Friday, January 16, 2015

Who's Your Daddy?

 While Luke was gathering his thoughts and trying to pull himself together, after dropping a huge confession on Laura. Everyone else is downstairs. Laura sits at the table to feed Phoenix. Peter has just come in through the front door with Hayden, and Ruby who is being carried by Margaret, Rufus' trusted housekeeper/ nanny.
*Peter looking at Laura* "Where's Luke?..."
Laura doesn't look up at Peter, her eyes are probably already 
puffy and red from crying, so she continues to scoop food into Phoenix's mouth.
 *Laura* "He's upstairs..."
Peter figures from her body language and her short response 
that Luke told her the truth. Turning back to Hayden...
*Peter* "I'm just gonna run up there and get him..."
*Hayden* "Sure..."
But before Peter can turn around Luke is there... 
*Luke in a somber tone* "Don't bother...I'm here." 
Luke's tone confirms what Peter thought, he must have told her the truth, they both seem to be moping about now.
*Peter* "Everything okay?..."
It's not and Peter knows it but Luke just responds in a nonchalant manner the best that he can.
*Luke* "Yeah..."
But Luke's attention is quickly diverted to the woman holding Ruby...It's been years since he's seen Margaret and goes to greet her immediately.
*Margaret* "Luke! It's so wonderful to see you again, although I'm sorry 
it's under these circumstances..."

*Luke* "It's good to see you as well...How have you been?"
While Luke talks with Margaret, Peter and Hayden decide to head upstairs to get the package of weed and talk about what 
happened this morning with Cade.
*Hayden* "So where's that weed?"
*Peter* "It's up in Luke's office..."
*Hayden* "Let's go get it, and you can tell me about your morning..,"
*Peter* " for me..."
Ruby meanwhile busies herself with the basket of toys 
that is in the living area.
Peter leads Hayden upstairs, while Luke introduces Margaret to Laura. She may be mad at him but she's still his wife and deserves a proper introduction.
*Luke* "Babe, this is Margaret Roberts...Margaret, this is my wife Laura."
*Laura waves and smiles* "Hello..."
*Margaret smiles back* "Hi!..So nice to meet you!"
*Marget continues* "And who is this handsome little boy?..."
*Luke* "This is our son, Phoenix...He's uh 5..."
 *Laura* "He's 6 months Luke..."
*Margaret* "Well...he is just precious...I guess we should talk then."
Luke nods, he is dying to get some kind of confirmation if Ruby is his or not.  The paternity test they had done this morning won't be in for about a week. Margaret sits at the table and Luke offers her something to drink.
*Margaret* "Some water would be just fine..."
So Luke gives her one of the fancy bottled waters Laura likes to buy for unexpected guests...and Margaret gets down to business.
*Margaret* "I'm sure you two are on pins and needles wondering about Ruby."
*Luke* "Yeah..."
*Margaret* "Rufus was a wreck after you left her Luke, she was depressed for sometime but..."
 *Margaret continues* "...Just like the news reported she was sick, not physically,
but mentally, this is when the band started to break apart. Everyone was tired of her erratic behavior. Which we later learned she may possibly be bipolar."
*Luke wanting to just get to the point* "So why did she tell me she lost the baby?"
*Margaret* "Because she did..."
Luke looks confused and so does Laura. Margaret continues...
*Margaret* "Ruby is not your child, Luke...but I suggest you have a paternity test
done just to show proof that she isn't..."
Luke blows out a huge sigh of relief, he did not want 
to have a child with Rufus...
*Luke* "Holy sh*t! And your sure about all of this?"
*Margaret nods* "Yes, She miscarried your baby..."
*Laura jumps into the conversation* "So is Ruby adopted?..."
*Margaret* "No, she is Rufus' child...Rufus had a few short term relationships, right before the band broke up...One of those fellas is Ruby's father, but she would rather think that Ruby is yours..."
 *Luke with frustration* "Of course she would..."
 Peter hearing the trail end of their conversation, speaks up...
*Peter* "So? Did I hear it right? She's your kid?"
 *Luke* "No she's not mine...But she's been telling Ruby that I am."
Peter pats Luke's shoulder, even he is relieved to hear it. Peter has never gotten along with Rufus.
*Peter* "This is good news! At least you know now..."
Luke just shrugs his shoulders...he's still worried about what he told Laura and how that's gonna go down.
*Hayden* "Did you tell them everything you told me, Ms. Roberts? Not yet,
I just finished telling them about, Ruby. I think you can fill them in on the rest."
Everyone else in the room is now curious as to what 
other news they have, so Hayden doesn't keep them wondering
 any longer...
*Hayden* "Ms. Roberts made us aware that one of the bracelets Rufus wears has a tracking device on it. I should be getting a call soon once they pinpoint her location, lets just hope she is still wearing it."
*Luke* "So does that mean, you may find her?"
*Hayden* "That's what we are counting on..."
*Peter* "Oh sh*t! Well, she was always a paranoid person. What about Cade and Fionna?"
*Hayden* "They'll be taken into custody...I'm just hoping things go smoothly."
The ladies get up while the men continue to talk 
for a few more minutes.
*Hayden* "I've got to get back to the station..."
*Peter* "I better leave too, I gotta get to work."
*Luke* "Call me the minute you hear anything...I don't care what time it is."
*Hayden* "Will do.."

 Laura takes Phoenix upstairs and Margaret 
goes to check on Ruby.
 *Margaret* "Ruby, sweetie, it's time to go..."
*Ruby* "No! I like it here..."
*Margaret* "I know, but we need to back to the hotel and wait for your
 mommy to come back."
 *Ruby* "Okay..."
Margaret and Ruby head to the front door, and Luke already
there waiting to say goodbye...

 *Margaret* "Ruby, the toy stays here..."
*Ruby* "No!..."
*Luke* "It's her stuffed animal Laura bought it for her."
*Margaret* "Oh! Okay...well then let's go Ruby dear."
Then she turns to look at Luke.
*Margaret* "Thanks for taking care of her..."
*Luke* "You should be thanking Laura, she's the one who took care of her."
*Margaret smiles* "She looked upset earlier, are you two okay?..."
*Luke* "I hope so, Rufus has put a lot of tension between us."
*Margaret* "Oh Luke! I'm so sorry...Rufus has had a hard time letting you go. I've told her many times to move on. I should have came down here with her, but she insisted I stay back in LA with Ruby. I'm just hoping she's okay and they find her safe and sound."

 *Luke* "I'm glad she still has you Margaret..."
*Margaret* "Rufus may be a wild child but I care about her...Goodnight Luke."
They say their final goodbyes, then Margaret heads 
out the door with Ruby.
While Luke and Laura were learning the truth about Ruby. Cade and Fionna are in for some surprises as well.
Fionna sits at the small table, and types up a note on her laptop. Rufus is still tied and laying on the bed. She is getting restless, still not knowing fully what Cade and Fionna plan on doing with her. 
*Rufus* "Can I get some water?...."
But Fionna doesn't respond right away and Rufus 
gets impatient.
*Rufus* "Fi! Water now!..."
Then Fionna looks up at Rufus....
*Fionna* "Oh?! You think talking to me like that is gonna get you what you want?...I'm busy."
*Rufus* "Fi, Please....I'm so thirsty...just let me sit up and drink some water."
*Fionna* "I'll think about it..."
Then she goes back to typing on her laptop. Rufus lets out a soft quiet sigh, and tries to be patient. This not knowing what is gonna happen next has her on edge...
A short while later Cade comes in with a brown paper bag under his arm. He doesn't look in Rufus' direction, focused on Fionna, he speaks to her...
*Cade* "Did you get it done?..."
*Fionna* "I'm finishing it up right now. How'd it go with Peter?"
*Cade* "Like I expected it...When you're done I need you to change, Rufus into these clothes. We need to get a move on into the next part of our plan..."
Fionna's curiosity is piqued and she gets up to see 
exactly what is in the bag.
*Fionna laughs* "Let me see! Did you find her some nice ratty hand me downs for her to wear?"
*Cade* "I grabbed whatever I could find out of that donation bin we saw the other day."
Rufus'  impulsive mouth gets the best of her and she blurts out, 
angry at these two for what they are doing to her.
*Rufus* "I am not wearing that garbage!...Neither of you come near me!"
Cade passes the bag to Fionna, then heads over to the fridge for something to drink. Fionna sets the bag down, and looks at Rufus.
*Fionna with some sarcasm* "Is that right? You really think you can boss us around?
Have you forgotten who is in control here?"
*Rufus* "All I did was be good to you! I treated you
like a princess and this is how you repay me?"
*Fionna laughs* "You are so delusional! You just forgot about me the minute I was taken!
You didn't care what happened to me!...All you've ever cared about is yourself!"
Then Fionna climbs on top of her straddling her 
legs over Rufus' body, shoving her back into the mattress.
*Fionna* "Payback is a b*tch, Rufus! And she's here to make sure
you get what you deserve..."
While Fionna is with Rufus, Cade just stands there and watches, he enjoys seeing Fionna take control of her thirst for revenge.
*Fionna taunting* "Time to take off those pretty designer clothes..."
*Rufus getting defensive* "Get off of me!...Don't touch me!"
Rufus wiggles but can't move much Fionna has her pinned down.
Once she gives up, Fionna pulls open her jacket, and gasps in shock.
*Fionna* "Ohmygod! Cade! She's pregnant!..."

To be continued!


  1. Replies
    1. Hi Julia!
      Thank you! So glad your enjoying it :)

  2. OK, I don't quite know where to begin! First, another great episode. I don't know how you do it! You have a very nice talent for spinning a tale! I am glad that Ruby is not Luke's child, but maybe that would be better than her being pregnant with his baby now. That could put irreparable damage between Luke and Laura. And hopefully, Hayden will get to Cade and Fionna before anything else happens to Rufus. As much as I don't like her, I do kind of feel sorry for her. As always, I will be waiting on pins and needles for the next episode. This is better than a TV show!

    1. Hi Phyllis!
      Lol! I know that feeling, I have been hashing over this for a while now, sometimes I have a hard time deciding what direction I want it to go. Glad you are enjoying it :)
      It is good news that Ruby is not Luke's but this doesn't me that all ties to her can now be severed. I agree a baby now with Rufus could really hurt Luke and Laura...We'll see!
      I agree Rufus has had it rough, but she plays the part so well :)
      Thanks Again!

  3. *Runs screeching through house* Noooooooo. Poor LuLa, yes I gave Luke and Laura a name. They are over now. Bipolar is a terrible disorder, it explains Ru's crazy obsession, but Luke can't have that as a baby mama. I don't know what I'd do in Laura's situation, yeah I'd love my man but his crazy ass ex would make me snap.

    1. Hahahahaha! At first I thought you misspelled Luke's name, then I kept reading and got it. ;P
      I agree bipolar is rough not just for the person suffering but their friends and family as well. It does definitely explain her obsession, I agree Rufus will need to clean up her act and get it together...
      I don't think I know what I would do either. I too think I would snap, let's hope Laura stays strong....

  4. Your storyline is so darn enthralling! This is just so much fun to wait for! Total awesomeness. One thing I have always wondered, did you name Luke and Laura after the two on the soap opera, I think it is Days of our Lives, (not sure since my mom watched that stuff and I didn't). The names have a great ring to them and go together like your two dolls.

    1. Hi Lisa!
      Thank you! Sometimes I worry it may be too much, lol! I promise things will calm down for them eventually, somehow, I just hope Luke and Laura make it through all of it :)
      Yes! General Hospital was where Luke and Laura were from, my mother used to watch it too :)
      I do however watch Days of Our Lives..have been since I was as teenager. I even got Hubby watching it with me lol!
      It wasn't 100% intentional that I named them that. I actually had bought Laura first. I named her that cause she reminded me of my cousin. Then I got Luke (captain jack) and was trying to figure out a name for him, I've always liked the name Luke and it fit so well for I went with it :)

  5. Omg! If Luke is the father Laura is going to be so upset!!!!! Why Rufus?! Why?!?!?

    1. Hi Kristen!
      Yeah she will! but so far no one knows about it! It's not Rufus' fault Luke took advantage of her that night. :)

  6. Hello from Spain: I really like the story. Very interesting. Fabulous photos. Awesome furniture and outfits. Great job. Keep in touch

    1. Hi Marta!
      Thank you, So glad to hear you're enjoying the episodes :)

  7. Poor Rufus! I hope she's rescued soon, poor thing, in her condition! Luke and Laura are falling from one emotion into another, I feel sorry for them both too. This is getting better and better and better, and the story was already AWESOME!!! Great job!!!

    1. I agree Rufus has had it rough lately :) I'm hoping they can get through it. so glad you are enjoying it all!

  8. I squeal every time baby Phoenix is shown! He is just too adorable for words. The story has me on the edge of my seat!

    1. Awww Phoenix is a cutie! I just got a larger baby to play the part....
      Glad you are enjoying the episodes! :)

  9. This is so sooo good! Having just read from zero to go I feel that poor Luke is getting the sharp end of the stick - he has put up with so much of Laura's crap, can't she be a little forgiving and just let the indiscretion go? Sex is just sex for guys, it doesn't mean anything when it's a situation-bonk.
    Loving your series, great work as usual!

    1. Hi and Thank you!
      I think Laura has had it rough too, she had to deal with a stressful pregnancy, then on top of that, worry about Rufus. Even after Luke promised he would handle it and to trust him, so she did. He ended up breaking her trust and having sex with his ex... I agree for guys sex is not the same, Luke just needed to vent his anger and frustration but it still doesn't excuse what he did. I hope Laura can forgive him, but Luke needs to figure out if he wants to be like his mom and ruin every good relationship he's got into or man up and be father and a husband.
      Thanks so much for commenting, so glad to hear you're enjoying it :)

  10. I knew it, I knew it! I've got my sister reading your blog (and she's not even a collector) and I should have bet a wager that Rufus was preggers. The ish is about to get real, lol. I feel for Luke and Laura but I must say...this is going to be dramaticalastic (new word.)

    Bring it!

    1. You knew it wasn't over ;-) I kept dropping hints here n! Yeah I bet you would have won that wager ;P
      I have a few people now who don't collect dolls but are into the story and the scenes... I was always worried about how non collectors would react but it's been positive so far! Even my 70 yr old uncle follows me on IG lol! He's amazed at my craftsmanship.
      Oh yes! If the shit didn't hit the fan before, it's gonna now. lol! It's interesting to see everyone's reactions, some stay true to Luke, others move back and forth between characters(me included) and others are on Rufus' side.
      Dramaticalastic! lol! For sure! I don't know how they will recover from Luke's betrayal...

  11. OMG! I did not see that one coming! I can't wait for the next episode and how this all plays out. Lol, I just started following along a couple of months ago and I'm already hooked. I definitely can't see Luke and Laura's marriage working out after this if this is his baby.

    1. So glad to hear you enjoyed it!
      The demand to keep you all on your toes, is trying but fun! :)
      I agree, if Luke is having a baby with Rufus then this could get real ugly. Laura was okay with Ruby being his, but now we know that's not the truth. More to be revealed in the next episode!

  12. Great episode!!! It is one thing after another. First Ruby, now Rufus is pregnant. This will destroy their marriage. Your storytelling is so awesome, there has to be a twist to it all. Looking forward to the next episode.

    PS. Phoenix is SO cute!

  13. Whew! Wiping the beads of sweat from my head! Ruby is not his. Thank you! If Rufus is bi-polar then it is her responsibility to get help. She can't go around chasing Luke for ever! She and Luke might deserve one another. He keeps making these stupid mistakes! I think Laura should tell her parents and let them help her though it if the baby is his. It will be too much for her to do alone.
    Phoenix is so sweet! Who knows, that baby might not be his either though! We shall see! Can't wait!

  14. Dang, this is not good. Poor Laura! I was excited Ruby wasn't his, but this is so much worse. It's one thing to have a baby with someone before you get with your wife. It's a totally different animal when you have one while you are a newlywed. Men can be so stupid! I speak from recent experience on this one. And to be tied to Rufus forever! Let's say that again...FOREVER!!! My heart aches for all parties involved.