Friday, July 28, 2017

The Fate of Willow Bontempts...

It's been a very stressful early morning for Willow's mother Janice and her sister Saffron. The two sit and wait and wait, while the doctors try to save Willow's life. As time seems to stand still for the pair that is waiting life around them continues to go on. Other patients, family members, doctors and nurses walk by, while Saffron and Janice continue to wait...
*Nurse* "I'll bring her back here once we're done up in x-ray..."
*Bianca* "Okay, I'll wait here."
 *Nurse* "Hopefully it won't take too long..."
*Bianca* "Not a problem, I'll just wait here."
At the check in a couple is busy with there nurse there.
 *Rick* "Now, I know it don't look that bad but it hurts like hell!..."
*Lori* "Go sit down baby, I got this..."
  While everyone is busy around them, Saffron tries to console her mother. Woken up in the early morning hours with a phone call about her first born child being horrifically stabbed. She called her daughter Saffron immediately to come meet her at the hospital. Saffron was out on a date but she cut it short once she heard the news.
 Willow and Saffron are half sisters, Janice never married but ended up having two daughters from separate failed relationships. None the less she loves her girls and wouldn't change a thing, even if life isn't or never was perfect.
 *Saffron* "Momma....It's gonna be okay..."
*Janice* "I pray it does dear...You're sister still has her whole life ahead of her.
She can't...She just can't!...."
 Tears begin to flow again and Janice dabs the tissue onto her face. Saffron continues to sit with her and help her pass the time.
*Saffron* "I wish she woulda just taken my advice and stay single for awhile.
 I feel bad I didn't push her more..."
 *Janice* "Oh honey, I'm afraid your sister has inherited her poor judgment in men from me...
I know I tried to tell her too, but you know your sister, she is a dreamer. She always has been."
*Saffron* "Yeah....I know. She is definitely that..."
They sit in silence for a bit and just huddle up close as 
they try and stay strong, hope for the best.
*Saffron* "Did the cops say they know who did it?..."
*Janice* "I don't know...all I know is where and when, and they told me she was being rushed here.
 That's it, that's all I know..."
Some time passes and they sit and wait still no 
word yet if Willow is okay.
Saffron thinks to herself for a moment. If only she had stopped Willow that night from leaving the bar with Peter. If she had known then, maybe she could have made Willow see that Peter was bad news. Willow was tender and sweet and always attracted to the bad boy in the bunch, it never failed. She always thinks she can fix them.
Meanwhile life continues to flow around them, to young men stand at the elevator as they prepare to leave after being patched up. 
 *Boy* "Dude! my vision is all blurry I can't see my reflection!!"
Janice cannot sit any longer she paces the floor, while Saffron takes a short nap. The poor girl hasn't slept a wink all night. 
The poor girl hasn't slept a wink all night. The nurse at the desk cannot give anymore info she knows only just as much as she does. Not much help there. She told her to sit and wait. Doctor Daniel Alain would find her when he has news of how the surgery went.
Finally Bianca is reunited with her friend who was sent up to X-ray over an hour ago. She is accompanied by a young doctor.
*Doctor* "Okay so just a sprained ankle, she will need to stay off of it for while though."
*Bianca* "That's it? It's not broken?..."
*Doctor* "Yeah that's it. No breaks or fractures. She has strained the tendons quite a bit so she needs to not put any weight on it."

*Bianca* "Okay, so we're good to go?..."
*Doctor* "Yup..."

As Janice continues to pace the floor and pray that her daughter is okay, she sees the young doctor coming her direction and stops her immediately. She is hoping she might have news of Willow.
*Janice* "Is my daughter out of surgery? Is she okay?! Please tell me she's okay!..."
Audra had heard about a patient that had been rushed in for surgery, but she knows nothing about her status and what is transpiring.
*Dr. Audra* "I'm sorry ma'am...I don't have any info on your daughter. Was she the
young woman who was stabbed?..."
*Janice* "Yes! That's her...can you please find out for me. I need to know what is
going on, no one tells me anything!..."
*Dr Audra* "Please be assured that Dr. Alain is doing all he can, he's one
 of the best surgeons in the state of Louisiana..."
*Janice* "I've already been told that! What I need to know is if she is okay. No one tells me..."
 *Janice continues* "Can you please, Please just go find out something for me. I've
been waiting for hours and any update would be nice..."
 Doctor Audra takes a deep breath in, she wishes she could assure her that all is well, but it's not her place to say and she cannot interfere with a surgery that is in progress.

*Dr Audra* "Ma'am...All I can say is this. Sometimes no news, is good news. Dr. Alain is one of the best, and he will let you know the minute he has proper news to report...Good day, ma'am, 
Now I really need to get back to my patients..."
 The waiting room is a constant flux of patients, nurses, and doctors coming and going, all to which Janice is unaware she can only focus on Willow. The constant waiting and wondering is consuming her. Kira helps a girl at the front desk while her colleague calls the next patient.
 *Kira* "I just need her to fill this part out..."
Janice takes a seat next to Saffron, who is quickly startled by the sudden movement next to her. She pops up thinking
 there must be news of Willow!
*Saffron* "Momma?! Any news?...Is she okay?..."
 Janice shakes her head with a heavy heart, but no 
news is good news right?
*Janice* "No, honey. I'm sorry, no one knows anything...I've tried asking anyone
who has walked by, nothing..."
*Saffron* "I'm sorry, Momma..."
*Janice* "Well, I'm just holding out we get good news....Lord if your sister makes it through this, I sure hope she finally sees that these relationships are toxic."
*Saffron* "Me too, Momma. Willow will need us now more than ever."
*Janice* "Did she break up with Nathan, do you know?"
*Saffron* "Last I heard was she was trying to work things out with him. Sadly you know we are not that close. I feel bad now, Momma. We were always too busy for each
other now here we are waiting to see if she is okay..."
 *Janice* "Well, I know it's been a struggle for you two to find things in common,
but it's never too late to change that. Something like this makes you stop
and realize how short life really is. "
*Saffron* "You're right. You're so right, Momma..."
 *Janice* "I just wish they would tell us something...."
 Saffron looks up and sees a tall man who they haven't 
see before come out from behind the door.
*Saffron* "Momma, look! Maybe that's the surgeon, it has to be!..."
Dr Daniel Alain came rushing out so quickly he forgot to remove his surgical gown before coming out. Nurse Bella stops him at the doorway.
*Bella* "Sir, lemme take you gown, it's all bloody."
*Dr Alain* "Oh! Yes of course...Thank you, Bella."
Janice and Saffron watch closely, they don't want to get 
their hopes up, but it is so hard not to.
 *Janice* "Oh, Saffron that has to be him..."
 *Saffron* "Yes it has to be...

It's the longest few seconds of their life waiting to see if this is the Doctor who will finally deliver some news of Willow. He nods and smiles at the nurse while she takes the bloody gown. Both women try to read him but it's so hard to tell.
 *Janice* "I think he's coming this way!.."
Saffron and Janice quickly stand up as Dr. Alain makes his way over to them. Finally after waiting for hours and hours it seems like. These two will finally learn about Willow's current condition.
 *Dr Alain* "Mrs. Bontempts?..."
She is so nervous, that a quick yes is the only word she can get out. Dr Dan stares at her with sincerity and Janice stares back hopeful, as Saffron too waits for news of her sisters fate.
  *Janice* "Yes!..."
  Dr Daniel Alain has done this so many times it's become routine to his day, telling family members the condition of their loved ones in question. Today is just like any other.
 *Dr Alain* "She's stable at the moment. She's headed up to ICU as we speak."
Janice nearly flops over, relief suddenly waving over her body and she begins to feel how tired she actually is. Dr Alain holds her firmly and gently, he is all too familiar with this scene and most people act in similar way. Saffron too is relieved and tries to comfort her mother, 
the best she can.
*Saffron* "She's okay, Momma, she's okay..."
*Dr. Alain* "Lets sit, I know it's been a longer morning for you both..."
 Everyone takes a seat including the doctor, who sits 
down on the table that is in front of them.
  *Dr Alain* "Your daughter is a fighter, it was very touch and go at first. She has lost a lot of blood. Like I said, she's stable at the moment. Surgery was a success, but she is far from being outta the woods...She is being sent up to ICU where she can be closely monitored
 in case any complications arise."
As the women stay quiet he continues to talk slowly and steadily as he delivers what may or may not still be in store for Willow. It is a lot to take in but they need to understand Willow's condition is still very much touch and go at the moment.
 *Dr. Alain* "The next 24 to 48 hours are critical. She has been induced into a coma so her body can heal. Two of her wounds were very deep, one was very close to her spine, the other struck her lower abdomen, So we won't know of any further damage to her body until she is awake.  Last and most deadliest is any blood clots, she's young but still we can never be too careful...Any questions?"
 *Saffron* "How long will she be unconscious?..."
 *Dr. Alain* "Depends on how well she does over the next 24 hours..."
Janice composes herself and looks up at the man 
who just saved her daughter's life.
 *Janice* "Can we go see her?..."
*Dr. Alain* "Yes you may. ICU only allows 2 visitors at a time, that's it..."
 Dr Alain stands up and continues talking, he has
 to begin making his rounds.
*Dr. Alain* "ICU is on the 3rd floor. She is being admitted to room 1, I believe.
I'll be back to check on her later today."
*Janice* "Thank you doctor...Thank you so much."
He smiles and says his goodbyes for now. Janice and Saffron 
gather their belongings and head up to ICU. As soon as they step out of the elevator they are greeted by a nurse at the desk in front of them.
*Nurse* "Hello...Bontempts family, I presume? I'm Summer and the
other nurse here is Teresa..."
*Janice* "Yes...I'm her mother Janice, this is her sister Saffron."
Summer waves her hand to the room that Willow is in where 
the other nurse Teresa is taking care of her.
*Summer* "She's right in there, y'all can go on in...Let's us know if you need anything.
Teresa is just getting her settled in."
Saffron and Janice look on with some hesitation and fear. Seeing Willow in such a state is very nerve wracking, not to mention
 both women are extremely tired as well.
*Summer* "It's totally fine she's doing great. I'm sure she can sense
your presence it always helps."
Janice and Saffron nod and thank Summer for her kindness 
then slowly and quietly head into the room.
Janice suddenly becomes overwhelmed with emotions seeing her little girl lying there in that hospital bed. Saffron eagerly looks on behind her, curious to see her sister's well being also.
*Janice* "Oh, Willow...What have you gotten yourself into this time?!..."
Teresa turns around and greets them with a smile.
*Teresa* "Hi! you're more than welcome to come in, along as it's only two at a time...
I'm just finishing up then I will leave you two alone with her."
They do just that and come up on Willow's other bedside. 
She looks calm and peaceful.
 Janice brushes the hair that frames her daughter's beautiful face. What she wouldn't give to see those beautiful blue eyes of hers. She talks softly hoping Willow might just hear her and those blue eyes of hers blink open.
 *Janice* "Willow, it's mama...I'm here sweetie and your sister Saffron is here too..."
 *Saffron* "Hey big sis! You had us all really worried, you gotta get strong now and rest up!."
 *Teresa* "I'm gonna go ahead and make the rest of my rounds. If you need
anything just let Summer or I know."
 Both ladies look up at her and nod in agreement.
*Janice* "Thank you...Is it okay if we stay for a while?..."
*Teresa* "Yes of course, visiting hours end at 8pm. Take your time..."
Later on that day sometime after noon midday. Saffron has left to go home and change her clothes while her mother stays by Willow's bedside. One of the detectives that is working Willow's case has shown up at the hospital. After talking with Dr. Alain, she proceeds to see if she can talk to Mrs. Bontempts.
 *Dr. Alain* "I'll let you know if and when you can come talk to my patient. She is in an induced coma at least for the next few days. She has a lot of healing to do detective."
*Jennifer* "I understand. If I could just talk to her mother then...We
need to get as many leads as we can."
*Dr. Alain* "Of course just keep it down and I much prefer you talk
outside of my patients room."
*Jennifer* "Not a problem...thank you for your time..."
Then she heads off to Willow's room and gently raps her fist on the door frame and waves hello. Hayden and James figured it would be best that Jennifer go alone to the hospital while they continue the investigation at the police station.
*Jennifer* "Hello! I'm detective Jennifer Llyod...May I come in?..."
*Janice* "Oh, um well if the good doctor is okay with it then that's fine by me."
*Jennifer smiles and steps in* "Thank you..."

To be Continued!
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