Saturday, December 6, 2014

Thanksgiving at Bull Tavern...

The food is ready, the bar is set for a Thanksgiving feast and almost everyone has gathered for this large celebration. 
Scott, Krystal, Justin, and Ellie sit together and talk while they wait for a few more to make their way to the bar....
Behind them sits Aric, Benjamin, Michelle, and Roxie they enjoy each others company and relax. It's nice to not have the bar open and just take a breather...
Across the bar sits Luke, Laura, Peter, and his newest lady friend Willow. Peter and Luke chat, while Laura breaks the ice with Willow. Everyone continues to mingle around and much on some of the appitizers  that were set out on the bar. 
After snacking a bit, Luke an Peter decide to play a game of pool.
*Luke* "Where'd you meet Willow?...she seems nice."
*Peter* "At the grocery store...of all places.."
*Luke laughs* "Oh yeah?!..Since when do you go grocery shopping?"
*Peter* "I do...sometimes."
The girls have gathered and are chatting away. Over at the bar Benjamin talks with Aric while he holds on to his rambunctious little sister, who is trying to grab herself a soda.
 *Madison* "I want a soda!"
*Benjamin* "Mama said no, Maddy..."
*Aric* "So...when are you popping the question?"
*Benjamin* "Shhh! Can't talk about that here..."
*Aric* "Just give me a date.."
Benjamin knows he is not gonna let up about it but before
 he can say a word the door swings open...
Colton comes in with Erica on his arm. Roxie turns smiles
and says hello. Benjamin sees her and immediately tenses up...
Michelle turns to her sister.
*Michelle whispering* "I think that's Grandma..."
*Laura* "Well you better go say hello, then."
Back by the bar, Erica greets Benjamin and Madison.
*Erica* "Well hello there, Miss Maddy!"
*Madison* "Hi Nana!" 
Erica turns to Benjamin...
*Erica* "So where is this girlfriend of yours?"
*Michelle* "I'm right here..."
Everyone turns to look at her.
*Erica* "Oh my goodness...Look at you!"
*Erica continues* "You look just like your father...He was a handsome young man."
*Michelle* "You knew my father when he was young?"
*Erica* "Of course....C'mere and gimme some suga dear.."
Erica gives Michelle a big hug as her way of saying hello. Benjamin passes off Madison to his brother Colton.
*Benjamin* "Take this kicking chicken..."
*Erica* "Shall we sit down and eat?..."
*Benjamin* "Yes, of course..."
While Benjamin was making sure Grandma behaved herself.
 Kenzie and Jacob finally come strolling in through the door. 
*Kenzie* "It's amazing! This guy is like a walking encyclopedia about music!...
This one is a keeper Colton..."
Kenzie grabs Madison and goes to sit down with her.
*Jacob* "I think I'm the lucky one...I got me the most 
eligible bachelor in town."
Colton smiles then they turn to say hello to Aric.
*Aric* "Hey Colton! How's it going?"
*Colton* "Good...the bar is looking great."
*Aric* "Thanks...I din't know you two were uh.... When did this happen?"
*Colton* "When Kenzie worked at Vintage Vinyl over the summer."
*Aric* "Ah! Okay...yeah...I forgot Kenzie worked for Luke."
Later after everyone has settled in and are enjoying each others company after turkey and all the trimmings. Someone stands outside in the shadows getting the nerve to go inside and face him.
Why she is choosing to do it now...I don't know. Maybe she feels safer springing this news on him in front of his friends and family or maybe she feels its the only why to get back at him for how callously he treated her that day in her hotel room.
She looks down at the silver cross in her hand, takes a 
deep breath and gets ready to go inside....
Back inside, Benjamin takes a moment alone with Michelle.
*Benjamin* "So what did you think of my Nana?"
*Michelle* "She seems sweet...I can tell she loves you very much."
*Benjamin* "Sweet? Ha! I guess so...."
*Benjamin* "You ready to go back to the cabin again?"
*Michelle smiles* "I can't wait to go back! 2 more weeks to go..."
Across the room Luke and Peter talk while drinking more beer and playing another game of pool.
*Peter* "I must say man, you seem pretty happily married."
*Luke* "That's because I am..."
*Peter* "Good...I know I give you a hard time but I'm glad to see you're happy 
after all the sh*t that has gone down."
*Luke* "I don't even wanna f*cking think about it...I'm just glad she finally got the message."
*Peter* "You think your outta the woods it's been what like 5 months?"
*Luke sighs* "Yeah...I f*cking hope so..."
But little do they know, she is standing right outside bull tavern
poised to make her entrance...
But before Rufus can get a grip on the door handle.
Cade grabs her and knocks her out with a hit of ether.
Fionna stands by on the lookout...luckily the street is quiet 
and a lot of the other businesses are closed.
*Cade* "Quickly Fi! Grab her legs!...."
Fionna doesn't speak she just does as she's told. They need to get out of there quick if they don't want to be seen.
They scurry quickly and as quietly as they can, but..
as they are moving her they don't notice the cross 
fall from her hand and hit the ground. Cade grunts as he heaves her over his shoulder.
*Cade* "Damn! She's gained some weight!  Quick, 
get the trunk open we need to get out of here..."
So, Cade and Fionna secure her into the trunk of a car and speed off. Everyone inside is oblivious to what has just happened outside of the bar and continue to enjoy their evening.
About an hour later after Rufus' plans to interrupt Thanksgiving were thwarted by Cade and Fionna kidnapping her, Laura and Kenzie sit and talk quietly while she nurses Phoenix. 
*Laura* "So you plan to work at Vintage Vinyl again this summer?"
*Kenzie* "Yeah! Definitely, I had a lot of fun working there."
*Laura* "That's good....Luke would love to have you back working there."
While Laura sits in the back Luke comes to 
say hello to Jacob and Colton.
*Luke* "Hey Jacob!...Hey, Colton."
*Jacob* "Hi Luke..."
*Luke* "When did you two hook up?"
*Jacob* "This summer...We met when Kenzie started working there."
*Luke* "Oh yeah...Of course....Sorry, I hadn't even realized. Why didn't you say anything?"
*Jacob* "It's no big deal....besides you've been pretty busy lately."
Luke leaves their table then heads to the bar, to 
get yet another mug of beer.
*Luke* "Can I get another beer?"
*Aric* "Sure..."
While Luke stands at the bar with Aric and Roxie. Just 
outside on the other side of the door.....
Two little feet make their way up onto the sidewalk. They 
stop, pick up the cross and chain that was dropped.
Back inside the three continue to talk...
*Luke* "This was really nice of you two to offer to host thanksgiving, especially
 after hosting the reception last month."
*Roxie* "We were happy to do it...Right honey?"
*Aric* "Yeah! Definitely it was nice to get us all together again.
Back outside, those two little feet make their way to the door, and reach up on the tips of their little toes....
Grab the handle and pull the heavy door open far 
enough to squeeze through.
*Luke* "Yeah it was nice..."
Luke feels a tug on the back of his pants leg.
Thinking it's Madison at first, he doesn't pay any attention...
but then the little girl speaks and he realizes 
it's not Maddison's voice.
*Girl* "Excuse me...."
Luke spins around to look down at her.
*Luke* "How? Where did you come from?"
*Girl* "Have you seen my mommy?"
*Luke* "I don't know, what is your mommy's name? Is she here?"
*Girl* "Rufus..."
Almost everyone in the room now has their eyes on 
the little girl wondering where she came from.
*The girl continues* "Mommy dropped this when a scary man took her away!"
Luke can't seem to find any words, he's speechless.
The little girl wraps her arms around his leg and cries.
*Girl* "Are you my Daddy? Mommy said she came to get my 
Daddy but that scary man took her!"
Roxie swoops in and picks up the little girl who is in full tears now.
She can see Luke is in shock and doesn't know what to do or say.
*Roxie* "What's your name sweetie?"
*Girl sniffling* "Ruby..."
*Roxie* "Did you say some one took your mommy?"
*Ruby still crying* "Yes it was a man and a lady."
*Luke* "Sh*t! I think I know who it was...."
Roxie sits down with Ruby and Luke sits down across from her.
*Aric comes over* "You should call Hayden. If she was kidnapped you gotta call it in!
  If you know who it might be...that could help with finding her."
*Roxie* "Ruby? Are you hungry?"
*Ruby nodding sadly* "Mmmmhmmm...."
Luke looks at his phone debating to call, then realizes it's the right thing to do. Laura finally makes her way over to Luke's side.
*Laura* "Did she say her mother was Rufus?"
*Luke* "Yes she did..."
*Laura* "That means could.."
*Luke* "Be her Father..."
Luke makes the call and a little while later Hayden shows up and Ruby tells him what she saw from inside the car, while she waited for Rufus. Everyone begins to leave in the meantime as the evening dies down, Hayden finishes up outside with Luke and Peter, getting as much info as he can.
Inside Laura straps in Phoenix while talking to Michelle.
*Michelle* "You really think she could be Luke's child?"
*Laura* "Well, the possibility is there, and she looks to be the age their child would be..."
*Michelle* "What if she is? You really think you can handle having to deal with Rufus on a regular basis? You know this is gonna put tension between ya'll"
*Laura* "As much as I hate the idea...there is nothing I can do to change it, if it's true.  
It's not Luke's fault if she kept this all from him."
Roxie stands and chats with Willow, while Ruby finishes 
eating the plate that was made for her.
*Willow* "This has got to be the craziest Thanksgiving dinner I have ever been to."
*Roxie* "Tell me about it..."
By the bar Benjamin and Aric talk quietly...
*Benjamin* "There's never a dull moment around here is there?"
*Aric* "Ain't that the truth! Good thing your Nana didn't spill the beans."
*Benjamin* "Sh*t! Even still, that wouldn't top what just happened!"
Outside Hayden finishes up with Peter and Luke.
*Hayden* "Okay well that's it for now. I'll have her car towed and 
I'll be in touch with you tomorrow. 
*Luke* "Where is a...Ruby gonna go?"
*Hayden* "I'll take her to the foster care facility for now..."
*Luke* "You really think that is best? Her mother is a well known musician.."
*Hayden* "It's all I got at the moment."
*Luke* "What about the media? You think they'll get wind of all this?"
*Hayden* "I'll try to keep it on the down lo, but if they get a whiff of something then they'll be on the hunt to find out answers, so be prepared..."
The guys head back inside and Hayden announces he is done 
and gonna take little Ruby with him. Laura interrupts....
*Laura* "Wouldn't it be better if she came with us? At least for the night..."
*Hayden* "Standard procedure would be for me to send her to foster care."
*Laura* "Yes I know, but it's late and she's scared..."
Hayden thinks for a moment, sending her to foster care might alert the media sooner as to what has happened.
*Hayden* "Okay, fine but just for tonight. Tomorrow hopefully we can get her next of kin a grandparent or aunt."
Luke steps forward and faces his wife.
*Luke* "Are you sure about this? I...I mean we don't know for 
sure what is going on here yet."
*Laura* "Luke, even if she isn't...we just can't abandon her...I know we all have 
more questions than answers right now but she is just a little girl."
So Luke and Laura head back home with Ruby. Laura seems to be taking  it all quite well at the moment. Where as Luke is a little more, 
leery about all of it.
*Laura* "'s late so lets get you ready for bed..."
*Ruby* "Can I sleep with you?"
*Laura* "Sure..."
The End!


  1. What just happened! I am in shock over the fact that Rufus and Luke might have a child together. Rufus being kidnapped by those two psycos is definately a thriller in itself and I am happy to see bens grandmother behaving herself and this function. nice touch with the gay couple as well...they meet my aproval! LOL

    1. Hi Will!
      I briefly showed Rufus holding a child in the Halloween post, where she went to visit the psychic again. :) it's a shocker alright. Yeah it was high time Cade and Fionna made their move...luckily for Benjamin Erica has calmed down about their family matters. I have been wanting to add Colton and Jacob into the mix for a while now just needed a proper way to introduce them:)

  2. Oh. My. Gosh. I have no words! Did NOT see that coming!!!

    At least Erica behaved...

    1. Lol! Gotta keep y'all on your toes! Hehe :)

  3. What KID, MD said LOL!!! What an unexpected turn of events! What a GREAT episode! The story is getting even better than it already was!!!

    1. Yes it was quite unexpected...Luke truly thought he was rid of it seems that is not the case. So glad to hear you enjoyed it!

  4. OMG, you sure can spin a tale! I figured Rufus might be pregnant with Luke's baby now considering what happened 5 months ago and she has gained weight and all. I didn't expect this! Oh my, oh my, oh my. I will be on pins and needles until the next episode!

    1. Hi Phyllis!
      That is still a definite possibility! All of it will unfold in time! Glad to hear you enjoyed it :)))

  5. the twists and turns! You blew everyone away! I know how hard this story was to get it just right! Waiting on tenderhooks for your next story!

    1. Hi Lisa!
      Thanks you it was a tough one to get through, but it's always hard when dealing with a lot of Characters at one time :) I hope to be on time next week and hav it up by Friday!

  6. Esto nunca lo imagine, que gran historia, vaya que Laura es una mujer madura.
    Hasta prontol

    1. Hola Linda!
      Me alegro mucho de que haya disfrutado de la historia! Sí Laura parece estar tomando todo muy bien en este momento

  7. All I have to say is... how soon is the next episode? Hats off to you, well done. ;)

    1. Lol! So glad you enjoyed it! I hoping the have the next one up by next Friday :)

  8. Great episode!!! I never thought about another child. I was thinking that Rufus was pregnant. You really got us with this one!

    1. Hi Georgia Girl!
      Thanks glad you enjoyed it! It seems Rufus has been keeping some secrets! ;-)

  9. Blindsided by eve-ry-th-ing! Great story!

  10. Whoa! This one had all kind of twists and turns, it was awesome! To think when Cade commented on Rufus being heavier, there maybe another bun in the oven? Hmmm...Enquiring minds wanna know, lol.

    Laura, is just a sweetheart...hands down. I am glad Erica didn't get the opportunity to spark drama and b'sides...Rufus drama seems to trump other drama every time. :-)

    Looking forward to next episode...

    1. Hi Tracy :)
      That is for sure Rufus always gets everyone in tizzy lol! Yeah she very well could be or She just gained some weight...laura is handling it all well for now but you know she is gonna want luke to fess up about Cade and why he thinks he was behind it....I think too that she is a mother now feels for little Ruby... Glad you enjoyed it and I hope to be in time in posting the next one:-)

  11. Well, well, well. Who knew? I have to give props to Laura for taking little Ruby in. That was the honorable thing to do. Lordy, if Rufus is also pregnant on top of this, I don't know that Laura will be able to handle it. It's one thing for there to be a child from before she and Luke were involved. But to possibly have another one on the way..... If I was Luke, I would get ready to sleep with one eye open.

    1. Hi Vanessa :-)
      Yeah lol he may need to start sleeping with one eye open! I agree if Ruby turns out to be Luke's that's one thing but Laura might not be so understanding if he knocked her up again...

  12. Ok I just got a headache...and my stomach is kind of churny. LOL I love Luke and Laura together so much! Tell Cade to bring Rufus over here to me! LOL
    I need to talk to Luke and tell him to rev up his game plan. He might want to buy Laura a new car or large diamond or something!

    1. lol! oh no! I know they are great together! I hope they can stay strong through it all! lol! He might need to do something special for her!

  13. i love this episode! i briefly remember a conversation or a memory where rufus and luke was talking about their baby and rufus kind of hesitated and she never said the baby was gone. i give laura props for doing the right thing. if you love your man you love his children. i can't wait to see what else happens.

    1. Thanks! Yes, it was mentioned several times, but Rufus told him she miscarried....So he thought there was no baby, and she continued to lead him on about it. I agree she can't be mad at Luke, about Ruby if he never knew she was born. :)

  14. Well, that was unexpected! I was expecting a bun in the oven but not a fully grown rug rat. Great storytelling.

    1. Lol! yeah! we all thought she was pregnant....but we'll see you never know!!!

  15. So Luke has a baby with Rufus? Wow, that was unexpected! I love this turn in situation! And as far as I see there's a chance for another one with her, hahaha. I wonder what Cade and Fiona are planning and why they aren't planning any revenge on Luke?

    1. lol! Yeah, quite an unexpected turn of events! Don't worry I got more to come soon! Glad you are enjoying it all ;)

  16. Wonderful blog! Beautiful dolls and photos >^.^<