Friday, March 21, 2014

After Hours at Bull Tavern

Adult language and themes ahead... 

Luke, Aric, and Benjamin all sit together at a booth, while the girls have gone upstairs to Aric and Roxie's place. They plan to talk about planning a baby shower, so the guys decide to stay downstairs. The bar may be closed up for the night but the beer is still flowing.  It's been awhile since they have all sat together.....
Aric comes with a full pitcher of beer for them and then sits across  from Luke in the booth.
*Aric* "So?! You're getting married...." 
*Luke just kinda mutters it out* "Yup, getting married and having a baby." * Luke takes a sip of his beer*
*Aric* "Yeah, seems like life just kinda sneaked up on you there..."
*Benjamin speaking to Aric but Luke can still hear him* "I think he's starting to freak out on us and he hasn't even got to the alter yet."
*Luke* "F*ck you! Benjamin....."
*Benjamin* "Whoa! Hey! I'll let that one slide.....What the hell is up with you? You have been in a mood ever since you got that mysterious text and phone call..."
*Luke buries his face in his hands* "Sh*t!......"
*he looks back at them* "It's my Ex. She showed up into town a couple days ago...."
*Aric* "What!? Which one!?"
 *Benjamin* "Sh*t! How many Ex's do you have..."
*Aric* "Benji! Shut the hell up."
*Luke* "The only one that f*cking matters.....Rufus!"
*Benjamin* "Oh, sh*t! The rock star one?"
*Aric* "And?!....What happened? Does Laura know about it?"
 *Luke* "Yeah that one.....She showed up out of no where on Friday. I was out for lunch, she said she wanted to get back with me.  I was completely blindsided by it, and no, Laura does not know about it."
*Benjamin* "Whoa! Wait a minute! Isn't that the night you gave Laura the engagement ring?"
*Luke buries his face in his hands again* "Ahh....Yeah.... I couldn't come home and tell her about Rufus. So, I just went ahead and gave it to her. She already kinda knew about the ring anyway..."
*Aric* "And Rufus was the one texting and calling you earlier?....."
*Luke sighs* "Yes....I answered the call and basically told her to get lost....but I don't know if it's gonna work. She is used to getting what she wants."

*Benjamin lifts his eyebrows and inquires* "Are you gonna give her what she wants?"
  *Aric* "Benji, don't encourage that!"
*Luke* "No, I don't want to give her what she wants....Rufus is complicated and demanding, you get tired of that sh*t after a while."
*Benjamin* "Yeah, I know the type. Those usually turn into f*cking stalkers if you're not careful...."
*Aric* "Can you two focus here? You need to tell her, Luke.  You can't start a marriage and a life with her if you can't even tell her about this little encounter with your Ex......"
*Benjamin* "Ye-ah, man! I agree. Laura was eying you when that text came in. I don't think she believed you at all, and from what I could see....the text was some pictures."
*Luke* "You could see that?"
*Benjamin* "Yeah, I could. I got hawk vision when it comes to naked women."
*Luke* "Sh*t! Well, I deleted them the moment I saw what it was, but then she starts calling me. I knew if I didn't answer she was gonna keep texting and calling."
*Aric* "I know you want to protect Laura, but your doing the opposite by not telling her.  Trust her, I'm sure it will all work out. So, if Rufus does show up somewhere unannounced she will be ready. Plus, having her by your side will make you a stronger force against Rufus."
*Benjamin* "Yeah, what he said.......Hey, I heard your not gettin' any either."
*Luke* "You heard that?"
*Benjamin* "Yeah, it kinda slipped out the other day. You know Michelle, she can talk your ear off."
*Aric* "Is everything okay between you two?"
*Luke* "Yeah! She just has to watch her blood pressure.  It's been nearly a month now since we...."*his voice trails off*
*Benjamin slaps his leg and laughs* "That's it!? Sh*t!....try holding out for six months, when your balls have gone from blue to black!"
They all bust out laughing, which helps break the somberness of the moment.
 *Aric still laughing a bit* "Benji, that was just horrible!"
*Benjamin chuckling* "Oh c'mon Aric, you thought it was funny."
*Aric* "Okay, it was a little funny."
They all pause and sit quietly for a long moment. All of them taking sips of their beer. 
*Benjamin* "Maybe telling Laura about Rufus will give you a window of opportunity to get some action. Jealousy can bring out that primal animal in a woman.  I wouldn't be surprised if she let it happen.  You might not even have to ask. I'm betting she will take the initiative."
*Aric* "Even though Benji's mind is almost always in the gutter. I think he has a good point, but I think you need to tell Laura the truth no matter what."
*Luke* "Yeah,  Benjamin's mind is f*cked up but I do think he has something there..."
*Aric* "Well, then what are you waiting for? Go get your woman and tell her the truth. Ya'll can talk in the car on the way home...."
*Benjamin shakes his head* "No! Bad idea...Plus I drove them it while you are already in bed snuggled up against her. You know how much chicks like to spoon and sh*t like that. You tell her the truth then she'll thank you for it."
*Aric* "Benji!...."
*Luke* "Sorry, Aric but Benjamin has you beat. He is right. I actually agree with him on that...."
*Aric* "Benji, you are a sick twisted...."
*Benjamin* "Why do you think I have been so successful with women?
I know what makes them tick."
*Benjamin leans back in his chair* "Besides, my good looks always helped me out there too."
 *Luke shakes his head* "You can't help it can you? You are the most cocky, arrogant Bastard I know."
 *Benjamin just shrugs his shoulders* "Yeah, well you can thank this cocky, arrogant Bastard later, cause you should be heading out the door right now on your way home...."
*Luke* "Yeah, I'm outta here. We'll take a cab home." *he smiles* "I better get her home before it gets too late."
*Aric* "You dog! You really think it will work?"
*Luke* "If it does." *Luke smiles again* " You'll be the first to know, Aric."
Aric waves his hand to dismiss Luke's comment.
*Benjamin* "When it does, you'll be thanking me for saving your sex life."
*Luke gets up* "F*ck you, Benjamin!.....My sex life does not need saving. Laura is pregnant, how the hell do you think she ended up that way?..."
*Benjamin* "Sh*t! You really do need to get lay'd....Your like a woman with PMS right now!"  
*Aric* "Benji, leave the man alone and it let be already."
*Benjamin* "Sorry....I just got carried away."
*Luke* " Yeah, me too. Don't worry about it, Benjamin. I'll catch up with both of you later on this week......I thought you two were planning a bachelor party for Cruz?"
*Aric* " We are.."
*Benjamin* "Yeah, I'll text you with the details later this week."
*Luke* "Sounds good. Later...."
Aric and Benjamin say goodbye to Luke and he walks off down the hall and up the back steps to Aric and Roxie's apartment to go get Laura.
Luke is feeling much more relieved after telling them about Rufus. He knows what he needs to do now. Aric is right, telling her the truth will protect her more than hiding it from her. Benjamin makes some valid points as well. With the threat of Rufus so near by, he has a chance to bond stronger with her emotionally and hopefully physically as well. 
All we can do now is cross our fingers and hope she doesn't get mad that he didn't tell her about it right away....

Thanks for tuning in!!


  1. What a bunch of sexy men! I'm starting to really like Benjamin, haha.
    Poor Luke, he seems to be overwhelmed. Also, a bit sexualy frustrated. Well, if Laura can't go all the way, for sure there are things she can do that are good for both - her blood pressure, and for Luke :P
    Uhh, your photos are so great! Luke looks on them even better than in real.

    1. Lol! Aren't they a hunky bunch? Yeah, Benjamin is a fun character...He starts to grow on you once you get to know him more. Luke is definitely frustrated. He's gonna be taking a lot of cold showers if Laura doesn't react to the news the way Benjamin suspects she might..... Next week will be their conversation about the whole Rufus matter.
      So glad you are enjoying the pictures. I thoroughly enjoy taking them. It's so fun to make the dolls as real as possible, especially Luke! ;-)

  2. Love this episode! I agree with Jewel Snake, this is quite a sexy group of guys, and funny too. :-). Benji is a great character. He's love able and punch able at the same time, LOL. I dig a cocky guy, so long as he's not overboard with it and Benji is just enough.

    I think Luke was given some solid advice...let's hope it works. ;-)

    1. Thanks Tracy :)
      It was a lot of fun to do this episode. Having to think how and what they would say to each other when the ladies aren't was fun!
      I agree, Benjamin has turned out to be one of my favorite guys. I too like a very confident and manly man.
      Luke has gotten some good advice and I hope Laura isn't too hard on him.
      Next week will be their conversation :)

  3. I really love the ambience of these photos- it looks so real, down to the grain of wood on the table! The coasters underneath the beer- by the way- where did you get them? I've been looking for beers like that for my guys. Your storylines really captured the moments like a bunch of guys would have, sitting around shooting the breeze. I love this storyline and can tell the amount of work that went into it! Way to go Miranda!

    1. Hi Lisa!
      Thank you so much! I love using those led lights when I am doing low light pics they help to set the mood. The wood on the table is just contact paper from the dollar store :) The coasters I made myself of an image I found online. I can email you the pic I should still have it. I just glued the print out to cardstock them carefully cut them out. The beer is made by one my local doll friends who makes doll sized food. She is on flickr too. Under lainey2001
      You summed up the moment! That is what I was striving for just some friends talking and catching up.....

  4. Thanks are a conceited jerk, but I am glad you gave Luke that advice!

  5. Haha! Yes, Benjamin tends to get that way when he is just around other guys...he likes to strut his stuff if you know what I mean...
    Luke has somewhat learned to take Benjamin's conceitedness is strides but it sometimes still irritates him.

  6. Benjamin is a smart guy, Luke was quite mixed up, let's wait and see how his plan will turn out.....
    I'm completely hooked by this story!

    1. Hi Billla's Dolls,
      Yeah Luke was floundering there for awhile. It's hard keeping something like that bottled's good they were understanding and helpful.
      So glad you are enjoying it :)

  7. Now that conversation was quit interesting! Poor Luke, I think that he needs to tell Laura whats going on because the more he holds back the more angry she will get. I think Benjamin is a hoot. he always knows what to say at the right time. As for Rufus well i know a certain fan of Lukes who would take care of her..."wink" Love this !!

    1. Lol! I think there are few girls that would probably like to get there hands on Rufus. Luke is gonna tell her but how will she react is still unknown.
      Next week will be their conversation!

  8. Hi Miranda, I nominated you for the Liebster Award (I bent the rules a little bit :-), details are on my Liebster Award post). I'll return later to read!

  9. Ok, now this is definitively cool!!

    *thumbs up*

    1. Hi Sergio,
      Thank you so glad you enjoyed it :)