Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Happy Anniversary

It's been exactly a year since Luke and Laura tied the knot, and a lot has happened since then.  Tonight Luke plans to take her out for a nice dinner and evening alone together. These two never had a proper honeymoon, with their first year of marriage being a rough one. Luke wants to make it up to her, so tonight they head out while Kenzie takes care of Phoenix.
*Laura* "Momma has to go bye, bye but Daddy and I 
will be back..... Can you say bye, bye?"
*Phoenix waves* "Bye...Bye..."
He is comfortable with Kenzie, who has been babysitting him since he was born. So leaving him with her tonight was an easy decision, but still hard on Laura because she still doesn't like leaving him for so long.
*Luke* "We need to go, Babe...Don't wanna be late for our dinner reservations."
*Laura taking to Kenzie* "Okay...So I left the number of the restaurant and hotel on the cork board in the the kitchen. You know you can call us at anytime if you need to."
*Kenzie* "I'll make sure to save them into my phone. Now you two go and enjoy 
yourselves we'll be fine."
Luke grabs the luggage for their overnight stay at the hotel 
and Laura turns to follow.
*Laura* "Oh! And there is dinner in the fridge for you and Phoenix...."
*Kenzie* "Okay...Goodnight!..."
And with that Luke and Laura head out the door.
Once they are in the car, Luke can sense Laura is tense 
about leaving Phoenix overnight.
*Luke* "Babe, he's gonna be fine, besides you deserve a night off."
*Laura* "I know. We both do."
*Luke* "Plus, we'll only be thirty minutes away, if Kenzie does call."
 And approximately 30 minutes later they arrive at the hotel to
 check in and take their bags up to the suit 
Luke had reserved for them a few months ago.
Luke sets the bags down while Laura scopes 
out the hotel suit.
*Laura* "Wow! This place is gorgeous!..."
*Laura* "That bed looks divine...I think I'll definitely
get a good night sleep in there..."
Luke turns to his beautiful wife.
*Luke smiling* "I don't think we'll be doing much sleeping
in that bed...

*Laura chuckling softly* "But we're only here for one night...
*Luke* "Exactly, that's why we gotta make it count, Babe...I know it's not probably what you envisioned as the perfect honeymoon but..."
Laura reaches up and rubs her hand on his forearm, 
he seems to want to tell her something but she doesn't
 know where he's going with it.

 *Laura* "Oh, Luke I'm happy to be here..Even if it's just for one night."
*Luke* "Babe...I've been thinking lately."
Laura's chest rises and falls as she takes a deep breath, 
she knew there was something on his mind...
*Laura* "Yeah?...About what?"
*Luke* "About having another, baby..."
Laura takes another deep breath, she did not
 see that one coming.

*Laura* "Really?!...Don't you think it's too soon? We're just getting back on track with each other. And my last pregnancy....Well you know it was rough...I don't even know if I'm
ready to go through that again. And you hated it, not being able to have sex...I mean look what it did to us, Luke.  I...I just... I don't know...This is kinda sudden."
She turns and places her shawl and scarf down on the table.
 *Luke* "Yeah but things are different now, Babe...
He quickly walks up behind her.
*Luke* "And I don't want to wait too long.
Plus I know you don't..."
*Laura* "True, but Phoenix is not even potty trained yet..."
*Luke* "He could be..."
*Luke continues* "And I promise I will not be that self centered asshole that gave you a hard time.  This time around it'll be different, we're both in a better place now..." *smiling* "...Maybe this time we can try for a girl..."

*Laura turns to face him smiling* "Only a 50/50 chance of that...Baby, are you really sure about this? I'm just kinda in shock that you brought this up...I always figured I would be the one to eventually say something. What's changed your mind about more kids?"

*Luke* "Aric..."
*Laura* "Aric? How does he fit into this?..." *Laura gasps* "Oh my gosh! Is Roxie
pregnant?! I thought they didn't want kids..."
*Luke* "No...no...she's not, at least I don't think so....I was talking with Aric at Benji's bachelor party. He was asking me how I was adjusting to being a father, and if we planned on having any more. And it got me thinking, having Phoenix was the best thing that's happened to me, aside from marrying you.  I can't imagine not being a father now, you know I didn't grow up with my Dad, and I want to be there for everything and I don't want him to be an only child like me. I always wanted a brother or sister to play with..."
Laura wraps her arms around his neck and Luke 
reciprocates the gesture by pulling her in 
tightly against him.
*Laura smiles* "Mmmm...I think I like this new side of you...Mr. Cooper."
*Luke smiling* "Is that right Mrs, Cooper?..."
*Laura nods* "Mmmmhmmm...but I think I still need some
 time to think about this..."
*Luke* "Okay...No pressure, Babe. I promise. Besides I am enjoying
how sexy you look tonight."
*Laura* "We'll never make those dinner reservations if you keep talking like that..."
*Luke* "Then I better shut up cause I'm starving."

*Laura turns* "Okay, but before we go lets make a toast, with
this fancy champagne."
Laura grabs the two glasses of champagne and 
hands one off to Luke.
Luke takes the glass and starts talking...
*Luke* "To the f*ckin' luckiest man on earth....I Love you, Babe."
*Laura laughs* "Classic Luke Cooper...I love you too, but what about the luckiest woman?"
*Luke* "I can only hope you feel that way, especially after everything
 I put you through."
*Laura* "Well, I still consider myself lucky...I could never imagine my life with out you."
They finish their glasses of champagne then
 out out the door.
After a short ride down the elevator, they make their way across the lobby and into the tiny, quaint restaurant. Check in with the hostess and she takes them to their table.
*Hostess* "Table for two..."
Luke and Laura take their seats and she hands 
them each a menu.
*Hostess* "Would you like to start with some wine?"
*Luke* "Sure, two glasses of your best wine."
*Hostess* "Sure, I'll have your waitress bring it out to you."
*Luke* "Thank you."
*Hostess* "Enjoy your evening..."
A short while later their food comes out and they begin to eat. 
Enjoying the quiet and each others company.
*Luke* "How is it?..."
*Laura* "It's very good...You know I think I could easily make this."
*Luke* "It's like cracking a code for you isn't it?"

*Luke continues* "I can see you're thinking about it with each bite..."
*Laura laughs* "Oh really?! Is it that obvious?"
Luke looks down at his bowl to scoop up another bite.
*Luke* "No, not really...I think it's only cause I know you so well.  I still
remember the first time we met for lunch at that little bistro..."
Luke looks up at her as she watches him talk.
*Luke continues and smiles* "You eyed the bread like you could zoom in on it and decipher it's ingredients, but at the time I thought that maybe you just didn't like the food."
Laura laughs and nods her mouth full of a bite of food.
*Laura* "I remember, you were very worried I wasn't happy with the food."
*Luke* "Yeah, I was about to go get the waitress..."
*Laura* "I kinda geek out when it comes to recipes...I thought that you
might have been done with our date after dinner..."

*Luke* "I enjoyed it. It was quiet and you were sweet, and once you got
comfortable and started talking, I knew I wanted to see you again. Plus once I
learned you were a fox in bed, well that sealed the deal for me."

Laura runs her foot up the inside of his thigh.

 *Laura* "A fox huh?..."
Catching Luke off guard a bit....
*Luke* "A red haired fiery little fox."

 Dinner was delicious and a nice slow down to their relaxing evening, things at home have been busy lately and not much time to focus on each other. This night alone together is just what they needed.
So after dessert they head back upstairs to 
their suit for the remainder of their stay.
And there is no rushing through it tonight...
*Laura* "I love you....so...so much. This night has been perfect."
*Luke* "The night's not over, Babe..."
*Laura* "No it's not...make love to me."
So they take their time and some hours 
later they lay in bed,

 ...still vibrating from cosmic clash of their 
bodies melding into one.
*Laura* "Mmmm, So was I a fox?..."
*Luke laughs* "Always, Babe, always..."

*Laura* "So you really want to have another baby?"
*Luke* "Yes, but if you're not ready it's fine, I just want you to know that I'm ready,
all you gotta do is come and get me..."
*Laura* " Because I don't think I'm ready yet..."
*Laura continues* "Maybe I'm being selfish but I'd like to be skinny for a little longer, I'm just not ready to give up my body for another baby. I think I want to wait till Phoenix is at least 2 and is definitely potty trained. That doesn't bother you does it?"
*Luke* "No, Babe...it doesn't."
*Laura* "Good....Now I want to go soak in that giant tub..."
Laura jumps up out of bed...
*Laura smiling at him* "You coming to join me?..."
*Luke smiling back at her* "Hell yes, I am..."

The End!
Thanks for tuning in! 

And I promise to have the next episode a wedding related one! lol! 
I just felt that these two needed a 1 year anniversary celebration and I had the hardest time focusing on the wedding when all I could think about was their anniversary. I can't believe it's been a whole year! Thanks again for stopping in!


  1. Hello from Spain: Congratulations on this first wedding anniversary. They are a nice couple. Very romantic photos. Fabulous stay. Keep in touch

    1. Thank you! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it!

  2. Ahh, just another old married couple now (haha!). These 2 have great chemistry. I am so happy that things are coming together for them. Was their wedding really a year ago already?! So much has happened in your little story since then! Looking forward to the wedding.

    1. Lol! Phyllis!
      It's funny how kids so quickly changed your marriage and your relationship with your spouse. I hope these two don't ever loose that spark...the year went by quick lol! Even in my little dolly world :-) I hope I can get motivated on this wedding I don't know what's wrong with lol! I'm just fighting it terribly

  3. Yes! I loved their romantic evening. I'm going to start a countdown to see how long it takes for Laura to give into Luke's desires. A few more nights like this one and we'll be moving Phoenix outta the crib.

    1. Hi Brenova! Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed it :) heehee! You might not have to countdown too long....we all know how much Laura cannot resist him ;-) and I got your Leibster nomination I just haven't gooten around to posting! Thank you!

  4. Nice to see them getting along so well. They really needed that time alone. Another baby? Hmmm. I'm with Laura on the waiting part. It is nice to know he's ready when she is.

    1. Hi Vanessa! I agree it's nice to see them back together and happy. I'm with Laura too, it's way too early to be planning another baby. It's funny how life is, when you're not ready for something, the other is and vice versa...

  5. Yeah for Laura and Luke (Lukra- L&L) :) My prediction baby news in 6 months......

    1. HI Ladonna!
      Lol! At Lukra heehee! I don't know Laura seems pretty adamant about not being ready yet...

  6. Great story Miranda! This my favorite couple in your town. I fell in love with them based on their names from the start. I was a huge All My Childen fan. :-) Love your stories and I would love to see them have a baby sooner.

    1. Hi Georgia Girl!
      Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it! I absolutely love writing storyline for these two! We'll see on that second baby...seems like Laura is not ready at all.

  7. Love it cant wait for the next scene

    1. Hi Christina!
      Thank you! Glad to hear you enjoyed it :)

  8. I like the new Luke! Tell him to stay focused.

    1. Hi Mustiwait!
      Me too! I am loving how in tune he is with her! Let's hope he stays focused :)

  9. Aww...happy anniversary to Luke and Laura! I can't believe it's been a year already...wow!

    Luke is really in it to win it and I love it. I can totally see them with another baby and maybe Laura doing some catering from home with an assistant or two. I can see Luke managing the record store, fatherhood and small gigs. That's a charmed life. :-)

    1. Thanks Tracy! The year went by quick, I was so sad I missed doing pics of Phoenix's birthday. So I couldn't pass this one up :)
      I'm seeing the samething! Luke working the record shop and Laura cooking her little heart out :). I hope to also build Luke's record shop been saving pieces for it for the last few years.
      I agree! I think Luke really wants show Laura hat she's the one and only for him ;-)