Sunday, February 21, 2016

Wedding Bells...Part 3: Post Wedding Photos

 This is just a quit post of photos, I'm hoping to post a reception next week! *fingers crossed!*
So, while most of the guess gather off to the reception, the wedding party stays behind for post wedding pictures...these will eventually be printed and placed in their house as well so I figured I would post them here to the view, I also got a new lens for my camera and I'm really loving it! ^_^

Michelle and Benjamin take their pictures first, 
while everyone else catches a break.

The two of them are quite blissfully happy, both still reeling a bit from the ceremony. It's finally official for these two and they couldn't be happier!

Up next is Michelle and Benjamin with their parents, Erica filled in as his mother naturally, since she helped raise him.

Michelle with her Parents, Scott and Krystal.

Benjamin with his Father Justin and his Grandmother Erica.

 And of course the wedding party...

Thanks for viewing hope you enjoyed! 


  1. What a grand wedding they had! Beautiful photos! What kind of lens did you get? My kids got me a bunch of new lenses and filters for my camera for Christmas. I need to try them out!

  2. All the photos are nice, but I love #5 & the last 2 the most. Soooo NICE....... Awe so nice.

  3. Lovely pictures. Michelle looks beautiful. I really like the wedding party pics.

  4. Beautiful wedding pics!! Looking forward to seeing their home. I know it will fabulous!

  5. These are beautiful photos. Your camera is doing a great job.

  6. Congrats on your new toy (camera lens) All of the pictures are so pretty. The color scheme is very pretty also!