Saturday, March 1, 2014

Getting to Know Each Other...Part 2

Isolde and James have just walked into the theater.  The previews have come to a close and the movie is just starting. They quickly scan the theater for a place to sit but the only good place is down in front.
 James gestures for her to choose a seat. She does. Then he sits down next to her. They settle in and get comfortable then James turns to face her.
*James whispers* "Hey, do want any candy or popcorn?"
*Isolde whispers back* "No, no, I'm fine....still full from that burger."
 *James continues whispering* "Okay, just let me know if you change your mind."
*Isolde nods* "Okay...."
So, the movie they ended up seeing is Robocop (my daughter suggested it. She also has 4 dolls attending the show). The movie has been playing for quite some time now and everyone is getting into the story.
She told me Ken is now dating Katniss. She set them up there nice and cozy with each other...
It looks like Benjamin's little sister Kenzie is there with a friend or boyfriend?
The movie seems to be scaring Midge a bit.
Teresa and Midge are also my daughters dolls. She told me Midge lost a bet with Teresa and had to go watch Robocop with her.
*Midge* "Is it over yet?"
*Teresa laughing* "Yeah, you can look now..."
I think Midge has had enough she decides to wait in the lobby for Teresa. It looks like Isolde is feeling a little cramped by the big armed guy next to her. She lifted the armrest that was separating them or maybe it's just an excuse to lean in closer to James.
The movie has now come to a close. Everyone starts to get up and exit the theater. Teresa is up and out of there quickly to go look for Midge. Then Katniss and Ken walk side by side together as they stroll past our couple down in the front row.
*Ken* "What did ya think of the movie?"
*Katniss* "It was okay..."
*Ken* "...'Okay!'...that movie was awesome!!"
*Katniss* "It's a guy movie...of course you think it's awesome..."
*James* "What did you think of the movie?"
*Isolde* "It was pretty good. Lots of action..."
 *James* "Yeah, have you ever seen the original?"
*Isolde* "Yeah I have. I always watched these kinds of movies with my brother..."
*James* "Oh yeah, you had mentioned you have a brother. Sounds like you and him are pretty close."
*Isolde* "We are. He is an over protective big brother too...but I don't get to see him as much anymore, now that he lives in Florida."
*James* "I understand. I sometimes get homesick for my family but I enjoy being away from them too. I'm the oldest of four younger sisters, so I know what it is like to be an overprotective big brother....."
*Isolde* "Oh wow! You have four little sisters, that must have been rough." *she laughs* "I hope your house had enough bathrooms for all of them..."
*James laughs as well* "We only had one bathroom. It was rough, with seven people living in one house. I at least got my own space. I got to live in the basement."
*Isolde* "That's good at least you had some place to retreat..."
*James* "Yeah...The credits are ending. Ready to get out of here?"
*Isolde* "Yeah lets go..."
James offers his hand to help her up out of the theater seat. She gladly takes it and he takes that opportunity to continue holding her hand. He leads her out of the theater and into the lobby.
*James* "So, what do you want to do next?"
*Isolde* "Um...well. I do have to work tomorrow...."
*James* "Well, let me walk you home and we can call it a night."
*Isolde she smiles* "Okay..."
After about a 30 minute walk from the theater James and Isolde are standing out front of her apartment building. 
*Isolde* "I had a really good time tonight..."
*James* "Me too...any chance I get to see you again when I come back after 3 weeks out at sea?"
*Isolde* "Yeah,  It'd be nice to hang out again..."
*James* "Cool, one more question...can I get your number so I can call you while I'm away?"
*Isolde* "Oh! Yeah! Let me get my phone..." *she digs in her bag*
*James* "Here just punch your number into my phone and I'll save it."
*Isolde* "Okay..."
She types her number in and hands it back to him.
Their hands touch again when she hands him back his phone and it's like a jolt of electricity. The touch of each other both still unfamiliar and new to each of them.
 *James closes the gap between them* "Well, I guess this is goodnight..."
*Isolde* "Yeah..."
 *James wraps one arm around her waist* "I can't leave without giving you a kiss goodnight."
*Isolde* "Then don't..."

Isolde puts her arms around him and they draw in close to each other for a kiss.  When they pull away from each other they linger for a short moment.
*Isolde* "Well....goodnight James."
*James* "Goodnight....Isolde."

Isolde turns and disappears behind the door that takes her into her apartment building. James then walks away towards the direction he needs to go with a happy and satisfied look on his face. He is so glad he was persistent at asking her out.

The End!!



  1. Sighhhhh. So romantical! Did you make everything in the theater? Great job!

    1. Lol! Thanks :) I think Isolde finally deserved a nice romantic night out.
      Yes, I made the theater. I have a tutorial of how I made it on my flickr account.

  2. Hi! That pimp your film, but I made ​​one tambn is different! I liked the styling of your boys and girls! And the couple romance, I like to find had a happy ending! Good work! A kiss!

    1. Thanks Karmen,
      I plan to show more of these stay tuned!

  3. Seems like the date went pretty good! I think James was a perfect gentleman and behaved himself. The theatre looked very nice and i love the lighting on the side.

    1. Hi William,
      Yeah the date went really well. James wanted to make a good impression and I think he did. It had been a while since I took out the theater. It was fun :)

  4. LOVE your theater's reclining seats, they look very authentic. Isolde is my kinda girl, LOL. I like the way she took charge of that kiss from James. :-) looks like another love connection...

    1. Hi Tracy,
      Yeah, Isolde is in some way a lot like Michelle. She is bold and not afraid. She didn't want their kiss to be that awkward first date kinda stuff...
      Some of those seats wanted to recline too much. Lol! after having them stored away for so long it was hard for some of them to keep their shape had to work on them a bit before I could get them to to stop falling back :)

  5. You did an excellent job Miranda, the diorama, the story, the attention to little things, and I also like the way you make your storyboard, all with the correct framing. It is almost a picture!

    1. Hello Billa's dolls and fashions,
      Thanks you! It's fun to give the other dolls something to do while your two main characters talk :)
      A picture is worth a thousand words....that is why I love to have so many in the stories

  6. There was a lot of romance in the air, James is so much in love, it's very cute :-)! Isolde has found a very good guy! The audience and theatre are amazing, wonderful post!

    1. Thanks Nymphaea!
      Yeah love was in the air for sure, I think Isolde likes him and definitely wants to get to know him more....

  7. The theater looks great! That was so sweet that your daughter participated in your play. James is being the perfect gentleman. The scenes of her apartment building looks great. I love the lighting.

    1. Hi Georgia Girl,
      Thank you, She had fun as well she always love playing with the theater. James is a sweetheart and won her over! More of them to come in the furture :)

  8. It's so nice to see your theater in action. The reclining seats and the lighting make it very realistic. Seems like everyone had a great time.

    1. Hi Vanessa!
      It was a lot of fun to get the theater out again. Maybe I will do it again soon. Hubby said he would help me connect one of the smaller TV's to my laptop so I can make an even bigger move screen for the dolls....

  9. Great episode! I can't wait to see where this goes