Thursday, September 10, 2015

Late Night Snacks...

Later into the middle of the night Luke makes it back home after dropping off Peter and Shaun. He is now rummaging through the fridge for possibly something to snack on.
Hearing him come in Laura makes her way downstairs. She's just 
gotten out of the shower and is getting ready for bed.
*Laura* "If you're hungry there are some sandwiches in there from the party."
Luke continues to look in the fridge while Laura
 walks up to him. 
*Luke* "I think I'll just have a beer for now. I haven't had one all evening." 
*Laura* "You didn't drink at all? Not even one beer?"
Luke grabs a beer and Laura pushes the door shut.
*Luke twisting open his bottle* "Not a single one, Babe. I told you I'd stay sober. Besides
 it worked out I was able to get Peter and Shaun home safely."
*Laura* "That's good, so how did the bachelor party go?"
*Luke* "Good."
He smiles then takes a long sip of beer.
*Laura* "Sooo... was it interesting? What happened?"
*Luke* "You said there were sandwiches?"
*Laura* "Yeah, there's a tray full of them in the fridge."
Laura hops up on the kitchen island, while Luke puts his food in the microwave. He's picky about sandwiches and prefers them more at room temp not over chilled from the fridge. 
 *Laura* 'Soooo? How'd it go at the party go? *smiling* Did you get a lap dance?
Luke leans in over her.
 *Luke smiles* "Would you really wanna know if I did?"
 *Laura pauses* "Ummm...yeah."
*Luke* "Okay....but don't say I didn't warn you..."
 *Laura with surprise* "You really got one!"
*Luke laughs* "No, Babe I didn't.  The only woman I want in my lap is you."
*Laura smiles* "Good."
Luke leans in to kiss her. 
 Then he scoops her up in his arms to carry her upstairs.
 *Laura* "What about your food?"
*Luke* "I'll eat afterwards..."
 *Laura* "No, wait!....Not upstairs. We might wake up the baby."
 Luke stops and sets her back down on the island.
*Luke smiling* "Does that mean we get to break in the new kitchen island."
*Laura smiling* "That's exactly what it means."
 Later, they sit and Luke shares his sandwich with her.
*Laura* "So anything exciting happen at this bachelor party or was it boring."
*Luke* "Um...Well, it was interesting...I know Benjamin won't ever forget it."
 So Luke tells her about the party and what took place.

 The End

Tomorrow is the conclusion to the bachelor party!
So stay tuned!


  1. I am so excited about tomorrow. I can't wait

    1. Me too! I'm glad to be back after a 3 month hiatus :)

  2. Your attention to detail is awesome. Just looking at the whole diorama and the story line is just so inspiring. I love what you do and i hope you continue

    1. Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it :) adding all the little details is time consuming but so much fun too!

  3. I love this couple! Luke seems to be trying to make it work after all that he has done. Glad that you are back. Great post!

  4. Eeek! So excited about tomorrow...can't wait! Love these two. :-)

  5. Wow! Love the story and the diorama you made is so amazing!

  6. Yeah! So glad to see you back. Love the new kitchen island, although I didn't see much of the top of it, haha! Looking forward to the conclusion of the bachelor party and then the wedding soon?!

  7. Laura shared my thoughts, so much fun to be had on the island!

  8. Love your story's keep up the good work! Where did you get the kitchen set from?