Friday, February 21, 2014

Getting to Know Each Other....

Isolde is sitting and waiting for James to arrive while she waits she went ahead and ordered their food. She hopes her decision to give him a chance doesn't turn out to be a disaster date from hell. She knows nothing about him. Shoot! She doesn't even know his last name yet.....
Nerves start to accumulate low in her gut as she thinks more and more about how the night might go.  They double into a frenzy when she sees him walk though the door and enter the bar.  James sees her right away, smiles at her and then walks to the booth where he was seated earlier that day.
*James* "Wow! You look gorgeous! I like you with your hair down.."
*Isolde, she smiles at his compliment* "Thanks... I don't live far so I was able to go home and change for the evening."
*James sits down across from her* "Cool...a short commute to work is always nice..."
*Isolde* "Yeah it is...what about you? What kind of work do you do?"
*James* "I work for a major energy company...I'm an engineer."
*Isolde* "Oh, wow! I would have never guessed that is what you do. So, are you on a break right now?"
*James* "Yeah, I go back next week for 3 weeks. Then I'm off again."
*Isolde* "Now, I see why you were so persistent this morning."
*James gestures in an agreeing manner* "Yep, I couldn't go back and wait 3 more weeks. I want to get to know you now...."
Hannah a new employee to the bar comes over to take James' drink order.
*Hannah* "Hey, Isolde how's it going over here?"
*Isolde* "Good....James needs a drink and go ahead and bring the burgers out when you get a chance."
*Hannah* "Sure!..."*she turns to face James*
*Hannah* "What can I get you to drink?"
*James* "I'll have what Isolde is drinking..."
So Hannah heads to the bar to get him his beer and quickly brings it back. The two sit and talk some more while they wait for their burgers.
*James takes a sip of his beer* "So, you never answered my question earlier...."
*Isolde* "What was that?"
*James* "I asked you if you kept the flowers or threw them never gave me an answer."
*Isolde* "Does it really matter? I'm here aren't I?..."
*James shaking his head* "You didn't save them....."
*Isolde* "No...I'm sorry! ...I...I had no idea who they were from and quite frankly, at first, it kinda freaked me out."
*James* "Don't be sorry about it....I'm not. I'm just glad to be here talking to you right now."
*Isolde* "Well....I...."
Isolde stops what she is about to say. Hannah has come back to their booth with burgers and fries. She sets everything down and makes sure their order is good and all is well...
*Isolde* "Thanks, Hannah everything looks good."
*Hannah* "Sure just let me know if you need anything."
Hannah leaves them and they begin to dig in to the food she just left.
*Isolde* "I detect a bit of an accent. Are you from up north?"
*James* "Yeah...I'm from New York. Born and raised. Got an awesome scholarship to go to school down here. Then when I graduated, decided to stay instead of move back...What about you?."
 *Isolde* "I moved down here from Seattle when I was a kid. My parents divorced and my Mom moved my brother and I back here to be closer to her family."
*James* "Sorry to hear that...I had a friend as as kid who went through something like that. He was miserable for a long time."
 *Isolde* "Thanks...Yeah, it sucked for a while but we managed through it..."
They continue to talk, while they finish their food. After the plates are stacked and their bellies are full. They finish up their second round of drinks....
*James* "So what movie do you want to see? Have anything in mind?"
*Isolde* "I prefer to see an action movie. The more action the better!"
*James* "Okay, well there is a really good scifi-action movie that just came out. You want to see that one?"
*Isolde* "Oh yeah! Sure, lets see that one."
*James* "Cool, then lets get outta here..Let me just pay the check."

*Isolde* "Oh! don't worry about dinner it's on me. I already took care of it. You can pay for the movie tickets..."
*James* "Oh, are you sure? I'm okay with paying for both."
*Isolde* "Yeah,'s totally fine. I feel better if we split it..."
*James* "Okay..."
Isolde waves goodbye to Aric at the bar and then they head out the door to walk the short distance to the movie theater. 
*James* "So how far is the theater from here?"
*Isolde* "Not far...It should takes us about 20 minutes to get there."
*James* "'s a perfect night for a walk too with the full moon out."
*Isolde* "Yeah it is...."
*James* "So.....will I get to walk you home too?"
*Isolde smiles at him* "Hmmm, maybe?....."

To be continued....
Stay tuned
Part 2!


  1. James is such a gentleman, it's not so common anymore to meet a man who is willing to pay for his date dinner ( at least not as often as it used to be in the past). I like him, seems to be a cool guy!
    He has so great jacket! Can I ask wheredid you get it from ?

    1. Boy ain't that the truth. Men have become less gentlemen like but on the other hand women have changed as well... when it comes to dating :)
      Yeah, James strikes me as easy going and cool.
      His Jacket is from a new Ken fashion pack that just came out this year. Unfortunately, the grey T-shirt underneath is attached to it and the jacket has a Velcro closure in the back. The quality in person is pretty crappy but it does look good in pics :)

  2. Hi! James is nice, but he did worry a lot about the flowers... I can't make up my mind about him yet :-). The street is very realistic, like the tavern.

    1. Hello Nymphaea!
      James is just curious, I think. He is definitely happy his persistence paid off. He's crossing his fingers she lets him see her again....
      So, glad you enjoyed Bull Tavern it was a major feat for me to finish :)

  3. I am loving this more and more. I am just drooling over your bar diorama. It looks so realistic. I think James is a really interesting guy and hope to see him more.

    1. Thanks William :)
      I was so glad to finally finish that bar is was a lot of work but worth it! James seems to really like her. Let's hope we get to see more of them :)

  4. James is making all of the right moves. I see their relationship going somewhere. The flowers really got me since I love love flowers. Nice photo story as always.

    1. I agree James made a good impression right off the bat. Isolde is not used to guys being hat sweet to her.....being a bartender always has her on the defense. :)

  5. James seems nice but I think he should have waited for her to invite him over. What I love the most are the details in the Inn...coasters? I mean you didn't miss a thing! LOL

    1. Thanks, the bar was a lot of work to complete but I am so glad I followed through and never gave up. The coasters are a nice touch :)
      As for James, I think he just wants to walk her home and make sure she gets there safely.....

  6. Hello! they work great! I liked the scenario, it is very very nice. James is a good guy and very handsome! I really like the bag Isolde. A kiss from Spain! Soon.

    1. Thanks! Yeah James seems to be a real sweetheart...
      Thanks for stopping by :)

  7. Hi Miranda, this is quite a good photostory, I really love the way you're photographing them!!

    1. Thank you! So glad you enjoyed it. I always like to use plenty of photographs to go along with the episodes :)