Monday, September 29, 2014

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.....Part 3

Part 3 
The Ugly....

 Sunday Afternoon. 
It's only one week away now until Luke and Laura's wedding.
Luke gets comfy on the couch. Jacob was left in charge of closing up the record shop, so Luke plans to spend the next couple hours just vegging. Laura is at her parents house with Phoenix going over some last minute wedding stuff.

*Luke muttering to himself* "Sunday afternoon and not a damn thing
 on TV...except football!"
 As he continues to flip through TV channels, the door bell chimes.
Luke gets up to go answer the door to find and few surprise guests.
 *Luke* "Shaun! What sup man! How you been?"
*Shaun* "I've been good. I heard you've been busy..."
*Luke* "Yeah, life's been pretty busy....What are you two doing here?" 
*Peter* "We came to celebrate."
 *Shaun* "Peter, told me you were getting hitched, so I figured I had 
nothing better to do...n here we are!"
*Luke* "Please, tell me you didn't hire a stripper..."
*Peter* "F*ck no! Too cliche. I got something better....."
Luke is pretty sure he knows what Peter is referring to.
Peter reaches in his back pocket and pulls out  a small baggie. 
Luke plops down on the couch with a big sigh.
*Peter* "Oh, come on! When's the last time you got high? Besides, it'll be like old times, one last time, before you walk the plank...."
 *Luke in a reminiscent tone* "Yeah, it's been awhile....F*ck it! let's go up stairs out on the patio....."
*Peter* "Now we're talkin'!"
Shaun and Peter follow Luke up stairs....


Meanwhile in some other part of the city. Madame Boisseau 
has a new customer.
*Nichelle* "Come in Sha....We been waitin' for ya..."
*Customer* "Sorry I'm late. I got lost on the way here......"
*Madame  Boisseau* "No worries, Child. Come see......let me help."
*Customer* "I was told you are the best at what you do..."
*Madame Boisseau* "Mmmmm. It's not what I do...Its what I am, Child. It's a gift.  Come, let me help you, sit.
Nichelle, I don't want any interruptions..."
*Nichelle* "Yes, Mamma...."
Rufus stands nervously in the doorway, wondering if she should stay or turn tail. She hasn't been out of her hotel room much in the past few months, since that fateful day Cade attempted to kidnap her. That she can forgive,
but she is having trouble getting past what Luke did. His words still clear as bell when she asked him if he loved her. And now here she is turning her fate over to someone else because for the first time in her life she is lost and doesn't know what to do.
*Madame Boisseau* "Come child....let me help you..
*Madame Boisseau continues* "Sit....Sha....Sit."
Rufus sits down. 
*Madame Boisseau* "Lemme see what we have here, your hand, gimme your hand."
Rufus nervously extends out her hand.
Madame Boisseau takes it gently and her face frowns.
*Madame Boisseau* "Relax, Sha....take a deep breath. Your holdin' so much pain....This is not good for someone in your position..."
*Rufus* "My position? I don't understand."
Madame Boisseau doesn't answer.
She gestures for Rufus to hold out her other hand.
Rufus splays her hand out palm up....
She takes it then closes her eyes for a long moment.
Rufus ponders if this is all for show or if she is really tapping into her proclaimed physic abilities.
Madame Boisseau takes a deep breath then opens her 
eyes to look at Rufus.
*Madame Boisseau* "You followed someone here to N'awlins.....a man."
*Rufus* "Yes!...How?...How did you know?..."
*Madame Boisseau* "He broke your heart, but dis isn't da first time now is it?"
Rufus nods unable to speak..
*Madame Boisseau* "You are so full of life, Child....focus on dis and he will see he was wrong."
*Rufus* "What do you mean? He wants nothing to do with me...He doesn't love me!"


As Rufus finds a path she must follow. Luke, Peter, and Shaun are enjoying each others company and reminiscing about their days when they toured with Rock Candy. All of them are quite high and inebriated at this point..
*Peter* "Yeah, so she follows Luke down here via Fionna..."
*Luke* "It was a completely f*cked up situation...."
*Shaun* "I never liked Fionna. She always strikes me as a sneaky, conniving b*tch. I'm glad your finally free of her man...."
*Peter* "Yeah! You and me both...I don't know what I ever saw in her....."
*Luke* "It was good P*ssy on a daily basis...We've all been there."

*Shaun* "Ain't that the truth...."
*Peter* "Speaking of P*ssy, this dumb f*ck, screwed Rufus a week before his son was born."  *Shaun* "What?! After everything you did to get away from that woman! What the f*ck man?!"
*Luke smacks his forehead* "Shit! Peter! Keep your f*cking mouth shut!"
*Shaun turns to Peter* "Is this a f*cking joke?"
*Peter* "No! I am as serious as a f*cking heart attack!"
*Shaun turns back to Luke* "Your f*cking crazy! You know that? Your never gonna get rid of her if you keep pulling crazy sh*t like that!"

 *Luke* "It was a mistake. Upside she hasn't bothered me since that day."
*Shaun* "Sh*t! But now you gotta look over your shoulder, wondering when she's gonna pop up outta nowhere with a big ass baby bump! Cuz I know you didn't wear no rubber!"
*Luke shudders* "God! I f*cking hope not....

*Luke continues* "I think she finally got the message that I don't want to be with her and I don't think she's pregnant."
*Peter* "You better hope so...Hey I noticed your not wearing your crucifix anymore the one Rufus gave you."
*Luke* "I tossed it in the trash in the back alley one day at work. I needed to be completely rid of her, the weird thing is I felt like someone watching me when I tossed it..."
*Shaun shudders* "It must be the weird voodoo vibe down here, Man. I always feel like I'm being watched when I'm here...I don't know how you can live here."
Luke shrugs his shoulders and takes a drag...Then a thought finally hits Peter.
*Peter* "Aww man! You threw it away! You shoulda at least gave it to me! That thing was solid silver. We could have gotten some sweet weed in exchange for that."
*Shaun starts laughing* "Hahaha!"
Shaun's laughing becomes contagious and they all start laughing.

Back at Madame Boisseau's Rufus continues her session with the physic.
*Madame Boisseau* "Were you able to bring me something of his?"
*Rufus* "Yes..."
Rufus digs down into her bag and pulls out a long chain 
with a familiar cross attached to it.
*Rufus* "I gave him this when we were together. He always wore it. Even after we broke up, then when I finally got the nerve to go see him one day. I saw him toss it in the garbage behind his store. I nearly died right there."
*Madame Boisseau* "Did he see you?"
*Rufus* "No. I waited for him to go back inside then went to retrieve the chain."
*Madame Boisseau* "Good....lets pray this item works."
Madame Boisseau picks up the chain and grasps it firmly in her hand. She holds it out up in the air as if she is compelling it to speak to her. She closes her eyes again, and Rufus waits to see what she has  to say.
*Madame Boisseau* "Dis was a good item you brought me. You ready to hear what I have ta say?.."
Rufus nods she is on edge, a million thoughts bombarding her as to what she will say.
She continues* "He still cares for you, Sha. He only threw it away, in hopes he
could forget about you..."
*Rufus gasps* "What?! Are you sure?"
*Madame Boisseau* "Yes, Dear. Here. Take it. This piece holds much love for you. You even said it yourself. That he continued to wear it, long after he left you."
Rufus holds out her hand and takes back the cross and chain.
*Rufus* "If he still cares for me, does that mean I still have a chance?"
*Madame Boisseau* "Yes and no, like I said, Sha, he cares for you, but loves another."
*Rufus looks down at the cross in her hands* "I will always be second to her..."
*Madame Boisseau* "With that mindset, Sha you always will. You need to be the strong confident woman he fell for."
Madame Boisseau gets up from her chair...
She opens a drawer in the chest behind her, 
rifling through its contents.
*Madame Boisseau* "Here we are, I think dis will help you find that strength...
Dis item will bring you good fortune and protect what is yours."
She walks over and places the amulet in Rufus' hand.
*Rufus* "If it's supposed to bring good fortune, then why don't you keep it for yourself?"
*Madame Boisseau* "I no longer need it, Sha. Take it. Keep it on at all times...."
*She continues* "You will need it...."
*Rufus* "Why....what do I need to do?"
*Madame Boisseau* "Protect what is yours, that is all I can tell you. I canna give more directions. You need to choose your own path, Sha."
Rufus lays down a large sum of money on the table.
*Rufus* "Thank you for your time Madame Boisseau...."
*Madame Boisseau* "Of course, Sha and if you ever have more questions, I'm a always here."
*Rufus* "Thank you, I will keep that in mind."
*Madame Boisseau* "Take care, you need to keep up your strength now."
*Madame Boissseau* "You'd be wise to remember that..."

Then Rufus turns and walks away. More confused than she was when she got there. Well, maybe a little she thinks. At least she knows now he does still care about her. But what was with all the weird vague warnings? That has her confused. 


Now later into the afternoon the guys are quite drunk and still having a good time. They got to talking about music and how they all miss that part of touring.
*Peter* "You should move here, Shaun. We could start a band with you....."
*Luke* "Yeah, that would be sweet. You and me on guitar and Peter can play the drums."
*Shaun* "I can't just pack up and move man.."
*Luke* "Yeah, you can. We used to do that sh*t all the time. It'd be f*cking awesome to have both of you down here..."
 *Shaun* "Yeah, it would be awesome..."
*Peter* "Yeah, but we wouldn't be able to party like we used to. Your gettin' married man!"
As soon as those words leave Peter's lips Laura comes through the door.
*Laura* "What the hell is going on up here?"
*Luke jumps up out of his chair* "Babe! Your back already?"
*Laura* "Well, yeah. I've been gone for hours and I have been trying to call you too! Do you have any idea what time it is?"
*Luke "Time? Uh..." *Luke pats down his pockets* "Shit! I lost my phone..."
*Laura* 'It's down stairs where you left it! Which is were I'll be."
So Laura turns and makes her exit back into the house.
The guys get up, Shaun shakes Luke's hand.
*Shaun* "We didn't mean to get you in trouble, Man...We better head out then."
*Luke* "Don't worry about it. She's fine. She always over reacts right away. She'll calm down."
They all head back downstairs. Laura is sitting on the couch while Phoenix, plays down on the floor.
*Luke* "Laura this is Shaun. He came down to visit for the week."
*Laura* "Hello!..."
*Shaun* "Hi, sorry if we came at a bad time. We just wanted to tell him congratz."
*Laura smiles* "Oh it's fine...I guess we'll see you both on Sunday then, especially since Peter is the best man."
*Shaun* "Yeah, I can't believe you two are trusting him with your rings..."
They all laugh. Still a little loopy form their high.
Everyone says goodbye and Shaun and Peter make their exit.
Laura stands up to face Luke....
*Laura* "You had me worried when you wouldn't pick up the phone."
*Luke* "I'm sorry....You forgive me, right?"

He pulls her in still a bit drunk and high. His advances are not 
so sexy at the moment.*Laura* "Yes, now go take a shower, you stink like hard liquor and weed."
Luke doesn't argue a cold shower sounds good. 
So he does just that....

The End! 
For now of course 


  1. Rufus had better not be pregnant, if so I'll get my doll self to get rid of her for good ugh... Just when we think Luke is safe. And I just knew Laura would walk in on the trio's conversation. He was lucky but not for long. I hope Cade and Fiona get to Rufus before she gets to Luke and Laura.

    1. Hi Doll Crazy :)
      Lol! I think Rufus would run for the hills if you all had your "doll selves" come after her ;-)....
      We all new the question would come up sooner or later....
      Good thing Laura didn't show up earlier in their conversations, that would have made all hell break loose!
      All I can say is stay tuned! :)

    2. Why was the song "I Put a Spell On You" in my head every time it switched to Rufus? This is what I need her to do, get back in the studio, record a revenge song, make a video with a Luke look alike and make strong inferences towards what went down. Then let it go platinum.

    3. Lol! I love it haha.....that would be a great way for her to get her revenge on the way he broke her heart.
      I totally get why that song would play in your head :)

  2. Oh boy, now Rufus has all the ammunition she needs to set her off after Luke again. It sounds to me like she might be pregnant. Luke should have kept that thing in his pants! This wedding is going to be very interesting!

    1. Hi Pyhllis!
      I so agree with that. She seems to now be out of that depression she was in after Luke left her hotel room. It's frustrating how a few split second decisions can affect your life indefinitely. I agree had Luke refrained he wouldn't be in this situation.

  3. This was SO good, Miranda!! The Madame's accent was spot on! She's a fantastic character and I hope to see her again. I cracked up over the guy's conversation, definitely brings back fun memories (wink, wink). Strangely enough, I like that Rufus is still around and causing trouble. I don't know any love that's come easy...there's always some kind of drama. Is it weird that she's kind of growing on me? I think it's that I understand at one time they loved each other.

    Is Shaun related to Hayden? Wow, between the wedding, Cade and Fiona, Rufus and Penelope...this town is about to really get busy. :-) I am really looking forward to more episodes. :-)

    1. Hi Tracy!
      So glad you enjoyed it and Madame Boisseau! It wasn't easy trying to get her creole accent across. I had to research a few things. I do hope to show her again too! She was a fun character to build, so yeah, I would love to show her again :)
      LOL! I know right! typing up the scenes between the guys brought some memories back for me as well :)
      I'm glad to hear, your on Rufus' side some. She is relieved to hear it as well...
      Her relationship with Luke was good at one point, but they grew apart. I'm so glad she is growing on you!
      Shaun is not related to Hayden. I tried to give him a different look as best I could. I thought about changing his eye color, I just don't want to screw him up and then regret it.....I hope to give more history on Shaun's connection to Luke and Peter , just need to find a good point to do that.
      You got that right it's gonna be a busy scene with all these new characters. Yes and Penelope! I have not forgot about her lol!

  4. Ut oh. It does sound like Rufus is pregnant. No offense, but it would serve Luke right. When you are cheating on your girl, USE A RUBBER, idiot! I always feel sorry for the girls that continue to chase after the man that has moved on. Always a pitiful site. Great story.

    1. Uh oh is right! It's a good possibility she is but no confirmation from her yet : /
      I agree, It would serve Luke right if she is. It was so irresponsible of him having unprotected sex with her.
      Glad you are enjoying it! :)

  5. At first ive always hated Rufus. But now i see shes just a lost, broken girl. She deserves something way better than what she has got. I hope luke comes clean before the wedding. MAYBE laura will forgive him if he did. But i doubt she would. Waiting for the next story!

    1. Hi Laura!
      I agree she deserves better than being second. She was really hurt the first time Luke left her. I don't think Luke will ever admit the truth. it's not his MO. But if the truth came out, then I do think he would fess up.
      Glad you are enjoying it.... :)

  6. I guess Rufus isnt letting go that easy. I think she is planning something and its not going to be good for Luke and Lara. I really love the patio scene with Luke and his buddies getting high and talking about old times. I am still liking peters five oclock shadow he has going on...nice.

    1. Hi Will!
      She sure isn't letting go....She may be planning something. I don't know.....
      Just gotta wait and see :)
      So glad you enjoyed the scenes of the guys. It's always fun to think up what they would be talking about, when the ladies are not around.
      Me too! I love Peter so much more now with his new look. I think is tones down that big chin of his lol!

  7. this is a great storyline, leaves you hanging for more! I almost feel like the dolls as the characters you've created live their doll lives when our backs are turned until the new story begins! I have to agree with Vanessa, it would serve Luke right if Rufus turned up pregnant. Can't wait for your next storyline!

    1. Hi Lisa!
      Thank you so much! It is encouraging to know that everyone is enjoying the episodes.
      I'm so glad you said that cuz that is exactly how I see it! I do feel like they live their lives in between episodes. That is why I also like to do short stories on Flickr because sometimes there might be a small tidbit I want to share, that doesn't need a full episode :)
      Rufus has told me she is. So I don't know yet. :)
      Just gotta wait and see!

  8. You're a great story writer, Miranda. I always enjoy reading your episodes.

    If I was Rufus's grandma in dolly world I would tell her that she deserves better than to be second best.

    1. Aww! Thanks Vicki :)
      Everyone's enthusiasm about my characters motivates me so it's always nice to know that.
      Lol! Rufus could use a loving Grandma right about now. She is in a rock and a hard place.....
      I agree, she deserves to find someone who loves her completely. Luke is not that guy, but she seems to have trouble getting past him.

  9. miranda plz get rid of rufus because she's nothing but trouble. Or maybe give her own boyfriend so she can leave luke an laura and the baby alone. Sick Cade and Fiona on Rufus b4 she can do any more harm plz!!!!!!!!

    1. Hi DarShawn!
      Lol! I love your enthusiasm in your comments....
      I know it's frustrating. Rufus just wants someone to love her and she really wants it to be Luke. ;(
      All I can say is stay tuned...I got more to come :)

  10. That conversation with the guys was so realistic. LOL Rufus better watch out...sometimes things backfire!

    1. So glad you enjoyed their conversations. It's always fun to try and get into a guys mindset and see what they would be talking about when the ladies are not around ;-)
      I agree Rufus needs to watch out! If she does decide to expose what Luke and her did then it could have a very negative affect on her as well as Luke....
      Only time will tell how it all plays out :)

  11. This was such a great read, can't wait for the next episode (as always :-) ). Oh Rufus! I hope things won't get messed up too badly for Laura and Luke. I actually feel a bit sorry for Rufus, Luke didn't treat her very kind lately... Peter doesn't know when to shut up, does he LOL.

    1. Hi Night Owl!
      Thank you so much! So glad to hear you enjoyed it :)
      Oh Rufus is right! She is not through with Luke.
      I am glad some of you feel her pain, cause it is so wrong what Luke did to her.
      Lol! Yes , Peter needs to mind his bizness..... :)

  12. Poor Rufus, I feel so sorry for her! it's not her fault that Luke chose a typical family life, I doubt he will leave a life of a good father and husband to be so easily. Maybe she's pregnant with Luke ?

    I forgot to comment on previous post, I have to say that I'm really happy to see Cade again! He's my favourite one now, since Luke became a father :) Hopefully he won't lose his bad boy attitude too soon. Why is Fiona angry at Rufus?

    1. Hi JewelSnake
      I agree Rufus has had it rough lately. I would be a huge shift in their lives if she does turn up pregnant.
      So glad you are enjoying Cade.....he is definitely a true bad boy :) we will see more of them for sure! Fionna is upset with Rufus because she never did anything to save her from Cade after he took her.

  13. i knew rufus would get pregnant . poor luke all hell will break loose soon.

    1. It's not 100% confirmed yet that she is, but the chances are there! Luke will have destroyed all of his trust he's gained with Laura if that is the case.