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Friday, September 22, 2017

Peter and The Grand Finale...Part 2

 This episode is rated R for graphic doll violence
 and adult language...
Read at your own risk!

Picking up right where we left off inside Peter's apartment. Cade has his hands like a vice around Peter's neck, squeezing tighter and tighter, rage fueling him Peter hacks and gasps as he tries to fight back but the lack of oxygen is making him weaker. Smoking all that pot is not coming in too handy now, his lungs are on fire, screaming at him for a hit of oxygen.
*Peter* "ACK..ack...GASP!...ACK!...gasp..."
*Cade* "Just give up Morissey...no one is coming to save you now!..."
Peter's eyes begin to roll back and Cade knows that look, this is not the first time he has choked the life out of someone, but that's another story...Peter tries to respond, and hopes to hell that Luke shows up to save the day.

*Peter* "Lu...ack!..gasp... Nnnn...gasp...ack..."
*Cade* "What?! Speak up Morissey I can't hear you!..."
Then Cade smiles the most evil grin Peter has ever seen. It's pure sadistic satisfaction, the crazy on his face spreading like wildfire and coming out with an evil laugh. A laugh so deep it vibrates down his arms, through his fingers and clenches tighter around Peter's throat.
*Cade* "You have no idea how happy this makes me, Morissey...."
Cade is so focused on only him and Peter in the room that he does not hear the light brush of fabric on fabric, as Shelby-Lynn comes out from behind the wall! She crawls on all fours towards the gun that is lying on the carpet before her.
 Cade meanwhile has nearly choked the life out of Peter, who kicks out some but is too weak to do anything else. Cade is strong, Luke was right, Peter underestimated how strong he is. Where are ya man?! Where the fuck is Luke?! Peter was so sure he would have come busting through the door already...
Shelby-Lynn creeps cautiously and quietly, her eyes focused on the gun. No way is she gonna let some crazy person take him away from her! Peter needs her now more than ever!
 She carefully picks it up, it's heavier than she thought it would be. Gripping it with both hands, she begins to raise the gun up...Her knees wobble a bit as she moves to stand.
 Shelby-Lynn takes a deep breath, she is shaking with fear and adrenaline. Peter will surely leave that other woman if she saves his life. No doubt he will fall in love with her for saving him...So, she has to save him. She has to!
Shelby is about to shout at Cade to get off of her man!
When suddenly the door swings open, Luke is shouting for Peter, having no idea what is going on. He pauses in shock in the doorway...
Shelby-Lynn panics and the gun goes off, and Luke flies back hitting the door. A crimson red line slides down and saturates his tattooed arm. All these moments flash by like the second hand on clock face...
Luke groans, his shoulder hot, the pain is intense...
Shelby is in shock at what she just did, gasping as she drops the gun her hands go flying up to her gaping mouth. Shocked and horrified.
 Cade is the only one aware of all that is going on. Peter is so weak it will take him more time to recover than it will take Cade to take control of the situation. He turns and grabs the gun, annoyed as to where the hell this girl came from?! No matter he thinks, she can not leave here alive.
And without a single hesitation Cade pulls the trigger, Shelby-Lynn's whole body flies back from the point blank shot to the forehead. The poor girl never saw it coming....Peter sits up barely having any voice at all he cries out...
*Peter raspy* "Nnnoooo!...."
 Then instinctively both Luke and Peter charge Cade. Separately they are too wounded to fight him but together there is hope. This son of bitch needs to go down!
Peter goes low for Cade's center of gravity tilting his shoulders busting right into his rib cage.
Luke focuses on knocking the gun out of Cade's grasp.
Peter grunts as he uses all his energy to take Cade down to the floor with him. Cade rocks back trying to fight this take over, he mentally scowls at himself, he may have jumped the gun too soon on revealing himself to Peter...
*Luke* "Your reign of terror is over Cade!..."
As the guys pin Cade down, a lifeless Shelby-Lynn lays where she fell to the floor. She did save Peter but it cost her, her life. Poor Shelby-Lynn, while she was not completely innocent, she did not deserve this tragic end.
Cade hits the floor with a hard thud, his chest deflates from the weight of the two men on him. Luke and Peter takes this as an opportunity to gain full control over Cade, making sure he cannot get up.
*Cade* "Ugnh!...."

*Peter* "Dont fuckin' move..."
*Luke* "Like I said before, we are not sick twisted fucks like you!
Cade finally regains his voice and looks at them both through his sunglasses, which are shifted halfway off his face.

*Cade* "Get the fuck off me!...fight me like a man Morissey! At lease Cooper had
the balls to go toe to toe...We all know who won that cock fight!..."
*Peter* "Fuck you!..."
Peter pulls his arm back in the heat of anger
then lets it fly across Cade's face. Hitting him so hard you 
can almost hear the crack of bone on bone.
Peter is angry, he is still not sure Cade was the one who attacked Willow, but he did just kill a young seemingly innocent girl. Just because she was in his way...Shelby did not deserve that. He swings again and again continuing to hit Cade until his knuckles bleed and ache.
Cade is surely a bit out of it now after receiving a rightful pummeling. The years have added way too much hate, anger, and extreme loathing between this trio. Too much history, bad history...The kind that leaves a bitter taste in your mouth. Peter leans back and catches his breath, Luke pulls up to a standing position, with his foot down on Cade's right arm. He does not trust Cade, not one bit...
*Peter* "Shit...Mother fucker!!..."
*Luke* "Feel better?..."
*Peter* "Fuck ya, I do!..but..."
Then Cade starts to moan, he was only unconscious for a moment. Luke presses his boot into Cade's upper arm, slowly leaning 
all his weight into it.
*Luke* "Don't fucking move...or snap your shoulder..."
Cade only groans he is still a bit off. Peter layed into him good.
*Peter* "I think I may have some rope we could tie him up. I'm sure the
cops are on their way by now..."
But before the two can make a decision, James and Hayden come guns outstretched before them, eyes wide and attentive, bodies primed for action. They both shout out as they see Luke and Peter standing there in the living room of the apartment.
*Hayden* "I need y'all to step away...Hands up guys."
Peter instinctively lets his hands fly up and Luke turns to address the two detectives, he can't raise his right arm because of the gunshot wound. He is doing his best to not focus on the pain, at the moment adrenaline still pulsing through his body.
*Luke* "I can't I've been shot in the arm, and there is a gun on the floor here with Cade's
fingerprints all over it. So I'm not moving my foot off this fucker till you cuff him...Last thing we need is for him to take someone else out"
Hayden and James quickly nod in agreement with each other, then cautiously make their way over. Noticing Shelby's body as they walk. Peter whispers to Luke...
*Peter* "Shit, never have I ever been so fucking happy to see the cops..."
Luke chuckles but stops, just smiles instead. Hurts too damn
 much to move the pain in his arm is getting worse now..
Once Hayden and James reach where Cade is laying, Luke steps back and away. James commands Cade put his hands up
*James* "Let's go, hands up and don't even try anything..."
Hayden keeps his weapon out and pointed at Cade while 
James slaps the cuffs on him.
*Peter* "Hey man, you okay? You're starting to look like shit..."
*Luke* "I feel like shit...the pain is getting worse..."
James and Hayden get Cade up on his feet and begin to 
read him his rights.
*Hayden* " You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used 
against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford 
an attorney, one will be provided for you..."
 *Cade* "I know what my fucking rights are..."
Hayden finally holsters his gun while he 
responds back to Cade.
 *Hayden* "Oh I'm sure you do...but I still gotta remind you...You just made a whole lotta peoples day by getting caught...haul this lowlife away James. The scales of justice have prevailed
today, this is the end of the line for you."
 James pulls back and clenches are hard the cuffs that are digging into Cade's wrists, then forcibly turns him to walk out the door with him. Hayden begins to follow, he wants to secure Cade first before they move on.
 *Peter* "What the fuck man?! Luke needs medical attention..."
Luke tries to wave his hand off like he is okay. He too wants Cade locked away where he can never see the light of day again. 
*Luke* "I'm fucking fine...It's worse than it looks."
*Hayden* "The EMS is on the way...You sure you're good?.."
*Luke* "A few more minutes is not gonna make a difference."
*Hayden* "Okay...As soon as I get Cade secure we will need to
 get your statements. I have CSU coming up too..."
Peter is stunned by Hayden's lack of concern.
 *Peter* "He needs to go to the fucking hospital not get questioned!.."
*Hayden* "Peter, I know you do not like it but it is what it is. As soon as they get here
they will take care of Luke and take him to the hospital..."
*Peter* "I want to go with him...I'm not fucking sticking around to be detained
for hours and hours this time!..."
 *Hayden agrees* "Okay, okay...I understand, It's fine I ain't got no problem with that.
Besides, I'm sure you're anxious to go see Willow now that she is awake...."
 Peter stops Hayden mid sentence.
 *Peter* "Willow's awake?!..."
*Hayden* "Yeah, she woke about less than an hour ago. Jennifer is on her way there
 to question her now. I'll have her talk to you two while she's there."
 Then Hayden follows James and Cade down to 
the squad cars waiting below.
 *Peter with relief* "She's fucking awake man!..."
*Luke smiles* "That's great, I'm happy for you. And I'm glad we caught her attacker. I'm sure she will be relieved to know Cade is now behind bars..." 
 Peter scratches his head and looks down at Shelby-Lynn's body. He hated the fact that she was stalking him but she did 
not deserve to die...Luke looks down at her with deep sorrow.
*Luke* "Poor girl, she is young. Cade is a fucking animal..."
*Peter* "I know, I confronted Cade about him attacking Willow, and
uh...I don't think it was him."
Luke steps out and away from the doorway he was leaning against. Now shocked to hear this news, Hayden seemed so sure that 
Cade had to be the one who attacked her.
*Luke* "What the fuck?! I thought it was Cade...You think it was her?!..."
 *Peter* "I don't fucking know! She showed up outta no where and saved my ass. I was beginning to believe it was Cade too, but when I asked him straight out he did not know what I was referring to..."
*Luke* "But Hayden said that who ever did it was a taller than Willow, bigger, stronger...
They totally ruled out her being a suspect..."
*Peter* "I know!...The only other suspects were me and...."
Then Peter's eyes go wide as he realizes who 
really is Willow's attacker. Luke is looking paler, 
maybe that wound is as bad as it looks.
 *Luke* "What?!...Oh...OH!...You mean..."
*Peter* "Yes! Pencil Dick!!.."
But Luke looks like he is about to topple over, Peter quickly gets around him and helps him walk to the door, he can hear another siren wailing, the EMS must be here now.
 *Peter* "We gotta get you to the hospital...Laura is gonna have my fucking hide...
But at least we stopped Cade..."
*Luke with slurred enthusiasm* "Shhiit!...Fuckin' A!..."
*Peter smiles* "Fuckin' A..."

To be concluded in Part 3!

I was hoping to get it all done in this episode but it just was not working for me. So we will see it all finally come to a close on the next episode. I hope you have all enjoyed this series. I have had so much fun working on it. So to know you all have truly enjoyed it makes my day! Thank you so much for all the support likes and comments.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Peter and The Grand Finale...

 This episode is rated R for 
language and some violence.
 If you would like a refresher from the last episode click here
Peter and the Possible Suspect...Part 2

Meanwhile back at the Cooper house, Laura has calmed down some after talking with Luke on the phone. The two officers make a sweep of the house to make sure it is all secure, while they are busy the doorbell rings. Laura immediately opens the door when she sees that it is her cousin Amari. She looks quite stressed, so Laura immediately ushers her inside.
*Laura* "Hey, cuz....Are you okay?..."
*Amari* "Well...depends on how you look at it I guess..."
*Laura* "Well you don't look too happy, did you break
up with Shaun?!..."
 Amari sighs, then unknowingly rubs her belly. The thought of her breaking up with Shaun has crossed her mind, but that's not what is making her queasy right now.
*Amari* "No, Shaun and I are fine...Well for now. Do you have time to talk a bit?..."
*Laura* "Yes, of course! Anything you need. I'm here for you. Let's go sit down."
Laura turns and is about to walk towards the couch, when James comes flying down the stairs in a huff. He is not happy she answered the door, especially after he specifically told her not to just a short while ago.
*James* "Did everything I just said minutes ago not matter to you?! I told you not to
answer the door, let us take care of it..."
*Laura* "She's my cousin I couldn't just leave her standing out there wondering what's going on!..."
Amari looking a little perplexed as to why the police
 are in her cousin's house.
 *Amari* "Yeah, what is going on?..."
*James* "What if it was a ploy just to get you to open the door?!..."
*Laura* "It wasn't...I think I would know if something was up!"
*James* "Next time this happens just let us do our job. That is why your husband 
asked us to come out here..."
Jennifer can see James is getting a tad flustered with Laura. We all know James has a bit of a short fuse, hehe. So she decides 
to interject and dissolve the tension.
*Jennifer* "Mrs. Cooper, I know this is all a lot to take in, but we need to be very cautious. 
Cade is not a man you want to come face to face with..This is exactly why your husband asked us here, he wants y'all to be safe."
Laura calms down some, I guess her feathers were still a bit ruffled after her heated conversation with Luke only minutes ago, she apologizes for being short with James.
*Laura* "You're right, I'm sorry...I just have a hard believing all of this. I can't believe
that he is the one who is suspected for attacking Willow...She's one of my closest friends. I don't understand why? Why would he hurt her?..."
*James* "It's quite all right Mrs. Cooper, we understand you're upset. We will be
right outside if you need us. Just please be careful..."
*Amari* "Willow was attacked?! What? When did this happen?!"
*Jennifer* "She was stabbed 2 days ago, and is now in recovery..."
Laura makes sure to lock the door behind them. Then makes her way over to the couch to talk with her cousin. Amari is lost in thought as she watches Phoenix, he is showing her a toy.
*Amari* "That's a really cool dinosaur you got there!.."
Laura sits down and Amari immediately asks about Willow.
*Laura* "Sorry about that, things have been quite crazy around here for the last 24 hours. 
Did Shaun not tell you what happened?..."
*Amari* "No I haven't talked to him, I went to go see my Aunt Gracie
 for a few days. I just got back. Willow really was stabbed?!"
*Laura* "Yes! She nearly died...Her sister told me she may wake up today."
Amari gasps and thinks well maybe that is why he was trying to get a hold of her, but instead she chose to ignore his messages. 
She was too scared to talk to him after their silly little fight.
*Amari* "Oh no! That's probably why he was calling me.
*Laura* "Oh....Is everything okay between y'all?..."
*Amari* "Ummm...Well, honetly I dunno. We kinda had a stupid fight n 
that's why I left for a few days but..."
*Laura* "Oh sweetie, we've all been there. It's okay, I know Shaun loves you."
*Amari* "I think he knows..."
*Laura* "Knows what, Hun?...I don't follow."
Amari turns to look at Laura, she blurts it out fast. She is the first person she is telling this  too since she left her Aunt's House.
 *Amari* "I'm pregnant..."
*Laura gasps* "No?! Really, are you sure about it?!..."
 *Amari* "Yeah I'm sure, I took multiple pregnancy tests while I was at my Aunt's... 
and I'm pretty sure Shaun knows as well. That's kinda what we was arguing about."
 Amari dips her head to the side resting her temple on her fingertips, she looks over at Phoenix who is playing with his toys. She would love to have a baby, but she's not sure right now is the right time. Shoot maybe Shaun isn't even the right guy, her Dad will surely flip, he is not
 on board with her dating a rock star, never has been and probably never will.
*Laura* "I thought too Luke would run the second he learned I was pregnant but he didn't. Shaun is so much like Luke I know he would do the right thing and stand by you."
 *Amari* "I dunno, but when a guy says 'You sure as hell betta not be pregnant!'...makes me wonder if he would really want this. Hell! I don't even know if I want this baby."
  *Laura* "Mari, don't give up...Avoiding Shaun is definitely not the answer. 
Whether you keep this baby or not..."
 *Amari* "I think the less Shaun knows the better..."
*Laura* "That's not fair....And I think deep down you know Shaun 
would want to know..."
 *Amari* "It's just the timing on this is all wrong! Shaun and I aren't even officially living together because my Dad doesn't like it. How in the hell am I gonna face him now that I'm pregnant!..."
 Laura can pretty much completely sympathize with her cousin. She too, had to break the news to her own mother that she was pregnant. Amari is right though her Dad is a Judge and way more scarier than his sister Krystal...
 *Laura* "What did Aunt Gracie tell you to do?"
 *Amari* "She told me I should have the baby, that I ain't gettin' any younger 
and that Shaun is a great man so I shouldn't worry bout it."
 *Laura* "Listen, I completely understand why you're nervous to tell your folks, but you need to tell Shaun. Just because he blurted some nonsense in a fight doesn't mean he won't support you..."
*Laura* "And Mari, if you can't be honest with each other how do you expect it to work?...C'mon, you should know better lying and secrets do nobody any good!...Just look at what it
did to Luke and I..."
*Amari* "Yeah but y'all worked it out..."
*Laura* Yeah, eventually...but we also lost a lot too and it took forever for me to start trusting him again. You'll be a great mom and I'm sure Shaun would support your decision..."
 *Amari* "Yeah but being a mom is something you're good at! I just...The timing is all wrong, Shaun and I don't even live together. We still enjoy our time apart from each other..."
*Laura* "I still enjoy my time apart from Luke...Makes me appreciate him even more. And you would be a wonderful mother, don't sell yourself short..."
 Laura looks over at Phoenix and continues talking.
 *Laura* Look at Phoenix, you know he wasn't planned but I wouldn't change any of it. I don't think you can ever truly prepare for your first child. I mean, it's just one of those things you have to experience it to understand it. So thinking now is not the right time it really doesn't matter, cause no matter what you do, you can never be 100% prepared.
 Then Laura looks down as baby Finn who is in her arms...
 *Laura* "Now with Finn Luke and I, we were ready and we planned ahead, but that still didn't change a whole lot, having a baby is always gonna be a lot of unknowns till they're born. The only difference was we had already been through it all so we already kinda knew what to expect..."
 *Amari* "Can I hold him?..."
*Laura* "Of course!..."
Laura passes baby Finn into Amari's waiting arms. She scoops 
him up and smiles down at his sweet face.
*Amari* "My goodness he looks so much like Luke, so handsome..."
*Laura* "You know Finn and Phoenix would have a cousin to play with, if you have this baby..."
*Amari* "That's right?! Our kids would be cousins.
That is something I would definitely look forward to."
Amari turns to look at Laura and continues talking...
 *Amari* "That would make Luke and Shaun like cousin in laws?..."
*Laura smiles* "Yeah something like that...."
 She is happy to see that Amari is not stressing now like she was when she first came in, holding Finn has calmed her nerves a bit.
*Amari* "You're right, I need to at least come clean with Shaun...I'm just so scared
 he is not going to want the same thing as me!..."
*Laura* "I know, that's how I felt when Luke and I first found out. I thought he
was gonna just not gonna come home one day."
*Amari* "Really?! Things were that bad between y'all?..."
*Laura* "Well Rufus being in town didn't help, but don't compare what happened to me, to you!
 No matter what you need to tell Shaun."
*Amari* "Yeah, you're right...I can't avoid the man forever."

Meanwhile at the hospital, Saffron attempts to call Peter again. The phone clicks over to voicemail, so she leaves another message.
 *Saffron* "I sure hope that you are getting my messages. Willow may wake up any minute now, and I know it would make her happy to see your face when she opens her eyes. So I sure as hell hope you're not ignoring me...Call me back as soon as you get this!"
 While Saffron makes another attempt at getting Peter on the phone, Janice is by Willow's side...Doing everything she can to 
bring Willow out of her slumber.
 *Janice* "Ma Cherie...It's time to wake up now, you've slept long enough. Now 
let me see those beautiful blue eyes! Your sister and I have been patiently waiting, 
we love you and we need you to wake up."
 Janice looks down at Willow, but she still lays there motionless. 
Only if she would give her a sign that she is 
coming out of this deep sleep!
 *Janice* "Everyone is excited to see you wake up...Please you must wake up my love....
Even, Peter. He is....he's very anxious to see you as well...C'mon sweetie give me a sign."
 Saffron hangs up, Janice turns to face her, she is very disappointed that Peter did not pick up his phone yet again.
 *Janice* "I think you've called him plenty of times. I'm sure he got the messages by now. I think it's much better for her to wake up to just us here...He had his chance, don't 
go out of your way to contact him anymore..."
 Saffron is not happy Willow chose Peter either but
 he was her sister's choice.
*Saffron* "Mamma, I don't do it for Peter, I just want her to be happy when she wakes up. 
I do it for Willow, she chose him and it's obvious they love each other very much!"
*Janice* "I know but who knows how she feels now. She was attacked in his apartment
 in the middle of the night, while he was out getting food!..."
 *Saffron* "Well I guess we will have to wait till she wakes up to find out what she wants, Mamma..."
 Then suddenly there is a rustle of bed sheets as Willow suddenly moves. She turns her head slowly and looks at her mother 
with some still sleepy eyed confusion.
 *Willow* "Ma-ma?!...Wh...what happened?..."
*Janice cries tears of joy* "Oh my sweet angel!...Oh I'm so happy 
to see you're awake!..."
 *Willow slow and groggy, throat dry* "What happened?..."
*Janice* "You're in the hospital Ma Cher, you were hurt very badly, 
do you not remember anything?..."
Willow tries to respond but instead she just shakes her head no. She is still so groggy, the very last thing she remembers is stopping Nathan and her choosing Peter over him. Her eyes get wide and try to scan the room but she is still very, very weak.
*Willow* "P...Peter?!..."
*Saffron* "He's on his way, sis..."


So while Amari finally gets the courage to go talk to Shaun. Janice and Saffron are wondering where the hell he is, Peter is trying to find his own courage, he knows he is not alone. Every hair on the back of neck is standing, that eerie feeling creeping all over him again. Willow's bloody and limp body in his arms still fresh in his memory, her attacker was brutal. Shit! What if it is Cade? What the fuck will I do?!
 *Peter* "Stop fucking around and just come out, Bro it's not funny..."

 Peter is beginning to think Luke was right they should not have separated. Peter begins to back up back into his bedroom when he feels the cold, hard steel of a gun barrel against the back of his head. Then that deep all too familiar voice growls out a command.
 *Cade* "Don't fucking move!..Scream like a bitch and I pull the fucking trigger..."
*Peter mouths the words* "Mother Fucker!..."
 Peter now begins to come to the realization that the cops may have been right after all! Cade must really have been the one who attacked Willow, but Why?! What did she ever do to him?
*Cade* "I'm warning you! Don't fucking try shit...now hands up!..."
Cade shoves the gun again against the base of Peter's skull 
and barks at him to do what he says.
  *Cade* "Get your hands up Morrissey!...Start walking!..."
 *Peter* "Okay...okay! I'm walking..."
 Peter does as he asks, not really too keen on getting his head blown off, but he tries to keep his cool and talk Cade out of whatever it is he is doing here. Cade has always had a hard time letting things go, if you screwed him over he makes sure you pay...
*Peter* "The whole fuckin' city and the FBI are looking for you. You really
think you're gonna get away with this?...If you're here because of Fi,
I had nothing to do with it..."
*Cade* "Shut your fuckin' mouth Morissey! Fionna was my woman, mine!...
You have no right to speak of her...."
Cade jabs the gun again harder this time against
 Peter's head.
 *Cade* "Get on your knees, and don't try shit, I'm watching you."
 *Peter* "Okay, okay...Just don't fuckin' shoot!...Can I just ask one more question?"
*Cade huffs* "What?!..."
*Peter* "Did you stab Willow because you lost Fi?..."
Peter is hoping that Luke will hear their voices, last thing he wants is his best friend getting shot up coming through the doorway.
*Cade* "Stop calling her that! She wasn't yours anymore. She was mine, and all this shit everything I've had to fucking endure for the past 3 years, is because of you Morissey...The only gawddamn thing that made shit bearable was Fiona...
*Peter* "You still didn't answer my question, though..."
  Cade is loosing his patience he knows Peter is 
stalling the inevitable...
  *Cade* "Fuck you, Morissey. This Q&A shit is over...I'm done so if you don't
shut your damn mouth and get down on your knees my fucking finger just might slip!..."
Peter quickly does as Cade asks him too. He begins to slowly move down, and tries to keep his hands where Cade can see them.
 *Peter* "Alright! Alright, I'm getting down, see?! Just be cool..."
Peter notices Cade is quite close to one of the dining table chairs and thinks he might be able to get away, if he can shove it towards him hard enough....maybe, just maybe he has a chance. What takes place next only takes a matter of seconds...
Peter kicks out sending the chair hurdling some few feet hitting Cade, causing him to grunt out in pain from the forceful hit to the gut by the chair back. Simultaneously, Cade's trigger finger slips and a round from him gun is shot off and into the floor near Peter, who ducks on instinct. 
Peter then again attempts to kick Cade this time he kicks the gun out of his hand, while he is still down on the the floor. Cade instead falls onto him, he too is determined to make sure 
Peter does not get away...
*Cade* "I'll kill you with my bare hands if that's what it fucking takes!..."
*Peter* "Fuck you!..."
Peter uses all his strength to keep Cade at arm's length, to try and gain the upper hand somehow, but Cade has all his weight on him. Luckily he doesn't have his gun it got sent flying and landed somewhere on the floor by the couch. Both men strain and grunt as they 
fight to each gain control.
*Cade* "I'm gonna slowly squeeze the life outta you just like you did to me..."
*Peter* "I didn't do shit to you! You're a fucking psychopath!..."

Peter thinks to himself this can't end here, not like this! Flashes of memory come back of when he was a kid and had to deal with a drunk, abusive father. He would always tell himself never again, never again would he let that sick son of a bitch hurt him or his mom and sister. 
Now here he is with Cade who is deliriously drunk with a sick, twisted plot for revenge, he quite possibly brutally attacked Willow for spite and now he is slowly over powering Peter inch by inch as he gets closer to gaining full control over him.  His eyes are consumed with rage and adrenaline. Peter tries to repeat that mantra and tell him self that this is not the end...

To be Continued!...

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