Monday, June 16, 2014

The Big Mistake.....

So, it's the morning after Luke's all niter with the guys. We begin at the Lavigne household, where Krystal is already busy in the kitchen with breakfast. Scott comes in smiling and cheerful, his senses being beckoned by the smell of sizzling bacon and fresh brewed coffee...
Krystal greets him immediately.
*Krystal* "Good morning, Honey!...."
*Scott* "Mornin' Sweetheart....I thought you were off to Laura's place?"
*Krystal* "No, remember Luke is staying the day with her today to get some stuff done around the house....She doesn't need me today."
 *Scott* "That's right I forgot..."
 *Krystal* "Don't you have a meeting with your lawyer today?"
Scott walks around the stove to stand behind her and kiss her cheek.
*Scott* "That's not until later today.....we got the whole morning to ourselves, Darlin'."
*Krystal* "Oh, Scott!"....*she giggles*...."Someone is quite perky this morning...."
Scott talks as he turns to make himself a cup of coffee.
*Scott* "Speaking of lawyers...did you ever get Mark to mail out that packet to Laura?"
 *Krystal* "Yes, I did. She should have got it in the mail by now but I haven't seen it."
*Scott* "That's strange....I'll ask Mark about it when I see him. You sure this is a good idea?"
*Krystal* "I'm just trying to protect our daughter Sweetheart, you never know what could happen."
Scott goes to take a seat at the table and turn on his laptop. Krystal comes over with is plate of bacon and eggs.
*Krystal* "Scott, put that thing away....and eat or your food will get cold." 
 *Scott* "Just checking my emails, Darlin'...."
*Krystal* "After you finish that breakfast you can help me by changing out those light bulbs in the living room..." *she smiles sweetly*...." since your free till this afternoon."
Krystal grabs herself her own mug of coffee and sits down across from her husband.

*Scott joking around* "You mean I gotta work?.....I'll take care of it Darlin'."
*Krystal* "Thank you, Dear....and don't forget to ask Mark if is secretary ever mailed that packet to Laura."
*Scott* "I won't. Has Laura even brought any of this up to Luke?"
*Krystal* "No, I don't think she has. I believe she was waiting till she could look over the paperwork first."
Scott just makes a face. He is not too sure about all of this but Krystal is being stubborn about the whole matter.....
Laura is trying to get Luke up, she is not happy with him, he stayed out all night drinking, and doing who knows what. She is trying to stay calm about all of it, because there are more important things to be done today that arguing about last night. It's nearly 12 o'clock in the afternoon and he hasn't stirred since he got home earlier this morning...Laura comes in tired of waiting for him to get up.
 *Laura* "Luke....GET UP! It's getting late and I need your help. You need to put that crib together!"
She turns around after pulling open the curtains to seem him sprawled on his back with a pillow covering his face.
 *Luke* "Just let me sleep a couple more hours..."
*Laura* " promised to get it done today.."

*Luke* "My head is killing me right I got hit by a f*cking freight train."
*Laura* "I'll get you something for the headache...just get up. I'm not gonna leave you alone until you do."

 *Luke* "All right, fine but give me some of that good, strong sh*t, otherwise I'm gonna be like the walking dead...."
So Laura takes care of him and he finally stumbles out of bed. 
They both make their way downstairs and Laura shows him where to start with his "Honey Do" list. She is still holding back and Luke can sense she is still upset about last night.
*Laura* "Just get the crib together and take the boxes upstairs....You hungry?"" 
 *Laura* "No, just some coffee would be nice..."
 *Laura* "Okay, I'm gonna clean the kitchen. I'll make you some."
Laura begins to walk away but Luke stops her.
 *Luke* "Babe, wait....Listen I know your mad at me. I'm sorry I wasn't home sooner last night. Peter invited someone that I wasn't expecting to see and we just lost track of the time...that's all."

*Laura looking skeptical* "Luke! You were gone all night! You just disappeared on me again, like that day at the hospital."
*Luke* "I know, I'm sorry, it won't happen again...."
*Laura sighs* "Just drop it for now, we'll talk about it later..."
Luke kisses her but Laura doesn't quite fully return the gesture.
 They both break apart and go do what needs to be done. A few minutes later Laura is done and has the coffee brewing.
*Luke* "You okay?"
*Laura* "I'm tired....I think I'm gonna go lie down for awhile...."
Luke sets the box down and walks over to her. 
 *Luke* "Your not having contractions or anything like that are you?"
*Laura* "No, no....I'm just sleepy and tired from worrying about you all night!"
*Luke* "Oh!.....You want me to come up with you?"
*Laura* "No, you need to finish what you're doing. I started your coffee so it should be ready soon."
*Luke* "Just call me if you need me..."
*Laura* "Oh, I will...."
She heads upstairs to go take a nap. Luke gets back to work hauling the boxes upstairs. When he picks up that last small box, he notices something strange.
 *Luke* "What the hell is that?"
He sets the box down and goes and grabs the envelope that is 
hiding in the basket.

  The large envelope is addressed to Laura. He looks it over. Then panics thinking maybe Rufus planted it there. He quickly rips it open.
 He opens it and sighs a bit of relief. It's not from Rufus...
He then looks it over and realizes it's a legal document. He continues reading and flips through it. Now he is getting angry.

Why would she do this? 
 He doesn't understand, they have never talked about anything like this before. He gets up and takes the document with him upstairs.
*Luke* "What the f*ck is this?!"
He tosses it on the bed, Laura is thrown off by his sudden anger. She takes the papers and looks them over realizing now why he is upset.
 *Laura* "It's a pre-nup....My parents' lawyer put it together."
*Luke* "Yeah, I can see that! What I want to know is. Why!?"
*Laura* "My mom suggested it....after what happened with Rufus."
Luke plops down on the edge of the bed.
 *Luke lets out a frustrated laugh* "I knew she was behind this!...Wow! your Mom really does not like me..."
*Laura* "Luke...don't say that. That's not true."

 *Luke* "Yeah it is! How long have you and your Mom been talking about this?"
*Laura* "Since that day at the hospital..."
*Luke* "Wow! So this whole time you haven't told me?!"
*Laura* "I wanted to look over the paperwork before I asked you about it."
*Luke* "So, you actually think this is a good idea?!"
*Laura sighs* "My parents want to help me get my own business started. So if we sign this and something happens then you can't take anything from my business and I can't take from yours...You know how much I want to have my own restaurant."
*Luke* "Unbelievable!  So you and your parents think this is best? And I get no say in this..."
*Laura* "No! My Mom thinks that! She just wants me to be okay if something were to happen between us."
*Luke* "Well, on some level you do! Why else would you consider it? I thought we loved and trusted each other?"
 *Laura* "I do love you! But you know I was tremendously hurt by what happened with Mom saw that. And yeah it ruined my trust with you! Especially after we couldn't find you when I was in the hospital.....and then again last night, Luke!"
 *Laura continues..* "Our lives were great up until Rufus and Peter showed up. Now it's like you miss that life or something, or seem to be struggling with what direction you want to go...."
*Luke* "I am not struggling! I know what I want....have I not made that clear enough? I tell you every damn day I love you!...and you knew exactly where I was last night!"
*Laura* "I know you love me....but sometimes,'s like your distracted."
*Luke* "Distracted? I'm working my f*cking ass off trying to make sure we are ready for this baby! Does that not show you how much I am dedicated to this relationship?!"
*Laura sighs* "I know you have but I..."
*Luke* "Yeah, yeah, yeah you still don't trust me...this is f*cking ridiculous..."
He turns and slips on his boots and puts his shirt on.
*Laura* "What are you doing?"
*Luke* "I'm gonna get some fresh air and go check on Jacob...."
*Laura* "Right now? Can't that wait till later?"
*Luke* "I don't wanna talk about this anymore....."
*Laura* "So you're just gonna walk away?"
*Luke* "I'm not walking away....I just need to process this..."
Laura gets up from the bed.
*Laura* "Oh really?! Cause that is not what it looks like..."
*Luke* "Whatever..."
*Laura* "Typical! As soon as the sh*t hits the fan, you want out. So, are you gonna dump me like you did with Rufus? You probably would have left her no matter what, even if she did have your baby!!"
*Luke* "That's what you really think of me? Guess I didn't know you as well as I thought I did."
*Laura* "I could say the same for you! I did trust you and look where it's gotten me!"
*Luke* "I don't want to play the blame game with you...." 
*Laura tearing up* "Luke...I don't wanna fight! I..just..."
Luke turns to walk towards the door and Laura tries to stop him.
*Laura* "Luke! Wait! Please....just try and understand where I am coming from. This money from my parents could be a big help. I could start my own business from home while taking care of the baby. All we have to do is sign that paper...."
*Luke* "I get that. But what really ticks me off is that your Mother has no faith in us. So she is not willing to give that money to you unless I agree to her terms....and you seem to be okay with that!"
*Laura* "Then just prove her wrong.."
*Luke* "How? Your Mother has never liked me..."
*Laura* "Luke! If you really, truly love me then signing that paper won't matter!"
Luke grabs her elbow and pulls her back so he can get through the doorway.
*Luke* "And if you love me then, you'll stop letting your Mother call the shots in our relationship!!"
*Luke* "I'll be at the shop if you need me..."
Then he walks away and heads out the door.
His phone starts buzzing as he is getting in his jeep. Thinking it's Laura he grabs it and answers...

*Luke* "I'll be back in a couple hours!!"
Then the voice on the other line responds and it's not Laura.
*Rufus in a hushed panic* "Luke! It's Cade! He's after me!! I think he's gonna k...."
Then the he hears the phone drop and muffled screams from Rufus. There are a few other sounds that are hard to make out and then the line goes dead. Luke looks down at his phone in shock! He knew he made the agreement with Cade for him to take care of Rufus but she sounded like she was really afraid for her life. Luke gets in his jeep and drives away, in the opposite direction he planned on going....

To be continued....


  1. Wow, this is crazy good! I don't even know where to begin! I have some ideas of what could happen but I've been wrong before, LOL. I can't wait until next episode. Awesome, Miranda.

    1. Hi Tracy!
      So glad you enjoyed the episode :) I'm sure a bunch of scenarios are running through your head right now....I'm hoping to post it this Friday so I can catch up. *fingers crossed*

  2. Awesome episode!!! Laura's parents have her back and they are not playing with Luke. He needs to get it together! Lol! Cade is a fool and Rufus has definitely met her match. Luke needs to foxus on Laura and the baby and leave all od this chaos where it belongs. Looking forward to next episode. This is juicy!

    1. Thanks Georgia Girl :)
      Yeah Laura's parents are looking out for her especially her Mother. Luke is feeling utterly betrayed right now. Cade doesn't like Rufus so any chance to torture her is fine by him...
      As for Luke and Laura just gotta see how it plays out. Not being able to trust each other is weighing hard on them

  3. Awww hell...that's all I have to say. Things are about to get crazy.

    1. Lol! Yeah things are looking dire right now....

  4. wow, Laura is being pain in the ass again! Excuse me saing this, but I could never figure out what Luke sees in her, to be honest. Bossy, vain and always complaining. They are like day and night! But, love is blind, they say...To woke him up just to put some stupid crib together, like if she couldn't wait a few hours longer or do it by herself. Was she in labor that was in such hurry, or what? Then this planning behind his back... SURELY he wants her money...not.

    Rufus is playing a game with Luke or is she in trouble for real?
    I didn't comment under two last post, but I need to say that I ADORE Cade, his personality totaly rocks! Now, this is what I call a bad guy! His idea to kill Rufus was simply hilarious! I hope he will appear in more posts! :D

    Your posts always makes me full of emotions, haha. Hopefully you aren't mad.

    1. Hi!
      I love your take on these two. You are always in Luke's corner and he loves that. I am so glad you enjoy the episodes :)

      Yeah Laura is a bit bitchy at the moment but, being that pregnant and dealing with all of the stuff between her and Luke is wearing her down. I think most women are like that to some degree when you've been in a relationship for awhile we tend to get quite bossy and complain. Opposites attract...He has promised to put that crib together for weeks now but always finds a way out of it :) He is feeling very betrayed by her that she chose to discuss this decisions with her mother.

      As for Rufus....she is a complete mess and Luke is not thinking straight trap or no trap. So glad you enjoy Cade. When I got him I thought he would make the perfect bad boy :) He is definitely one sadistic SOB!

  5. Wow! I am in total shock here! I think that Laura is way over her head. She seems like she wants Luke to suffer and by doing things behind his back seems to be driving a wedge between them more and more. I think Cade is a pretty cool character myself. I am wondering if Rufus really is in trouble or is thios another trick. I dont believe that Cade will actually kill her but you never know. Love this episode and i like seen Lauras family as well.

    1. Hi Will :)
      Lol! Things just went from good to "oh sh*t!" real fast.....
      I do think Laura is asking too much of him by signing that pre-nup. That wedge between them is lack of trust right now...if they can't get that back then they could be in a lot of trouble.
      I like Cade too :) I am trying to work some things out so he can show up again is some future episodes....
      Rufus.....well.....just gotta wait n see on that ;-)

  6. I think it is time for Luke to grow up. Staying out all night drinking - well that was not cool. I think these 2 need to take another look at their relationship. Bottom line is they no longer have trust in each other. Should not be marrying someone you are not sure you can trust! I do not think Laura is asking too much in asking for the pre-nup. Makes good sense to me even without their trust issues.
    If Luke is going to have even a remote change with Laura, he needs to stay away from Rufus, regardless of whatever danger he thinks she might be in!
    Whatever happens, I cannot wait for the next espisode!

  7. Hi Phyllis :) you make some excellent points Luke needs to grow up n focus on Laura and his upcoming child. I agree trust is crucial in a relationship if you don't have that everything else will fall apart. Krystal wants Laura to be in a safe position if anything ever happened between her and Luke. This is the first real honest loving relationship Luke has ever been in and with his past coming back to try n lure him away has been very trying on him he lived that life for so long and Rufus was around for a good part of it as well
    Next episode will be up on Friday :)

  8. I just want you to know I wrote a long comment a couple days ago, but it didn't post, and I didn't feel like typing it over. I will just paraphrase. I can't believe Luke got upset after how he's been acting lately. I think it's bad timing on Laura's part to add something like a pre-nup in the picture. She should have waited a bit until things cooled down. I'm also wondering if there was a better way for her parents to protect their investment other than a prenup. I think she is going to need Luke's help with the restaurant. Running a restaurant is tough and having the support of a loved one will be critical. Having a prenup may make it difficult for Luke and Laura to do this as a couple.

    1. Hi Vanessa!
      Don't worry about it ...I have had that happen to me several times. I type a response and it gets lost, so frustrating :/
      He has a temper he needs to learn to control. I agree he should have took the news in a more understanding way, but Luke tends to flare up. Laura was trying to keep it from him until she had a chance to look it over before bringing it up to him, but secrets have a way of coming out.
      There might have been a better way for her parents to invest in her, but Krystal has a bad feeling when it comes to Luke and she wants him to know she means business. If he is gonna marry her daughter and have a family with her, she wants him to take it all very seriously. True she might need Luke's help with the restaurant, but he is busy enough with his own business. Laura plans to start from home the first few years. Then by then be able to find a place to open up a restaurant....
      I hope they can work it all out we just gotta wait n see :)