Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Going Home....

The is just short fun little episode hope to post another by the end of the week...fingers crossed :)
It is now the following day and much later into the afternoon. After all the paper work and Doctor's have signed off on Laura and Phoenix's care Laura is getting ready to go home, when Luke comes into her hospital room with the car seat for Phoenix.
*Luke* "Babe?"
*Laura* "I'm in the bathroom...."
*Luke* "Where's Phoenix?"
*Laura* "He's in the nursery, so I could shower and change."
*Luke* "I brought the car seat...."
*Laura* "Good, you got the other part too, right? The one that stays in the car?"
*Luke* "Yes, it's locked in place and ready to go."
*Laura* "Okay....I'm gonna shower, then. The nurse should bring him back in about an hour."
Luke sets the car seat down on the couch, then in two swift steps is standing with his arms wrapped around her. He gently pulls her in to  kiss her, minding her still fragile state.
*Luke* "I missed you last night....."
*Laura* "Is that right?...Did you sleep well?"
She runs her fingers through his hair, trying to comb the tangled mess.
It's not fair she thinks to herself, he gets to look great with tangled hair while she looks like she just rolled out of bed...
*Luke* "Yeah, kinda hard to fall asleep, especially knowing your not there to get up and pee every five minutes...really screwed with my sleep."
*Laura laughs* "Resorting to sarcasm?...."
*Luke* "You know I love you, Babe...I slept like a baby, but I did still miss you."
*Laura kisses him* "I love you too, Baby..."
Then she turns and walks into the bathroom to take her shower. Luke gets comfortable on the couch while he waits, he looks for something to watch on the television.
A little while later Laura comes out of the bathroom.
*Laura* "How do I look?"
Luke's voice catches in his throat, his eyes stay locked on 
her for a long moment.
When he doesn't answer her right away she panics.
*Laura* "Is it that bad? I'll change...."
*Luke* "No! No! You look amazing, Babe.
*Laura* "You don't think it's too much?"
*Luke* "Your fine....me, Well....I can't stand up for the next five minutes."
Laura is about to respond to him but then the nurse comes in with Phoenix. Laura walks over to the bed to finish packing up her bag.
*Nurse* "Here he is! He is ready to go home...I'm just gonna go get a wheelchair and we can get you outta here!"
She smiles then leaves the room. Laura wheels the crib to where she was packing her bag. She looks down at Phoenix and starts talking to him.
*Laura* "Hey, there! You ready to go home with Mommy and Daddy?!.... Luke, is it safe for you to get up now or are you still horizontally challenged?" 
*Luke staring at the TV* "Uh!? What did you say?..."
*Laura her eyes still on Phoenix* "Can you get up? I need the car seat."
*Luke realizing what she is asking* "Oh, Yeah I got it."
Luke gets up and brings the car seat to her so she can strap little Phoenix in. After getting him secured in his car seat and covered up they are ready to go.
*Luke* "Is that everything?"
*Laura* "Yeah I think so..."
*Luke* "Nervous?"
*Laura* "A little....but glad to be going home."
Then the nurse comes back with a wheelchair and Laura gets in right away. Phoenix squirms in his car seat.
*Nurse* "We all set?'
*Laura* "Yup!..."
Luke looks down at Phoenix who is still squirming a little.
*Luke* "You think he's comfortable in there? You didn't make the straps too tight did you?"
*Laura* "He's fine, Luke. He's not crying, just wiggling a little...."
*Nurse* "He might be gettin' hungry too...."
*Laura* "Yeah....I'll nurse him as soon as we get home."

So with that they leave the room and the nurse escorts them out of the hospital. A short while later they make it home and get settle in....

The End....for now


  1. Hola, qué gran historia. Tus accesorios son muy reales.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Mustiwait, I made the dress just for her :)

  3. Luke is hilarious! Laura looks amazing! I love that she brought a snazzy outfit to wear home. I was desperate not to turn into that mom who wears soccer mom jeans, Lol. I tried to keep a little bit of style.

    I'm glad Luke slept like a baby the night before because that maybe his best sleep for a while, ;-)

    1. Thanks Tracy!
      Luke is always smitten with her :-)
      Of course, she wanted to go home in style :) I made the dress for her. Lol! Yeah I feel the same. I want to stay trendy....but I do like my blue jeans :)

      Yeah, your first kid is always the hardest....I think you worry more than anything :)

  4. Sweet little family scene! Phoenix is so cute!

    1. Thank you....they are very happy right now :)

  5. freaking awesome. Phoenix is so cute just like his parents

    1. Thanks so much! I agree Phoenix is a cutie :)

  6. I agree Laura looks great! Nice scenes. I hope Luke gets it together and be a good Dad and great husband.

    1. Thanks!
      I made the dress just for her:) I think he will....Luke wants to be a family with her but is scared of it all at the same time as well.

  7. what a beautiful and happy family they make.

  8. Well, now I'm wondering what was happening on the television that got his attention so quickly???

    I like how she had a snazzy outfit prepared for the trip home. Guess she was tired of maternity wear.

    1. He gets distracted by the TV easily....
      I made the outfit for her. Since it has been awhile since she has gotten all dressed up.

  9. Such a sweet post. Luke should have tried to enjoy that quiet night It might be awhile before he gets another one.

    1. Thanks Vanessa,
      He did, he slept well....but still missed her :)

  10. did we see Laura get up to use the bathroom or at least a scene where she one her way to the bathroom. that's one of the things you should have put in to make it even more realistic. The same w/ morning sickness.

    1. I considered it....but didn't think it was that necessary. It's a given when your that big and pregnant....
      She had a small bit of morning sickness in the thanksgiving post....right before we all found out she was pregnant.

    2. i c your point. but it would have been neat to see her have to wake up poor Luke with her having to get up every 5 mins. Just because I hear woman complain about that kind of stuff.