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Friday, June 27, 2014

The Big Mistake......Part 2

Saturday afternoon at Rufus' hotel room. Rufus is taking a relaxing shower and getting ready to go out for the evening. Fionna calls out to Rufus to let her know what she is up to....
*Fionna* "Hey, Ru! I'm going downstairs to workout be back in an hour...."
*Rufus* "Okay!..."
Fionna heads out of the hotel suite while Rufus finishes up in the shower.
 But as Fionna opens the door, Cade was on the other side waiting for her. He shoves her back onto the couch taking her by complete surprise.
*Cade* "Scream and I won't go easy on you!"
Fionna tries to fight him but he is too strong. She does the first thing that comes to mind and knees him where it counts.
Cade doubles over in pain from the hit he just took and Fionna slides off the couch and tries to crawl away...

Fionna scurries as quickly as she can but Cade recovers and quickly grabs a hold of her...
 *Cade* "You little b*tch!"
She tries to call out but he has a firm grip around her throat. 
*Fionna* "H...he...Ru..."
Lifting her up, he locks her into a choke hold and hopes this will calm her down.
*Cade* "This oughta shut you up for a while...."
Fionna finally looses consciousness and passes out. 
 *Cade* "You're a feisty little one!....."
 Cade binds her hands and feet then goes in search of Rufus.
As Rufus is getting out she hears a few sounds coming from the main room of her suite.
Rufus quickly gets some clothes on then goes to take a peek at the sounds she just heard.
 As she is walking towards the door she hears Cade's distinct voice and gasps.
*Cade* "You're a feisty little one!....."
So instead of going in to stop Cade or call the police. Rufus grabs her phone and hides in the bathroom. She dials the first number that comes to mind.
The phone rings a couple of times and to her surprise Luke actually answers.
*Luke* "I'll be back in a couple hours!!"
Cade has now subdued Fionna and has made his way into the bedroom.
Rufus panics she knows Cade has a vendetta against her for blackballing him from getting another bodyguard job. Cade is the one person in the world that really, truly frightens her.
*Rufus in a hushed panic* "Luke! It's Cade! He's after me!! I think he's gonna k...."
But she is cut short Cade quickly grabs her and her phone falls to the floor.
*Rufus* "Nooo! Noooo! Please don't hurt me!"
Rufus tries to pull away but Cade tightens his grip.
*Cade* "Time to pay the piper, Rufus.....this is payback for f*cking with me all those years ago."
 *Rufus* "That wasn't my fault, it was my manager....Please let me go, I'll pay you
whatever you want..."

*Cade* "I don't want your money, Rufus...I want revenge! Thanks to you I couldn't get another job and everything went down the drain!" 
*Rufus* "Your career was over because of you! You should be thanking me
 you never ended up in jail like Xavier!"
Cade shoves her down to her knees, keeping a firm grip around her neck.
*Cade* "Enough! Time to get down to business..."
*Rufus* "What are you gonna do to me! I'm not sucking your coc...."
 *Cade* "Shut up! *he shoves her to the floor* "Not every man...

 *Cade continues* "....desires you, Rufus...The only desire I have is torturing you ass!"
Rufus groaning from the hit her head took as she met the floor. She tries to get up but Cade reaches for her and grabs her by her hair.
*Cade* "Oh no! Your not going anywhere......"
*Rufus* "Let go! Your hurting me!"
 *Cade* "But the fun is just beginning...."
Cade tries to drag her to the bed but she fights him.
*Cade* "Keep fighting me and I'm gonna have to hurt you!"
*Rufus* "Let go of me! Where's Fi? You better have not hurt her!?"
*Cade* "Shut! Up! Woman!...."

Cade twists her wrist and she screams in pain. Tears flow and she crumples, then Cade drags her the rest of the way to bed.
*Cade* "Disobey me again and next time I'll break it! You hear me!?"
*Rufus sobs* "Ahhh! Yes! Yes, I heard you!"
*Cade* "Get up on the bed!"
Rufus doesn't listen, so Cade grabs her and pulls up on the bed, then backhands her across the face.

*Cade* "Is this what you want?! You want me to hurt you?"
*Rufus sobbing* "No! Please stop!"
Rufus starts freaking out thinking maybe he does plan to rape her before he kills her.
*Rufus* "What are you gonna do to me!"
*Cade* "If you haven't figured it out by now you will soon...."
He begins binding her legs with duct tape.
*Rufus* "Your a small, weak man, Cade....coming here and attacking two defenseless women."
Cade flips her over and binds her wrists.
*Rufus* "Ouch! your hurting me!"
*Cade* "Weak? You should be happy. I've been so easy on you.....I made a promise to lover boy I would go easy on you..."
*Rufus* "What?! I don't believe you! Luke would never ask you for help!"
*Cade* "True, it was Peter who found me...."
Rufus fumes for a second at the mention of Peter's name......
While Cade finishes up securing Rufus. Luke has made his way inside of the hotel suite. Luke spies Fionna lurched over the side of the couch. He checks to make sure she is breathing then moves on into the bedroom.
Cade has Rufus' face buried into the mattress and is yelling at her.
*Cade* "Don't talk back again!...."
*Luke* "What the f*ck! I told you to get her out of town but not like this!"
*Rufus voice shaking* "Luke!...." 
 *Luke* "Are you all right, Ru?"
*Cade* "Enough! What the f*ck are you doing here Cooper! Come to back out of our deal?"
*Luke* "Your not even abiding by the deal we made! I told you not to hurt her!"
*Cade* "You need to chill Cooper! And get your hand off of me!"
*Rufus* "He wants payback for being blackballed!"
Cade swats his hand away.
*Luke* "Is that why you agreed to this?!"
*Cade* "Why does it matter to you? You wanted her gone...."
*Luke* "Not like this Cade and you know it!"
*Cade* "Cooper! Back the f*ck up outta here and let me finish what I started!"
*Luke* "Or what?"
*Cade* "If that's the way you want it, then I'm game. Been itching to kick your ass for a long, long time Cooper!"
*Luke* "I feel the same way....."
Cade doesn't let Luke finish and takes the first swing. Luke leans back only getting slightly clipped on the chin by Cade's fist.
Luke swings back jabbing Cade in the ribs and knocking the wind out of him. Rufus just lays there helpless....
Luke shoves him back and Cade falls to the floor his ego more bruised than anything else at this point....
*Cade* "Lucky shot, Cooper....
*Luke* "Get up Cade....I'm not through with you!"
Cade gets up and plows into Luke knocking him onto the bed right next to Rufus. Rufus squeals at the sudden commotion next to her, but they pay no attention to her.
Cade this time swings and hits Luke square on the jaw. Before his vision starts to go fuzzy Luke shoves Cade off of him.  Cade lands on he floor, hitting his head on the wall, giving Luke a moment to regain his focus. 
 *Rufus* "What's going on? Luke?!"
They both struggle and again Luke over powers shoving Cade down. He is fueled by so much anger over so many different things going on right now. He pins Cade down on the floor.
Luke punches him one last time across the jaw and Cade goes slack. Luke turns to look at Rufus.
*Luke* "I think he's out!"
*Rufus* "Good! Help me out of this...."
Or so he thought, Cade springs up catching them both off guard. He punches Luke with all he has left to give....
*Rufus screams* "Noooo!"
Luke falls back, eyes rolling back.....loosing consciousness.
Cade gets up and leans over to Rufus....
 *Cade* "You got lucky this time....I'm taking that Pheobe with me in case either of you try to go after me!"
*Rufus* "It's Fionna! You assh*le! 
Cade walks and steps over Luke to make his getaway....
 *Cade* "You two deserve each other...."
Once Cade is gone Rufus calls out to Luke who is starting to come back to his senses. 
 *Rufus* "Luke! Luke! Are you okay?!"
He gets up, staggering and regaining his focus.
*Luke groans* "I'm fine Ru, just give me a sec...Where's Cade?" 
 *Rufus* "He left and took Fi with him!...Help me out of this tape...."
Luke walks to the foot of the bed, his eyes wander across her body half naked body, then he begins helping her out of the binds of tape.  
*Rufus* "Did you really ask Cade to kidnap me?"
*Luke* "Yeah I did..."
*Rufus* "Don't worry, I'm not mad...."
*Luke* "I didn't ask you if you were...""
*Rufus* "Yeah, but your eyes said it...."
Luke finally gets the tape off that was wrapped around her ankles. The one bound around her wrists is even tighter. He struggles for a moment trying to rip it apart.
*Rufus* "Don't you carry a pocket knife?"
*Luke* "I left it at home...I was in a hurry to get out of there."
*Rufus* "Because of me?"
*Luke* "No!....it has nothing to do with you....there got it!"
Rufus grabs her wrists feeling the blood flow returning back to normal. 
*Luke* "You okay?"
*Rufus* "Yeah...my wrist hurts a little but mainly just freaked out a bit...."
*Luke* "I'll get you some ice for it..."
Luke gets up and Rufus turns to look at him. 
*Rufus* "I think you'll need that ice more than me. Your cheek is bruising up..."
*Luke* "I'll be fine..."
*Rufus* "I am so glad you answered my call....Cade would have surely....."
*Luke* "Ru, don't think about it, your safe now, he's gone...."
*Rufus* "I always feel safe with you.....Luke?"
*Luke* "Yeah?...."
But the unspoken tension between them has built up for way too long and like to magnets being drawn to each other they lock into a kiss.
Rufus pulls at his shirt, pulling it past his shoulders and letting it hit the floor.
Luke pulls away and tosses her on the bed, she much prefers this as opposed to it being with Cade.
 Rufus doesn't speak, she knows better than to ruin the moment. Luke moving faster than Rufus would like, he rushes like he is a ticking time bomb about to go off...
  .....immediately grabbing at her underwear and pulling them down.
*Rufus* "You know how I like it, loose the shirt, Baby...."
Luke stands back, tosses the shirt down then climbs into bed and on top of Rufus....
Rufus softly gasps, at the moment they collide....He hesitates for a split second, Rufus tries to pull him down to kiss her...
but Luke pulls back, only focused now on his movements, moving faster and faster. Rufus wanted to take it nice and slow but Luke is not feeling the same way.....
So, Rufus just lays back and looks at him. He seems angry and frustrated and only focused on one thing. He's not even looking at her....more like looking past her....She stares straight into his brown eyes but he doesn't acknowledge her, all he can think about is one thing.
*Rufus* "Luke....slow down!....your gonna...."
But she asks too late....
 Luke collapses over her and groans with a huge sigh of relief.
*Rufus* "Luke?"
*Luke* "Mmmm?"
Then he pops his head up the realization of what just happened now sinking in....
*Luke* "Ah sh*t!.... Sh*t!.... Sh*t!...Sh*t!!! What the f*ck did I just do?!"
*Rufus smiles* "Let's do it again....This time go slower...."
*Luke* "No! No, I gotta go!...I should have never came here!" 
Luke tries to get up but she wraps her arms around him....

*Rufus* "No don't get up! Don't go!...."
*Luke* "Damn it, Ru! Let go of me!"
Luke pushes back and breaks her grip on him.....
 ......he grabs his shirts and heads for the door.
*Rufus* "So your just gonna f*ck me and leave like you always do?"
 *Luke* "This is all a big mistake, and you know it!"
*Rufus* "You can't keep messing with my feelings Luke!"
*Luke* "Don't play this f*cking game with me!.....You wanted it and you got it, now leave town and don't bother me again!"
Luke turns to face the door and walks out.
Rufus notices he left his sunglasses on the floor. She quickly slips her underwear back on and dashes out to see if she can catch him before he leaves....
*Rufus* "Luke, wait!.....Your sunglasses..."
Luke finishes pulling his shirt on and then grabs his sunglasses. He turns to leave but Rufus stops him.
*Rufus* "Luke, Don't you love me?"....."
Luke turns around already frustrated and just wanting to get the hell out of there.
*Luke* "No, I don't...."
 *Rufus* "You just rescued me from Cade....who you told to kidnap me, then I let you have your way with me! And you just walk away! Again!"
 *Luke a bit frustrated* "It was always easy to walk away from you...."
*Rufus* "So what was that? A pity f*ck?!"
*Rufus* "Call it whatever the hell you want! For me it was a f*cking mistake..."
 Rufus plops down on the couch, she begins to cry.  
*Rufus* "How can you say that?"
*Rufus* "I love you, Luke! I would do anything for you..I forgave you for bringing Cade..Please don't go!"
*Luke*  "It's the same sh*t all over again with you! I tried all those years ago to love you but I just can't!....and I don't love you now!  That's it....that's all it's ever been."
*Luke* "Just go home, back to LA....and get on with your life. Forget about me and find someone who can love you, or start writing music again, you were always good at that....
I gotta go....Goodbye, Ru...."
  She finally got what she wanted, but just like he is saying, there is no love between them. At least for him there will never be....
Luke leaves and Rufus hangs her head over the side of the couch and cries her little blue heart out. For the the first time she realizes, that her and Luke will never be together, no matter how hard she tries to win him over. He will never, ever love her....
 Feeling way worse now than he did when he left the house earlier that afternoon, Luke gets in his car, if Laura ever finds out about this she will never forgive him. He doesn't even know how he can forgive himself......
Luke's thoughts spiral out of control as he drives to the shop to go check on Jacob. He just hopes that Rufus leaves town, so he can finally focus on his impending family with Laura....
Luke finally gets to get some work done and buys them both a pizza to eat while they finish the day and close up shop.
A few hours later Luke makes it back home and raids the fridge for a cold beer. Hearing him come in Laura comes down the stairs, startling him a bit.....
*Laura* "Are you hungry?.....There are some leftovers in there."
Luke closes the door and spins around startled by her voice.
Looking at her, makes him feel sick and suddenly not craving that beer anymore.
*Luke* "Hey!...."

 *Laura* "Did I startle you?"
*Luke* "I didn't hear you come down the stairs...."
Laura looks him over, then gasps when she sees the bruise on his cheek and quickly walks up to him to get a better look.
*Laura* "Oh my god, Luke! What happened to you! Did you get in a fight or something?"
*Luke* "No, no!....a box hit me when I was on the ladder back at the shop, I'm fine, Babe."
*Laura* "Oh, really?! That would have to be one heavy box.....
*Laura* "....Your cheek is gonna be black and blue by morning. You should ice it...."
*Luke* "I'll be fine...."
Laura shifts her eyes back and forth across him, studying him and taking in his disheveled appearance, while backing him against the stove. 
 *Laura* "Your a mess, Luke Allen Cooper but god help me...I love you....."
*Luke* "I love you too, Babe...."
She kisses him and Luke tries to relax, trying to only think of the moment. His stomach still churning with guilt. Then Laura's hand reaches down and grabs him firmly, Luke jumps at her touch......
*Laura smiles* "Wow!, you are tense....relax, Baby....I know, we're not supposed to but
maybe just one time..."
*Luke stunned by her boldness* "Don't you think that's too risky for the baby?....."
*Laura* "Me and the baby have been fine for months...Just one time, Luke....I think it would be good for us to let out all this.....tension."
Luke pushes her hand away...
*Luke* "No! No, I can't live with myself if something happened to you or the baby...I'm gonna take a very cold shower, then put that crib together like I promised you...."
*Laura* "Okay....but we still gotta talk about that pre-nup."
*Luke* "I know we do.....and I'll sign it, Babe. I know how much you want your own restaurant..."
Laura kisses him, so glad that he finally understands, then he heads up stairs to take his shower. Luke finally puts the crib together and the remainder of the evening is nice and quiet.

The End ^_^
for now.....