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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Hanging in the Balance...

 Luke hangs up the phone with Hayden and looks up, Laura is standing in the doorway of their bedroom holding Phoenix...
*Laura* "So just like that, you're gonna leave to see if she is okay? I thought you 
wanted to work this out?..."
*Luke* "I do! I'll be back...Hayden said it was bad, she's in surgery..."
Luke walks to stand next her by the doorway. He doesn't want to leave but, he also wants to make sure that Rufus is okay.
*Luke* "I feel responsible for some of this you know? I don't love Rufus but 
I do care what happens to her..."
*Laura* "You've done some serious damage to this relationship..."
*Luke* "And I'm trying to make it right, Babe..."
*Laura* "Are you really?...."
*Laura* "Because I'm having trouble believing you..."
*Luke* "I won't be gone long, she has no family, and I can't live with my self if
something happens to her..."
*Laura sighs heavily* "Luke...I understand you feel bad but....can't Margaret
be there for her? I just..."
Luke ushers her back into the bedroom...
 *Luke* "Yeah, and I'm sure she will, but...I need to do this for myself...I promise I'll be 
back, two hours tops..Just get Phoenix to bed and when I come back we can talk."

*Laura* " You promise?! Luke those are the last words I want to hear..."
*Luke* "Well, what else can I say?!..."
*Laura* "That you're not going anywhere...That you're gonna stay here
 with me, your wife!"
Tension is starting to rise between them as they attempt
 to work it out.
*Luke* "Laura...She's in the hospital fighting for her life! I'm not gonna cheat on you!..."
*Laura* "Unbelievable!...I cannot believe you think, I think that! It's about you 
choosing her over me!"
 *Luke* "But I didn't choose her! I'm not choosing her. Babe, I married you...
I love you... and I still do."
 *Laura* "Then don't go!..."
*Luke* "I just explained to you why..." 
Phoenix starts to cry, he's tired and the tension between them is starting to upset him. Laura turns away trying to sooth him.
 *Luke* "Plus I just told you that what happened, that day meant
nothing to me...I'm trying here..."
 *Laura* "Just leave...I think it's best if you just stay at Peter's for a while.
It's late and I need to put Phoenix to bed..."
*Luke* "Now you want me to leave? I thought you wanted to
 work this out? That's it then, your just done with us?"
Laura turns around, she is tired of arguing and 
Phoenix needs to go to bed.
*Laura* "I don't know...maybe..."
*Laura* "But I do know, I can't stand here and listen to you talk about her anymore, you need to figure out want you want, cause I know I don't want to be married to a man who is in love with another woman!"
*Luke* "I do know what I want! I've known it since the day I first f*cking met you, Laura...And it hasn't changed.
Luke grabs his bag, and Laura stands there tears still streaming 
down. He's hoping she'll change her mind.
*Laura* "Please just go...I think it's best."
So, he picks up the bag and walks out the door, not happy about this situation either, but she needs her space and some time to process them and their relationship.
While Luke attempt to save his marriage, Rufus is out of surgery and has be admitted into the psych ward, so that no one can easily gain access to her.  Special Agent Dana Scully Checks in, she is coming to find out news about Rufus' kidnapping and hopefully question her. 
*Agent Scully* "I'm here to see Rufus Blue...I believe you have her 
admitted under her real name."
*Nurse* "Okay, but you must sign in first...Does Dr. Mangus know you're coming?"
*Agent Scully* "This is a federal investigation..."
*Nurse* "Yes but you need to be on the list of approved visitors..."
Just then Hayden comes down the hallway
 and vouches for her.
 *Hayden* "It's okay, Allison, she's here because I called her."
Allison stands up and greets her.
*Allison* "Okay, not a problem, just sign in and Det. Hayden 
can show you to her room."
*Agent Scully* "Thank you, tight security around here, huh? That's good."
 *Hayden* "This was the best we could do, considering the circumstances..."
*Allison smiles* "Thank you!..."
 Agent Scully smiles back at her then turns and heads for the doorway. Hayden holds out his hand and properly introduces himself.
*Hayden* "Detective Hayden Jones....Nice to finally meet you Agent Scully."
*Agent Scully* "Likewise...So how is Ms. Walker?..." 
*Hayden* "Let's go find Dr. Mangus, he should still be in her room, he can fill 
you in on her medical status."
 *Agent Scully* "Sounds good, lead the way..."
Down the hall in Rufus' hospital room, Dr. Mangus and another Doctor, finish making sure that she is stable and get her comfortable. 
*Dr Mangus* "Okay, we're on the same page then?"
*Other Dr.* "Yes...Of course."
*Dr. Mangus* "Okay let's stick to this meds schedule for now and see how she does, I need to find Det. Hayden...Follow me out."
*Other Dr.* "Of course..."
 The 2 doctors head out of her room while the nurse makes sure all the cables and the IV drip are good to go. Rufus is still very woozy and the movement over her is catching her drug induced attention.
*Rufus* "Mmmmm Where?...."
*Nurse* "Just relax, everything is okay, Ms. Walker..."
*Rufus* "What?...what'd you just call me?..."
 *Nurse* "You need to sleep Ms Walker....just stay calm. You're safe now."
*Rufus* "Why do you keep calling me that! That's not my name....
That's not my name!"
The Nurse places her hands gently on Rufus holding her down. She's just been through some major surgery and needs to regain her strength.
*Nurse* "I understand you're scared but you're safe, Just rest now Miss Rufus...."
The medicine takes over, and she starts to drift back to sleep again.
The Nurse finishes her job, then goes to check in other patients.
A short while later Luke makes his way to the hospital. 

Hayden is standing in the lobby with Agent Scully, and Margaret sits on the couch with Ruby fast asleep next to her.
Luke sees Margaret and nods to her, acknowledging her presence, then he heads straight towards Hayden to find out what is going on and if they caught Cade and Fionna. They shake hands and say hello.

*Hayden* "I'm surprised you're here...It's late, man."
*Luke* "Yeah I know...How is she?"
*Hayden* "First let me introduce you Special Agent Scully...This is Luke Cooper...He's the reason Rufus was down here..."
Luke flinches for a second thinking he was gonna say 
'He's the reason she was kidnapped' .
*Luke snaps out of it and shakes her hand* "Hello...I'm guessing
 they got away if you're involved."
*Agent Scully* "Unfortunately yes, but Cade is also wanted in other states. He's a bad
man Mr. Cooper..."
*Luke* "How did they get away?..."
*Agent Scully* "I can't go into specifics right now, there will be a press release on it tomorrow morning, so brace yourself, you may have the media pounding on your door any minute."
*Luke* "Thanks for the heads up..."
Luke turns back to Hayden.
*Luke* "So how is Rufus?..."
*Hayden* "She's stable now and sleeping...but she lost the baby."
*Luke* "Baby?! She was pregnant?..."
*Hayden* "Yeah she was, You didn't know?..."
*Luke* "Sh*t! How can I be so stupid! This is all my fault..."
*Agent Suclly* "Do you think you were the father of her baby?"
*Luke* "I could have been, how far along was she?"
*Agent Scully* "According to the doctors she was about 25 weeks pregnant."
*Luke* "That's what? Six months? Sh*t!..."
*Margaret* "Luke, don't beat yourself up about this, I didn't even know either."
Luke turns to look at Margaret, surprised she didn't know 
about this turn of events either.
 *Luke* "She never told you about a baby? Or about that evening in her hotel room?"
*Margaret* "No...Is this why your wife is upset?"
*Luke* "Yeah it is..." 
*Margaret* "Oh Luke!...Now I see why she asked me to fly Ruby down alone...
She wanted to convince you to come back to her."
 *Luke* "Yeah that does make sense now..."
*Agent Scully* "I better go...I have a press conference to prep for..."
*Agent Scully* "And I'm sure you'll be there as well?"
*Hayden* "Yes...I'll be there...."
Everyone says goodnight to Special Agent Scully, then they 
go back to talking about Rufus.
*Luke* "Can I go see her?"
*Hayden* "Technically visiting hours are already over, but maybe the Doctor will approve it."
*Margaret* "It's probably best she not be alone when she wakes up..."
*Luke* "Does she know she lost the baby?"
*Hayden* "No, I don't think they told her anything yet, she was heavily sedated for surgery."
*Luke* "Well let's go find the doctor then, Margaret is right, she shouldn't be alone right now."
*Hayden* "Let's talk to the nurse and get you singed in then, we are having to screen all her visitors and make sure she safe."
So after some convincing and a final approval from the doctor. Luke sits in Rufus' room while Margaret stays out in the lobby area with Ruby. He's tired it's been a very, very long day.
 He can't help but sit there and hear Laura's voice over and 
over in his head...
"You need to figure out want you want, cause I know I don't want to be married to a man who is in love with another woman!"
Luke sighs heavily, he doesn't want to loose Laura.
Rufus stirs awake, sensing the presence of another person. Her throat is dry and her body aches all over. She reaches out, making sure she is not dreaming...
*Rufus* "Luke?..."

To Be Continued...