Saturday, January 31, 2015

No Bad Deed Goes Unpunished...

 Caution! This episode contains some at your own risk!

Both Cade and Fionna are in shock! This is definitely gonna put their plan off course, or change it completely....
*Cade* "What?!..."
*Fionna* "She's pregnant! When did this happen?..."
Fionna counts the months since that day he 
kidnapped her from Rufus' hotel room...
*Fionna* "Oh my god, Cade? Did you rape her?!"
Cade turns and tosses his beer in the sink. Rufus being pregnant is another thing neither one of them knew about...
*Cade* "I didn't touch her. It was Cooper, it had to be. I left him there knocked out on the floor."
*Fionna* "So what do we do now? I don't know if I can follow through with this 
knowing she is pregnant...Maybe we should just drop her somewhere and go"
Rufus, over hearing Fionna's doubts about it all now begins to plead, 
asking them to let her go.
*Rufus* "Yes! Please...just let me go! I won't tell anyone! I'll pay you whatever you want! Please!....please!...just let me go!"
Ignoring Rufus, Fionna steps closer to Cade and lowers her voice, 
so that Rufus cannot hear her.
 *Fionna* "Maybe we should just drop everything and go...We've got enough money to leave the country and start over somewhere else."
*Cade deep in thought and not happy* "Hmmm...I don't know, just let me think!..."
 While the two are distracted, Rufus tries to roll onto 
her side so she can get up.
But she is having trouble sitting up without being able to use her hands, especially since she is nearly 6 months pregnant.
She bumps the brown paper bag, and the crinkling sound of paper stirs the silence, Cade looks up at her...his gaze looks ominous and full of hate for her.
*Cade through clenched teeth* "Your always f*cking sh*t up for me! You stupid b*tch! 
You're gonna pay for this!"
 He pushes Fionna aside and in two big strides, grabs Rufus 
by her hair and pulls her up.
 *Fionna* "Cade! Calm down, we'll figure this out..."
 *Cade* "It' too late for that. She's lying about more...Who else knows your here, Rufus?! 
Does Cooper know about this bun in the oven? Don't lie to me."
He holds her hair tightly demanding a quick and 
honest response.
*Rufus* "Ahhh! No! I told you! Only Margaret knows I'm here...I swear."
*Cade* "Does she know your pregnant?..."
Rufus doesn't respond, quick enough and glares up at him. 
Cade throws her back and slaps her hard.
*Cade* "You cocky little c*nt! Answer me! Who else knows?!"
Rufus moans and blinks her eyes, she can't find her voice now even if she  tried, she is disoriented, tired, hungry, and thirsty.
Cade looses his patience, he pulls her up getting
 ready to hit her again.
*Rufus voice shaking* "N...n..n..nobody! Nobody knows I'm pregnant!"
Cade stands back up, looming over her he reaches behind 
his back for his gun.
 *Cade* "Good...because when I am through with'll regret ever firing me!"
*Fionna* "Cade! Get a grip! We need her conscious and coherent if we're gonna 
finish what we started..."
*Fionna continues* "Why throw out a plan we've been working on for months?..."
*Cade* "Somethings not right, Fi...I can feel it. She's lying."
 *Rufus moans* "Please! Just let me go! I swear I won't go to the cops!..."
Cade not feeling the least bit sympathetic, grabs her 
and tosses her down. Her head hits the hard wood floor, and Rufus struggles to stay conscious.
*Fionna* "Cade, we need her conscious...."
*Cade* "What we need is for her to be beaten into submission...She's hiding...
Fionna's computer beeps interrupting Cade...She stops 
and goes to see what it is.
Fionna taps away at the keyboard, while Cade waits
 but he's not a patient man.
*Cade* "What is it? What's going on?!"
*Fionna* "We've got company..."
*Fionna continues* "Someone triggered the alarm south of us..."
*Cade impatient* "Who?!..."
*Fionna* "Give me a sec..."
Then her laptop...makes another sound, another alarm 
that was set has been triggered.
*Fionna* "Sh*t!...This is not good..."
*Cade grumbles* "It's the cops, isn't it?!..."
*Fionna* "I think so, the alarm north of us just went off....Who ever it is should be
 coming across my video feed here very soon."
Cade is livid, furiously enraged that Rufus has yet again screwed everything up for him. First she gets him fired, then blackballs him from getting another job as a body guard, so he took to the darker side of things cleaning up after Hollywood's dirty, gritty messes. Business was good. Then out of the blue Peter calls him, the temptation of getting revenge took over, and he eventually showed up. Then the minute he plots his revenge, Luke barges in after Rufus calls him in a panic. Cade settles for kidnapping Fionna and learns they had a lot in common, together they hatched a plan and were ready to follow it through.  Now he stands over her, gun in hand and questions himself wondering why he shouldn't just end her life right here, right now...
*Cade* "You're like a weed, Rufus!...You just keep coming back!..
How'd they find us?!..."
*Rufus* "I....I..."
Cade kicks her hard, not holding back, his rage fueling him 
and wanting to release it all on Rufus.  
A guttural cry comes from Rufus, and Cade shifts his weight getting ready to come at her again. At the table Fionna is deep in concentration, waiting for whoever triggered the alarms shows up on camera.
*Fionna* "Cade! Look!..."
Cade stops seeing she is passed out, he goes to see 
what Fionna has to show him.
*Fionna* "We've got to get outta here! In 5 more minutes they'll be swarming 
all around this place."
*Cade* "Time to go...pack it up."
Fionna packs up the backpack with the items they don't want to leave behind, while Cade stands over Rufus, who is still out cold.
*Cade* "Maybe I should just, end it for her here and now that way she can't 
tell the boys in blue everything..."
*Fionna* "I know your angry, but we gotta go! No time!.."
Cade growls, he knows she is right. Especially if they want 
to get out of here alive.
*Cade* "Let's go...I'll cover you, get to the bike quick."
*Fionna* "Right..."
Cade steps over Rufus and the terrible twosome hope they 
can make their escape.
While things fall apart for Cade and Fionna, it's not going 
so well for Luke and Laura either. Luke comes upstairs after saying goodbye to Margaret and Ruby. Laura is in tears, and packing his clothes into a bag. Phoenix sits on the bed and is calm, still too young to understand any of it.
 *Luke* "Laura...Babe...Stop...Please, can't we just finish talking?"
*Laura* "What's left to talk about? You cheated on me, Luke...After you promised 
me that it would never happen!"
Laura continues to pack the bag of clothes...
 *Luke* "Babe, The last thing I wanted to do was hurt you! 
Please just hear me out..."
Luke waves his arm to the doorway...
*Luke* "I'll sleep on the couch, to give you space, but please...Please, Baby."
 Laura stops shoving clothes into the bag and looks up at him for the first time since he came into the room.
*Laura sobs* "Stop! Just stop!...and stop trying to sweet talk me! Do you have any idea how I feel right now?! *More tears flow*  I pretty much threw myself at you that evening, wanting things to be right between us after we argued! And now I know exactly, why you refused! You weren't concerned about me being pregnant, you'd just had sex with your ex!"
Luke steps in closer to her and pulls her in a bit so he 
can look her straight in the eyes.
*Luke* "You have every right to be mad at me right now...I'm not asking you to 
forgive me, just hear me out...Let me finish telling you what happened."
Laura looks up at him, she can see he is sincere, 
but is it too late?
*Laura* "Luke....I...I just don't know if I can listen to what you have to say 
right now...or ever!"
She steps back out of  his hold, needing to break their contact.
*Laura continues, still crying* "I feel so betrayed right now!..., and a 'Sorry, Babe I screwed up..' Is not going to smooth things over, Luke! You stood there before friends and family, and spoke our vows when you knew what you had done! No...I can't listen to what you have to say right now."
Laura goes back to packing his bag, tears falling faster than 
she can wipe them away...
*Luke* "I meant every word the day we got married, I love you! Believe me,  I wanted to tell you! But I didn't want to hurt you either...Laura, look at me..."
When she doesn't stop, he steps in closer, and pulls her away from the bag of clothes. She looks up at him and the pain in her eyes, is like a stab to the heart.
*Luke* "I could say I'm sorry over and over, I know it won't be enough. I f*cked up, but what happened that night, wasn't love, or even lust. I was way too worked up, I was angry about our fight. I was angry at Cade. I was even angry at Rufus for not leaving when I told her to...What happened between us was not affectionate...I don't love her. I would take it all back if I could...I'm sorry I pushed you away that night."
Laura just stares at him for a beat, wishing this is all just a terrible dream. On some level she knows he's torn up about it all but, her trust in him is so shattered she doesn't know if the pieces can be put back together.
*Laura sobs out his name* "Luke...I'm just...not"
*Luke* "Please, don't kick me out...Please..."
He pulls her into his body, he wants to comfort her 
and hopes she'll let him. She stands stiff and does not reach out for him. So, Luke starts to talk again...
*Luke* "I'm sorry I hurt you, and broke promises I've made to you...but you're the best damn thing that has ever happened to me. I love you, and our baby boy..."
Then Luke's phone starts ringing, the sound breaks her trance and Laura pulls away. Luke reaches into his pocket to grab his phone.
*Laura* "Is it Jacob?"
*Luke* "No, it's Hayden....It must be news of Ruf...
He looks up at her, not finishing his sentence, 
she's not happy...
*Laura* "Don't answer it...he can leave a message."
*Luke* "I can't, I asked him to call me..."
*Laura crosses her arms* "Why?...We know Ruby is not yours...Why do you care?"
*Luke* "B...Because, I need to know if she's okay..."
Luke looks down at his phone...What he really wants to make sure of is she doesn't incriminate him or Peter as being a part of this kidnapping.
*Laura* "Don't!..."
*Luke* "Just gimme 5 minutes..."
Then he answers the phone, catching it before it goes to voicemail.
Laura flops onto the bed, irritated because Rufus yet again, 
comes between them. Luke walks into the hallway and listens, while Hayden talks to him...
*Hayden* "Rufus was unconscious when we found her, she came to in the ambulance and was mumbling your name...I'm not gonna lie to you she's not good, being rushed into emergency surgery."
*Luke* "Sh*t?!....Which hospital?..." 
*Hayden* "Saint Rosaline..."
*Luke* "Okay...Okay, I'm on my way."
*Hayden* "You sure about that? It's late..."
*Luke* "Yes...I need to make sure she's okay."

To be Continued!...


  1. OH MY, OH MY! Wow, such developments. If Luke really wants to fix things with Laura, he better not go to Rufus's side. He can wait and have Hayden let him know. But, of course, he is worried about his sorry a**. Once again, you have left us on pins and needles! Hope we don't have to wait too long for the next episode! I know, you have a life, but girl, you got me clamoring for more!

  2. Oh my goodness!! This has gotten deep. Laura should divorce Luke in a NY second if he goes to Rufus. I was rooting for him up to this point. This was his chance to make things right and once again, he is being a jerk. I can't wait for the next episode.

  3. Poor Rufus, I hope she will be fine. Cade is in deep sh*t right now, I doubt it will finish good for him, pity.I hope he will manage to run away this time too. I guess Rufus will loose her baby, thanks to Cade, damn guy, I wanted to see Lukes face when he will hear that he will have a baby with her. Now Luke will be free from any connections and obligations toward Rufus again, pfff. Luke made made correct decision, good that he at least has some soft spot for her .
    Laura is annoying beyond words, sometimes I can't comment because of her,because it wold be only profanities, haha,
    Just one thing, who's apartement are Laura and Luke living at? If they are renting it togheter, why it's Luke who has to move out and not her, if it's she who wants to stay away from Luke for some time? I believe in equality, and such things are always bothering me.

    I know I repeat it often, but you are really talented in creating this stories, characters are very full of life, while reading you can keep your fingers crossed for some, some you can pity, you are getting angry at some, you want to punch some straight in their face.This is the first photo story that got me really hooked .I really like to read some other stories too, but only your characters have power to give me any feeling about them.

  4. All I can say is....WOW!! Cade is one brute if you ask me! Poor Rufus, she doesnt deserve to have this happen to her.. I surely hpe that she doesnt loose her baby a second time. I think it goes to show that Luke still has a thing for Rufus and poor lara needs to cut her losses now and move on. Great story

  5. Cade needs his arse kicked, I hope he is apprehended, FiFi too. Ru probably has abruptio placenta which could possibly kill her or the baby. I want to smack Laura, Luke is trying. He knows he f'd up everything and is trying to make it right and if Laura can't see that she is the one thing he can't do without then damned her. What kind of man would she have to just turn his back on someone who his own actions put in jeopardy? She won't find a better man. I'm not saying be his fool but sometimes you have to stand by your man and give him tough love. She needs go to her parent's house for a min.

  6. Well, I will be ding danged! Is Luke nuts? Leaving his wife in the heat of an argument to go see Rufus? He still loves that woman. If he didn't I would recommend he have Laura with him at the hospital or not go at all! Grrr he is really getting on my nerves making bad decisions all of the time...the ninny!
    I hope Rufus gets better and get on some good psychotropic meds and get her life back on track.

    btw I would usually agree with Jewels about who should leave but a baby is involved. Poor Phoenix. is he going to be without a dad in the home?

    Also, your dialogue is always on target and realistic!

  7. OMG! This is better than TV! The situation is getting tense now, and I don't think Laura will be able to forgive Luke when she finds out he got Rufus pregnant. On the other hand, she may lose this baby too and then things may not be so bad, unless she dies and Luke has to raise the baby. Oh man, can't wait to see how this all plays out!

  8. I can't wait for the next one.

  9. I was watching some Judge program and the lady was complaining that on Valentines Day her boyfriend bailed on plans they had to go to Disney to go see and comfort his ex who had just broken up with her boyfriend that day. The situation with Luke and Laura totally reminds me of that! If you are in the middle of something with YOUR MAN and he leaves to check on his ex, something is not right about that.

  10. I just read everyone's comments. And as I was reading the Luke and Laura part, I was ready to smack Luke. He really needed to put Laura first in that moment. BUT THEN, I remembered how they got here in the first place.....Laura not wanting to have sex with her husband. Well, well, well. If she hadn't been holding out for so long, he more than likely would never have slept with Rufus. I have never understood women who hold back sex, then get upset when their man sleeps with someone else. I was completely feeling for her the past few episodes, but she brought this on herself.