Friday, June 16, 2017

So How's It Gonna Be?

 This episode is rated R for language, 
nudity, and adult themes. 
Read at your own risk!

So it's till Tuesday night and we are still in February to keep y'all in the loop on the timeline...
Later that night Luke comes strolling into the bedroom, Laura is awake in bed nursing newborn baby Finn. He walks into the room and begins to pull his flannel off, while him and Laura talk quietly.
 *Luke* "You still awake?..."
*Laura* "Yeah but he's nursing ya know."
*Luke* "And Phoenix?..."
*Laura* "He's asleep..."
*Laura* "Sooooo....How'd it go with the guys?...Did Malcolm show up?"
*Luke* "Good, real good. Shaun already wants him to work on some old van he's got."
*Laura* "A van? I thought he was into sports cars?..."
*Luke* "I dunno, it's some old Volkswagen one...."
*Laura* "Oh, okay those are cute."
Luke smiles at her "cute" comment and her attempt 
to talk about cars.
 *Laura blushes* "What?..."
*Luke smiles again* "Nothing, Babe..."
Luke tosses his shirt down onto the small chest and then steps 
into the bathroom. All that beer has gotta go somewhere, haha!
*Laura* "So anything else exciting happen?..."
 Then he remembers to tell her about Willow.
*Luke* "Oh, yeah! Guess who showed up at the bar tonight...Totally fucking unexpected."
*Laura* "What? I dunno! Who was it?..."
 *Laura* "Was it a good thing or a bad thing?..."
 *Luke* "A good thing I guess..."
*Laura* "I have no I idea just tell me."
 *Luke* "You ready for this?..."
*Laura* "Yes!..."
*Luke* "Willow was there, with a group of chicks."
Laura gasps and covers her mouth she doesn't 
want to wake baby Finn.
*Laura* "What?! No way....are you serious?!"
Luke sits down at the edge of the bed to remove
 his boots and socks.
*Luke* "Yes, way!...And Peter...its so fuckin' obvious he's hung up on her."
*Laura* "Oh my gawd! So what happened?..."
*Luke* "I believe they left the bar together. Peter followed her to
the restrooms and they never came back."
*Laura* "Whoa, whoa wait! They left together?!"
*Luke shrugs his shoulders* "Yeah I think so."
Luke stands up to strip his pants off while Laura 
unlatches Finn from her breast.
*Laura* "Oh, I'm gonna have to call willow some digging on the matter."
*Luke* "I honestly think Pete wants her back but he
doesn't know how to handle it."
Luke climbs into bed and takes a peek at his newborn 
 who is sleeping like an angel.
*Laura* "That sounds like Peter alright...I hope they do, last time I talked
 to her she didn't appear happy with that other guy."
*Luke* "Well...I guess we'll see. Oh! I also found out tonight that Hannah
 has a boyfriend so apparently she's done with Peter..."
*Laura* "Oh good, I hope she stays away...She's just way too young....
So was that the highlight of the evening seeing Willow there?..."
 *Luke* "Uh, yeah...pretty much. Shaun paid the tab for all of us and we played some pool.
Then when we realized Peter wasn't coming back, we called it a night.
Before Laura can scoot off the bed to go lay baby Finn down, 
Luke pulls her in close and kisses her.
*Luke* "Don't take too long..."
*Laura smiles* "Oh really?...there something you want?..."
*Luke smirks* "Babe, it's always what I want..."
Laura leans in and kisses him before she 
gets up to leave the room.
 *Laura* "I love that you always want me but it's 
too soon Mister...way too soon."
*Luke smiles* "Well at least I tried..."


Earlier that evening...picking up where we left off with
 Peter and Willow. Peter quickly follows behind her, 
no way in hell is he letting her escape this time.
*Peter* "Willow..."
Willow spins around, her arm coming up smacking 
Peter across the cheek...
 *Willow* "You are such an asshole, Peter!..."
He takes the smack to the cheek like it did not faze him at all, then pulls her in tight against him and for a split second Willow tries to push him away. Peter knew what he was doing when he kept staring at her across bar and she knows it too...

*Peter smirks* "Yeah but it worked didn't it?..."
 *Willow* "Oh shut up, already!..."
*Peter smirks* "Fuckin' make me, Babe."
Then Willow unexpectedly pulls him in and 
presses her lips to his...
 Peter takes note and follows kissing her back.
 After that intense and heated kiss, 
Willow pulls away and looks at Peter. 
 *Willow* "Let's get out of here..."
Peter totally not expecting her to say anything like that.
 *Peter* "What. now?!..."
*Willow* "Yes, now you want to do this or not?..."
*Peter* "Ye...yeah...I just..."
Willow stops him he's maybe had a tad too much beer.
*Willow* "Let's go before I change my mind again..."
 Peter abruptly shakes it off...
*Peter* "Fuck yeah...let's get outta here..."
A short while later they make it to Peter's apartment. After he gets the door unlocked, the two of the them stumble around in the dark
No time to turn on lights and take their time these 
two are in a feeding frenzy of flesh on flesh... 
Peter backs her into the chair, willow lets one piece of clothing fall, her shawl. The two are quiet as their fingers roam around each other getting familiar again with one anothers body.
Willow unbuttons Peter's shirt and lets it fall to the floor, sending his scent upwards, filling her nostrils with the his intoxicating rugged,  sweet sandalwood sweat.
 Peter then grabs at Willow's top and pulls it over her head,
 tossing it down. He then spins her around and 
goes to work on unzipping her shorts.

Peter nips at her neck and ear sending a wave of heat through Willow's body. The two continue their trade off of clothes while 
they make their way closer to the bedroom door.
Stumbling through that doorway as well, the two a tangled mess 
of body parts, fall onto the bed. Both of them in a hurry, yearning for that long awaited connection between them, it's been building all night since they saw each other at the bar.
No need for words right now, the two easily communicate with their bodies. Willow's soft features of her face illuminated by the moonlight.  Peter thinks to himself. "Malcolm was right, she's fucking angelic!...gawddamn she's gorgeous."
 A not so short while later, Peter slides his body off of Willow and lays to her side. Still clutching her tight like it is all wet dream for him, not wanting to wake up. Both are breathless and take a moment to 
bask in the afterglow of it all.
*Peter moans a bit* "Shit that was fucking amazing, Babe..."
Willow doesn't speak she just kinda mumbles a "MmHmmm" and as the last remnants of her orgasm dissipate, she comes more and more to her senses. Peter pops his head up and looks down at her thinking she
 may not feel the same way.
 *Peter* "What's wrong, Babe?...Was it not good?..."
Hearing him speak to her like that tugs at her heart strings a bit. It used to annoy  the hell outta her when he called her 'Babe'...Now she's
 trying to not let it suck her in more. Peter is good at reeling a girl in and making her feel special then letting her loose again when he is done. She didn't want to be that girl.
  *Willow* "No...Nothing like that...Peter, I'm sorry this was a mistake I should
have never let it go this far...I should go."
 She tries to scoot off towards the edge of the bed but 
Peter stops her. Pulls her in at the hip.
*Peter* "Whoa,'re never a fucking mistake....C'mon babe. You and I both know
that what just happened here felt so right..."
*Willow* "It was just sex Peter, you're confusing it again with love!. You love sex with me but don't love me..Something you yourself admitted you don't know how to do..."
Then she pushes his hand off of her so she can get up off the bed. This time Peter doesn't pull her back in, he lets her go...
*Willow continues* "And we both very well know you are incapable of saying those
words to any woman. So yeah, I do think coming here was a mistake!..."
That last line bites at Peter and he cannot let it slide his ego won't let him or is it that his feelings my actually be hurt...
 *Peter* "What the fuck?! Just cause pencil dick can say it that means
he actually means it?!..."
 Willow scoots to the edge of the bed, pulling the blanket with her. 
Both of them are starting to become upset with each other.
*Willow* "His name is Nathan and yes he does love me..."
*Peter* "Then what the fuck just happened here?!...and if you're so happy with pencil dick then why the fucking hell are you in my fucking bed and not his?!..."
He's right about that, but she could not bring herself to stay away tonight.  He wore her down staring at her from across the bar and that fact is eating her up right now.
*Willow her voice cracking* "Why?!...Because as much as I try to forget you I can't...
I'm sorry you're right, this is stupid. I should go...I'm just fucking shit up being here..."
Willow begins to get up off the bed but Peter slides 
down to stop her.
 *Peter* "No, Babe...don't go. I'm sorry, fuckin' forget what I just said. 
Climb back into bed with me, stay the night."
 Willow is still not convinced.
*Willow* "So you can break my heart again?...No that's okay. Maybe I just needed
this one more time to know that it's really over between us...I dunno.."
*Peter* "Aww, C'mon...that makes no fucking sense, Babe!..."
*Willow* "None of it ever does!..."
Willow then abruptly gets up off the bed and walks to 
the living room to grab her clothes and get dressed. 
Peter follows her finding his own clothes, it's obvious she is not coming back to bed now. Willow is slipping on her shoes when 
he comes into the room.
  *Peter* "So that's how it's gonna be?...You're just gonna give up?..." 
*Willow* "Give up what, Peter?...We're not even a couple. You made damn sure of that, 
that day I caught you with Hannah!..."
 *Peter* "I fucked up...I know that now."
 *Willow* "I'm not gonna rehash what happened. It's over and
done with and so are we..."
Willow sighs, then slips her top on and grabs the shawl she
 left on the chair. She stops to turn and face him, startled by his proximity after she turns around.
*Willow* "This little thing can't happen again, so don't expect it to, I'm with Nathan now...
I really need to go Peter, my sister is probably worried
sick about me since I never came back."
 *Peter* "Can you just answer one question for me?..."
*Willow* "Sure..."
*Peter* "Are you really happy with him?"
Willow pauses for a moment... 
*Willow* "You know that saying....That if you really love someone, set them free?"
*Peter* "Ye-ah..."
 *Willow* "Well, I've come to the realization that I have to do that with you,
 and I'm okay with that...."
*Peter* "So if I  did say I love you would stay?..."
*Willow* "Peter, please don't play games..."
*Peter* "I'm not, Babe..I...I."
Then she stops him and kisses him on the cheek 
and whispers in his ear.
*Willow* " It's okay...Good bye, Peter..."
*Peter* "Don't go...maybe things can be different this time..."
*Willow* "I can't...we can't..."
Then she lets her hand fall from his cheek, taking one 
last hard look at him.
 If only Peter could say those three little words to her maybe things could have been different. Then she turns heads 
for the door and swings it open, taking a deep breath she speaks one last time.

*Willow smiles sweetly* "Thanks for tonight though, you always know how to make
a girl feel amazing..."
Peter is about to speak, maybe try and convince her one last time but he hesitates just a tad too long and she closes the door shut 
behind her disappearing into the night.
Willow bursts into tears the minute she walks away, it's 
for the best she thinks to herself. It's over for sure this time! 
He cannot hurt you anymore!

The End...for now.
Thanks so much for reading, hope y'all enjoyed!


  1. holy smokes I hate it for those two but I guess that unfourtantly there toxic to one another. Peter is meant to be single and live free. Love Willow I hope she ok....

    1. Thanks Mandee!
      hehe, I'm so glad you enjoyed the new episode! :)

  2. Plz don't let this be it... Peter needs to prove himself!!!!

    1. Don't worry there is a little more to the story to be told ;-) Glad you're enjoying it!

  3. You know I always love your stories. I started my story it's on Instagram
    The women of Merritt place. One of my characters is named after you. Thank you for your stories. You and ms. VANESSA have inspired me.

    1. Hi Angelia,
      Thank you so much! Awww that is so sweet I am so honored. Yes I love Vanessa's stories she is definitely an inspiration :)

  4. Replies
    1. And thank you for taking the time to read my stories.It means so much to me that I can share this with others..

  5. He almost said those words. Maybe he's starting to realize it himself. Question is will Willow be able to trust him?

    1. You're right, he tried to say it but for Willow it just isn't enough. We'll see! ;)

  6. It's so bittersweet. You can see they love each other. Peter just doesn't try hard enough. He gets so close then screws it up.

    1. You're so right, Jaye. It is bittersweet, life is often like that and for Peter he just can't try hard enough like you said. We'll learn more about why Peter is possibly like this. ;-)

  7. Love this story line! Your dolls are amazing!!!

    1. Thanks so much! So glad you're enjoying the story :)

  8. I just knew they were going to end up in bed together! Very steamy episode all around. You should write romance novels!

    1. Hi Phyllis,
      Awww, thank you...well I do love to read love stories, haha! Yeah I felt this episode needed to convey a little steaminess ;-)

  9. Awesome episode!! I was so hoping that Peter would make it right. It is clear that she wants him. She just wants to see some remorse or something from him. Peter needs to get his ish together and get his girl back before Nathan makes a proposal move on her.

    1. Hi Georgia Girl,
      Thank you, so glad you enjoyed it. I was worried at first it might be a bit too much, haha! I just obsess too much. I agree it was a last ditch effort for Willow to see if he was worth taking a chance on again. We will see, there is a little more to this story ;-)

  10. Great episode! You almost made me feel sorry for Peter...almost. Peter knows what he has to do, but the question is will he do it before it's too late or will Willow believe him when he does?

    1. Hi Jewell,
      Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Yeah it's kinda hard to feel sorry for Peter, he's good at making a mess of things. We will find out! I plan to post again next Friday ;-)

  11. Oh Willow and Peter. While I'm a sucker for happy endings I don't think Willow would be a blessing to trust Peter again. He's got too many issues that he needs to deal with.

    1. I do agree with that statement. Peter is complicated but so is Willow. We will so more to come between these two! :)

  12. All of Peter's friends are in stable loving relationships. I have a feeling he will know what he is missing...besides...he loves Willow...we all know it! :-D

    1. You're right. Peter is the only one still hanging on to the single life. We will see more to the story! It's not over yet ;-)

  13. Your work is just amazing. I love dolls and give them personalities and all that but this is something else. It's hard to remember these are fashion dolls in a playscale environment. :D