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Friday, May 22, 2015


Upon coming home from her sister's house, Laura finds Luke and Phoenix asleep. Luke is stirred awake by the gentle movement of Phoenix. He greets Laura with a sleepy smile and hello. She smiles back, her face still a little flush from the wine.
*Luke smiling sleepily, in a hushed tone* "Hey!..."
*Laura can't help but smile back, whispering* "Hey!..."
Luke sits up a little and still in hushed tones they talk.
*Luke* "What time is it?..."
 *Laura* "A little past midnight...I didn't plan to stay that long, decided to stay and
 talk with Michelle for awhile."
*Luke* "It's okay...did you have a good time with your sister?"
*Laura nods* "Mmmhmm, she's super excited about the wedding."
*Luke* "I bet she is.."
Luke tries to get more comfortable in the bed, so Laura 
offers to pick up Phoenix.
*Laura* "Let me put him in his crib..."
*Luke* "It's fine...I got it. I haven't tucked him into bed in a long time."
*Laura* "Okay...then I'm just gonna go change."
Laura leaves the bedroom and Luke slowly gets up, making his way across the toy littered room to place Phoenix in his crib.
 *Luke whispering and gently patting his back* "Sleep tight, little man..."

Meanwhile Laura is in the bathroom,  she fiddles with 
undoing her ponytail, still smiling about how she found 
the two of them sleeping. A few minutes later Luke's voice 
can quietly be heard in the hallway between the two bedrooms.
*Luke* "Laura?..."
*Laura* "I'm in the bathroom!..."
Luke makes his way into the bedroom, then rounds the 
corner to see Laura standing there brushing her hair, her beautiful long red hair. She smiles at him as he enters the room.
*Laura* "How'd it go?"
He stands just outside the doorway making sure he doesn't make her uncomfortable, but then again he'd love to walk up to her, twist his fingers in her hair and kiss her, till her knees buckled.
*Luke* "He's sound asleep..."
 *Laura* "That's good...hopefully he'll sleep through the night after
his busy evening with you."
*Luke* "I think he will....Well...I guess I'm gonna go then."
*Laura* "Oh...Okay..."
*Luke* "Goodnight, Babe..."
Luke is about to turn around and go gather his things from
  the other room when Laura stops him.
*Laura* "Luke...Wait!..."

 *Luke* "Yeah?..."
*Laura* "It's late...you can stay here tonight if you want."
 *Luke* "Are you sure?"
*Laura* "Yeah...It's fine."
*Luke continues* " That'd be great. Cuz, you never know what I'd find going on at Peter's at this hour, him and Willow are getting pretty serious. I think she might move in..."
*Laura* "That's good, I think she's good for him....We've hung out a few times."
*Luke* "I've heard...You know, I miss these talks."
Laura smiles, she thinks...yeah she's missed their talks
and him as well...and the fact that he's looking mighty fine right now.
*Laura* "Me too...It's one of the reasons I fell in love with you. We used to talk for hours." 
*Luke smiles* "Yeeeah...I remember lying there in bed talking for hours, among other things."
Laura blushes, thinking about those "other things" and the 
heat from her face drops down low in her belly. The air suddenly feels electrified, and they can both sense it.
*Luke* "You know what else I miss?..."
*Laura* "What?..."
*Luke* "I miss kissing you..."
*Laura replies sweetly and seductively* "Then kiss me..."
Luke doesn't hesitate, after her sultry request, he quickly pulls her in and Laura wraps her arms around him. Kissing each other gently at first, but as each second passes the kiss gets more heated, more passionate. Their bodies closing the gap between them...
Laura pulls away and walks Luke backwards towards the bed, knocking him back. She quickly and clumsily climbs on top of him.
Then she leans down and starts kissing him again.
 Luke decides to let her call the shots, not wanting to be to aggressive. So they stay like this for a good while, Laura controlling the kiss and how deep she wants to take it. Luke finally pulls back.
*Luke* "You taste like wine..."
Laura props herself up, still quite giddy from the many 
glasses of wine she did consume.
*Laura* "Yeah, I may have had a little too much..."
*Luke* "A little?...You've had more than a little..." 
*Laura* "Make love to me..."
Luke smiles, it seems like forever since he's heard her speak those words, he was beginning to think he'd never hear them again...As bad as he wants to be with her, he doesn't want to do anything to jeopardize it.
*Luke* "Babe, you're drunk...I don't want you regretting this
in the morning."
*Laura* "I'm not regretting anything...and I'm not drunk..."
*Luke smiles and laughs* "Yeah...you are..."
*Laura* "Okay, so I'm a little tipsy...but I know what I want, I want you to make love to me."
Luke flips her onto her back, and Laura giggles from the swift 

change in positions...
*Luke* "You still sure about this?"
*Laura reaches up and touches his face* "Yes...I love you, Luke Allen Cooper."
*Luke* "I hope that's you and not the wine talking..."
*Laura* "It is...it's just giving me the courage to say it."
*Luke* "I love you too, Babe but I want everything to be right between us again."
*Laura* "So do I...I want you back. I want my husband back..."
Then Laura pulls him down into a kiss.
Insert Fireworks Here...
After about an hour of good heart throbbin', ground shakin', show stoppi'n, amazin', SEX!
They lay in bed and talk till the early
 morning hours.
 *Luke* "I'm sorry I ever hurt you, it's not what I intended..."
*Laura* "I know you are, and I have forgiven you...I realize now that what happened is not entirely
all you're fault.  I didn't make things easy for you constantly complaining about Rufus."
*Luke* "I know, but I don't want you to take any blame for this, I should have realized
 how much it upset you. I mean, I knew it bothered you, but like you said we just
 need to talk to each other."
*Laura* "I just want you to be able to tell me anything...Even if you think it'll upset me, and I'll do the same, I'm sorry I never told you about the prenup."
 *Luke* "I know you...And I'm over all of that. You think we can make it work for good this time?"
*Laura* "I don't see why not, just don't give me any reason to doubt you ever again...
I need to be able to trust you."
*Luke* "Yeah...Trust is the key word there. Believe me I don't ever want you
 to have to doubt me again, but I'm glad I told you the truth. The guilt of what I did,
 was eating me up."
*Laura* "I know...now can we change the subject?"
*Luke* "Definitely...What's on your mind, Babe?"
Laura sits up propping herself up on one elbow.
*Laura in a cute, playful tone* "Sooo...I have this wedding I've been
invited to....Will you be my plus one?"
*Luke laughs* "Of course, Babe...I'd love to be your date."
*Laura* "Plus I need someone to watch Phoenix, since I'm the Maid of Honor."
*Luke* "Wait! I don't have to wear a tux, do I?"
*Laura giggles* "No, you're not in the wedding party...Just a nice button down shirt is
fine and maybe a suit jacket."
*Luke* "Cool...I've only worn a tux once in my life and that was to senior prom...Damn! I hated that f*cking thing, wore it for like five minutes. Then snuck out back behind the school
to smoke a joint..."
*Laura* "I remember this story, this is how you met Peter, right?..."
 *Luke* "You remember, huh?..."
 *Laura* "Of course...You told me this story that same night, after we ran into Peter..."
*Laura continues* "It was also the same night I got pregnant with Phoenix.
I'm sure you remember that part..."
*Luke smiles* "Oh yeah, I remember that night, I remember it very well...Shall I continue?"
*Laura* "Please do..."
Laura puts her head back down on his chest, his body a warm and familiar scent she's missed for a long while now. In fact she slept on his side of the bed these past months he was gone.
 *Luke* "So the whole reason I went to prom and got all dressed up was to get into, Stacey Sanders pants...and that all that sh*t ended up f*cking backfiring on me...."
 *Laura with sarcasm* "Because what other reason is there to go to prom, than to get layed?..."
*Luke laughs* "Exactly why else would a guy go?"
*Laura* "To get dressed up and wear a tux?"
 *Luke* "Not any guy I ever knew...So anyways...
She really wasn't my type and I didn't realize it at the time,
until it was too late..."
Laura sits up in the bed leaning over Luke. 
*Laura* "So what is your type?"
*Luke* "What? Blood type?"
*Laura smirks* "You know what I mean..."
Luke reaches up and pushes her hair back.
*Luke* "You are, Babe..."
*Laura smiles* "Just checking..."
*Luke* "Keep going?..."
Laura lays her head back down and responds.
*Laura* "Of course..."
*Luke* "Now where was I...Oh... So she annoyed the hell out of me and all she wanted to do was make some other guy from the football team jealous, which meant dancing out on the floor. All I wanted to do was find a dark corner to make out in...So I ditched her and the shirt, tie, and jacket I was wearing."

 *Laura* "I bet your Mom was pissed you threw away half that tux..."
*Luke smiles* "Yeah she was, I had to pay for it by getting a summer job...So, like I was saying I trashed half the tux and went outside to where most of the skater kids, who I felt more at home with would hang out. Peter was there with his cousin Jake, who went to school with me, he was a year younger, I think.  Him and Peter liked to hang out a lot, even though they went to different schools, so we all started to hang together. "
 *Laura* "And Peter had the pot...like always."
*Luke laughs* "Hahaha...Yeah...Peter the pothead. Yeah, he always has pot on him...his place smells like it almost constantly, I'd have to change into clean clothes before I came over here,  otherwise I'd probably wreak of it."
*Laura surprised* "Oh my gosh! Really?!..."
*Luke* "Yeah, I didn't want to come over to see Phoenix smelling like that..."

*Luke continues* "So anyways...they offered me some and I took it willingly. Cuz I really needed to chill after what happened inside. We got to talking a lot, and found out we had a whole lot in common, we both wanted to start a band, he played drums, I could play guitar. We both had single Moms who raised us, except Peter has a younger sister...And we both loved the same music, we were completely compelled by it. So that summer I found a job at a club working the stage and Peter got in there too. Life was never the same for us again..."
*Laura* "So you don't regret ever starting a band?"
*Luke shrugs* "No not really, I got to experience it plenty touring with Rock Candy, and I like running the record shop and not having to pack up and leave..."
*Laura* "I thought Peter wanted to still start up a band? That's what Willow said."
*Luke* "Maybe...it'd be more like a hobby, you know a garage band...At this point I think I'm past the whole fame and fortune thing, and the touring, constantly packing up your bags...Being here with you and Phoenix is what really makes me happy."
*Laura* "Good, cause I don't think I could get used to some groupie
asking you to sign her boob!"
*Luke laughs and plays if off* "Do they still do that?!..."
*Laura smiles* "Yeah, I'm pretty sure they do..."
*Luke* "If you were a groupie, I'd sign your boob..."
Luke rolls over, laying on top of her. 
He's ready for round two.
*Laura* "I think I'd want you to do more than sign my boob..."
*Luke's smile darken* "Oh, I'd do more than sign your boob, Babe..."
Laura smiles, there's no doubt in her mind, she'll always
 be drawn to this man. 
*Luke* "I love you, Babe...and I know I've said it before but I promise to spend the rest of my life 
making it all up to you, I don't want you to ever doubt me or be hurt by me again...but I can't promise it will be perfect."
*Laura smiles* "I believe you, and I don't expect perfect, I just want you to talk to me when things do get rough. We've got a son to raise, and I want you there, Phoenix does too..."
Luke starts kissing her neck.
*Luke* "I'm not going anywhere...as long as you still want me." 
 *Laura* "Yes, of course I want you...I was more miserable 
without you..."
*Luke* "I'm sorry, Babe..."
 Then he continues the soft kisses along her neck,
 Laura leans back and closes her eyes...And they become 
one again once more.

Fade to black...The End!
For Now...

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Wedding Planners....

First off I want to get everyone straight on the timeline I have in mind. Especially, since it's taken me months to get through these last few episodes, lol! So, in my dolls' reality, all that has happened up to now took place back in January. Which means that Luke and Laura have still been separated since then, and they are continuing their marriage counseling. Now that we are in May it's time to start thinking about Michelle and Benjamin's wedding that's very quickly approaching!!!
So we start off at Michelle and Benjamin's place, with only about a month away from the wedding things are getting pretty busy now. Michelle is bustling around the kitchen getting ready for guests...
 As she is just about done the door bell chimes, so she heads to go answer the door. Erica comes in beaming with excitement and arms full of items...
*Erica* "Where is everyone?"
*Michelle* "I'm sure they'll be here soon."
*Erica* "You've sure put a woman's touch here already. Has Benjamin given 
you full reign to decorate?"
 *Michelle* "Surprisingly, he enjoys shopping for things with me. So we do it together."
 *Erica* "Really? Who'd a thunk...Speaking of Benjamin? Did he leave already?"
*Michelle* "No, he's still here...He's upstairs."
*Erica* "Ok, then I'll wait to show you this dress I bought. Last thing we need is the Groom to be seeing your potential wedding dress..."
*Michelle smiles and in a joking tone* "Yes, bad luck right?"
*Erica smiles joking around as well* "Yes! Terrible luck..."
Michelle gestures towards the freshly poured 
wine glasses. 
*Michelle* "Would you like a glass of wine?"
*Erica* "Sure, Darlin'..."
 Erica sets down her bags and Michelle comes around 
with the two glasses of wine.
 *Erica* "Thank you, Darlin"....Is that cute little wedding planner gonna be here too?"
 *Michelle* "Yes, I'm sure she'll be here soon..."

 *Erica* "Good...We've got a lot of details to work out...Let me see that ring!"
 Erica is distract by the large shiny diamond on Michelle's hand. Collecting one of a kind jewelry is  one thing that Mama Trudeau loves and that ring is catching her attention.
 Michelle holds out her hand and the ring sparkles from every angle. 
 *Erica* "Just stunning! Your finance has excellent taste in jewelry."
 Michelle giggles.
*Michelle* "It took me about a month to get used to the weight of it on my hand..."
As Erica admires the diamond on Michelle's hand, Benjamin's 
voice can be heard coming down the hallway.
*Benjamin* "Baby, have ya seen my keys?"
*Michelle* "I put them over there...along with your phone."
 Benjamin walks over to Michelle, pulls her in and 
kisses her forehead.
*Benjamin* "Well then, I'm taking off...Have fun with Nana."
*Michelle smiles* "Okay...have fun with the boys and don't get too drunk."

*Benjamin* "I'll try but I'd still rather be home alone with you."
 Erica sets down her glass of wine.
*Erica* "Wait! don't you leave without giving me a hug and kiss too, Benjamin Trudeau..."
 Benjamin turns to face his Grandmother.
*Benjamin* "Don't I always remember to kiss and hug my Nana?"
*Erica* "Well, Darlin'....You haven't failed me yet..."
Benjamin lets go of Michelle, walks over and wraps his Grandmother in a warm welcoming hug, kissing her on each cheek. She responds the same. Erica was more like a Mother to him as a child, since he lost his  at a young age.
*Benjamin* "There that should fill my quota of hugs and kisses."
*Erica smiles* "Mostly definitely, Darlin'...Most definitely."

Michelle watches and observes how sweet he is with her, and it melts her heart. Because even though he won't admit it, 
Benjamin is as sweet as they come. 
Erica pulls back and looks up at her grandson, smacking him gently on the shoulder.
*Erica* "Now it's time for you to git!...Us lady folk have some wedding planning to do."

*Benjamin* "Yes, Ma'am! I wouldn't dream of gettin' in your way."
*Erica* "Good, so where are you headed then?"
*Benjamin* "To hang out with Aric at the bar..."
*Erica* "Well tell 'em I said hello."
*Benjamin* "I will."
Benjamin kisses each of them goodbye one last time then grabs his things and heads out to hang out with the boys for the evening. Erica then turns her attention to Michelle...
*Erica* "While we wait for the others, you wanna look at the dress?"
*Michelle looks down at the garment bag* "Sure..."
Erica picks up the garment bag as Michelle unzips it.
*Erica* "I found it at a cute little shop, while I was up in New York last week. So I just bought it. I think it will look lovely on you. Last I heard you were still trying to find a dress."
Michelle is silent as she looks at the dress. From what she can see it looks lovely. Erica on the other hand is having a hard time judging her reaction...
*Erica* "So?...What'd ya think? Do you like it?"
*Michelle* "It's very pretty...I like the lace detail."
As Michelle and Erica are looking at the dress. Rocky has come over to sniff the glass of wine that Michelle set down on the coffee table.

You can just see curiosity brewing in that face! Rocky was a gift for Michelle but has become more Benjamin's dog, than hers.
*Michelle* "Is it vintage?"
*Erica* "No, but it does have a very vintage style, doesn't it?"
*Michelle* "The only thing is it has long sleeves...and the reception is outdoors."
*Erica* "I know, I thought about that, but we can always get it altered if necessary."
*Michelle* "That's true...Okay I'm gonna go try it on."
Michelle grabs the garment bag and turns to head upstairs, not even noticing Rocky, who is contemplating tasting the red wine. Erica turns to grab her own glass and a bite to nibble on.
As Michelle turns down the hallway, the doorbell rings.
*Michelle* "I got it! I'll let them in then go change."
*Erica* "Okay..Darlin'...."
It seems the doorbell has distracted Rocky from the glass of wine. 
The last thing they need is a liquored up Labrador!
While Michelle is upstairs, Krystal has come in and is making herself comfortable as she chit-chats with Erica.

*Erica* "How have things been going for you?"
*Krystal* "Oh good...And you?
*Erica* "I'm fine. Michelle is a wonderful young lady, I'm really glad Benjamin
is marrying her. She's good for him."
*Krystal* "Yes...they really are meant for each other. I just wish my other
daughter was happy right now..."
*Erica* "I thought she was married and having babies..."

*Krystal* "Um, yes she's married and has one child, but her and her...husband...
are separated right now. I'm not even sure he'll be at the wedding."
 *Erica* "Really?! Things are that bad between them? Did he cheat on her?"

 Krystal nods, her heart hurts for Laura she wants both 
her daughters to be happy.
*Krystal* "It breaks my heart, Erica. I do though understand kinda what she's going through..."
 *Erica nods* "Yes I know, I was around when it all went down."
The ladies are so caught up in their conversation that they didn't even notice Michelle walk back into the room.
 *Michelle* "So? How does it look?"
Krystal and Erica stop talking and turn to look. Both ladies gasp, as they take in the lovely dress that Michelle is wearing.
They quickly scurry around Michelle to take a better look at the dress.
*Erica* "Oh I think it's absolutely lovely!"
*Krystal* "It's very pretty on you sweetie. What'd you think?"
*Michelle* "I don't know...I like the back but I'm not crazy about the long sleeves."
*Erica* "That's an easy fix. A seamstress could shorten the sleeves...It's also gonna need 'taking in' it's a little big on you. You need more junk in the trunk, like those Kardashian girls...."
Krystal jumps in right away, she knows Erica all too well and she will take over if you let her.
*Krystal* "Erica Trudeau! My daughter does not need more 'junk in her trunk'...."
*Erica* "I was just teasing...besides Benjamin loves her just the way she is, that's all that matters. But with only 4 weeks left till the wedding, she needs to choose something!"
*Krystal* "I think you need to let Michelle decide if this is the dress she wants. This is MY daughter's wedding, don't you try taking over and making it what you want!"
*Erica* "I'm just trying to give her some options. The dress she wants hasn't come in yet...She needs a backup plan or something..."
*Erica continues* "I've heard many a horror story, about last minute dresses. The last thing you want is a wardrobe malfunction on your big day..."
Michelle, who has stood silent while they went back and forth not even acknowledging her, finally speaks up.
*Michelle* "Stop! Just Stop! You two have got to get along because I can't
take this much longer! If we have any kind of malfunction on my wedding day, it'll be because you two can't agree on nothin'!"
*Erica*  "Oh, Darlin! We're not fightin'....We're just having one of our heated discussions. Your Mother and I have always bantered back and for like that....It's just what we do....right, Krystal?"
Krystal walks over and wraps an arm around Erica. As stubborn as Erica is, Krystal has always been fond of her.
*Krystal* "Yes, Erica....you drive me crazy and all ways have but I'm glad we get a second chance at being family again."
*Michelle* "Second chance? What do you mean?"
*Erica* "You haven't told her? After all these years she has no idea?!
*Krystal* "Scott and I didn't feel the need to divulge that info to the girls....

*Krystal continues* "Besides I don't think Justin ever told Benjamin, either."
*Erica* "True...Should we tell her then?"
*Krystal nods* "Yes...definitely."
There they go again, chatting back and forth and leaving Michelle wondering what they are talking about.
*Michelle* "Tell me what?!..."
*Krystal*  "I almost married 
Justin Trudeau, but I ended up meeting and falling in love with your Father."
Michelle's jaw drops, she is speechless! She never would have thought her Mother was romantically involved with another man, 
besides her father.
While Michelle is finding out about her Mother's past, Luke sits with his son and does his best to entertain him, but Phoenix has always loved it when he sings.
Luke strums his guitar, Phoenix listens and smiles at the 
sound of his Father's voice.
*Luke singing* "She lies and says she's in love with him, can't find a better man...
She dreams in colour, she dreams in red, can't find a better man...

Can't find a better man!..."
*Luke* "You like that?"...*Phoenix smiles*...."Daddy needs to learn some more
kid friendly songs."
Phoenix babbles and smiles while he tip toes on 
the edge of the soft ottoman.
*Luke* "Before I know it you're gonna be walking...and running....and talking..."
Luke pauses, he realizes he is missing out way too much not living here with Laura and Phoenix. Holding out a hand he encourages Phoenix to take it and take a step towards him.
Phoenix takes it and Luke encourages him to take a step.
*Luke* "There you go...got it!
With his other hand on the ottoman Phoenix takes two more wobbly steps before Luke scoops him up and holds him over his head, that's another thing Phoenix loves, he loves to fly! But what baby at the age doesn't?
*Luke* "You need to stop growing so fast! I'm gonna miss it all..."
Phoenix giggles as Luke soars him through the air, catching a whiff of something not so delightful.
*Luke* "Is that why you're so happy? You passing gas or something more?"
Luke pulls him in closer to get a better a whiff...
*Luke* "Oh yeah! Whew! Someone needs a diaper change."
Luke gets up to change Phoenix's diaper, when Peter finally comes into the room after being stuck on a long phone call regarding some work related matters.
Peter waving his hand back and forth to clear the air.
*Peter* "What the f*ck! Did something die in here!.."
Luke turns around, laughing as he tries to speak. Peter 
standing there, still fanning the air.
*Luke* "Phoenix, just took a huge dump...Laura fed him dinner before she left."
*Peter* "Yeah, I get that, but why does it smell so bad?!"
Luke laughs again remembering the first time he asked 
Laura that same question.
*Luke* "Laura feeds him organic homemade veggies and meat...as opposed to
that nasty processed baby food."
Peter takes a seat in the rocking chair while Luke turns back around and gets to work changing Phoenix's diaper.
 *Peter* "And you don't gag every time you have to change his diaper?...
...I think I'd f*cking hurl, if I had too."
*Luke laughs* "I'm sure you would...You've always had a weak stomach..."
*Peter* "Yeah, tell me about it! When there's an issue with the restrooms at work
I send someone else in there..."
*Luke* "Speaking of work you were on the phone for awhile, everything okay at the club?"
*Peter* "Yeah it's all good now. Apparently there was a mix up with the band schedule, which was on the calendar in my office. My first night off in weeks and no one can get there sh*t together. Except for you...you seem to know how clean it up..."
Luke finishes, scoops up Phoenix and turns around to face Peter.
*Luke* "Except for the biggest mess I've made so far! Having sex with Rufus...I don't know if Laura is ever gonna get over it and trust me again."
*Peter* "I thought you two were still going to marriage counseling?"
*Luke* "Yeah we still are, but I hate not being here all the time. Phoenix could start walking any day now and I'd miss it!"
*Peter* "So get down on your knees and beg her...You've got nothing else to loose."
*Luke* "I pretty much have...I've done everything she wants..."
*Peter shrugs* "I don't know, man...maybe she just needs more time. At least she hasn't served you with divorce papers yet."....*Looking at Phoenix*...."You want Mommy to take Daddy back?
 I know I do..."
Luke feels the same way, he's tired of camping out on Peter's couch.
*Luke* "Believe me, I'm ready to move back home too.
Those walls at your place are too thin...You might as well play 70's porn music along with it.."
*Peter abruptly laughs at his comment* "You can hear us...huh? I thought we were being quiet."
*Luke* "That old building carries the tiniest sounds across the apartment..."
*Peter* "Yeah...True...So! We gonna get some grub I'm starvin'...."
*Luke* "Burgers?..."
*Peter* "Sounds good to me..."
Back at Michelle's house the wedding planner, Audrey has arrived and she is talking with Michelle. While Krystal and Erica talk over on the couch.
*Erica* "Well, Michelle took the news of you and Justin quite well, I just can't believe 
you never told her before."
*Krystal* "Well, she knows now and I'm sure Benjamin will once he gets home."
Back in the kitchen Michelle discusses wedding 
details with Audrey.
*Michelle* "So these are all the RSVPs I have gotten back so far...I think
 we'll have a good turnout."
*Audrey* "Great! We just need to do a head count on these so we know how
much food to order for the reception. Oh, and I brought some flowers to see if you
like them for your color scheme."
*Michelle* "Okay."
Michelle decides to give the task of counting the guests to Krystal and Erica, so she can continue to discuss details with the wedding planner.
Of course they agree to it, a short while later Laura arrives. Erica joins the others in the kitchen while Krystal talks to Laura.
*Krystal* "How things going for you?"
*Laura* "Okay...I guess."
*Krystal* "Is the counseling helping?"
*Laura shrugs* "I just don't know if I can trust him....I try, but I
still get paranoid about it."
*Krystal* "Well, at some point you need to decide if he's worth the risk or not. You do have a son to raise, and I know Luke loves him very much. You're the only one who can make this decision."
Everyone gets comfortable and gets into wedding planning mode, they discuss all kinds of details, each giving different opinions and ideas. Audrey takes some notes and makes to to get things executed for the big day.
 While Audrey gets an ear full of ideas from Krystal and Erica, 
Michelle and Laura talk a little.
*Michelle* "Thanks for coming, I know your probably not in a wedding planning kinda 
mood and all, but I'm glad you're here."
*Laura smiles* "Of course...I'm glad to be here."
*Michelle* "Phoenix with Luke?"
*Laura* "Yeah he is... After everyone feels satisfied with what they got done tonight 
they all start getting ready to go.
Laura checks her messages, Luke sent her some pictures of Phoenix, to assure her they are doing fine.

Meanwhile, Erica says goodnight to Michelle.

 *Erica* "I think we got a lot accomplished tonight! I'm so glad you're gonna be part of the family. You have made my Benjamin a happy man."
*Michelle* "Well he's made me the happiest woman on the planet, and thank
you for coming..."
*Erica* "Of course, Darlin'...I'm so glad to be a part of it."
Krystal, still chatting with the wedding planner, 
they walk out together.
*Audrey* "You know you have some wonderful ideas..."
*Krystal* "Why thank you, I think my background as an interior designer has helped
me with some of that."
*Audrey* "Oh I love interior design..."
They continue out the door still talking. After Michelle has said goodnight to everyone she goes and sits with Laura in the kitchen, they have decided to hang out a little longer, for some sisterly bonding.
*Michelle pulling her hair into a ponytail* "Oh man! What an evening! I can't believe I'm
gonna be married in about a month."
*Laura* "I know...I goes by so quick. A month after that Phoenix will be a year old."
*Michelle* "Oh my gosh! That's Right..."
*Laura* "Yeah, time flies...Luke sent me a pic of him playing with his guitar."
Laura holds out her phone so Michelle can see the picture 
of her nephew.
*Michelle*"Awww! So cute! He really does love music..."
*Laura* "Yeah, he even dances, I'll have to take video of him."
*Michelle* "Speaking of Luke, is he coming to the wedding with you? I know last time
we talked about it you weren't too sure."
*Laura* "Um...yeah...I don't know. I haven't asked him about it yet."
*Michelle* "Well I put you down for a plus one...so just in case."
*Laura* "Okay...I'll let you know."
*Michelle* "Or you could make Luke really jealous and come to the wedding with someone else."
*Laura* "Yeah...No...I don't think so."
*Michelle* "I bet he would be so pissed if you did..."
*Laura* "I'm sure he would..."
Laura stays for awhile longer and they chat about anything and everything and finish off the bottle of wine. Once Benjamin gets back home and they realize how late it's gotten, Laura takes off, going home to check in on Luke and Phoenix...
She makes her way upstairs to find the light in Phoenix's room is off. 
Luke is lying in bed asleep with Phoenix propped on his chest.
It must have some evening, toys are thrown everywhere...they must have gotten tired and ended up falling asleep together.
Laura sets down her bag in the rocking chair and walks to the bedside to check on Phoenix, she contemplates whether she should pick him up and put him in his crib.
The two of them look so sweet and peaceful and her heart melts at the sight of Luke and their son.
Laura gently runs her hand on Phoenix's head of soft hair. Which causes him to squirm a bit, the movement startles Luke and he wakes up.
*Luke smiling sleepily, in a hushed tone* "Hey!..."
*Laura can't help but smile back, whispering* "Hey!..."

To Be Continued