Friday, October 17, 2014

The Reception.....Part 2

So we continue on, first checking on everyone in the back of the bar.
Shaun sets up to take his next shot, who has given up on waiting on Peter. He is still distracted by Hannah.
 The girls continue to gossip and catch up. Brooklyn was neighbors with Laura and Michelle when they were kids, so when Amari would come visit during the summer the girls all used to play together.
*Brooklyn* "Just go talk to him...Maybe you do know him."

 *Amari* "Yeah.....After I finish my drink, maybe 
by then I'll have figured it out."
 *Brooklyn* "Oh! I know!...we could ask him to shows us how to play pool. 
The guy he's playing with is all over the waitress."

 As the girls continue their conversation, Hannah makes sure everyone has their beers, but before she can head off back to the bar 
Peter stops her.
 *Peter* "Hey, where you headed off to so fast?"
*Hannah* "Back to work....Is there something else I can get you?"
Hannah turns around to face him completely.
 *Peter* "Well....I am pretty hungry."
*Hannah* "Yeah? Well whatta ya hungry for?"
*Peter* "A burger and fries sounds good."
*Hannah* " that it?"
*Peter's smile darkens* "Yeah but I may want some dessert later..."
Hannah giggles and nervously runs her 
fingers through her hair. Something about Peter 
just sets fireworks off down low in belly, she knows what 
she's getting into but can't seem to turn away.
She leans in closer to him and speaks softly
so only he can hear her.
*Hannah* " I get a break in about an hour....if your still 'up' for dessert. 
You can come find me."
Before Peter can comment she turns on her heels and 
let's him watch her walk away.
*Peter his breath catching in his throat* "F*ck!..."
*Shuan* "Hey Peter!.....your up man."
 While Hannah was tempting Peter with an indecent proposal Michelle, Benjamin, and Penelope have sat down together in the last booth available. They get settled in and get comfortable.
 But Michelle can feel the tension from Benjamin, he's not 100% comfortable with this scenario, even though he said he was. While Michelle strikes up conversation with Penelope....
Benjamin waves to Aric, signaling he'd like his beer....pronto. But Aric is way ahead of him. He is handing a serving tray over to Sable with a beer and two glasses of red wine.
*Aric* "Sable....take this over to Benji's table...."
*Sable* "Sure...."
Sable quickly brings the drinks to the table.
*Sable* "Aric, asked me to bring this over...."
*Benjamin* "Thanks....your the new girl aren't ya?"
*Sable* "Yes...Yes I am....I'm Sable...."
 *Sable continues* "Is there anything else I can get ya?"
Aric has been watching from afar. He enjoys standing behind the bar making sure everything is running smoothly.
*Aric* "You better not be giving her a hard time Benji!"
Sable sets out the drinks and makes her way to check on others. 
Benjamin grabs his beer and decides to listen in on what the girls are talking about.
*Michelle* "So, I just want to get this out...We're good right? No hard feelings over what happened between the three of us?"
*Penelope* "Yeah!...Like I told your sister. I'm fine, I got a new job and couldn't be happier! Things have been going really well for me. And it looks like you two are truly happy."
*Michelle* "Good!  So where do you work now?"
 But before Penelope can answer Luke and Laura come 
over to the table to say hello.
*Laura* "How's it going over here?"
*Michelle* "Good...boy he is wide awake."
*Laura* "Well....He had that little nap on the way over here...."
*Penelope* "He is just so sweet, so calm...."
*Laura* "Yeah, he has his moments though, like all babies do...."
Michelle has been wanting to babysit Phoenix.
*Michelle* "You gonna let me take him tonight? So you two can be alone?"
*Laura* "I don't know....It's tempting..."
*Penelope* "It's your wedding night....give yourself a little break."
*Laura* "A good night's rest would be nice...."
*Michelle giggles* "You think Luke is gonna let you sleep?"
*Laura a little embarrassed* "Michelle..that's..*she pauses*..."I'll think about it."
*Penelope* "Can I hold him?"
*Laura* "Sure!...."
Laura passes Phoenix to Penelope so she can hold him.
*Benjamin* "I told Aric he owed me $100 if you passed out at the alter."
*Luke laughs* "Oh really!? Sorry to disappoint you there...
I'm bettin' double on you...."
*Benjamin* "Yeah but that ain't gonna be for a long, long while..."
*Luke only teasing him* "That's not what I heard...."
*Benjamin nervousness in his voice* "What did you hear?"
Michelle overhears their conversation. 
*Michelle* "I thought you wanted to get married?"
*Benjamin* "I do, Baby...."
*Michelle* "Then why are you acting like you don't!"
*Benjamin already getting flustered* "I'm not...can we talk about this later?"
*Michelle* "Fine..."
While Benjamin talks to Michelle, Luke turns to Laura...all the while Penelope continues to listen to Michelle and Benjamin, as she smiles down at Phoenix.
*Luke* "Babe...I'm gonna go talk to my Mom for a bit."
*Laura* "Okay..."
So Luke turns and leaves them.
*Penelope smiling coyly* "You look pale, Benjamin...
All this wedding talk getting to ya?"
*Benjamin* "I'm fine...."
Benjamin still in a bit of a panic. He doesn't want anyone to know he has plans to propose and something about the way Penelope just addressed it seems odd. She just got under his skin but then again she was always good at pushing his buttons.
*Laura* "It's okay to be nervous...even YOU Benjamin."
*Benjamin still upset* "I said I'm fine...."
*Michelle* "Ya'll just stop."
While the girls are enjoying a little joke at Benjamin's expense, 
 Luke is talking to Aric.
*Luke* "I appreciate you doing all this...."
*Aric* "Of course...just relax and have a good time."
Excited to spend some time with her son Cynthia tries 
to get his attention...
*Cynthia* "Sit down, Sweetie!!"
Benjamin gets up he just needs a moment to gather his thoughts.
*Benjamin* " I'm going to the boy's room, I'll be back..."
*Michelle* "Okay...."
Luke shakes hands with Aric then sits down in the booth next to his Mom. Aric turns and sees Benjamin walking away.
*Aric* "Hey Benji! Where you headed off to so fast?"
*Benjamin snaps* "To take a piss!"
*Aric* "What the hell has gotten into you?"
Then he turns and walks away heading toward the back of the bar, where Peter is telling Shaun what Hannah just said to him.
 *Shaun* "Your crazy Peter....Aren't you ready to give up all that sh*t!"
*Shaun* "Find a woman to settle down with?"
*Peter* "Hell no! Luke may be happy but it doesn't mean that's what I want." 
As the two are talking, Benjamin barrels by like a bull who can only see red, he bumps his shoulder into Peter's elbow sloshing his beer, 
as he was attempting to take a sip, spilling it on Peter.
Peter looking at his beer but talking to Benjamin.
*Peter* "What the f*ck, man!"
Peter quickly turns to face Benjamin's direction, he looks back at Peter still seething with anger from what just went down at the table.
 *Peter* "Where's your f*ckin' manners, Cowboy!?"
 *Benjamin* "What did you just say?"
Benjamin turns around, then  the two are suddenly standing toe to toe. Glaring at each other.
*Peter* "Oh I know you heard time...." *tapping his beer bottle against Benjamin*
"just watch where your f*cking going, Cowboy."
*Benjamin* "Why don't you mind your own goddamn
business before this Cowboy kicks your ass!"
Benjamin stares down at Peter who is a few inches shorter than him. Neither one seems to want to back down.
*Shaun* "Peter....just let it go man...."
*Peter* "No, this asswipe needs to learn some manners!"
This little show down is starting to gain some attention. 
Laura is first to notice it.
*Laura* "Oh looks like Benjamin wants to start a fight with Peter..."
*Michelle whips her head around* "What?!"
Luke also sees what is about to happen.... 
 He quickly starts to get up a curse word
 slipping from his lips.
 *Luke* "Sh*t!..."
*Cynthia* "Luke!..."
*Luke* "Sorry, Mom, but Peter and Benjamin look
like they are about to lay into each other."
Luke quickly makes his way to the back of the bar. He knew these two would butt heads someday. They are both very similar in personality, both with an ego to big for their own good.
Aric is quick to respond as well, as he is right on the heels of Luke. Last things he wants is Benjamin starting another fight.
Michelle gets up too, she is thinking the same thing Aric is.
*Michelle* "Maybe I should go other there...."
*Laura* "No!...Just let the guys handle it."
*Laura* "You don't need to be in the middle of that."
*Michelle* "I just....You remember what happened at New Year's?"
*Penelope her curiosity piqued* "What happened!?"
*Michelle* "He punched out Andrew for putting his hands on me."
*Penelope gasps* "You mean your ex boyfriend?"
*Michelle* "Yeah...that's the one."
Penelope smiles inwardly, feeling very proud of herself. She knows she just got to Benjamin and she's hoping she gets another chance at it too before the night is over....
Luke immediately comes between them and forces 
them to take a step back. Aric, Shaun, and James are ready to spring into action if anything happens.
*Luke* "Both of you need to calm down...."
*Peter* "Tell that to hot head Cowboy, he started it!"
 *Benjamin snaps* "Call me that again and it's gonna take every man in
 this room to pry me off of you!"
Benjamin leans in but Luke keeps him at 
arms length from Peter.
*Luke* "Peter go get some air and cool off."
*Peter* "Why me?! He's the one..."
*Luke cuts him off* "Because I said so! Now go!"
*Peter* "Okay...okay...I'm going."
Peter places the pool cue on the table then walks around to the back door. 
All eyes are on him, making sure he doesn't try to start anything up again.
*Aric* "That beer stays here if your headed outside!"
Peter doesn't respond, he just sets the beer down and heads out the back for a smoke. After Peter disappears behind the door everyone regroups and gets back to the party. 
Laura gets up to talk to Luke. Michelle immediately makes a B-line for Benjamin, while Shaun is trying to apologize for his friends immature  behavior.
*Laura* "Crisis averted?"
*Luke* "Yeah."
*Shaun* "Hey, man sorry about Peter...."

*Michelle* "What the hell, Benjamin!"
Benjamin responds but turns to look at Michelle.
*Benjamin* "It's okay..."
Back to Luke and Laura....
*Laura* "Michelle wants to babysit Phoenix tonight...."
*Luke* "And?"
*Laura* "I don't know....what do you think?"
Behind Luke and Laura Amari is getting up the nerve 
to go talk to Shaun.
*Amari* "Okay.....let's go talk to him."
*Brooklyn* "I can just hang here if you want me too."
*Amari* "No....I think it'll be less weird if we just go "inquire" about what just happened."
*Brooklyn* "Okay..."
And Miss Penelope....well she just sits back sips her wine and watches Michelle and Benjamin. 
She's thinking they will fight, Michelle might slap him and go storming off, because that's how it always was with her and Benjamin.
*Benjamin* "I'm sorry I lost my cool...."
*Michelle* "It's Penenlope isn't it?"
*Benjamin* "Yeeeah! I thought I'd be okay with it, but she is...I can't Baby."
*Michelle sighs* "I thought you might feel that way, I was hoping she would 
grow up and be civil about it...."
Shaun doesn't give the girls a chance to get up. He heads 
their direction and asks if he can sit with them.
They of course don't mind and they all start chatting 
about what just happened.
Luke is still with Laura. Phoenix smiles when he hears 
his Daddy's voice and catches Luke's attention.
*Luke* "Hey...little man...what do you want?"
Phoenix just smiles again at that sound of his voice, 
Luke and Laura both laugh.
*Luke* "It's up to you, Babe.....if you want your sister to watch him."
*Laura* "We'll see...right now I need to go change him."
Switching back to Michelle and Benjamin....
*Benjamin* "Is she looking over here?"

*Michelle* "Yeah she is....let's give her something to really look at."
Michelle pulls him in and kisses him. Benjamin mirrors 
her actions and kisses her back.
 *Michelle* "I love you..."
*Benjamin* "I love you too, Darlin'."
*Michelle* "Let's just get through the evening....then go home."
*Michelle continues* "Oh! Wait! I might babysit Phoenix....."
*Benjamin* "Babysit?....Tonight?"
*Michelle* "Well...yeah it's their wedding night and they haven't had a break since he was born."
*Benjamin* "But what about me?"
*Michelle* "Benjamin, it's just one night."
While everyone has been inside, Hannah took the opportunity to follow Peter outside. He turns his head when he hears the door click.
*Peter* "I thought your break was in an hour."
*Hannah* "It was....but I thought you might want to start with dessert first."
That was all the coaxing Peter's ego needed to change his mood.
Tossing his cigarette down, he turns around.
 The two quickly become entangled in each other.
Shadowed by the dark night and the secluded alleyway.....

To be concluded in Part 3...