Friday, December 29, 2017

Christmas with the Coopers...

This episode is rated a mild  
for some adult situations and dialogue.

All I Want for Christmas is You!

This year Laura is hosting Christmas dinner, and the whole family will be coming out to gather together for Christmas. Laura's interior decorator has finally had time to do some more work on the house, lol! Yet we still have a long way to go...
It's Christmas Eve and Laura is finishing wrapping up the last few gifts Santa is bringing for Phoenix. Like everything in life, Laura is a perfectionist, so she makes sure each gift is wrapped up nice and neat 
with a bow on top.
 Luke is just coming down the stairs he got the boys down for the night earlier while Laura worked her Christmas magic. And of course like most men he is wondering when his wife is coming to bed, having been waiting up stairs for a while he decided to come find her.
 *Luke* "You're still wrapping gifts?..."
*Laura* "I'm on the last one. Did you get the boys to sleep?"
*Luke* "Yeah like over an hour ago..."
*Laura* "Oh, okay good. I was worried Phoenix would give you a hard time."
 And of course like most women Laura is busy as a bee trying to get Christmas together and coming to bed is the last thing on her mind.
 *Luke* "No, he was pretty tired. So you coming to bed after that?"
*Laura* "I need to bake the cake for tomorrow I haven't had any time all day."
*Luke* "Babe it's late already just come to bed. You can bake it in the morning."
*Laura* "No, I need it to be chilled over night so I can ice it in
 the morning. It will only take a little while...."
Laura finishes the last present and gets up to place it under the tree. Luke turns off the living room light and then swoops in the moment 
she is done setting down the last gift for Phoenix.
 *Luke* "You know it's really lonely up in bed all alone...."
*Laura smirks* "Oh really?..."
 Luke nibbles on her ear and begins to sing a 
popular Christmas tune
*Luke* "I just want you for my own...More than you could ever know....
Make my wish come true!!
C'mon baby, All I want for Christmas is you!!!..."
Laura closes her eyes and relishes in the soft vibrations of his voice against her neck. Luke spins her around to face him. And now he knows he has her on the hook, Laura hardly 
ever tells him no, he's a hard man to resist.

 *Luke* "It's passed midnight babe..."
*Laura* "Really?! Crap....the only fairy Christmas magic
here is if I get it all done in time."
 *Luke* "Or you can just come upstairs and just let me sugar your plum..."
 *Laura giggling and lightly smacks his shoulder* "Luke?! you are the worst I swear..."
*Luke* "C'mon baby, just come to bed it's late the kitchen can wait till morning..."
*Laura pauses* "But...I...Luuke...stop making this so difficult!"
*Luke* "I just want to make love to my sweet, beautiful, sexy as fuck wife..."
 Laura of course cannot resist when he asks or 
well can we say, sings so sweetly...The two collide for a 
kiss and just enjoy each other in that moment.
 Little do they realize that Phoenix was not as asleep as Luke 
thought he was. He slowly creeps down the stairs while his 
unsuspecting parents think they are alone.

I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus...

*Phoenix* "Santa?!...Prweasants!!!"
 Both of them are startled and break away from their kiss. 
Phoenix has his eye on the tree, this three and a half year 
old knows exactly what he wants...
 *Laura* "Phoenix!!...Well I guess he has figured out how to open the baby gate...Wonderful!"
 With little brother crawling around everywhere, last thing they need is
 Phoenix opening the gate now... 
*Luke* "It's my fault. I left it open..."
*Laura* "Oh!..." 
 *Luke* "Phoenix what are you doing awake, son?..."
*Phoenix* "Prweasants! I open my prweasants now?..."
*Luke* "No, not till morning, its the middle of the night
and you need to be in bed. Sleeping!"
Laura scoops him up, she knows this time it requires a 
mother's love to get this little one back to sleep.
*Laura* "I'll get him back to bed...Then maybe afterwards I'll come see what you're up to?"
She shrugs her shoulder and tilts her chin in a "maybe I will take you up on that offer" type of body language. Luke smiles he can live with a maybe for the moment.
*Laura* "Oh! And before you head back to bed can you tidy up the living room and put away the gift wrap...This way I don't have to do it in the morning."
*Luke* "This?..."
Luke rests his hand on the stack of wrapping
 paper and Laura nods her head.
*Laura* "Yes and just put it all in the closet for now. Thank you baby."
Then she smiles and heads off upstairs with Phoenix.


Merry Christmas Baby...

 Not too far away over at Peter's apartment it's a very quiet evening for Peter and Willow but the Christmas magic continues as the two cuddle in by the tree. These two have bonded deeper since all the trauma that took place and nothing now can dare to try and tear them apart...Willow just recently agreed to move back in with Peter. He knows it was not easy for her but somehow they made it work.
Peter pulls a certain gift box out from under the tree, 
he is anxious for her to open this one. 
*Peter* "I want you to open this one right now..."
*Willow* "Why?..."
*Peter* "Just open it, you'll see."
Willow pulls the top off of the box and inside is one single slip of paper, kinda like a certificate for something.
*Willow* "What is it?..."
*Peter* "Read it..."
Willow looks it over, it is definitely a certificate but it looks like one you could easily print out online. This one though has been altered somewhat and it appears to have been signed by a professional. 
 *Willow* "Peter, is this what I think it is?!..."
 Peter smiles and nods
*Willow* "Oh my gawd, Peter! NO! You didn't?!...This is really real?!..."
*Peter* "Yeah, baby it's real. I'm not shooting blanks anymore...Signed
and approved by the doctor himself..."
*Willow* " didn't have to do this! You know that
right?...I...I...never expected...."
Willow is a little speechless she didn't think or ever expect 
Peter to have the vasectomy reversed but Peter knew he could never deny Willow anything ever again. Plus he wants her to have happy memories ones that he knows will forever bond her to him.
*Peter* "I wanted to, baby...I don't want anyone else but you. Whatever
happens now is up to fate..."
*Willow* "When did you find time to do this?..."
*Peter* "Months ago when you were still living at your mom's house. Luke got me to and from the doctor, remember when I told you I was sick and didn't want any company?"
*Willow* "Oh my gawd Peter!...You crazy man, I love you..."
*Peter* "I love you too. Merry Christmas, Baby..."
Then Peter pulls her in for a kiss. It's been a long road for these 
two but things seem to be finally falling into place now.


The Christmas Song

Across town in a fancy upscale condo, Amari sits with her newborn daughter Leila, she is only roughly a month old born on November 30th's chilly morning. Shaun and Amari have sadly been separated since that day she told him she was pregnant, neither one could get passed each others decisions and choices which drove a 
deep wedge between them.
Shortly after Shaun quickly packed up and left for Cali, Rufus had called she wanted to drop a new album and get the band back together. Shaun wanted space and well he got it by packing up and moving back to California. He continued to support Amari though and made sure his unborn child was properly cared for, that part he never questioned or flaked out on. Plus he knew her Father the Judge would make sure he did if he didn't.
*Amari* "My sweet girl, no matter what you are the best
Christmas present I could ever ask for...Don't you ever think otherwise."
Amari has had an army of support behind her despite Shaun's abrupt absence, including her mother who has come to stay and temporarily live with Amari to help care for Leila since she was born. 
Luke and Peter were left hanging too, forcing them to side with Amari. Of course this left Luke and Peter without their third band member, but choosing Rufus over them was the last straw.
 They too have since moved on to find a new band member.

As much as Amari has moved on too, even though she wanted to beg him to come back she didn't. She knew that no matter what he decided, she knew she made the right choice, with little Leila but she made sure he knew what he was missing. She has continued to send him the occasional picture of Leila and make sure Shaun is always up to date on his daughter's daily growth and well being.
Amari runs her fingers along Leila's little feet and toes 
as she squirms and smiles at her mother's touch.
*Amari* "Your daddy has no idea what he is missing...but that's okay it will
 just be you, me, and grandma against the world, just us girls...And maybe a few of those rowdy boys you got for cousins, cuz I know they will be there for ya...
But right now it's time for us to get our beauty sleep...tomorrow is another busy day,
and Santa Claus won't show if we don't go to bed my angel..."

The End...For Now.
Merry Christmas y'all! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and a happy new year. Thank you so much for the continued support and your enthusiasm with my stories. I hope to be back in the summer for more episodes so for now I hope you enjoyed this little peek at how some of our fave dolls spent their holiday. 

And if you want to see how Luke and Laura spent Christmas 
night then check it out here. MA Rating NSFW


  1. oh goshh my heart is full. i am so happy for peter and willow. its a start. and as for shaun hopefully he will return if he knows what is good for him. ofcourse love luke and laura

    1. Thank you, Mandee! It is definitely a start for Peter and Willow, I'm excited for them. I know Shaun could have handled things better but it's a little late now. hopefully he can at least be there for Leila.

  2. Bravo Peter! That's the best present Willow could get :-).
    It's a pity Shaun made this decision, but luckily Amari has so much support.
    I enjoyed these stories very much, as always!
    All the best for the New Year! I wish you a good health, much happiness and lots of inspiration!

    1. Yes I think Willow is very happy with this new change in Peter. Let's hope things keep going good for them.
      Yeah Shaun just totally flaked out on Amari, but you're right she has so much support from friends and family. Hope you had a great Christmas and new year!

  3. This was definitely a welcome update! Glad to see everyone doing so well. Amari's baby is a cutie. Too bad about Shaun, but her life will be very full with little Leila! I am excited for Willow and Peter. He gave her a very nice gift! And, of course, Luke and Laura are the fan favs! Hope you had an AMAZING Christmas and the New Year brings joy to both your "real" family and your 1:6 family!

    1. Hi Phyllis!
      Yeah I was hoping to post it sooner but man o man it's so hard to get it all done at once. Shaun is a total ass for choosing to leave, but Amari will do fine. I'm thrilled with Peter and Willow, hoping they can stay happy. Luke and Laura are still my go to couple I love them so, hehe. Thank you! I hope you had a blessed holiday and New Year as well... :)

  4. Beautiful updates!! Luke and favorite couple!! Peter came through, yay! He has definitely done a 360. I hope that he and Willow will become a little, baby and all. Amari has great family support, so she and little Leila are going to be fine. Happy Holidays Miranda!!

    1. Hi Georgia Girl!
      Thank you! So glad you love Luke and Laura they are always my ultimate fave no matter what, hehe. We will see what is to come with Peter and Willow. So glad you enjoyed it all!

  5. Boooo, Shaun! ://// It definitely sounds like Amari is better off without him!
    Im so glad Peter and Willow are back on track; you've really put them through the wringer! XD

    1. Boo is definitely the right reaction, haha! She is totally better off without him, if he is going to act like this. Sad he is missing out on Leila though. Yes! Peter and Willow finally seem to have things falling into place them...It's exciting! :)))

  6. Wonderful episode! I just loooove all the Christmas decorations and little details! You have so much patience and dedication to make all those tiny things and to make them look so real! Also, until now I hadn't realised that Peter has a painting of "Klimt Barbie", and that's precisely Shelby-Lynn's character lol

    1. Thank you so much Florencia! I had a lot of fun decorating the dollhouse for Christmas...making the details is what makes it so rewarding and fun. Haha! yes he has a Klimt painting, a recycled art piece from the doll packaging...

  7. I just loved it. Shaun sucks! Congratulations to Amari! Good for her. It looks like Peter and Willow will be able to have a little one or two. Good for them. Now that's love. Of course, Luke and Laura are still cute together.

    1. Hi Jaye!
      Thank you, so glad you enjoyed it :) I think Amari will be just fine without Shaun, he is a fool for skipping town. Peter and Willow are definitely connecting now more than they ever did.. I'm excited for a new year of stories can't wait to get started :)

  8. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for Miranda and family! Then, also to all my favo characters! L&L obviously Loveee.. as for Willow and Peter.. I just knew about reverse vasectomy. I even Googled that it is possible. Wow your blog is both entertaining and knowledgeable. Congrats Amari!

    P.S: hope with Rufus calling Shaun back doesnt mean she would be in the picture again anytime soon. Or ever. Hahaha. (Pleaaase)

    1. Thank you! So glad you enjoyed Luke and Laura, they are so much fun for me I always enjoy typing their dialogue. Bahahaha! I laughed so hard at the entertaining and knowledgeable comment you're so funny...
      Rufus is 100% over Luke that ship sailed long ago when she lost his baby she was carrying because of him and his irresponsible decisions and the whole Cade debacle.

    :) SO SO SO GOOD