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Friday, February 21, 2014

Getting to Know Each Other....

Isolde is sitting and waiting for James to arrive while she waits she went ahead and ordered their food. She hopes her decision to give him a chance doesn't turn out to be a disaster date from hell. She knows nothing about him. Shoot! She doesn't even know his last name yet.....
Nerves start to accumulate low in her gut as she thinks more and more about how the night might go.  They double into a frenzy when she sees him walk though the door and enter the bar.  James sees her right away, smiles at her and then walks to the booth where he was seated earlier that day.
*James* "Wow! You look gorgeous! I like you with your hair down.."
*Isolde, she smiles at his compliment* "Thanks... I don't live far so I was able to go home and change for the evening."
*James sits down across from her* "Cool...a short commute to work is always nice..."
*Isolde* "Yeah it is...what about you? What kind of work do you do?"
*James* "I work for a major energy company...I'm an engineer."
*Isolde* "Oh, wow! I would have never guessed that is what you do. So, are you on a break right now?"
*James* "Yeah, I go back next week for 3 weeks. Then I'm off again."
*Isolde* "Now, I see why you were so persistent this morning."
*James gestures in an agreeing manner* "Yep, I couldn't go back and wait 3 more weeks. I want to get to know you now...."
Hannah a new employee to the bar comes over to take James' drink order.
*Hannah* "Hey, Isolde how's it going over here?"
*Isolde* "Good....James needs a drink and go ahead and bring the burgers out when you get a chance."
*Hannah* "Sure!..."*she turns to face James*
*Hannah* "What can I get you to drink?"
*James* "I'll have what Isolde is drinking..."
So Hannah heads to the bar to get him his beer and quickly brings it back. The two sit and talk some more while they wait for their burgers.
*James takes a sip of his beer* "So, you never answered my question earlier...."
*Isolde* "What was that?"
*James* "I asked you if you kept the flowers or threw them away...you never gave me an answer."
*Isolde* "Does it really matter? I'm here aren't I?..."
*James shaking his head* "You didn't save them....."
*Isolde* "No...I'm sorry! ...I...I had no idea who they were from and quite frankly, at first, it kinda freaked me out."
*James* "Don't be sorry about it....I'm not. I'm just glad to be here talking to you right now."
*Isolde* "Well....I...."
Isolde stops what she is about to say. Hannah has come back to their booth with burgers and fries. She sets everything down and makes sure their order is good and all is well...
*Isolde* "Thanks, Hannah everything looks good."
*Hannah* "Sure just let me know if you need anything."
Hannah leaves them and they begin to dig in to the food she just left.
*Isolde* "I detect a bit of an accent. Are you from up north?"
*James* "Yeah...I'm from New York. Born and raised. Got an awesome scholarship to go to school down here. Then when I graduated, decided to stay instead of move back...What about you?."
 *Isolde* "I moved down here from Seattle when I was a kid. My parents divorced and my Mom moved my brother and I back here to be closer to her family."
*James* "Sorry to hear that...I had a friend as as kid who went through something like that. He was miserable for a long time."
 *Isolde* "Thanks...Yeah, it sucked for a while but we managed through it..."
They continue to talk, while they finish their food. After the plates are stacked and their bellies are full. They finish up their second round of drinks....
*James* "So what movie do you want to see? Have anything in mind?"
*Isolde* "I prefer to see an action movie. The more action the better!"
*James* "Okay, well there is a really good scifi-action movie that just came out. You want to see that one?"
*Isolde* "Oh yeah! Sure, lets see that one."
*James* "Cool, then lets get outta here..Let me just pay the check."

*Isolde* "Oh! don't worry about dinner it's on me. I already took care of it. You can pay for the movie tickets..."
*James* "Oh, are you sure? I'm okay with paying for both."
*Isolde* "Yeah, yeah...it's totally fine. I feel better if we split it..."
*James* "Okay..."
Isolde waves goodbye to Aric at the bar and then they head out the door to walk the short distance to the movie theater. 
*James* "So how far is the theater from here?"
*Isolde* "Not far...It should takes us about 20 minutes to get there."
*James* "Nice...it's a perfect night for a walk too with the full moon out."
*Isolde* "Yeah it is...."
*James* "So.....will I get to walk you home too?"
*Isolde smiles at him* "Hmmm, maybe?....."

To be continued....
Stay tuned
Part 2!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Anouncing Baby

Later that day back at the Lavigne house Michelle is home from work and sits on the couch with her and Dad. They are both watching TV while they wait for Laura and Luke to arrive for dinner.
Laura makes sure they arrive on time she does not want to keep them waiting. So, at five minutes to six they arrive.  Krystal hears the doorbell and immediately calls out that she will get the door. She has been on the edge of her seat all day waiting for them to show up.
*Krystal* "Come in, come in!! How are you two doing?"
*Laura* "Hi, Mom...Oh, were good."
*Krystal* "Well, dinner is ready...let's go on into the dining room."
Scott stands and shakes Luke's hand and says hello to him.
*Scott* "How's your business going? Everything running smooth?"
*Luke* "Business is good. I just hired a new employee and everything is working out great."
*Scott* "That's good to hear..."
Everyone makes their way into the dining room and Krystal comes out with the last item, a salad.
After they are all settled and have food on their plates. There is a moment of silence while everyone begins to eat. Krystal breaks that silence with a question directed at Laura...
*Krystal* "So, do you have any plans for Valentine's Day?"
*Laura* "Um...No, not really. I have to work that day. We are already booked full on reservations so it's gonna be a long day. We'll probably do something the next day."
*Krystal* "Sounds like the restaurant is doing well.  Everyone loves your cooking Sweetie. I am so proud of you!"
*Laura smiles* "Thanks, Mom.....Michelle, what about you? Benjamin taking you somewhere?"
*Michelle* "He's picking me up early from work on Friday but won't tell me what he has planned. So, I don't have a clue what he is up to and, since he is out of town untill Thursday, it's kinda hard to get him to give me any hints."
*Krystal* "Oh, that boy is such a romantic....I'm sure whatever he has planned will be lovely...." *Krystal continues* "So, why did you two want to meet us for dinner? Do you have some news for us? *in a sing song voice* I didn't see a ring on your finger....."
*Laura sighs, here we go again..* "We are not engaged Mom, why can't you just accept that?"
*Krystal* "Well, I just thought that...that might be why you called. Since you wanted to meet us for dinner. I've been wondering about it all day since I talked to you. I had to ask..."
*Michelle blurts out* "Maybe she's pregnant......"
Laura has shock written all over her face, Michelle and Krystal 
both see it. Luke as well is trying to mask his emotion but everyone can see what Michelle just blurted out is true...
*Krystal gasps* "Oh!! ..."
*Michelle* "Oh my god! That's why you didn't drink during the holidays! Isn't it?"
*Scott* "You two calm down...give Laura a chance to speak."
*Laura* "This is not how I wanted to announce this but yes, I'm pregnant...Luke and I just went to my first doctor visit earlier today...."
Everyone is silent for a moment as they take in the news they just heard. 
*Krystal's voice rises with every word* "Oh my goodness your having a baby!..*then she lowers her voice*"..Sweetie, I thought you were on the pill?"
*Laura* "Mom, that's a little personal don't you think?"
*Krystal* "We're all family here, right?"
*Laura* "Well.....I'm pregnant pill or no pill...Mom!"
*Krystal* "And I'm just now hearing about it?! Why, Laura? Why didn't you tell us sooner?..."
*Laura* "Because we didn't want to say anything until I had gone to the doctor but it took me awhile to get an appointment, plus finding a day to get some time off work...."
*Krystal* "I understand....Well how did it go at the doctor? Did you find a good one? 
How far along are you?"
 *Laura* "The doctor is very nice and I think he was a good choice.  He said I am 16 weeks so I'm coming to the end of my fourth month. My due date is July 25th."

*Krystal's voice gets high again* "Your already moving into your 5th month!! I can't believe you waited this long to tell us! So, I guess this means we need to hurry up and get you two married..."
 *Laura cuts her off* "About that...I'm not so sure I want to get married until after the baby is born."
*Krystal* "What?! Why?! You two have been living together and now your pregnant! You need to be married before this baby comes....."

*Luke tries to calm her down* "Krystal....We're getting married we've already talked about it.."
*Krystal* "Good! We should probably have it here since we are on such short notice..."
*Laura* "Mom! Can you just stop for a second! How and when I marry Luke is my decision not yours!"
*Krystal* "But Luke just said...you two already talked about it..."
*Laura* "Exactly! talked about it...We didn't say we made a final decision on it."
*Krystal sighs with frustration* "Laura, why do you have to make it so difficult...I know you both love each other very much. So what's the point in dragging this out anymore?...."
*Laura* "Mom.....I..."
*Scott stops her* "Sweetheart, let me jump in here for a moment....."
Scott has been silent nearly the entire time listening carefully to them. He knows how Krystal can be. She loves her daughters but sometimes she has a hard time taking news lightly. And Laura can be very stubborn when it comes to agreeing with her Mother. While he talks quietly to Krystal, Luke leans in and whispers in Laura's ear. She then gets up from the table to go get the picture out of her bag.
She comes back and holds out the picture for everyone to see.
*Laura* "Mom, Dad....I have a picture of the baby......"
*Krystal with some excitement* "Hand it over....I want to see it."
Laura sits back down and passes the picture across the table to her Mother. Krystal grabs the photo and just melts the moment her eyes focus in on the picuture. Scott leans in and looks at it with her.
*Krystal* "Oh, honey....our first grandchild! Look at their little face! Oh my goodness..."
*Scott* "Wow! It's amazing how you can see it so well....Congratulations Sweetheart...Your gonna be a great Mother."

*Laura tears welling up* "Thank you..Daddy....You have no idea how stressed I have been about this..."
 *Krystal* "Oh!...Honey, I'm sorry..... we love you and we will always be there for you as long as we can. I know I give you a hard time sometimes but it's because I love you....You will understand how we feel the day that baby comes. There is nothing greater than the love a parent has for their child."
*Laura* "It's just....we...we weren't expecting this...I was a total wreck the night we found out..*Laura turns to look at him* "....Luke was more calm about it all than I was."
Luke pulls her in closer and kisses her on the top of the head. He doesn't care if everyone is watching. All he wants is for her to feel better and she does. The small gesture makes her so much more relaxed.
*Luke* "You know you worry too much..."
*Laura smiles at him* "I know...."
Krystal can see that Luke would do anything to make her happy and is finally at ease with all of it.
 *Krystal* "Oh, sweetie! Again...I'm sorry.  I just got caught up in it all..."
 *Scott* "I agree....Laura, darling it's all gonna be just fine."
*Laura* "It's okay, Mom. I'm just glad it's all over...."
Krystal gets up and goes and sits down next her daughter to give her a hug. Scott offers Luke a drink and they head into the kitchen to find something...
*Krystal* "Well, these things often happen this way and your gonna do just fine....Like your Father said your gonna be a natural at being a Mother. Remember when you were little how much of a help you were to me? You used to carry around your baby doll and pretend your were holding your sister...You were so sweet and precious."
*Laura laughs* "Yeah...I remember a little of it."
*Michelle* "Your gonna do great, Sis.  I'm sorry I ruined your moment there. I was only saying it as joke...."
*Laura* "It's okay Michelle. You didn't know...I think your crass little comment helped actually. I was so nervous about telling ya'll."
*Krystal* "Sweetie, I don't want you to feel afraid to tell me anything. That goes for both of you...Now, back to you two getting married....."
*Laura* "Before you go any further...let me tell you what Luke and I talked about."
*Krystal* "I'm listening..."
*Laura* "We're thinking about getting married now but not having any kind of reception or celebration till after the baby is born. I really don't want any wedding pictures of me pregnant."
*Krystal* "You know....I like that! That would give us time to plan a really nice reception, that means we could invite everyone in the family for it..."
*Laura* "Really? You think that would work?"
*Krystal* "Yes, definitely..."
*Michelle* "I think it's a good idea...that way you could have a nice wedding in early fall, the weather should be nice.  And everyone will get to be there to celebrate you and see the baby at the same time."
*Laura* "Well I guess that it's settled then."
*Krystal* "Wonderful! I should call my friend, her husband is a justice of the peace we could set up something small here at the house..."
*Laura* "You know what, Mom...I will let you handle all of that, except choosing the date. Let me talk to Luke and I will get back with you on it."
*Krystal* "Sounds perfect! But don't take too long to decide on a day."
 *Michelle* "Hey, are you even showing yet?"
Laura stands to show them her small little teeny tiny baby bump. 
*Laura* "You can't really see it too much yet but it's there...."
 *Michelle* "I guess your clothes are starting to get tighter?"
  *Laura* "Yeah....I went and bought a few items earlier today..."
 *Krystal* "In another month your gonna be showing much more..."
*Laura* "Don't worry Mom, Luke and I will set a date soon, very soon."
*Krystal* "I know, Sweetie, I know.....So what does Luke think of your changing body?"
 *Laura* "I think it's starting to sink in more for him now that he can see it. He calls it my little kangaroo pouch..."
 *Krystal laughs* "Awww...that's so cute...Sounds like he is very happy with all of it."
*Laura sits back down* "Yeah, he is and he has been very understanding and patient with me too."
*Krystal* "That's good, that means he loves you......So?....Anyone ready for some pie?"
*Michelle* "Oh yes! That pie has been calling my name..."
 They all laugh and Krystal gets up to serve some pie to everyone....
The End!