Friday, November 7, 2014

Tell Me What, Sweetheart?.....

 It's Sunday afternoon and Laura has plans to go out while Luke will be at work for the remainder of the day. She answers the door, to see her sister Michelle and her cousin Amari have arrived so they can all go shopping.
*Laura* "Hey! come in....I just need to finish feeding Phoenix then we can go."
*Michelle* "Okay...."
*Amari* "Oh, look at him! He is just the cutest...And gettin' so big!"
Phoenix sits quietly waiting for his food, while they
 get comfy around the table. 
 *Michelle* "So how did your 'date' with Shaun go?"
 *Amari* "Good....Really good..."
*Laura* "You went out with Shaun? When did this happen?"
*Amari smiles* "After the reception...We went to that late night 
coffee house a few blocks away...."
*Amari continues* "And again last night....we went to the movies. Then we talked for a while...."
*Michelle* "Yeah, that's why he hasn't left town yet...."
 *Laura* "Luke said he was staying cause their thinking of starting a band..."
*Laura lowers her voice*..."which is crazy, I don't see how they have any time. 
Plus, I think it's all Peter's crazy idea..."
 *Amari* "Really?! A band huh? Cause he hasn't mentioned anything about that..."
*Laura* "They're still just talking about it."
*Michelle* "Yeah, but ya'll have only gone out a couple times...."
 *Michelle continues* " Maybe he doesn't want to get your hopes 
up in case he does end up leaving."
 *Amari* "True...but I sure hope he sticks around."
Then Michelle's phone buzzes with a text message and she gets up to check it. Amari takes her seat at the table.
*Amari* "So was that your honey?"
*Michelle smiles* "Yeah, text me to say he's going into work for the rest of day."
 *Amari* "On a Sunday?!...Don't you think that's suspicious?"
*Michelle* "No....sometimes he does. His Dad has been giving him more responsibility lately."
*Amari* "Where's he work again?"
*Laura* "Trudeau Construction....his Daddy owns the company."
*Amari* "Oh, that's right! How could I forget....The rich, hot bachelor...."
Amari turns to Michelle.
*Amari* "So you two gonna get married? You that serious?"
*Michelle* "Maybe....he's gotta propose first...We haven't talked about it a whole lot. Every time I bring it up he gets nervous. I just think he needs a little more time."
*Amari* "Well....Don't wait too long...."
Turning to Laura
*Amari* "Speaking of's married life? 
You two enjoy your night alone?" 
*Laura smiles* "It's been fine..." *Laura smiles brighter* "And we definitely enjoyed ourselves.
I can't believe it's already been a month since the wedding."
*Michelle* ''You sayin' you need me to babysit again?"
*Laura smiles slyly* "'d be nice to have a night like that again...."
*Amari* "Oooo girl, you got it bad. Good thing you married the man."
*Laura snickers* "I can tell you that's one of the reasons why I did marry him..."
The girls all start giggling and before they even realize it Luke has made his way downstairs.
Amari and Michelle are first to notice Luke standing there.
Then Luke walks to stand next to Laura.
*Laura a little startled and embarrassed* "Luke....Hey, you leaving already?"
*Luke* "Yeah....I'm actually running a little late."
Laura gets up to say goodbye picking up Phoenix with her, 
while Amari and Michelle speak quietly to each other.
*Michelle* "So what store do you want to check out first?"
*Amari* "Anywhere that's got some good sales, works for me..."
Luke leans in to kiss Laura goodbye and catches the attention of the other two ladies in the room.
*Michelle joking around* "Hey! not in front of the baby.....
get a room you two!"
Luke pulls away from Laura and turns to look at Michelle.
*Luke* "Then maybe Laura should take you up on that babysitting offer again..." 
Laura embarrassed cause that means he 
heard their conversation.
*Laura* "Luke!..."
Amari laughs at the whole situation and
 Michelle isn't fazed by it.
*Michelle* "Okay.." *she smiles* "...just let me know when y'all are ready."
Then Luke kisses her one last time on the cheek and leaves. 
The girls get up to get ready to go as well.
*Laura slightly serious* "Well, it looks like you got the green light to babysit again..."
Michelle giggles thinking about how Luke handled 
over hearing their conversation.
*Michelle* "Yeah...Like I said just let me know."
*Laura changes subjects* "So? Where do ya'll want to go...the mall?
That way Phoenix won't get too cold."
The girls all agree and get ready to head out the door.
*Michelle* "Since we're going to the mall let's check out Victoria's Secret..."
*Amari* "Why? You trying to get pregnant too?"
Now it's Laura's turn to giggle at her sister's expense.
Michelle thrown off by Amari's comment.
*Michelle* "No...Benjamin gave his credit card."


While the girls are out shopping and  spending some cold hard cash or plastic, across town at Trudeau Construction, Benjamin is showing his Dad some blueprints of a house he wants to build. Justin sits and listens while his son rambles on.
*Justin* "Son, this is all great but don't you want to run all
this by Michelle? Do this together?
*Benjamin* "Yeah I know, but I've have had years to think about this...."
*Justin* "Just slow down son, you don't need to be in any hurry. Besides you
haven't even proposed to her yet. When do you plan on doing that?"
*Benjamin* "Soon enough......"
*Benjamin continues* "I got everything already to go,  the reservations are set,
now I just need to wait....."
*Justin* "Sounds like you got it all planned out....where are you taking her?"
Benjamin is about to tell his Dad all about his plans when the
 door to Justin's office quickly swings open...
In her sweet southern charm,
she speaks, greeting the two of them.
*Erica* "How's my two favorite boys, doin'?"
*Justin* "Mom! I thought you were in Europe."
*Erica* "I was..."
But as she is replying Sarah comes in....

*Sarah* "I'm sorry Mr. Trudeau, I told her you
were in a meeting...."
*Justin* 'It's quite all right, Sarah...."
Sarah exits and heads back to her desk. 
Relieved to know she is not in trouble.
*Justin* "So what brings you back home from your trip?"
As Justin is talking Benjamin walks around 
to greet his Grandmother.
*Erica* "First....some shuga from my Handsome Grandson!..."
*Erica* "Where are your manners boy? Remove that hat..."
*Benjamin* "Sorry Nana...."
Benjamin takes off his hat and sets it down.
He bends down and gives his grandmother a big hug, it's been awhile since she's been home. She likes to travel a lot.  She kisses him on the cheek then pulls back to have a look at him.
*Erica* "My goodness....look at you! As handsome as eva!"
*Justin* "Mama...what brings you home?
I'm assuming it's business related...."
*Erica* "It is, Justin."
*She continues her eyes darting to her son* "I heard some very
unsettling news about the company."
She lets go of Benjamin and steps back. 
Both of them confused and speak nearly in unison.
*Justin* "Mama, the company is doing great, we have contracts all over the state!"
Her tone going from light and cheerful to serious.
*Erica* "Well, that's why I hear it straight from the horses mouth..."
She turns and sets her bag on the table.
 Justin and Benjamin are hanging on her every move,
 waiting for her to speak. She walks around the table 
and leans against one of the chairs.
*Erica* "I heard your gettin' into bed with competition...I came to
tell you this aint happenin'! Justin have you forgotten what happened all those years ago?!"
*Justin* "Mama, it's a good move! We could grow so much
 larger with this merger!"
*Benjamin confused* "What happened? What's she talkin' bout?"
*Justin* "Something that happened years ago son.
It's water under the bridge now. At least to me it is...."
*Erica* "You seem to be forgitten' I'm still the majority stock holder, son.
And I say this merger ain't happenin'...."
*Justin* "Calm least look at the numbers."
 *Erica* "Oh ain't seen me mad yet. I don't need to look at the numbers.
Your father will be rolling in his grave! He did not start this
company to have you rip it to shreds!"
*Benjamin looking at his father* "Are you gonna tell her?"
 *Justin* "No I think you should.....she is your Nana after all."
Benjamin turns back to his Grandmother and
 takes a deep breath.
 *Erica* "Tell me what, Sweetheart?"
*Benjamin* "The reason Dad wants to merge is I'm planning on marry
 Scott's youngest daughter and together we will run the company...."
*Erica* "Over my dead body!....You are not marry anyone
from that family!
Benjamin completely stunned by her 
reaction and speechless....
*Benjamin* "But....But Nana! I love her! I want to settle down and have a family with her....And I'm
marrying her merger or not!"
*Erica* "You do and I'll make sure this company goes to your brother Colton!
You won't see a penny more. See how happy your new bride will
 be when you've been disowned and dead broke...."
*Benjamin scoffs* "Colton?! He's too young still....Besides,
don't have the power to do that!"
*Erica* "Oh Sweetheart! Yes I do!...."
*Benjamin to his father* "Does she?"
*Justin* "I'm afraid so son....Mama I really think you
need to stop and look at the whole picture here......"
 *Erica* "I am not gonna let this happen....and Benjamin will not marry the competition!
*Justin* "Aren't you happy he wants to settle down! We've both been waiting for this day..."
 *Erica* "Not if it's gonna be with one of Scott Lavigne's children!"
*Justin* "Mama!....You haven't even met her...or spoken to Scott in years!"
 *Erica* "I don't need to Darlin'....Benjamin needs to marry someone like that sweet secretary you have out there.....A woman who can bare me great-grandchildren and stay at home."
 *Justin* "That's a bit old fashioned....don't you think?"
While Justin has been hashing it out with his mother, 
Benjamin gathers his belongings, he can't take 
listening to a minute more of this....
*Benjamin* "I'm outta here. I ain't listening to this sh*t anymore! 
I love Michelle and I'm marry her! And I don't give a rats ass what you think!"
Then he storms out, heading towards the door.
*Erica* "Benjamin Trudeau! This ain't ova yet! Not by a long shot..."
*Benjamin* "It is in my book!"
Benjamin doesn't turn around, he keeps going, slamming
 the door behind him on his way out.
*Erica* "Well....I neva!....That boy is still as spoiled rotten as the day he was born!"
Justin throws his hands up, running his fingers through his hair, he's thinking about doing what Benjamin just did and walk out, but that just isn't an option or a good move on his part.
*Justin* "And you don't think you had any part in that? You and I
both doted on him after his Mama passed..."
*Erica* "As a child, yes.....yes I did, but he's a grown man now, you need to stop babying your boy Justin! He's being bread to run this company, and I'm here to make sure it gits done right!"
*Justin* "He is ready to run this company!"
*Erica* "Not from where I'm standing...Your father, god rest his soul, was too easy on you. I will not make that mistake with Benjamin..."
*Justin* "Don't bring Daddy into know he preferred to be out there building and working, as opposed to the harsh dealings of the business side of things.
Erica gathers her purse and dismisses her son's last comment. 
She then turns and heads for the door.
*Erica* "We'll talk more later tanight,...I have some other
business I need to attend to before the day is ova.
Bye, Sweetheart..."
She leaves Justin stunned and speechless, Mama was always good at ruffling feathers, especially when it was something that wasn't to her liking. Justin shakes his head, thinking he should have saw this coming but, Mama hasn't been around much lately, so he quickly dismissed the thought of her protesting this merger. He now knows he made a huge mistake....


Later into the evening Benjamin comes home after 
spending some time talking with Aric, and notices 
Michelle did quite a bit of shopping with his credit card...
He sighs still upset over what his grandmother said to him, 
he heads to the fridge to grab a beer and sit on the couch.
*Benjamin hollering upstairs to Michelle* "You left a bunch of bags on the couch!"
*Michelle hollering back* "I'll be down in a sec!"
Benjamin grabs them, and sets them on 
the floor so he can sit down.
Rocky who's been following him since the 
minute he walked in the door, whimpers, he wants to 
cuddle with him up on the couch.
*Benjamin talking to the dog* "Not now....git down!"
Michelle finally sneaks downstairs and stands 
against the wall showing of her new lingerie.
*Michelle* "What'd ya think, Baby?"
Benjamin still a little preoccupied on 
today's earlier events.
*Benjamin turns to look at her* "What?"
Michelle moves to the couch straddling his lap.
*Michelle* "I said....What'd you think? You like it?"
She tries to pull the beer out of his hand and bend down to kiss him but Benjamin slides her off his lap and gets up.
*Benjamin* "I'm not in the mood.....had a really sh*tty day...I'm gonna shower."
*Michelle* "Really, Benjamin?!"
Benjamin exits the room with his beer and
 Rocky close on his heels.

Michelle sits on the couch, her ego a bit hurt by his rejection, she starts to wonder if Amari was right. Why would he work on a Sunday? It did only start a few weeks ago. Then starts to think that maybe he is seeing Penelope again after seeing her at the wedding after all this time. Michelle decides to sit and stew on it a while and watches some TV. When she finally goes to bed some hours later Benjamin is already asleep. Oh well! So much for a romantic evening.....

The End.....for now!


  1. Oh no, here we go! Grandma sure stirred up some trouble. Now I gotta know what happened between the Trudeaus and Lavignes years ago! You sure know how to keep things interesting!

    1. Hi Phyllis!
      Yep Grandma sure stirred the pot... lol!
      I'm sure we will all find out sooner or later what happened between them. Justin and Scott seem to have let it go but not Erica! Glad to hear you enjoyed the episode :)

  2. Erica is a tough lady :-). Like Phyllis I'm very curious to know what happened between the two families! Poor Benjamin, he must feel awful right now. By the way, I love the office interior, it looks awesome!

    1. Hi Night Owl!
      Yes Erica is a tough lady and I'm sure we will find out eventually. Benjamin is feeling pretty down, especially if turned down Michelle...
      Thanks the office was a fun piece to put together. A rustic modern look which I like very much :)

  3. Erica is a woman after my own heart, but she just HAS to let them marry! Her poses are so realistic and in keeping with her personality!

    1. Lol! Yes, she gets straight to the point, no beating around the bush with her. But I agree, she should let Benjamin get married. They can always keep the businesses separate.....

  4. Hello from Spain: I really like your stories. The photos are fabulous. You have many fabulous dolls. Great outfits. Lovely baby. Keep in touch

  5. I felt it was going to be something serious like this with Erica. She is definitely a tough lady. I can't wait to see how this pans out.

    1. Yeah, she is one tough Grandma.... lol! Definitely more to come!!

  6. Poor Benjamin and Michelle. Nothing like having a night of romance ruined. So nice to see little Phoenix. He sure is getting big. lol. Erica reminded me of the grandma on Dallas. I think her name was Ellie Mae.

    1. Hi Vanessa!
      Yes I agree, Benjamin is in a rock and a hard place right now. He can't tell her what is going on.. it'll ruin his surprise proposal.
      Yes Phoenix is getting big.... it's crazy how time flies with those little ones :)
      Yes! She is who was in my head while working on this episode... I kept thinking of Dallas and their family feuds lol!

  7. I'm really beginning to love this goddess mold of these pretty sisters and cousin :)
    Too bad Benjamin can't quite express his thoughts and anxiety to Michelle right now. I'm afraid she might misunderstood all these...

    1. HI Shasha!
      Thanks I love the goddess mold.... It's a great versatile face and so cute :)
      I agree, Benjamin is frustrated he can't talk about this to Michelle. It would be so much easier. She definitely did misread the situation, which is so easy to do when some one plants a seed of doubt.... let's hope it all works out :)

  8. Uhh, poor Benjamin, Michelle seems to be a real bimbo! To use his credit card and buy a lingerie with it?Looks like a gold digger. Then all she cares is a "romantic moment" (or simply sex), completely ignoring bad mood of her boyfriend. And it's all even before possible marriage! He should get rid of her when he still can, before she will get pregnant like her sister did.

    1. jewel snake - If Benjamin were like most men, he would want his woman to spend the money on lingerie. The lingerie may be the one thing she bought with him in mind. To me he assumed she used his credit card. He doesn't know that for sure. She may have used her own money.

    2. Hi Jewel Snake,
      I agree with Vanessa on this one.
      Michelle is not a gold digger, her family has money as well :)
      When a guy loves you he wants to spoil you and Benjamin didn't care how she spent the money, that's why he gave it to her, so she could have fun. Michelle totally misread the situation, having her cousin place a seed of doubt in her, she jumped to conclusions. But Benjamin also doesn't want to tell her anything because he wanted his proposal to be a surprise and that won't happen if she finds out about Grandma and her disapproval. When he comes home and there are bags everywhere he is just overwhelmed cause it reminds him what his grandmother said. He's not mad at her for spending a bunch of money... He's mad cause he can't talk to her about it but he may have to...

    3. I see! Never could understand this "if man loves you, he will spend money on you" attitude. If she loves him, she should give him her credit card too then, or it just works the one way? Benjamin doesn't like his grandma "old fashioned" ideas, but with this giving money to his rich girlfriend he is exactly the same old fashioned, he just thinks that he's "modern". Same goes for Michelle.She is rich too, she doesn't need his money, she just used his credit card as a form of "territorial pissing" I guess. Sorry I understand this situation in that way, probably I'm completely not romantic. I apologize to Michelle!

  9. i want to know what happen with the trudeau's and lavigne's years ago. it sound's so juicy. if michelle used the credit card she might have take everything back, because it look like benjamin might go against his family and be on his own to be with michelle.

    1. Me too! lol! I'm sure we'll find out... Whatever it was Erica doesn't want to let it go :)
      Your right she might have to return everything if grandma sticks to her guns, but that would me she would find out the truth, that Benjamin was planning to propose. I think he is considering that, maybe elope and get away from crazy grandma.... I don't know we'll see :)

  10. Erica should bump into Rufus. They should hatch a plan to get Benji away from michelle. Since Rufus can't have Luke. That way Rufus can still torment Laura, Michelle and Luke w/o breaking up Luke & Laura's marriage. Because Erica would pay Rufus to do this. But Benji & Rufus start to fall for each other. What do u think


    1. Hi DarShawn!
      Lol! I don't know about that .... but it is a good idea. No one would see that coming. Grandma in kahootz with Rufus :) Oh but I have plans for Rufus ;-)
      As for Benjamin he only has eyes for Michelle and Rufus is just not his kind of girl. And well Rufus only has eyes for Luke....
      Rufus has plenty of money....she still receives royalties for songs she's written and stuff like that.
      It's definitely a good idea but I have plans set out, just gotta put them in motion ;-)

  11. You have an amazing talent for great story telling and everything else doll related (OBVS). Phoenix is just too cute!

  12. That Erica is a pistol, lol. I love Benjamin for standing his ground and professing his love for Michelle but it'll be interesting to see if he doesn't fold. The inheritance threat...that's a big threat. Looking forward to next episode, :-)