Monday, August 7, 2017

The Fate of Willow Bontempts...Part 2

This Episode is rated PG-13 for some language and adult content.

So while Willow lays in a hospital bed and fights to heal and recover from this brutal attack, Peter has been stuck answering the same questions over and over to the police all morning. Peter sits in a small room that has minimal light, he is tired but restless, he cannot stop thinking about Willow. 
It took Hayden awhile to remember Peter from the Rufus Blue kidnapping, since he spoke mostly with Luke. Once he did though the more he thought about it the more he began to think that there is no way Peter could have done this, they need to dig deeper get to the bottom of things.
*Peter* "I've told you everything I know! I don't know what else to say..."
*Hayden* "I know, I know...but anything even if it seems out of
 place anything at all might help."
 *Hayden* "Maybe a former client of Willow's or someone she may have had a run it with?..."
*Peter* "I can't answer any of that cause I don't know. We just barely started talking to each other again. I told you already. Shelby-Lynn or her Ex boyfriend, Nathan...but my money is on Shelby...She's fucking crazy! Why haven't you picked her up and questioned her?!..."
 James watches through the one-way mirror as Hayden talks with Peter.
 *Hayden* "I know, we're working on it...Just walk me through one more time. You sure you didn't see anybody leave the building. Nothing suspicious at all?.."
*Peter* "Seriously? Again?...Can't I go already, c'mon it's been a long
night and I just want to see Willow..."
 James comes into the room to notify Hayden that the security cameras confirm that Peter was no where near Willow when the attack happened so it wasn't him. They figured as much, but need proof.
*James* "Just got confirmation of video surveillance from the restaurant. He
was there at the time of the attack...So no way could he be in two places at once." 
*Hayden* "Good well that gives him an alibi of his whereabouts..."
Peter is relieved he is hoping they will let him go now. 
He has been sitting in this chair for hours.
 *Peter* "About fucking time!..."
*Hayden* "I know it's hard to be patient but we got to run things by the book.
It's imperative we cross all our T's and dot all the I's."
*Peter* "Does this mean I am finally free to go?...I've told you everything I know."
James turns to look at Peter, he continues to play bad cop 
while Hayden attempts to stay on Peter's good side...
 *James* "All it means is your alibi checks out, you're still a possible
suspect and a witness no doubt..."
*Peter* "Uh am I fee to go?...You've got nothing to charge me with."  
Hayden can feel the tension between the two,
 he stands up and addresses Peters question.
 *Hayden* "You're free to go, but we need you to stay close and don't leave town.
We may have more questions for you as we continue to investigate...
 *Peter* "Fine. Whatever, I just want to get to the hospital..."
 *Hayden* "Okay, I know you do, last I heard she was in ICU but still in very critical condition."
*Peter* "She's out of surgery?!..."
 *Hayden* "Yep, that's last update we got...I'll tell you what. How about 
I have Pete drive you down there..."
*Peter* "Uh, yeah sure...Fine by me."
Around the same time over at the hospital. Detective Jennifer Lloyd has been tasked with going to the hospital and asking questions there. Of course Willow is unable to give an account of what happened as she is still unconscious. So Jennifer takes the opportunity to question her mother Janice.
*Jennifer* "Mrs. Bontempts?..."
*Janice* "Yes..."
*Jennifer* "Hi, I'm detective Lloyd. I'd like to talk to you if that is okay..."
*Janice* "Yes of course...If I can help in any way..."
She gestures to the door with her other hand.
*Jennifer* "Can we chat out in the waiting area?..."
*Janice* "Oh, um...I..."
*Jennifer* "Please it will only take a few minutes..."
*Janice* "Okay."
So while Janice and Jennifer go sit down in the main room to talk, Dr. Daniel Alain takes that moment to go check on his patient, Willow.
Janice sits in a place where she can easily see Willow 
from a distance. Jennifer sits down next to her.
*Janice* "So how I can help you?..."
*Jennifer* "Do you know if your daughter had any troubles with anyone,
someone that would be compelled to do something like this?..."
*Janice* "Well...I do know she was having two men fight over her..."
*Jennifer* "Was she leaving Peter for another man?..."
*Janice* "No, I believe she left Nathan for Peter...and this is not the first rodeo for these 3. Willow, bless her heart she has been torn between the two men for sometime now. We all tired to tell her to just stop and find herself...If she'd have just listened, she'd be okay..."
Janice runs the Kleenex tissue across her face. If only
 Willow would have listened to her advise.
*Jennifer* "Were things that tense with her and the two men?..."
*Janice* "Yes! Especially, Nathan...he was adamant about wanting to be with her. I think Willow stayed because she was afraid he would lash out..."
*Jennifer* "Has he ever hurt your daughter before?"
*Janice* "No, not that I know of...But he's got a short fuse for sure."
*Jennifer* "Do you happen to know Nathan's last name?..."
*Janice* "Yes, it's Doucet. He's a manager and trainer over at  Sweetwater Spa..."
Then suddenly an alarm of beeps goes off from Willow's room. 
Dr. Alain calls for the nurses immediately. Janice pops up, her heart racing, all she can do is hope and pray they get her stable again.
*Dr. Alain* "Summer get that crash cart! Her pressure is dropping..."
The two nurses act fast and are quickly at Willow's bedside, 
there to assist the doctor in any way. Janice quickly moves across the room to stand and watch from just the other side of the doorway.
She just watches as the doctor and nurses move with speed to get Willow stable again. Memories of Willow as a young girl and thoughts of her laughing and lighting up the room with her crystal blue eyes. Janice begins to feel tears well up and fall onto her cheeks.
Then suddenly the steady heart rhythm comes back and they all take a quick breath as they watch Willow's blood pressure stabilize again. Dr. Alain advises the nurses then steps out of the room to talk to Janice.
 *Janice* "Is she okay?!..."
*Dr. Alain* "She is stable for now...but I'd like to run an MRI to make sure all is well.."
*Janice* "Oh...uh okay...can I come with her?"
*Dr. Alain* "Yes ma'am of course you may. Lemme just get things in order and
send her up to imaging..."
 Janice nods, Dr. Alain heads to the desk to work things out with Summer. Detective Lloyd comes over and hands Janice her card.
*Jennifer* "Mrs. Bontempts thank you for your time, here is my card if
you need anything or remember anything..."
*Janice* "Oh, okay thank you..."
*Jennifer* "You know I have 2 daughters myself...We are gonna catch whoever did this..."
*Janice* "I sure hope so, and I hope Willow can tell us soon who did this to her."
Then Jennifer nods in agreement and heads off towards the elevator doors. Now that the police know Nathans full name and where he works it is time to go have some boys in blue pick up Mr. Nathan Doucet and see what he has to say.


So around the same time Police began to head out to pick up Nathan for questioning, Peter comes through the elevator doors of the hospital ICU floor. Officer Pete told him she was in room one. He heads straight for her room completely ignoring the nurse that is questioning his presence there, and panics when he sees Willow's room is empty.
 *Peter* "Ah, no! NO! Nooo!...."
Summer is standing behind him and calls out to him. 
*Summer* "Excuse me sir. Can I help you?..."
 *Peter* "The woman who was in this room where is she? Is she okay?!..."
 *Summer* "I'm sorry but I can't give out patient information."
Peter looses his patience it's been a long morning and a very long night he is exhausted to say the least. Last thing he wants is 
someone giving him the run around.
 *Peter* "It's just a simple fucking yes or no! Is she okay?!..."
 Summer backs up and gets to the phone.
*Summer* "If you don't leave sir, I'm calling policy." 
*Peter* "No, please I'm sorry. Please don't do that, just hear me out..."
 Summer looks up at him, the man looks like he's been hit by a truck. Anyone who looks at him can see he's stressed to the max, she decides to hear him out.
 *Peter* "Please just tell me if she is alive..."
 *Summer* "I'm really not suppose to. Are you family?"
 *Peter* "I'm her boyfriend...Please I need to know. I've been detained by police all morning since I found her! I'm the one who fucking found her, she's....Please!"
Summer takes a deep breath and decides to just give
 him a limited amount of info.
*Summer* "She's alive...they just took her for some tests."
 Peter nearly collapses, relieved she's okay. His body has been so tense all day and then to come here, find any empty room and get no answers. He almost feels like crying, it's been such 
a journey to get to her.
 *Peter* "Oh thank god!..."
 *Summer* "It's okay..."
*Peter* "Can I see her?..."
As Peter is talking with the nurse, Saffron shows up just coming off the elevator. She catches only the trail end of their conversation.
*Summer* "You have to be immediate family..."
*Peter* "I'm her boyfriend how does that not count?!..."  
Saffron immediately steps in, she knows her mother will not be too thrilled but Willow loves him and she needs him there too.
 *Saffron* "It's okay, he has our approval to go and see Willow..."
*Summer* "Okay...not a problem."
Saffron takes Peter into Willow's room, she sets her bag down 
on the couch and turns to introduce herself to Peter.
 *Saffron* "I'm Willow's sister Saffron...I know we've never met before,
Willow and I we're never that close."
Saffron offers her hand and Peter grabs it and 
responds back to her.

*Peter* "Peter. Yeah I know, Willow often spoke about how she wanted to make things
right between you two. I see the resemblance..."
*Saffron* "She did!..."
 Peter nods and she gestures for him to take a seat on the couch. Peter looks so frazzled and tired the only thing keeping him awake is the adrenaline still pumping through his body. Saffron is curious, she knows he was the one who found her...
 *Saffron* "I know she was found at your apartment but that's pretty much it...So
do the police have any leads...Any idea who did this?..."
 Peter runs his fingers through his hair again scratches the top of his head, damn he needs a hot shower. He is a grungy hot mess right now. His palms are sweaty and he is nervous and anxious 
about seeing Willow.
 *Peter* "Honestly I don't know, but they have a few leads. One being
 that fucking asshole Nathan..."
 *Saffron gasps* "Really?! You really think it could be Nathan?!"
 *Peter* "He was pretty fucking pissed that Willow chose me again,
after all that has happened...."
Peter starts to break, images of finding Willow come 
back to him and he tries to push them out of his mind.
 *Peter voice cracking* "And now she's fucking fighting for her life!..."
*Saffron* "Sweetie, this is not your fault, it's not..."
 Then Dr. Alain shows up with Willow now being wheeled back into her room. After her minor setback earlier. They have determined that Willow is okay, they just have to wait for her body to heal some more. Peter bolts upright. Seeing her is both a relief and a shock. Her body so lifeless as she lays there in the hospital bed.
 *Peter* "Willow!..."
 Dr. Alain* "Just step back...We need to get her settled in first."
*Peter* "Is she okay?..."
Dr. Alain turns to look at Peter again.
 *Dr. Alain* "Just stay there and stay calm. I will address your questions in a minute."
 After Willow is being settled back into her place in the ICU room, 
Dr. Daniel Alain approaches Peter.
 *Dr. Alain* "Are you the boyfriend that found her?..."
*Peter* "Yes! Yes, I am. Can I please see her?.."
 *Dr. Alain* "I'll give you five minutes...She needs to rest."
*Peter* "Thank you Doctor!..."
He stops him again, Peter is so anxious to get 
to her bedside.
*Dr. Alain* "Hang on a minute...After Teresa is done settling her in. I don't know how much you've been told but her injuries are severe. She needs time and rest..."
*Peter* "When will she wake up?..."
 *Dr. Alain* "That's up to her really, like I said she needs rest...And sleep it's very
 important right now."
Finally Janice makes her way up to the ICU. She stops in the doorway when she sees Peter there in her daughter's hospital room.
*Janice* "What is he doing here?! I don't want him here!..."
 Before any more drama can ensue Dr. Alain has them walk
 out into the main room of the ICU. 
*Peter* "I have every fucking right to be here!..."
*Janice* "I beg to differ...If my daughter had been home with me this never would have happened. Instead she has you and Nathan fighting over her like she's some territorial prize!..."
*Peter* "I respected Willow's space! I gave her all the time she needed to figure it out. She came to me when she finally made her choice. I love her, Janice. I would never do anything to hurt her."
*Janice* "My daughter is fighting for her life in there! It's gonna take
more than that to convince me..."
The elevator dings and Laura steps off, she spies Peter immediately and goes straight to him. She can see he is haggard and tired.
*Laura* "Peter..."
She outstretches her arms, her heart goes out to him. He looks so tired and the look on his face says it all. She's never seen him like this. Peter is usually the most lively one of all of Luke's friends. It took her some years to warm up to Peter, she always worried he would tempt Luke to leave her for that rock and roll lifestyle again...
*Laura* "Hey, how are you holding up?..."
*Peter* "I'm exhausted..."
 He pulls back, it feels awkward hugging Laura
 they usually never do.
*Peter* "Where's Luke? He's not with you?..."
*Laura* "He had to wait for Jacob to come back from lunch, so he could leave the shop.
I'm sure he'll be here soon. Have you seen Willow yet?..."
*Peter* "Kinda....Janice doesn't really want me here. I can't blame her really."
*Laura* "What, why?!....We all know you would never hurt her."
Meanwhile...Janice talks with the Doctor. He is trying to make her see to just make choices that benefit Willow. Being his patient 
her well being is top priority.
*Janice* "Yes...Thank you so much Dr. Alain..."
 In Willow's room Saffron stays with her sister while everyone is still out in the main room. She softly talks to her while Teresa finishes.
*Saffron* "Hey sis, Peter is here. I can see now why you chose him. He really does love you.  He's fighting for you, trying to win Mom over. I can see his eyes light up when he talks about you,
you have to come back us sis..."
Laura goes to sit down with Peter as they wait to 
both go in and see Willow.
 *Peter* "I screwed up..."
*Laura* "What do you mean?..."
* Peter* I never should have left her!..I went out to get food then I come back
 and she's lying there in a pool of blood!
 Luke steps off the elevator and spots his wife sitting with Peter across the room. Laura is consoling him and Peter is crying. He's in tears again. It's so hard for him to stops seeing her in that state, how he found her there on the floor of his apartment. The shock of it all hitting him hard every time his mind drifts there.
 *Laura* " You cannot blame yourself, how were you to know anything
would happen. You just don't. no one does..."
 *Peter* "If I'd have taken any longer she might have died, Laura. I can't loose her!"
Then Laura leans in to hug him. Peter is falling apart, that adrenaline is wearing off.  Luke feels a wave of jealousy jolt down his spine. Seeing his wife and his best friend so close kinda makes him uncomfortable, despite the situation. He goes to grab a tissue 
and head over to the both.
*Teresa in a hushed voice* "Oh my gawd! I know that guy!..."
 *Summer* "Seriously?!..."
 They wait for Luke to pass then she walks around 
to the other side of the desk.
 *Teresa* "Yeah, he's the lead singer to that local band I like to go see..."
*Summer* "No way!..."
*Teresa* "I think the other guy is the drummer..."
*Summer* "He told me that he was the boyfriend...Oh man wow!"
Luke holds out the tissue and breaks up the hug 
between the two of them.
*Luke* "Here...I think you need this."
*Peter looks up* "Thanks man..."
 Then Luke feels bad for ever having that wave of jealousy hit him. Peter looks like shit, no wonder Laura was trying to comfort him. Laura reaches out and tugs on Luke hand she notices his rigid stance, 
he squeezes back lightly and relaxes...
*Luke* "You look like shit, Man..."
*Peter* "I feel like shit..."
*Luke* "How's Willow?..."
*Peter* "She's stable right now, I'm just waiting to go in to see her."
*Luke* "Any ideas who did this?..."
*Peter* "A few...but I don't want to get into it right now."
*Peter continues* "Hey can I crash at your place for a while? Mine is a crime
scene until further notice."
*Luke* "Yeah of course, however long you need. We're here for you."
*Peter* "Thanks...I just wish they'd let me see her."
Back in Willow's room Saffron tries to make her mother 
understand that she needs to let Peter see Willow.
 *Saffron* "Mamma I know you're upset. I am too. But don't punish Willow because of it.
She loves Peter and he loves her...You didn't see how broken he was?..."
*Janice* "I...I know...but it just makes me so upset!"
*Saffron* "Just give him a few minutes, he's tired he's worried about her,
he wants the same thing we do..."
Janice nods and agrees to it. So they both go out to let him 
know he has a few minutes to be alone with her. Peter immediately thanks Janice and heads off to Willow's room. When he gets there he is almost at a loss for words.
 *Peter* "Hey, babe...I only got a few minutes. Doctor wants you to rest so you can wake up soon. We all miss you, Laura and Luke are here too..."
 Peter runs his hand across her forehead but there is no response from her. Peter would love to see those gorgeous
 blue eyes staring up at him.
 *Peter* "I'm sorry I left, baby...I shoulda just stayed like you asked of me...I don't ever want to loose you again. Please, wake up soon, I need to see that smile of yours and those eyes.
You know how much I love them..."
 Peter leans down and kisses her forehead.
 *Peter* "I love you, babe...I'll be back later to check on you...You're on the
mend now, just stay strong."
Peter reluctantly leaves but he needs to shower, eat, and sleep. Luke takes him home to his place and Laura helps care for him.
 The End...For now.
Thank you to all of those who sent well wishes to Willow! You can continue sending well wishes if you like, I will post more next week...She's still got a long road ahead of her...

Stay tuned because next week we will learn more about what the police have investigated!
I promise we'll crack this case soon...


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