasy. 
She tries to shake all the negativity that stemmed from her horrible dream but it is not that simple. That dream was so frightening for her. Deep down she knows Luke would never cheat on her or leave her for Rufus. But why does she all of the sudden feel so uneasy about their relationship? 
As the sun starts to stream in from the window Luke stands in the doorway of the bathroom and looks at her. He can see she is in deep thought with herself. He hates seeing her upset. If only he could make it all go away. S, he does something that he thinks will make her very, very happy.
*Luke* "Babe, I promise I'll be back within a couple hours.  I'll take you to your doctor's appointment. After that we have the rest of the day together to do whatever you want.  I'll even take you shopping......"
*Laura get up out the bed* "Your gonna go shopping with me? *she smiles* Oh! You know exactly how to make me feel better don't you?"
*Luke laughs* "I knew you'd like that....."
*Laura* "Oh...You know I jump at any chance I get to go shopping with you. You must really be worried about me if your offering to take me shopping."
They walk and meet each other half way.
*Luke puts his arms around her* "I will do whatever it takes to make you happy....*he kisses her, then looks right into her gorgeous green eyes* "I love you, Babe.  I don't want you stressing out over silly little things like hiring Fionna. Let me deal with it. I just want you to focus on yourself and staying healthy. Okay?" 
*Laura runs her fingers thought his hair, trying to tame the mess* "Okay....I promise. I'll try to not stress out so much.  So, you really gonna take me shopping?...Where are we gonna go?"
*Luke almost reluctant he offered, cause he really hates shopping* "Yeeeeaah.... and we can go anywhere you want, Babe. I'll even let you drag me into that fancy baby store if you want."
*Laura's face beams bright* "Really?!...."
*Luke smiles at her* "Yeah, really....."
Laura showers him with kisses. She is so excited now and looking forward to spending the rest of the day with him. Luke is just happy seeing her happy. He doesn't want to leave her but he has got to go open up shop at Vintage Vinyl. They finally pull away from each other, Luke goes and gets in the shower and Laura goes downstairs to find something to eat she is starving already.
*Laura speaking as he is coming down the stairs* "I didn't feel like cooking but I made you some coffee."
*Luke* "I'm sorry, Babe.....I'll eat when I get back. I gotta pick up Fionna on the way to the shop..."
*Laura* "I thought they had a car?"
 *Luke grabs his jacket and puts it on* "Yeah, but Peter has to use it for work. It's just easier this way...I'll be back quicker as opposed to waiting for her to show up."
*Laura a little sad he has to go already* "Okay...."
Luke walks over to the coffee table, grabs his phone and keys. Then quickly checks his emails before heading out. Laura gets up and wraps up a pasty bread leftover from the restaurant for him to eat so he won't starve. 
*Laura* "Here at least take this with you..."
*Luke takes the food* "Just make sure you eat something...Don't worry so much about me."
*Laura* "I know...and don't you worry. I already ate before you came downstairs...I had 2 bananas and a huge bowl of cereal. I was starving..."

 *Luke smiles, leans down and kisses her goodbye* "Good....I'll be back in a couple hours."
*Laura* "I'll be waiting....Love you!"
Luke turns and leaves. Laura plops down on the couch. She grabs her phone and contemplates whether or not to call her sister and tell her about her dream. Luke tried to convince her it was just stress causing it but she still can't stop thinking about it. She doesn't know why but for some reason she just can't shake it
....and the feeling it gave her.
*Laura talking out loud to herself* "You have got to let it go!.... it's just a crazy dream!"
So, she decides to not call her sister but go upstairs shower and get ready for her doctors appointment...

to be concluded in Part 2...