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Peter and the Possible Suspect...Part 2

This episode is rated R for language and graphic content.

The night before after Luke was done working upstairs he was in bed relaxing with his iPad, waiting on Laura to show up. He's reading 
through emails and deleting the junk mail when 
 Laura comes into their bedroom.
She stops dead in her tracks when she sees him there in the bed, and unknowingly bites down hard on her lip. Her hand flies up to touch it, she can taste a slight tinge of copper, Laura licks her lip and looks over at Luke. He never ceases to make her swoon. The two have hit a dry spell lately their schedules sometimes not lining up but tonight something's gotta give. Luke doesn't notice her there 
 so she decides to speak.
*Laura* "Still working, I thought you were trying to not bring work to bed with you?..."
Luke looks up from his iPad and responds to her, as Laura 
makes her way around the other side and gets 
ready to climb into bed herself.
 *Luke* "I'm not babe, just deleting emails while I wait for you, is Fin asleep?..."
*Laura* "Yeah he glad he is a good sleeper."
*Luke* "Good..."
Then his smile darkens and he turns to put his iPad away. Laura notices that he is completely nude under the sheet. Luke prefers to sleep in the nude but Laura often insists that he at least wear underwear, Phoenix will often sneak into their bed by the early morning hours.
Laura was just gonna climb into bed and lay down but that all changes the moment she sees he is naked. A pulse of heat shoots through her as she recalls how aggressive he was with her when he came home earlier for dinner in front of Peter. Gawd he's a gorgeous man
every single growing inch of him.
*Luke* "There something you need, Babe?..."
*Laura* "You know exactly what I need..."
Then the corners of Luke's mouth turn up into a dark 
seductive smile, enticing Laura even more. Laura 
leans in and kisses him, Luke no doubt kisses her back.
 Getting caught up and lost in the moment, as they both enjoy the feel and taste of each other. Laura abruptly pulls away, realizing that Peter is just downstairs below them, he may be their guest for several nights.
*Laura* "Wait what about Peter?..."
*Luke* "What about him?"
*Laura* "I mean he's right down stairs below us. What if he hears
 something?...Hears us."
Luke lets out a burst of laughter...Peter and Luke have been friends for a very long time, so sex with girls was something they got used to around each other. Especially since they traveled with
 Rock Candy and a few other bands as roadies.
*Luke* "Babe...Peter is fine. Plus he is sound asleep...Trust me he is not
gonna care one way or another."
 *Laura* "Oh really? So what was that earlier in front of Peter? Since when do
you need to go all caveman on me? Are you jealous?.."
 And Luke thinks to himself, maybe that's why I've been acting weird? That has to be it, it's been a month a whole fucking month!
 *Luke scoffs* "Jealous?! No!..I'm not jealous...Why would I be jealous?! I know you're mine.
You know....It's just been awhile, Babe. I'm fucking horny as hell."
*Laura* "I know it has...but you wanted to have
another baby. It's hard to find time now..."
*Luke* "No more talking...C'mere."
Then the pair locks lips again, letting the tension build with every bite, lick, and nibble. Luke has had enough making out at first base, time to get a move on home plate. He flips her sideways and begins to take control. Laura does not mind, she likes his need to dominate her, especially when it has been so long for both of them.
 Luke is grabbing at her underwear when she stops him. Realizing she does not want to get pregnant again, hoping he bought the condoms she told him to pick up the other day. Another reason why they have not had sex either since Phineas was born only months ago.
(remember we are still in late April/early May!😁)
 *Laura* "Wait, did you buy the condoms I asked you to get?..."
 *Luke* "Shit! Did I?!..."
*Laura* "Oh no Luke don't tell me you forgot...I am not getting pregnant again."
Luke cannot hold the straight face for too long and 
he smirks giving away his bluff.
 *Laura* "You are such a liar! You did buy them..."
Luke smirks again but this time it is so damn sexy. Laura 
almost doesn't care if he did actually forget to buy them.
*Laura* "Why do you have to tease me like that?"
*Luke* "Cause you're so fucking easy to tease..."
*Laura* "So did you buy them?..."
*Luke smirks* "Yes, babe...I bought them. Now lay back, relax,
 and don't scream too loud."
And as the words leave his lips, his fingers roam across her body teasing her, making sure she is ready for him. Laura arches her back begging for those long fingers of his to go deeper. She loves his hands they not only work magic on a guitar strumming beautiful chords of music but they also know how to make her happy...Laura moans and lets him take her higher...
Luke and Laura are both happily sated after last night's little adventure. That morning as they try to sleep in a bit they are startled by Peter's shouts about Hayden and his important news. Luke quickly gets dressed as Laura still takes advantage of two sleeping babies.
 *Luke* "What's your plans for today?..."
*Laura* "Oh stay here and catch up on some stuff, then maybe go see Willow later.
 I need to get my mom to watch the boys though."
 *Luke* "What about Kenzie?"
*Laura* "She's got classes today."
Luke nods then he leans down to kiss Laura good bye.
 *Luke* "Okay, babe...I'll see ya later tonight..."
 *Laura* "And Peter?...Will he be staying over again?"
 *Luke* "Uh...I don't know. Mostly likely."
*Laura* "Okay, then I'll make sure there the house is ready for him too."
Laura doesn't like a guest to feel unwanted and she always likes to be prepared. She was brought up in the south and so a lot 
of her mother's traditions are ingrained in her.
*Luke* "It's just Peter need to worry..."
*Laura* "I still like to be prepared."
*Luke smiles* "I know."
Then he kisses her again and leaves.
So back to where we all left off. Peter and Luke are about to get the spill on what is going on...I hope you are nice a relaxed now, like Luke and Laura, haha! Cause here we go!...
*Hayden* "As you very well know Peter, Fiona is dead. Like you said the FBI
contacted you about identifying her body..."
Peter nods in agreement with Hayden. Luke listens on in shock, 
Peter sure does not like to talk about Fiona...
*Luke* "What the fuck?! Fiona is dead? How? When?..."
*Hayden* "It happened about 6 months ago she somehow snuck into the US. Apparently
her Dad got sick and she wanted to see him. She left on her own without Cade....
Both Luke and Peter curse under their breath, how 
the hell is Fiona connected to this?
*Hayden continues* "So...she's on her way, to see her Dad, and ain't karma a bitch?...
The cab she was riding in, well they got hit by a wrong way driver. Fiona was found DOA at the scene. Since she only had her father as her last know family and he was in noway coherent to answer questions, they contacted Peter to ID her body."
Luke turns to Peter, for the most part they are completely honest with each other. Still sometimes Peter has a hard time sharing some of his deep dark demons, Fiona was one of them. Luke still to this day does not understand why Peter was with her and he probably never will.

*Luke* "Shit Pete, How come you never told me she was dead?..."
*Peter* "I don't fucking know, man...I just, you know...."
*Hayden* "That's neither here nor there now, what I was getting to fellas is...Fiona's death has resulted in Cade showing up on the radar again..."
They were so wrapped up in their bro moment that it did 
not click that Cade could be behind this. They both instantly start to metaphorically shit their pants. Cade is bad, bad news 
and he is not one to take lightly.
*Peter* "Oh, shit....shit!...Shit!...SHIT!...Are you fucking serious?!"
*Luke* "Cade is where exactly?!..."
*Hayden* "We have reason to believe he may be here somewhere in New Orleans...
Luke flies up out of his seat...All he can think about is Laura 
home alone with their boys. She's so vulnerable.
*Luke* "I gotta get home! Laura is there with the boys, alone!...And you fucking bring me here?!"
*Hayden* "Relax I have a squad car watching your house. Did you
not notice when you left this morning?...They have been there since last night."
*Luke* "No, I didn't see a fucking squad car?...Cade somehow sneaks back
 into town and you tell me to fucking relax?!..."
*Hayden stands up* "I can assure you your wife and kids are gonna be fine...I've got my best cops on the job. We all want Cade. He slipped away before but not this time. It's personal for us too. Now sit down and hear me out..."
*Peter* "And what about Willow? She's still in the hospital unconscious...
What if Cade tries to finish what he started?!"
*Hayden* "I have Pete watching her room making sure she is safe...."
*Peter* "So if Willow wakes up she can hopefully ID her attacker, right?"
*Hayden* 'That's what we're hoping for...sometimes people can have trauma
that causes them to struggle with remembering..."
*Peter* "And what about Shelby-Lynn?...Did you even question her at all?..."
*Hayden* "She has an air tight alibi, and since she is only 17 her parents
 would not allow further questioning..."
*Peter* "17! No, no, no!!! She told me she was 19!...Oh fuck, I'm totally fucked!"
Peter slumps in his chair. He was not expecting to hear 
that Shelby is so young. Then again he had to know the truth deep down somewhere. Peter never ceases to have bad luck with women or shall we say girls. Now the women he truly loves has been brutally attacked as a direct result of his actions against 
someone he has wronged.
*Luke* "Peter, just shut the fuck up man!...Quit babbling..."
*Hayden* "Listen I'm not here to mess with you about that. She says she does not knows you personally, and from what I saw she appeared to be a normal teenage girl. Like I said her mother
wouldn't allow us to ask her many questions...
*Peter* "So I'm not under arrest?...And she's not a suspect?!"
Luke smacks his forehead. Peter needs to keep 
his mouth shut.
*Luke* "For the love of god just shut the fuck up, Peter!..."
*Hayden* "No she's not...She was at a friends house the night Willow was attacked.
So even if she is doing what you claim and stalking you, she didn't attack Willow. My blood spatter guy says that it was a man not a woman who attacked Willow. So Cade and Nathan right now are my two best bets, unless I need to question you again?..."
*Peter* "She's a fucking nut case! When Willow wakes up she will set it all straight...
She knows first hand how fucking insane that girl is...Shelby has to be the one who attacked her!"

*Luke* "Peter, try to calm the fuck down. You're not making it better."
*Hayden* "It's okay...There is not enough evidence to support her as being the assailant. Now if and when Willow wakes up, let's hope she is able to tell us who did this."
Peter is just amazed at how quickly he dismiss the chances of Shelby-Lynn being Willow's attacker. He was so sure she could have a been a suspect...How can they not see how crazy she is?!

*Hayden continues* "Now listen, I need you
 two to stay aware of your surroundings and call in anything suspicious...And Peter, if this girl really is stalking you, I suggest you start documenting it somehow put some
cameras up once you're allowed back in your place...Think you fellas can handle that?..."
They both nod in agreement.

*Peter* "So has Cade actually been spotted here in town?..."
*Hayden* "We can't say for sure but the FBI has some very promising leads..."
*Peter* "This is bullshit!...Can I get back into my place now?
*Hayden* "I'd wait a few more days. It's still technically a crime scene.
Bullshit or not I'd be careful if I was you."
With that Luke and Peter get up to leave. Hayden quickly introduces Luke to James so he is aware of who to trust.
 *Hayden* "This is James Tatum...he's helping out visiting from Ash Harbor. So if you see him around you know he's with us. I may have him and Detective Lloyd go
 check your house if that's okay with you.
 *Luke* "Hello...yes please do that. I need to go check on my business as well. I'll
call Laura and let her know to expect you."
 *Hayden* " the meantime we still have everyone on the look out for Cade."
Luke and Peter say goodbye and walk away.
 *Peter* "I can't fucking believe they think it's Cade!...This just doesn't seem possible!"
*Luke* "If it is him, we're walking targets, he fucking hates both of us man.
I'm sorry Willow got dragged into all this, and I sure as hell hope he is not in town, 
I need to get back home as soon as I can."
 They climb into Luke's jeep and get ready to head out.
*Peter* "Hey can you drop me off at my place?..."
*Luke* "Hayden said not to...You sure you even want to? It's only been like
48 hours since this all happened..."
Peter is leery about setting foot in there so soon after all that
 happened but he'd like to grab some of personal items.
*Peter* "Yeah but we can get more done if we split up, I can drive myself to the hospital to see Willow and I'd like to grab some decent clothes to wear..."
*Luke* "I told you, borrow whatever you need. Besides it's safer if we stick together.
Cade is serious business, man..."
*Peter* "I'll be careful...You go ahead and do what you need to do so you can
get home to Laura and the boys. I know you're worried..."
*Luke* "Yeah but I don't want you to be in danger no one is watching your place..."
*Peter* "I'll be fine...Even if he is here in town, Cade wouldn't strike now, it's the middle of the fucking day not his MO...Now can you please swing by my place?..."
Luke starts up the old jeep and begins to drive away 
out of the police parking lot. Peter is not gonna change his mind, he is a stubborn man, with a highly inflated ego and believes he can handle Cade just fine.
*Luke* "Fine but I'm coming up with you! Then we can split up, and you can call
me when you get to the hospital so I know you're safe...."
*Peter* "Yes, mother..."
Peter doesn't seem all too worried to find trouble at his place, but Luke is on edge. He has fought Cade once before and that wasn't an all too heroic scene. Cade is one tough fucker to beat, he is all bark and a whole lot of bite. Now factor in the fact that Cade is out for some sick twisted revenge...Well not good, not good at all.
*Luke* "This isn't a fucking joke, Peter! Save your gawddamn ego for someone who
 gives a flying fuck. I don't need my best friend getting
hurt cause I refused to stick around."
*Peter* "Okay, okay...I"m sorry you're right. Let's just get the fuck outta here. I hate police stations."
Once Luke and Peter get over to Peter's old apartment building. Luke gets a panicked call from his wife, after arguing with Peter he forgot to call her and tell her about the detectives coming over.
*Luke* "Fuck, I forgot to call Laura about the detectives showing up..."
 *Peter* "Shit, you better answer it..."
 Luke slides the answer tab on the screen and hits
 the speakerphone button.

 *Luke* "Hey, Babe..."
*Laura* "What the hell is going on?! I have cops at our door?"
*Luke* "I know I was just about to call you.."

 Peter begins to head off up to his apartment on his own while Luke hangs back on the phone with an frantic Laura on the other line.
*Peter* "I'm gonna head on up stairs man..."
Luke nods and then Peter turns and walks away.
Peter takes a huge breathe and unlocks the door to his apartment and steps inside. The place looks tidy, seems they cleaned up sooner than Hayden had thought. Peter closes the door behind him and heads straight for a change of clothes.
He is relieved he does not have to see that large bloodstain on the floor...He quickly makes his way to the bedroom and is reminded of Willow again when he sees her clothes there neatly stacked on the laundry hamper. Their night was going so well till...Peter shakes it off he does not want to go there right now.
 *Peter* "I sure hope you wake up soon...Gawd help me, if it is Cade,
I'm gonna fucking kill him!"
 After Peter gets dressed he remembers he wanted to check his hidey-hole for his stash of marijuana. Luke may not like it but he could fucking care less. He needs to relax and Luke never has the good the really, really good shit at his place.
 While Peter is down on the floor and about to pull out the shoe box he uses to stash inside the wall, he hears a clicking sound like maybe a door is opening. He stops and turns, calling out.
*Peter* "Luke...Is that you, man? Hello?..."
When he gets no reply Peter gets up and heads to 
the door he quickly swings it open...
 *Peter* "Quit fucking around man!...Hello? Luke?
 Meanwhile back at the hospital everyone is waiting on Willow to wake up. Dr. Allain said she is doing well and now it's up to her when she is ready to come to. Saffron promised to call Peter with any changes. She knows he will want to be here when she wakes up.
*Janice* "Is it ringing?..."
*Saffron* "Yes..."
 Saffron waits as the phone continues to ring and she waits for 
Peter to pick up. He said call him at anytime.
 *Saffron* "It went to voicemail..."
 Janice frowns not all too thrilled that Peter did not answer. She is still working on accepting him back into her daughter's life. Saffron meanwhile leaves a message for Peter.
 *Saffron* "Hi, Peter...It's Willow's sister Saffron. Maybe you didn't recognize my number but anyways.....The doctor said Willow could be waking up at anytime time now. I know you wanted to be here so me back!"

To be Continued!

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