Friday, April 25, 2014

At the Hospital....Part 1

Michelle waits for her parents to show up while the nurses and doctors are taking care of Laura. She has called Luke about a billion times already and he is not picking up his phone. She talked to Jacob and he said Luke left to run errands. 
Michelle left strict instructions with Jacob to tell Luke to call her if he shows back up at he shop, that it was an emergency concerning Laura and the baby. Jacob agreed he would and said he would try to call Luke as well. She ends the call with Jacob then tries calling Luke again and still no luck.....Michelle ends the call then looks up.
 She sees Benjamin rounding the corner and is walking in her direction.
Michelle rushes into his arms and just falls apart.
*Benjamin* "I got your text....what is going on?"
*Michelle* "Oh my god, Benjamin....It was the most scariest thing I've seen in my life...."
*Benjamin* "What happened?
*Michelle* "She blacked out and started going into labor the EMT said something about   Pre-eclampsia?"
*Benjamin* "So, is she having the baby?"
 *Michelle* "I...I...don't know....they are in there now taking care of her. They haven't told me much."
*Benjamin* "Where's Luke?..."
*Michelle* "I don't know! I have called him like a dozen times. He is not at the shop and he will not answer his phone. I'm worried.....they had a really bad fight last night."
*Benjamin* "Sh*t! Let me try and call him maybe he'll answer for me."
*Michelle pulls back and wipes tears away* "Okay....I'm gonna talk to the nurse at the desk."
Benjamin walks to go take a seat and Michelle goes to talk to the nurse behind the desk.
*Michelle* "Can I go back to see my sister? I haven't heard anything since we got here."
*Nurse* "You'll have to wait till the doctor comes, they are still with her at the moment."
*Michelle* "So you know nothing? I need to know if she is okay...."
*Nurse* "Please just have a seat and wait for the doctor I'm sure she will have some news for you soon..."
Michelle turns and walks away not happy with the nurse who gave her no information to go on.
*Benjamin* "Let me guess....she told you to wait."
*Michelle* "I can't believe they won't tell me anything....or even let me go see her."
*Benjamin* "I know it's frustrating....but I'm here to keep you company, Darlin."
*Michelle smiles at him sweetly* "Did you call Luke?"
*Benjamin* "No answer and his voice mail is full. So I just texted his dumb ass. Told him Laura was in the hospital and he needed to get over here asap! Have you tried calling Luke's Mom?"
*Michelle* " I don't have her number....You know, I was gonna text him something like that but I wanted him to pick up the phone! So, I just texted him to call me that it was an emergency. I hope he finally responds."
*Benjamin* "I guess we wait and see. Are your folks coming?"
*Michelle* "Yes they are on their way....they should be here soon."
*Benjamin* "That's good.....When you say they had a fight...was it about Rufus?"
*Michelle* "I really shouldn't say...."
*Benjamin* "Why not?"
*Michelle* "Because I don't want you to go blabbing it around..."
*Benjamin* "Honey, who the hell am I gonna "go blabbing it" to?"
*Michelle* "Fine....but you got to promise you won't repeat it."
*Benjamin* "I promise....I swear...My lips are sealed."
Michelle is about to tell him when she sees her parents coming her direction and gets up to greet them.
Benjamin checks his phone but still no word. Luke is gonna have a lot of explaining to do about where he has been.
*Michelle gets up and rushes to her Mother* "Momma!"
*Krystal* "Sweetie....where is your sister?"
*Michelle* "They haven't let me go back there since we got here. I think they are trying to stop her from going into labor. The nurse at the desk said the doctor should be out here soon to tell us how she is."
*Krystal* "They better because I am not gonna wait out here if she is having that baby.  Luke is with her, right?"
*Michelle looks down* "No.....I don't know where he is....he won't pick up his phone...."
*Krystal* "So she is alone? I'm going back there they can't keep me away....I cannot believe he is not here with her."
While Michelle and her Mother are talking. Scott and Benjamin exchange a few words.
*Scott* "How's it going Benjamin?"
*Benjamin* "Oh, it's going good....and you?"
*Scott* "Things are quiet.....well at least they were until we were called here..."
*Benjamin* "Yeah.....I hear ya there."
Krystal is about to demand to go back and see her daughter when a very tall, slender woman comes their direction.
*Doctor* "Hello, I'm Dr. Elise.....Laura and the baby have been stabilized. She has stopped having contractions and is resting now...You are free to go back and see her."
 *Krystal* "Is she at risk of going into labor again?"
*Dr. Elise* "Yes, she is.....she needs to be in a stress free environment. If she starts to go into labor again then there is a chance we cannot stop it. Of course you realize it is way too 
early for the baby still...."

*Michelle* "Stress free? My sister is always stressing about something...."
*Dr Elise* "Yes.....she needs to be calm and stay that way if she wants to make it into her third trimester.  We are keeping her overnight for observation but once she is sent home she is gonna be on strict bed rest, most likely for the remainder of her pregnancy."
*Krystal* "Oh dear! Can we go back and see her now?"
*Dr. Elise* "Sure but only 2 at a time. We need to keep her calm and in a relaxed state."
Krystal and Scott head down the hall to go see Laura.
They find her room and peek through the door to see her laying there all alone. Scott pushes on the door handle and lets his wife enter the room first....
*Laura* "Momma!"
Krystal bends down to kiss her daughters forehead. Scott quietly closes the door and walks to stand on the other side of her bed.
*Krystal* "Hi, are you feeling?"
*Laura* "Better....Where is Luke?"
*Scott* "He's on his way...."
*Krystal* "Yes, I am sure he will be here soon. You just need to relax."
*Scott* "Your Mother is right....Just focus on you and the baby right now."
Scott leans over to kiss his little girl and Krystal takes her by the hand. 
*Scott* "My sweet baby girl, you had us all very worried..."
Laura is feeling much more relieved that they are here with her but she is still worried as to why Luke is not there yet.
*Laura* "I'm okay now, Daddy...Where is Michelle. I want to see her..."
*Scott* "She is out in the waiting room with Benjamin. You want me to go get her?"
*Laura* "Yes....Thank you Daddy..."
Scott leaves Krystal with Laura while he heads back down the hall to go and fetch Michelle. While Scott an Krystal were with Laura. Michelle and Benjamin were talking back in the waiting area.
Benjamin couldn't take the distance between them and sits Michelle on his lap.
*Benjamin* "I cannot believe Luke is not here yet.... She could be in labor right now 
and he has not idea!"
*Michelle* "I know....I am getting really worried. This is just gonna stress Laura out even more that he is not here yet."

*Benjamin* "If it were me. I wouldn't leave your side for a minute Darlin'...."
*Michelle* "Awww, think about having babies with me?"

*Benjamin* "Of course I do, Darlin'..." *he smiles* "...I think about making them too...."
*Michelle blushes* "Benjamin!.....keep your voice down."
*Benjamin laughs and pulls her in tighter* "Awww, C'mon 
 I know you think about it too...."
*Michelle smiles* "Yeah, you know I do.....I love you."
*Benjamin* "I love you too, Darlin'....more than anything."
Michelle and Benjamin have become so wrapped up with each other they have forgotten where they are. Scott walks up and they don't even notice him at first. 

*Scott* "Michelle....your sister wants to see you."
*Michelle jumps* "Daddy! You scared me..."
*Scott* " sister is asking for you."
*Michelle* "Okay....I'm going."
 Michelle gets up, leaves her dad and Benjamin behind to go and look in on her sister.
She heads down the hall, locates her room and walks inside.
*Michelle* "Hey! You look are you feeling?"
*Laura* "I'm fine now....."
*Michelle* "Sis, you scared the crap out me. I am just so glad you are okay..."
*Laura* "I am just glad you were there when I passed out."
*Krystal* "It's a good thing your sister was there. What were you two doing? Going to Lunch?"
*Michelle* "Um, yeah we were going too but...."
*Laura looks at her Mom* "Can you excuse us, Mom? I need to talk to Michelle alone..."
*Krystal* "Sure, but you two are not fooling me. I know there is something going on...And you better tell me sooner rather than later."
*Laura* "We will.....I promise."
Krystal excuses herself then exits the room to give them a moment alone.
*Laura* "Where is Luke? And don't tell me he is on his way...something is wrong
 I can feel it."
*Michelle sighs* "He won't answer his phone. Even Benjamin tried calling him, he's not answering our calls or text messages...."

*Laura starts to panic* "I knew it....Oh god! What if he is with her!"
*Michelle* "Don't think that! You need to stay calm, remember."
*Laura* "How can I not? Especially, after what happened last night....he betrayed my trust! He constantly told me not to worry and then he....he..."
*Michelle* "Laura....Sis, you need to calm down! The doctor said they might not be able to stop the contractions again..."
*Laura starts crying* "I know and I am trying! But as much as he hurt me and broke my heart last night....I am terrified here without him! I need him, Michelle..I can't do this anymore without him here! I can't!"
Laura is panicking and tears are coming down fast....
*Michelle* "I understand....he will be here. I promise....Just try and stay calm."
The nurse comes in to check on Laura. Her pulse has risen and the monitors at the nurses station were alerting them of her distressed state.
*Nurse* " Your getting stressed out again. You need to stay calm and keep your body from going into labor. 
The nurse walks around to look at the heart monitor and 
check the baby's as well. 
*Michelle* "She is right, Laura. Just try to focus on staying relaxed..."
*Nurse* "You got to try keep this baby from coming to early. It's not time yet..."

*Laura a few tears still falling* "I'm trying!...."
*Nurse* "She needs to rest. I think maybe it is best if you go for now....."
*Laura* "Just get Luke here, Michelle....I don't think I can be completely at ease till he is here."
*Michelle* "I will, just rest for now...."

Michelle leaves Laura with the nurse and heads back to the waiting room. She wants to wring Luke's neck for doing this to her sister. He is gonna hear it from her the minute she tracks him down....


An unknown place and time.......

Both of them lay there completely satisfied and relaxed.
*Rufus* "Mmmm that was amazing!!! And so very,
very naughty, too!"
*Luke with sarcasm* "And it's all your f*cking fault, Baby.....You make me want to do very bad things to you...."
*Rufus laughs* "Promise won't do those bad things with anyone else anymore..."
*Luke kisses her neck* "What are you saying? gettin' jealous, Ru? You never cared about sharing me with other women before..."
*Rufus* "I'm serious, Luke....I just want it to be us, no else. Promise me..."
*Luke* "I don't know if I can promise you that...."
*Rufus* "Why not? I thought you loved me?"
*Luke* "You known damn well, why...."
 *Rufus* "I need to tell you something."
*Luke* "Tell me what?...."
She takes her sweet time getting to the point and it grates on Luke's patience....
*Luke* "You gonna f*cking tell me or not?"
*Rufus* "Luke....I....."

To be continued....


Friday, April 18, 2014

The Choices We Make......

It's now mid morning and Rufus is just getting her day started when she hears the knock at her door. She gets up to go answer it and figures it must be the breakfast she ordered for two.
*Rufus* "You stay there, I'll get our breakfast....."
Rufus glides happily across the room to go and answer the door but.... 
to her surprise it is not watch she was expecting...Laura and Michelle push in through the door and Rufus is not happy anymore....
*Rufus* "How the hell did you get past the desk?"
*Michelle* "The guy at the front desk could've cared less...maybe you should have picked a better hotel to stay at."
*Rufus looking at Laura* "I can see your the one Luke knocked up...He always did have a thing for red heads.....What do you want?" 
*Laura* "You know exactly why we are here...."
*Rufus then looks to Michelle* "....Who the hell are you?"
*Michelle* "I'm the one who is going to expose you for who you really are...."
Rufus takes a seat at the couch.
*Rufus* "Is that right?"
Laura walks to stand in front of Rufus.
*Laura* "We know you relish your privacy...that is why you are here under a false name, also so you don't have the press breathing down your neck while you stalk, this can be settled quietly or we can take what we have and give it to the press."
*Rufus* "Are you threatening me?"
Michelle walks closer to where Laura is standing.
*Michelle* "Your damn right...we're threatening you! You need to back off and get lost!"
*Rufus laughs* "I don't see what you could possibly do or say to change my mind...."
 Michelle takes a seat across from Rufus..... 
and pulls a large envelope out of her bag.
*Michelle* "All of your answers to that ae in this envelope....."
 *Michelle continues* ".....we know you don't want the media knowing you are here. You have been lurking around making sure that you are not seen in public. Believe me they will go ape sh*t if they find out that the former lead singer to the band "Rock Candy" is now stalking her ex because she has nobody left who cares about her....They will analyze and criticize your whacked out brain...wondering where things went wrong and why did she lose it? Does she need help? Why didn't anyone see this coming? get the picture..."
*Rufus* "Your bluffing...."
*Michelle tosses the envelope across to her* "See for your self, that's for you to keep...."
*Michelle stands up* "My cell number is written on there. You have until the end of the day to call me....Otherwise, I email every major media outlet in the country and they will all have this story prepped and ready for their morning news casts......"
Rufus is left speechless and angry that she has let what just occurred happen. Michelle is ready to leave but Laura wants to have the last word....

*Laura leans over the couch to look down at her* "Luke doesn't love you and he doesn't want to be with you. He's told me everything about you....You can't come between our happiness! Your no match for it...."
 *Rufus laughs* "Happiness is fleeting.....He'll get tired of you....and come crawling back to me."
*Laura* "The only one crawling will be our baby, to their proud and happy father!.....That day you saw him in the park is the day he put this ring on my finger. He doesn't care about you, he was only thinking about me....he's told me everything."
*Rufus* "Is that what you think? You really think he tells you everything....did he tell you about how he grabbed me and kissed me yesterday? You know, if we would have been in a more discreet location he would have done much more that just kiss me....."
 Laura gets livid with anger, being reminded of the text message. She is about to respond when they hear footsteps coming from the bedroom, everyone turns to look, Laura and Michelle are shocked to find who it is.
*Rufus* "Fi, what are you doing out here?...."
*Fionna* "I'm sorry Ru, I thought you had breakfast for us..."
  Laura wants to charge after her and wring her neck....

 *Laura* "YOU! This is all your fault!! You brought Rufus here, didn't you!?"
Rufus stands up to stop Laura from going after Fionna but is distracted when she finally notices the ring on Laura's hand. Rufus grabs her by the wrist.
*Rufus* "Is this his grandmother's ring? He gave it to you?!"
Laura jerks her hand away...
*Laura* "Uh....yeah....I told you that already."
 Out of all the things that Laura said to her seeing that ring on her finger hurt the most. She can deal with the media and having her name dragged through the mud....but she begged and pleaded with Luke to put that ring on her finger. He never did....Rufus turns to look at Michelle and so does Laura. Michelle is laying into Fionna...and letting her hear it.
 *Michelle* "This is all your fault!...Rufus came after Luke, cause you told her where he was and what was going on...You work for him, he trusted you! Why!?"
*Fionna* "Because I...Because Rufus cares about me... and I care about her..."
*Michelle* "Your delusional...She only cares about herself."
*Rufus* "Just leave Fi out of this......I think you two have overstayed your welcome...."
*Michelle* "Leave her out of thi...."
 Then Michelle turns to see Laura slightly bent over.
*Michelle* "Laura! Are you okay!?"
*Laura* "I'm okay....I think it's just my blood pressure....I just need to calm down."
*Michelle* "Are you sure?"
*Laura winces* "Yes....lets just go..."
Rufus is in a bit of shock. Michelle hurries to Laura's side then right before they head out the door she turns to look at Rufus.
*Michelle* "Remember you have until the end of today to call me....."
Then Michelle opens the door and ushers her sister down the hall.
*Michelle* "I'm calling Luke...."
*Laura* "No! It's okay...I'm fine. I just got a little too excited and agitated...."
*Michelle* "He needs to know....I don't want to leave you and go back to work, especially if you are not well."
*Laura* "Just get me home, then we can decide if you need to call him."
*Michelle* "Fine....but don't be stubborn. I know your still mad at him but I..."
*Laura interrupts* "I lets just get out of here..."
Back in Rufus' hotel room she opens the envelope to look inside and see what is in there. There are street camera pictures of her following Luke into the park....along with her whereabouts,
and what she has been up to since she came to town.....
*Fionna* "What is it Ru?"
*Rufus* "It's a contract.....well at least part of it is.. I have to agree to stay away from Luke or they take what they have and give it to the media."
*Fionna* "What could they have that would stop you?"
*Rufus* "It doesn't matter....Luke doesn't love me. I realize that now, after seeing that ring on her finger."
*Fionna* "So now what?"
*Rufus* "We get revenge.....I am not gonna let them make a fool out of me."
 *Fionna* "How Ru?......If you sign that contract you can't go near Luke..."
Rufus stares off into space with a sly smile across her face.
*Rufus* "Oh, Sweetie I realize that....I am not gonna go after him anymore. That bastard has made his choice!....but the contract didn't say I couldn't go near HER!"
*Fionna gasps* "Ru! What do you mean?"
Rufus continues and tells Fionna what she now plans to do.


Laura and Michelle head out and make their way back to Laura's place safe and sound. They set their bags down and Laura gets more comfortable...
*Laura* "You think she will sign that contract?"
*Michelle* "I think so.....How are you feeling?"
*Laura* "I'm fine....just a little tired."
*Michelle* "Are you sure? I hate to leave here if you are not feeling well."
*Laura* "Michelle, it's okay....I'm okay. I just need to take a nap. I really didn't sleep well last night."
*Michelle* "Okay....then I am gonna use the restroom before I head out."
Michelle darts upstairs and Laura goes to grab a cup to get herself a glass of water. As she is finishing at the fridge she gets a huge pain shooting down her back.
Laura stumbles back against the refrigerator and feels something warm trickle down her legs. She looks down and sees a small watery, red puddle of liquid....
 *Laura screams for her sister* "Michelle!! Michelle!"
The edges of her vision begin to go black, the pain still pulsing down her back. She is panicking and struggles to call out her sister's name again. Michelle hurries to the stairway as quick as she can and gasps in shock at what she finds....
*Michelle yells* "Laura!....."
She scrambles down the steps and kneels down in front of her.
*Michelle gently jostles her* "Laura?! Laura?!....."
When she doesn't respond Michelle reaches out to the table to grab her phone and calls 911.
Finally an operator comes on the line....
*Operator* "911...What is your emergency?"
*Michelle* "It's my sister! She has passed out and she is bleeding! She's 6 months pregnant! Oh my god, I think she might be going into labor!"
*Operator* "I'm sending some out to you right now... according to your call, your location is 321
1/6 Avenue?"
 *Michelle* "Yes....we are on the second floor of the building...."
*Operator* "Okay....they are on their way.....Now I need you to check to see if she is breathing and if she has a pulse..."
Michelle does as the 911 operator tells her and confirms with her that she is still breathing and has a pulse, but Laura is still unconscious and unresponsive....
The operator stays on the phone with Michelle until the EMS arrives. Laura is slowly starting to come to when they get there. Michelle tries to help her sit up but Laura is still too disoriented....
Michelle is now regretting ever letting Laura go with her to confront Rufus. She should have done it on her own and spared her sister the stress and heartache. She rides with her to the she has no choice but to call Luke and their Mother. Everyone will need to know what is going on.....

To be 2 weeks!
I need to get my doll space in order it's a total and complete wreck!