Sunday, May 3, 2015

Meeting with the Marriage Counselor...

It's Friday and Dr. Blanchett sits quietly working at her desk while she waits for her next appointment to arrive, fingers quickly and efficiently tapping the keyboard as she types up her notes from her previous session.
A soft knock at the door signals that her next 
appointment has arrived.
*Dr. Blanchett* "Yes, come in...come in..."
*Laura* "Hi, I have a appointment at 12."
*Dr. Blanchett* "Of course, yes...Please have a seat and I'll 
be right with you."
*Laura* "Okay...My husband is not here yet, though. He should be here soon."
*Dr. Blanchett* "No problem, we'll just give him a few minutes to get here, then we'll get started."
Laura looks around and takes in the cozy little office and breathes in a deep breath. She's nervous and hopes Luke shows up, he said he would.
Dr. Blachett finishes typing, then quickly checks her notes for her current session. She tuns around to face Laura and gestures for her to have a seat and get comfy.
*Dr. Blanchett* "Laura, while we wait, you can tell me a little bit about yourself..."
*Laura* "Well, I worked as the head chef at Ma Cherie, for nearly 8 years. Right now I stay at home with my son Phoenix, who is 10 months old, but I hope to open my own restaurant in a couple more years."
*Dr. Blanchett* "It sounds like you have things very well planned out...Is this 
something you always strive to do?"
*Laura smiles* "I try...Phoenix was not planned but he is the center of my world right now and I can't imagine being anywhere else at the moment."
Then the door swings open and Luke enters the room, 
and Laura takes a sigh of relief...
*Luke* "I'm sorry I'm late, traffic was a little congested..."
*Dr. Blanchett* "You're right on time, we were just about to get started, 
please have a seat."
Luke takes a seat on the couch next to Laura.
*Dr. Blanchett continues* "Okay, Luke...Please, tell me a little 
bit about yourself."
*Luke* "Okay....Um...I was born and raised in Seattle, worked for the band Rock Candy for many tired of it. So I decided to move down here and open my record shop...."
*Luke continues* "I always enjoyed it when we had a tour run through New Orleans. A mutual friend of ours introduced me to Laura.... And well, here we are."
Dr. Blanchett nods as she writes notes down on a paper.
*Dr Blanchett* "Do you know why Laura wants you here today?"
Luke swallows hard, that lump of guilt forming in his throat, he hates having to say the words, just thinking about what he did and how much he hurt Laura makes him sick. Saying it out loud is even harder and it shows when he admits it.
*Luke struggles to get out the words* "Because I....I had sex with my Ex..."
*Dr Blanchett nods in acknowledgement* "Now, Laura...In your own words, tell Luke why
you want him here today."
*Laura* "Because he can't be straight forward with me, I know I was in a fragile state
while pregnant with Phoenix but..."
 *Laura continues* "I still deserve to be told the truth. He thought he was protecting me but instead it felt like I was being shut out. I can't be with him if I can't trust him to be honest and straight forward with me. I know he told me the truth about Rufus because he couldn't live with the guilt anymore, but I still feel like he's not being completely truthful...I don't know..."
*Dr Blanchett* "Luke, since telling Laura about your affair, do you believe you have been completely honest with her?"
*Luke* "It wasn't an affair...I had sex one time with my ex, and it was not because I love Rufus or wanted to cheat on my wife. I was angry...and the sex was more like a release for all that anger and tension.  As soon as it was over I was hating myself for it, I told Rufus I didn't love her, and that what happened should have never happened."
*Dr. Blanchett interrupts* "Okay...Why were you angry?"
*Luke* "Well, everything between us was good, it was great. We were happy, then we had that huge argument about the pre-nup she never told me about...."
*Luke continues* "She was making all these plans with her Mother, and not once did she ever tell me any of this! Until I found the paperwork in an envelope....So yeah I got mad and I left. Then I made the biggest mistake of my f*cking life..."

*Dr. Blanchett clears her throat* "Language please..."
*Luke* "Sorry..."
*Dr. Blanchett* "Okay Laura, how did you feel that day you argued about the pre-nup?"
*Laura* "After we fought and he left me home alone, I was scared. I thought that, that might be it. I'd never seen him that angry before."
*Laura continues* "I wanted to tell him about the pre-nup and all but he was working long hours and I figured I'd just wait till I could read the paperwork first and then show it to him. And I tried to explain all that to him that day but our argument just got out of hand and... and then he leaves and doesn't come back home till late in the evening."
*Laura continues, tears forming* "Now that I think back about that day, I can't help but think that if I had just tried to keep him from leaving, he never would have went to see her. And none of this would have happened!"
Luke reaches out and touches her arm, he doesn't want her to put any blame on herself about that day.
*Luke* "Baby, this is my screw up. I'm sorry I hurt you, but none of it is your fault! I know there have been a lot of ups and downs for us lately and all the crazy  that has been going on..."
*Luke continues* "I love you, and I know I haven't show it much lately by my actions. But I do, I love you and I really am trying here..."
*Dr Blanchett* "Laura the next step is to ask yourself is, if you can forgive Luke... Can you forgive him? Can you accept his actions and yours and what lead to his infidelity?"
*Dr Blanchett continues* "And Luke, you need to ask yourself if you're ready to be fully committed to this marriage and your family. That means you need to always have an open line of communication with each other. Don't backpedal, be truthful...."
*Luke* "But every time I bring up Rufus, she gets angry, even long before she was pregnant and Rufus had showed up in town, Laura never liked me talking about her. So I just stopped telling her about stuff especially with added stress of her pregnancy I didn't want to make things worse."
Laura realizing that over the years they have been together, she has always hated conversations that revolved around him and Rufus. Plus other are always naturally curious when they find out Luke had dated her, which did make her jealous at times.
*Laura* "I realize I didn't make it easy for you, and I'm sorry. I don't know but I get jealous of her, you and her lead a life that I will never know but many of us dream about. And Don't get me wrong I love my life with you..."
*Laura continues*  "So I just got tired of hearing it.  And I'm sorry, I know now I just need to accept your past with...Rufus, and stop comparing it our life together."
*Luke* "I didn't know that, you never told me you felt that way. But Babe, you know I don't want to go back to that life, I've told you that before. Yes, I did enjoy it for a time, but after awhile I got tired of it all. You know, I've told you."
*Laura* "So all this time you've never once thought about wanting to be with Rufus again?"
*Luke sighs* "No, not once. I care about her as a person, but I'm not in love with her. I haven't been for a very long time. I thought her and the rock n roll lifestyle was what I wanted but with Rufus there was always way too much drama. That's why I left her after she miscarried, I realized I didn't want to spend the rest of my life with her."

*Luke* "And I screwed up big time that day we fought about the pre-nup. That night I left to check on Rufus at the hospital, I found out why she had tried to show up at Thanksgiving..."
 *Laura* "Why, What happened? We know Ruby isn't yours...."
 Then Laura realizes what it was and she leans in her voice rising as does her temper.
*Laura* "Oh my god! She's pregnant isn't she! You got her pregnant! That's why she was there that night. Just when I thought things might get better...."
Luke stops her from going on...
*Luke cringes* "Yes I did....but she lost the baby. Remember, I told you when I talked to Hayden that her injuries were bad. Well, I didn't know it was because Cade beat the sh*t out of her, the baby died, Rufus was lucky, they got her to hospital in time or she wouldn't have made it either."
*Laura wiping tears* "I can't believe you would be so careless! This is horrible, Luke!"
*Luke* "I'm sorry! I told you I screwed up but what else can I do! The damage has been done and we all gotta live with it, and I regret not ever telling you everything because maybe then we wouldn't be here trying to "work it out"....Margaret, Ruby, and Rufus are probably all back in LA by now. It's all over and I'm lucky as f*cking hell she didn't have my baby."
*Dr Blanchett takes a deep breath* "Well....Luke, do you have anything else you want to say?"
*Luke* "No that's everything..."
*Dr Blanchett* "Laura? Do have anything you want to say?"
*Laura* "No...."
Dr. Blanchett looks at the clock then sets down her notes.
 *Dr. Blanchett* "I normally prefer to end things on a more positive note
but we have ran out of time today. I would like you both to come back this following Friday at noon and I'm giving you homework. I want you to each write 5 things that made you fall in love with each other. Bring your list in so we can talk about it on Friday. Any other questions?"
They both shake their heads no and Dr. Blanchett acknowledges it. They all say their goodbyes then Laura gets up to leave and Luke follows her out the door as quick as he can.
*Luke* "Laura, wait...Can we talk some more, maybe over lunch?"
*Laura* "Don't you need to get back to the shop?"
*Luke* "No, Willow is working there now..."
Laura turns around to face him.
*Laura* "Peter's girlfriend?..."
*Luke* "Yeah...She just started this week. Crazy right?"
*Laura* "Is history doomed to repeat itself? You hire another one of Peter's girlfriends
 she's not gonna spy on you for Rufus is she?"
*Luke* "C'mon, Babe that's not fair. Willow is a really nice girl, I think you would get along with her. So can I take you to lunch?"
*Laura* "Luke...I...I'm just not ready for anything like that.
Besides, I need to get going...I gotta pick up Phoenix at my Mom's."
Then she turns around and starts to walk away.
*Luke* "Can I come by later? I want to see Phoenix..."
*Laura* "I'll call you..."
Then she walks away, digging around in her bag for her car keys, Luke is left standing there wondering if he's done more damage by telling her about Rufus' short lived pregnancy. But that's why they were here today isn't it? To tell each other the truth, to lay it all out and work out their feelings? Can they get back to being happy or is their marriage over?

To be continued...


  1. I'm glad they went to counseling, but will it come out that he asked Cane in first place (was that his name) to take care of, get gone Ru.....??

    1. Let's hope they continue to go cause they definitely need help. Laura already knows the truth about Cade and that him and Peter asked him to drag her out of town. Luke came clean on all of that in a past episode.

  2. Well, that was a good start to their counselling. Still a lot of work to do though. I am glad that Luke cared enough to show up and to finally get some things out in the open. BTW, my kids were both gone last night and I spend some time watching "reruns" of the Luke and Laura story. It was a good look back. I enjoyed seeing all of the dio changes and am impressed by how much better your sets have gotten. I also found it interesting watching the "actors" for key roles change. Like Scott LaVigne got replaced twice and Papa Trudeau replaced once. I remember when I first found your blog and got up to the Easter with the Trudeau's episode where Michelle first met Ben's family. Then I didn't see anything from you for a while and had lost my link to your blog. When I found it again, I had a lot of catching up to do and I am definitely a fan! Keep it up! You are very artistic and do a wonderful job of story telling. I seem to always be waiting on pins and needles for the next episode! You kind of inspire me to want to work on my stories more!

    1. Hi Phyllis!
      I agree it's a start but they still have a long way too go, if they can go the distance. Glad you enjoyed it :)
      My diorama building has definitely come a long way, since I started this blog. I have learned a lot about what works and what doesn't when it comes to my dioramas... I too like to go back over the episodes to refresh my memory on some things. Thank you so much! I'm glad it inspires you and that you enjoy it, it brings me a lot of joy to be able to share my dolls with everyone and how I feel about them. Plus working with my hands and being creative is something the I love very much. I always enjoy reading others photo stories...that's whats so great about the online doll community we can always inspire each other :)

  3. Cate blanchette makes a great counselor especially with the glasses on! And the session got intense. But they have been so wrapped up in trying not to offend each other it's time they got everything off of their chest. Luke definitely doesn't think with the right head or he wouldn't be in this mess. Laura gets too upset over petty stuff and goes off the deep end too quick. Great story, ready for more!

    1. HI Lisa!
      I think she did really well as the counselor, and those glasses look great on her :) It sure did get tense, but we all knew Luke needed to come clean on what happened that night at the hospital. I so agree with that! Sometimes not saying anything is the worst, cause then the other person starts imagining who knows what. Luke and Laura both need to work on this relationship if they expect it survive. Glad you enjoyed it! :) I hope to post some more happier episodes soon!!

  4. I'm glad they got a chance to talk things through. I think Luke could have done a better job of explaining how he ended up having sex with Rufus though. He could have at least mentioned the part about Cade threatening her life and how she called him to help her. That would probably have softened the blow for Laura a bit and given him a better reason that just being angry for going to see Rufus in the first place. I feel like at this pint Laura was overreacting when Luke told her about getting Rufus pregnant, especially since she already knew about his infidelity that bit of news shouldn't have come as a complete shock honestly.

    1. Hi Champagne Star!
      It is good they are talking it through, Luke did tell her the truth the day he confessed it all up. He told her about Cade, and why he was there and how it all ended up happening. Plus I don't think he's comfortable spilling that all out to marriage counselor. I think being angry about your husband knocking up his ex girlfriend is justifiable, she didn't know Rufus lost the child. She was assuming she was still pregnant. I think she may have calmed at little after he explained but like Dr, Blanchett said, they need to come back and continue to talk it out....Laura is still hurt by all of "their reality" it hasn't been that long since Luke told her everything, only about a week... :)

  5. Counseling is what they need. Luke seems to keep digging a deeper hole for himself. I love them as a couple, but Luke is wearing me thin. Lol! Great story Miranda!!!

    1. Hi Georgia Girl!
      Yes they need it desperately, they haven't communicated well lately, and that is so important if you want to be happy in a relationship. Luke can't seem to get out of that hole he dug lol! Let's hope that stops as he has finally gotten all the lies out and omissions out in the open. Glad you enjoy them! And I hope Luke gets things back on track he needs to :)

  6. Hola, qué bonito post. Todas las fotos me gustan mucho.

    1. Hola Linda!
      Muchas gracias, muy contento de oír que usted está disfrutando de la historia y las fotos que tengo diversión tomarlos :)

  7. This story is better than tv drama! Here comes the rant, hahaha.

    "Can they get back to being happy or is their marriage over?"
    At this point, with Laura's current attitude, I'd say it's pretty over. But she always has been overdramatic and self-centered, really a handful for Luke so maybe they will work it out since he's used to her behaviour. For quite a long time I sympathized with him for all he had to stand from her but now I think he deserves it, he's not better than she - an egoist to the unbelievable point, with no sympathy for anyone that isn't in his closest circle. He said he cares about Rufus as a person but it's obvious he doesn't. The way he speaks about her miscarriage and the reason for it is so disgusting, and Laura's reaction is disgusting as well. What kind of person would start to lament over her husbands carelessness after hearing such revelations? She already knew he cheated and it was hit or miss if Rufus will get pregnant since it was quite obvious he did't use protection. Maybe she would prefer her then fiance to walk around with condoms in his pockets? And if not, would it be more responsible from him to stop what he was doing with Rufus, go and buy condoms, then resume where they stopped? It seems like Laura really didn't think when she was saying that about him being careless. And then she decided to act like he cheated on her again, with all her anger and dramatic reaction. Of course at the same time casually dismissing everything he just heard about Rufus almost dying and losing her baby, like all this trauma that happened to other woman was completely meaningless comparing to HER feelings. This part is also where Luke lost me totally - his comfort is so important to him that he forgot about being human. The way he speaks about him being "lucky as fucking hell she didn't have his baby" is just awful, it's all he can think about in case of such big trauma that happened, because of him, to the person he once loved. If this counselor doesn't see it all I don't know what kind of shrin she is. But then, she seems more like an elementary school teacher than real psychologist, with this pointing out foul language, while it was the way of expressing strong emotions. I would expect her to make some notes at this point instead of treating Luke like a schoolboy who said the "f" word in front of adults.
    I feel like Laura is always blaming Luke and not seeing her faults, she felt excluded yet she did the same, just with something different. And it ends so typical for them, she starts to cry and he is apologizing.

    Hope you don't mind that I'm writing honestly what I think about characters personalities, when I'm reading stories I'm always overthinking everything.

    1. Hi Jewel Snake,
      I think your dislike for Laura is a little one sided ;-) But I think at this point you're over analyzing the story...but I still do enjoy your comments and hope you can forgive Luke and all his craziness... Men can be very robotic with their feelings especially when they have to do it with a mediator involved it's hard for them. As for Laura, she hurt and still reeling from Luke's confession of infidelity. So I think her anger is justified...As for Dr. Blanchette, sorry to hear you didn't like her :( ...Let me tell you it was not easy typing up this episode...

  8. This was a good session. I think Laura did a pretty good job of controlling herself when she realized Luke had gotten Rufus pregnant. Cheating is hurtful enough, but then having to deal with 'baby momma drama' is something that lasts and stays in your face as a reminder. It also means continual interaction with the woman, which makes things even harder.

    Luke is begging like a puppy, but at least he's trying to be honest (mostly). That excuse about why he slept with Rufus is sad. If you're angry about something, you don't go cheat. You may pout, you may not speak to the other person for a while, but he needs to admit he thought he was getting revenge and sticking it to Laura.

    This was a good episode.

    1. Thanks Janainah!
      I agree I think she reacted like most people would, not matter what news like that is upsetting.
      lol! He is begging, pleading for her to forgive him, but he deserves some torture. Guys have a hard time expressing their feelings vocally, they just want to have sex rather than fight. Luke's anger was mounting on so many levels, it wasn't just the fight about the prenup, that just sent him over the edge. I don't think he thought about it that way, getting revenege on Laura, with Laura's condition during pregnancy sex was not happening for them, with his adrenaline going after a brawl with Cade, it just happened....And Luke regrets it terribly now.
      Glad you enjoyed it :)

  9. Miranda, I know I say this all the time but I absolutely love your stories. I'm usually commenting up a storm but lately, by the time I sit down from the day...I get my Flickr and Blogger fix and then my brain shuts down, lol.

    I admire that you still find time to post stories even when you're feeling down. I think there's something in the water because a couple of my friends and myself have all been crying on each other's shoulders and battling with depression as well.

    I am grateful for those of you who continue to post pics and stories because it is such a treat. This is such a great hobbie and release and I know a lot of us can't wait to get back to posting but may have to wait a little longer for whatever reason. So, it's always nice to be able to get inspired until that happens.

    (Please excuse typos...too lazy to proof read, lol.). :-).

    1. Hi Tracy!
      It gives me great pleasure to know your still enjoying the episodes, I know you've been reading them since i pretty much started the blog. I hear ya there, sometimes I'm just too physically and mentally drained to post comments and trying to post comments on blogger from your ipad is a pain I always have trouble with it.

      I'm trying to find time to post among all the crazniess that has been going on in real life. But I'm thinking after the wedding I might just stop for a while. I feel like a need a breather or a change of pace, maybe just work on my dios and build some furniture.
      Plus I need to focus on some family matters still...
      Thanks for taking the time to comment and read the stories I always love hearing from you!

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  11. I know I'm late, but I have a lot to say. Great counseling session. It's good they are talking. I've read all the comments, and I think anyone who has ever been cheated on would love to think their mate had the decency to put on a condom. Hell every fiancee and most husbands need to have a condom on their pocket. With infidelity rates as high as they are, why take the chance. Aren't they aware of the MANY men who get caught because they get someone pregnant (i.e. Jesse Jackson, John Edwards, and the list goes on.) YES I want my potentially cheating man to carry a condom. Much easier to forgive a man who has had sex with someone when there isn't offspring that results. Moving on.... what irritates me about Laura is that she sat right in the session and said she wanted the whole truth. That was a lie. SHE CAN"T HANDLE THE TRUTH, as evident by her behavior after the session. Isn't that how you ended up in this crazy place, by pushing Luke away. Keep it up and he will be gone for good. If you aren't going to forgive him and move on, there's no need to go to counseling. Just go ahead and get your divorce. I think Luke did the right thing by coming completely clean about the baby, etc.

  12. This was the most engaging blog post I've ever read on marriage counseling. It's fascinating to see the counselor's respective behind what Luke and Laura are saying to each other. It's a very complex situation, but I think they can work through it if they keep openly communicating with each other.