Saturday, July 5, 2014

4th of July Celetration

It's very early morning on the 4th of July and Luke has had trouble sleeping all week.  Stressing that Rufus might show up and spill everything to Laura, he holds the pre-nup in his hands and looks it over one last time before he signs it. 
He has been sitting up there for half the night, Laura already came up once to check on him. Even she has noticed a change in him, and constantly asks him if he is okay. 
Luke signs the paper and sighs.
He just hopes that they never need to use this paper. He never really considered marriage or kids till he met her and he's never feared rejection from a woman before but with Laura he's terrified. He tosses the freshly signed pre-nup onto the table, then stands up and paces the patio floor and finishes his cigarette...
Laura has come back up to get him....
*Laura* "My Mom called they are on their way....."
Luke puts out his cigarette and meets her halfway across the patio.
He kisses her forehead then pulls back to look at her.
*Luke* "I signed it..."
*Laura* "Is that what has been bothering you all week? We don't have to do this, I love 
you no matter what, Luke."
*Luke* "I'm fine. I signed it because I love you and I want you to be able to start your own business." 
*Laura* "I know it's not what you expected but we didn't expect for me to get pregnant either."
*Luke* "Yeah, I know and I am sorry I got mad about it all, I never wanted to hurt you."
*Laura looks at him a little confused* "Hurt me? I know we had a little fight about it but it's fine. I'm okay! As long as we are straight forward and truthful with each other we'll be fine, that's all I want. .....You should go get showered and changed my parents will be here soon..."
Luke shudders at that last part, he knows she would surely be heartbroken if she ever finds out about him and Rufus. And the only person he could blame would be himself. They both head back inside and a short time later Luke is downstairs answering the doorbell.
They all greet each other and say hello.
*Krystal* "Where's Laura?"
*Luke* "She 's upstairs in the baby room."
Krystal makes her way upstairs with the small blue bag and Scott stays down in the kitchen with Luke.
*Scott* "How have things been going at your shop? Laura said you were a little upset about the pre-nup...It's a lot to take in...."
*Luke grabs his sunglasses off the table* "Yeah, I was a little surprised by it but I got over it. I understand now that it is a fair decision. The shop is doing's been rough without a third employee, though. I was hoping to find someone before Laura had the baby...."
*Scott* "You know, I was having a business lunch with Justin the other day, Benjamin's Father, his daughter Kenzie is looking for a summer job. She might be a good fit. I could pass it along to Justin."
*Luke* "Okay, yeah...thanks. I could really use someone."
While the men have been talking downstairs, Krystal goes up and joins Laura in the newly furnished baby room.
*Krystal* "Hi Sweetie!...."
*Laura* "Hi Mom! I didn't even hear the door....."
*Krystal* "How have you been? Any contractions?"
*Laura* "Not yet, but I am so ready to have this baby....."
*Krystal smiles* "Well, any day now right?...."
Krystal walks to stand in front of Laura.
*Krystal* "I got something for little Phoenix."
*Laura* "Thanks Mom...."
*Krystal* "I couldn't resist when I saw it...."
Laura takes the bag and opens it up. 
*Laura* "This is nice, Mom, thank you!"
*Krystal* "I am just so excited about this baby, you know? I think this would be a cute set to bring him home in from the hospital...."
*Laura half smiles* " would be."
*Krystal* "You okay?"
*Laura* "Yeah! Just really tired. I could not sleep well last night and neither could Luke."
*Krystal* "You two are anxious about the baby."
*Laura* "Yeah, I also think he was kinda still upset about the pre-nup, but he signed it this morning."
*Krystal* "I know it was a little hard springing that on him, but this will protect both of you if something ever happened."
*Laura* "Yeah, I know....He understands."
*Krystal* "Lets go get the food ready and check on those two make sure they are not making a mess in the kitchen!"
Laura laughs and the both head downstairs to go see what their men are up to. Laura immediately greets her Father with a hug and a kiss.
*Laura* "Hi, Daddy!..."
*Scott* "Hi,'s my baby girl?"
*Laura* "Good..."
Scott did mange to unload the bags of food that they brought over. Krystal turns to Luke ready to get things started.
*Krystal* "Luke, can you go ahead and start up the grill? I'll bring the meat up to you...Once it's ready..."
*Luke* "Sure."
Laura interrupts, Krystal is ready to rule the roost and take over her kitchen.
*Laura* "Mom, I got it handled....I marinated the meat last night. I already have the brisket in the oven and and everything else can go on the grill."
*Krystal* "Okay....just trying to help out....don't want you to wear yourself out."
*Scott* "Honey, she's fine.....I think our daughter knows when she needs to take a break. She been taking it easy for months...."
They all disperse to go do what they have all been tasked to do. Scott follows Luke out up to the patio and the ladies stay down in the kitchen and work on the side dishes."
 Several hours later their first two guests arrive. Michelle and Benjamin. Laura answers the door and greets them both. Krystal comes over and says hello as well.
Benjamin heads out up to the roof to say hello to Luke and Scott. He grabs and beer and chills with them. While all the ladies stayed downstairs....
Shortly after Benjamin's arrival Peter comes out. He immediately greets Luke. They shake and pat each other on the back. Then Luke turns and introduces Peter to others.
*Luke* "Peter, this is Scott, Laura's dad...."
Scott says hello and Luke turns to Benjamin.
*Luke* "And this is Benjamin....."
 Benjamin nods his head as a way of hello...
*Peter* "Hey aren't you the guy who got arrested on New Year's Eve?"
*Benjamin laughs* "Ah, yeah that was me..."
*Peter* "Yeah everyone was talking about it, I missed it."
*Benjamin looking at Luke* "Speaking of fights what the hell happened to you?"
*Luke* "A work related accident....dropped a box full of records and it hit me, pretty damn good."
Luke glances quickly at Peter, who already knows all that transpired. Luke only confided in him. He doesn't trust Benjamin to keep his mouth shut. Luke turns back around to check on the food while Peter hangs out next to him. Cynthia comes up sent from the kitchen to see if the meat is ready.
*Cynthia* "Peter, it's so wonderful to see you! How have you been?"
*Peter* "Hi! Good! Good! How are you?"
*Cynthia* "I have been great! I love it down here and I am so excited about being a grandma! It's crazy!"
Peter smiles and Luke interrupts them. His mother the perpetual flirt. Even with Peter... 
*Luke* "Mom? There something you need?"
*Cynthia* "I was sent up here to see if the food is ready...."
*Luke* "Um, Yeah its all ready, I just need a plate to put it all on."
*Cynthia* "Okay....."
So everyone eats and enjoys each others company. A short time later all the ladies have gathered into the nursery to chit chat...While all the men are out up on the patio finishing their beers

*Cynthia* "It's crazy we're gonna be grandmas. huh?...I still remember holding Luke after he was born."  
*Krystal* "It is exciting! I remember the day Laura was born too..."  
*Cynthia* "Yes, little Phoenix Elis Cooper is going to be well loved!"
*Krystal* "I couldn't agree with you more, Cynthia!..."
Back out on the patio all the young fellas are still talking. Scott heads down to find his wife, and grab himself some of her homemade cake she brought.....
*Scott* "This cake is divine, just like you, Darlin'..."
He grabs her around the waist and pats her backside.
*Krystal* "It's the same one I always make, Sweetie..."
*Cynthia* "It is very good, Krystal and you two are so sweet! I am so glad Luke has a healthy relationship with your daughter...His Father and I could never get along for very long..."
Krystal and Scott smile, Luke an Laura seem to be very happy and everyone is excited about little baby Phoenix being born any day now....
*James* "What was up with you and that red head at the bar? Isolde was looking at you like she wanted to choke you or something...."

*Luke* "Oh sh*t! You saw that?!"
*Benjamin* "What redhead? What'd I miss?!"
*James* "Yeah, Isolde and I went to have a drink after our movie and say hi to Aric. That's when she spotted you and gave you the most evil eye. Aric told her he would handle it..Then we left."
Luke fills in Benjamin and James on what sorta took place that night. He left out how Cade agreed to kidnap Rufus...
*Luke* "Now how did you meet, Isolde exactly?"
James reminds them that he was the friend who was there with Andrew that New Year's Eve night Benjamin knocked him out. Then tells them how he won her over on Valentine's day....
*Benjamin* "That's right! I hope your not still friends with that assh*le!
*James* "I only knew him from work, I don't talk to him anymore...He was quite pissed you got his charges dropped...Once I realized how petty he was, I didn't care much to hang out with him."
The guys finish their beers then little by little everyone starts leaving. Krystal and Michelle clean up the kitchen so Laura doesn't have to. Then when all is quiet and it is just Luke and Laura again at the house, Laura goes up stairs to peek into the baby room one last time before getting ready for bed.
As she is just about to the crib a strong contraction hits her, Laura grabs her back and leans over, she takes a deep breath. The last time this happened she passed out. She calls for Luke immediately...
 Hearing her panicked call for him he comes right away.
Once he sees her, he knows what is going on. 
*Luke* "The baby?"
*Laura* "I think I'm going into labor!..."
Laura sits on the bed and Luke sits down next to her. The contraction passes then she takes a deep breath.
*Luke* "Did it stop?'
*Laura* "Yes, but if I get another one in about 10 minutes or so then we need to go..."
Luke sits and waits with her, they talk about their day and whatever else to pass the time. Then she winces again when another contraction hits. 
*Luke* "I'm getting ready, we're going to the hospital!...."
*Laura stops him* "Wait!....just wait with me till it passes..."
Once it is over she looks up at him.

*Laura* "This is it, Luke.....ohmygod! We're gonna be parents!"
*Luke* "You're gonna do fine, Babe...."Then Luke gets up to go get ready. Phoenix Elis Cooper is on his way!


  1. Hola, que historia tan emocionante, felicidades por tus dioramas.

    1. Hola Linda :)
      Gracias, tengo un montón de maquetas de edificios de diversión

  2. I'm so excited!!! Can't wait to meet Phoenix Elis Cooper :-)

    1. Hi JC!
      Me too I can't wait to show him to you!

  3. Oh, a new Scott! He is very handsome. "The role of Scott now being played by Perry Morino". LOL!

    1. Hi Phyllis :)
      Lol! I was thinking about an announcement like that....
      I have had him in mind for a while and finally found him at a fair price :)

  4. It looks like everyone enjoyed their fourth, despite the drama cloud looming over Luke. I LOVE little Phoenix's's soooo cute! I see why you cast a new Scott, he's a tall drink of water. ;-) Looking forward to meeting lil' Cooper.

    1. Hi Tracy :)
      Yeah I think that is gonna me looming over Luke for awhile. I'm still working on the baby room. Still going back n forth on expanding their dio. Yeah I'm much happier with this new Scott at first I thought he might not work when I first got him but I feel like he fits much better with Krystal than the Happy Family Grandpa :)

  5. I'm so in love with the name! I went into labor with my son on July 4th 2011, at 5 weeks too early. Thank God for Brethine though, I was able to carry him to full term. I really feel bad for Luke and Laura's relationship because sooner or later they must deal with Luke's mistake. I so look forward to these stories each week.

    1. So glad you like the name ;-) oh wow 5 wks that's good they were able to stop it. My water broke in my sleep at 6 wks early with my son he stayed in the NICU for a week then was released to go home.
      I know Luke and Laura could be in for more heartache but I don't know just gotta see and hope they will be okay :)
      So glad you enjoy them!

  6. Que interesante historia.
    Excelentes dioramas.

  7. This was a plain ole fun post! Which gives my heart a rest. lol All of your scenes are great as usual. When I saw this new post I actually said to myself, "My show is on!" Glad nobody was in my head. LOL I can't believe sir phoenix is on the way!

    1. Lol! I'm so glad you enjoy it. I can't wait to share little Phoenix with all of you!

  8. Hello! The story was great, the pics are awesome as always! :) I love the baby's room, too. Can't wait the next chapter! :)

    1. Hi Rosemary :)
      So glad you are enjoying the story :) I hope to do more work to the baby room...

  9. great story can't wait for baby phoenix to make his way into this world.

    1. Hi Shirley :)
      Thank you and hopefully he'll be here soon :)

  10. Yay! The baby is on the way. Laura looks like she is ready! I also love he new Scott. I had to do a double take when I saw the first pics of him. Great episode!

    1. Hi Georgia Girl!
      Yes he is finally on his way! Laura is definitely ready and I am so glad you like the new Scott. I do like hi much better :)

  11. Somehow I missed this post, just saw it today.
    I see Laura's father became very handsome! I really like Perry Marino!
    Uhhh, so Laura is in labor ! Luke is enjoing the last peaceful moments right now, his whole world will change complety when his always crying baby will arrive.

    1. Hi Jewel Snake :)
      So glad you like Laura's new Daddy I am so glad to finally get him :) he's been on my list for awhile. Yup! She's I labor and their lives will definitely never be the same again... :)

  12. So much tension at the cookout. But I think that was just me. I wish I didn't know all the background info. LOL. I just feel sorry for everyone involved. Even if Laura never finds out, it just seems like a cloud will always be there. And Luke just seems so unhappy. I hate unhappiness. I miss their carefree days when they were just in love, enjoying being in love. Hopefully they can get back there one day.

    1. I think your picking up on Luke's uneasiness right now. I hope they can get through it but only time will tell. I'm sure he'll cheer up some soon he won't have much time to think of anything else once that baby is here. Him and Laura will be busy....

  13. I am super excited now. Laura is definately in for a wild ride. I sure hope that the delivery goes smoothly.

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    saw the picture of her in the hospital but are u still working on how the cooper baby will enter the the world. I think laura's going to be in labour for a while it this true?

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