Sunday, July 20, 2014


After being in labor all evening, all night, and most of the early morning, it's now down to the last minutes of meeting little Phoenix. Exhausted and tired, Laura musters all of her energy for one last push.
She pulls at Luke's shirt baring down and closing her eyes focusing on this last one.
As she pushing Dr.Kelly is ready and gently cradles the baby as he comes forward and out.
Cynthia gets up from where she was sitting on the couch to get a better view. Scott gets his phone ready to take pictures of little Phoenix.
Krystal is speechless, she gasps for air and tears start rolling. She is overwhelmed with emotion at the sight of her very first grandchild.
Dr. Kelly takes little Phoenix and assists him with taking his first breathe. Then the hushed silence that had been building for so long is forever changed when he gasps for air and begins to cry. 
Dr. Kelly finishes with the help of the nurses who flank her and then little Phoenix is placed into the arms of the woman who carried him for 9 long months. Laura is now officially a mother and changing their lives forever.
 While the nurses continue to assist Dr. Kelly with the afterbirth, everyone else who is in the room gathers around so they can meet the newest member of the family.
Scott leans in to take pictures, capturing Phoenix's first few moments in Laura's arms. Luke and Laura are both in awe of their little boy and just take in his face and his tiny little features. 
*Krystal* "He is just precious!"
Phoenix softly squirms and fusses, still adjusting to his new surroundings 
*Laura* "I think he looks like you, Luke..."
 Cynthia walks around to stand by Krystal.
*Krystal* "It's amazing isn't it?"
*Cynthia* "Yeah, it really is. he is so perfect! Even his little cry is adorable..."
Laura turns to look at Luke and he leans down to kiss her forehead.
*Luke* "I'm proud of you, Babe....he is amazing."
Laura smiles at him, she is exhausted, starving hungry, and sleepy as well.
Dr. Kelly finishes up and one of the nurses turns to get ready to examine little Phoenix.
Everyone is still gathered around taking in the sight of him before he is scooped up and away, so the nurse can finish her job.
Laura is now able to partially sick back up, Dr. Kelly congratulates them on their new baby. 
The nurses meanwhile, measure, weigh, and take care of little Phoenix.

*Nurse* "He is 7 pounds 15 ounces, and 20 inches long..."
*Dr. Kelly* "He's nearly 8 pounds! That's a big boy...."
Across the other side of the room all the new Grandparents are looking at the pictures Scott just took. Dr. Kelly finishes talking to Luke and Laura then excuses herself and lets the nurses finish up.
Once done with his little checkup, the nurse hands him back over to Laura.  Until it is time to move her upstairs to a recovery room, then Phoenix will be sent to the nursery for the rest of his checkup.
Everyone gathers around and just takes in the sweet little bundle of joy.
A few minutes later Michelle and Benjamin come in to get a look at Phoenix.
Scott walks across the room to greet his other daughter and to say hello to Benjamin.
*Benjamin* "Hey! So do we call you Grandpa now?"
*Scott laughs* "Sure why not....Hard to believe he's finally here."
While they chat for a moment Michelle gets a good look at the baby.
*Michelle* "Ohmygosh! He is so tiny and so cute!"
*Krystal* "Your officially an aunt now Sweetie...."
*Michelle* "Yeah! If you ever need a babysitter, let me know."
*Laura smiles* "I'm sure we will eventually..."
*Cynthia* "I'm proud of you two. I know it was a wild moment when you both found out but he is so precious. I am so glad that I was here with you..."
*Luke laughs* "I'm glad you were here too Mom....
Then Laura turns her attention to Luke and Krystal.
*Laura* "Luke, you going to hold your son?"
*Cynthia* "Yes, of course he is! I want to see you hold him before I go home and get some much needed sleep."
*Luke* "I've never held a baby before."
*Laura* "It's not hard, it's just like holding a football."
Laura carefully moves Phoenix from her arms and into Luke's.
*Cynthia* "Just relax sweetie, you doing fine."
 *Luke* "He's just so tiny and fragile feeling..."

*Krystal* "Babies are quite resilient, Luke...Like your mother said your doing just fine." 
*Cynthia* "He looks like you a lot."
*Luke* "You think so?"
Almost everyone agrees that Phoenix looks like his daddy.
*Luke* "You want to hold him?"
*Cynthia* "Of course!..."
Luke passes him to his mother and she takes him with open arms.
 *Scott* "Don't worry I was nervous when Laura was born, it's easier with the second one..."*Krystal* "Scott!...."
 *Laura* "Yeah, but that won't be anytime soon..."
Everyone quietly talks while Phoenix gets passed from one set of arms to the next until he finally ends up in Krystal's.
*Krystal* "Feeling like you want one of your own now?"
*Michelle* "Mom!..."
*Krystal* "Oh don't get embarrassed."
*Michelle* "You know I want to wait till I get settled in my career."
 Krystal lets it go and turns her attention to the baby in her arms.
*Krystal* "He's finally here Honey, after everything our little girl went through."
*Scott* "He's perfect Darlin', I'm just glad him and Laura are here safe and sound."
Michelle and Benjamin congratulate Luke and Laura and then say their goodbyes. Everyone is tired it's been a long night and morning.
*Michelle* "I'll see you later this week...."
*Laura* "Okay..."
Michelle and Benjamin leave and Cynthia too also decides to head on home.
*Cynthia* "Bye, Sweetie.....Call me when you three get home safe and sound tomorrow."
*Luke* "I will...."
Krystal and Scott also say their goodbyes.
*Krystal* "You should try and nurse him before they come and take him to the nursery. Then while he is up there you can get some sleep."
*Scott* "You should go home and get some rest too, Luke. Your gonna need to drive these two home tomorrow."
*Luke* "I will as soon as they get her settled into her new room."
Krystal and Scott kiss their daughter goodbye and let them have some time alone with their new baby. Luke climbs into the bed and Laura sits up trying to get Phoenix to nurse.

*Luke* "Is he doing it?"
*Laura* "No....His mouth is so little. I don't know how to..."
*Luke* "Don't and him will get adjusted."
*Laura* "I know....Oh! He's trying!"
*Luke starting to get sleepy* "That's good..."
After Laura tried a few more times she ended up giving up for the moment. Then the nurse comes in with breakfast for Laura.
*Nurse* "Hi! I brought you some breakfast. As soon as your done eating I'll take you up to recovery."
*Laura* "Okay..."
The nurse takes Phoenix up to the nursery and Laura digs into her breakfast.
*Laura* "Luke, don't forget to bring the car seat with you tomorrow..."
*Luke dozing off* "Mmmm what?"
*Laura* "The car need to bring it with you tomorrow."
*Luke* "Yeah, I know...."
Luke falls asleep while Laura finishes her breakfast. He didn't sleep much the night before and is now feeling it.
The nurse comes back to take Laura to her new room and Luke follows so he knows where to go when he comes back later in the afternoon.
Since Phoenix is still being cared for over in the nursery Laura takes the time to get some much need sleep.
 When she wakes up Luke is standing looking down at Phoenix in his little nursery crib.
*Laura* "Hand him over to me...and don't forget to support his head."
*Luke* "You're making me nervous...."
*Laura* "Sorry...just go slow, take your time..."
Luke gets him scooped up and placed into Laura arms.
Laura takes his tiny little hand in hers and just relishes the moment.
Luke leans down and kisses her forehead, feeling overwhelmed by his feelings as well.
*Luke* "I love you, Babe....and our baby boy."
*Laura* "I love you too, Baby. Did you take a nap?"
*Luke* "A little bit...."
Phoenix starts to fuss and they turn their attention back to him...

The End

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Labor Pains....

Luke and Laura finish getting ready, they quickly shower, get dressed and make sure they have everything they need. Laura calls her parents to tell them they are headed to the hospital, then they walk out 
the door....
*Luke* "Are we forgetting anything?"
*Laura* "No, I think we got it..."
*Laura* "You gonna call your, Mom?"
*Luke* "When we get in the car....I'll call her on the way..."
Once they are in the car and driving, Luke gets out his phone to call his Mom. The phone rings several times before Cynthia picks up, nearly clicking over to her voice mail.
Cynthia reaches over to grab her cell phone and sees that it is Luke who is calling.
*Cynthia* "It's Luke....don't talk..."
She picks up her phone and answers.
 *Cynthia* "Hi Sweetie!....."
*Luke* "Hey, Mom...We're headed to the hospital. Laura has gone into labor."
*Cynthia* "Really?! Your certain she's in labor?"
*Luke* "Well....she's been having strong ones about every ten minutes for a while now. So we're heading to the hospital..."
Cynthia swats the hand that has been tickling her away.
*Cynthia* "Okay....I'll be on my way...
*Luke* "Okay...see you in a little while..."
*Cynthia* "Okay, bye..."
They both hang up, Luke continues to drive, while Cynthia sets her phone back down and turns to face the man in her bed.
*Peter* "The baby is on the way?"
*Cynthia* "Yes, which means I need to get ready..."
*Peter* "You want me to come with you?"
*Cynthia* "No! Are you crazy!...Luke doesn't need to find out about us hooking up..."
*Peter* "Well, he's gonna find out eventually, right? It's not like it's the first time."
*Cynthia* "We'll see....but now is not a good time for that."
Cynthia gets showered and changed. She comes back out and Peter is still lounging in her bed.
*Peter* "You sure you don't want me to drive you?"
*Cynthia* "I'll be fine, Peter....just make sure you lock up when you leave."
While Cynthia is on her way.  Laura and Luke have made it to the hospital. Laura has been admitted and given a room.
The nurse has her change into a hospital gown, while she converts the bed to accommodate for the birth.
Laura climbs up on the bed and the nurse gets some info from her before examining her.
While the nurse checks to see how far along Laura is, Luke takes a seat on the couch and grabs his phone.
*Laura* "Who are you texting?"
*Luke* "Aric and Roxie....anyone else you want me to call or text?"
*Laura* "No....that's good for now."
*Nurse* " are doing great! I'll be back to check on you in couple minutes."
She exits the room and Luke gets up to stand next to her.
*Luke* "Roxie just text me back..."
*Laura winces feeling another contraction* "What did she say?"
*Luke* "She's excited....and can't wait to meet him."
Laura kinda smiles then hunches over.
*Luke* "Another one? They're getting a little closer...."
Laura groans and Luke reminds her to breathe.
*Laura* "Rub my back...."
*Luke* "Is that better?"
Laura just nods and continues to breathe. Then the door swings open and Krystal and Scott make their way into the room.
*Laura* "Mama!..."
*Krystal* "Hi Sweetheart!...How are you feeling?"
*Laura* "Not too bad yet...."
The contraction subsides and she can relax for the moment.
Krystal gets comfortable on the stool and sits with Laura to help her through it. Sometime has passed and Luke still waits for his mother to show up wondering if she is on her way.
*Krystal* "Okay, so they are about 5 minutes apart now..."
*Laura* "Did you call Michelle?.."
*Krystal* "Your dad will call her...don't worry about that right now."
*Scott* "I'll try her again....she didn't pick up the first time."
Scott gets his phone out of his pocket and dials Michelle's number.
Meanwhile way across town somewhere out in the country. Michelle and Benjamin took a detour to watch some fireworks before heading home. 
 *Michelle* "Oooo! Look at that one! They're so beautiful and the stars are so bright!"
*Benjamin* "I told you I'd git you the best view...."
*Michelle* "I could just stay here forever, you know?"
*Benjamin* "As long as it's with you, forever is fine with me, Darlin'...."
 Benjamin leans over as far as he can and kisses her.  Both of them getting wrapped up in each other. Then both getting startled by Michelle's phone and it's sudden ringing. They break apart and Michelle grabs her phone to answer it.
*Michelle* "Hi Daddy!"
Benjamin sits and waits in silence for a beat while Michelle 
listens to her father.
*Benjamin* "What's going on?"
*Michelle* "Laura went into labor everyone is at the hospital."
*Benjamin* "Well, I guess we're not going home just yet then are we?"
*Michelle* "Daddy? We're on our way.....Okay. Bye Daddy..."
Back at the hospital...
Sometime more time has passed and Cynthia finally shows up.
It's now much, much later into the evening and things are progressing slowly but everything is going well.
*Cynthia* "Hello?!"
*Luke* "Mom, you made it!"
*Cynthia* "Of course honey! I wouldn't miss this!"
*Krystal* " came just in time...."
*Cynthia* "Hi, she getting close?"
*Krystal* "She's getting there."
Cynthia walks to stand by Laura. Another contraction coming and Laura drops her head.
*Luke* "You ready to be a grandma?"
*Cynthia* "Surprisingly, yes I am..."
Krystal looks up and sees Scott is still on his phone.
*Krystal* "Scott, Honey, get off the phone!"
*Scott* "I'm talking to your brother, Darlin'...."
*Krystal* "Oh! Well tell them I said hello."
As Krystal has her attention turned to her husband, the nurse comes in to check on things and makes sure all is well.
*Nurse* "How is she doing?"
*Krystal* "Good....contractions are about under 5 minutes apart now."
*Nurse* " Okay....Lets go ahead and see how much she has dilated then.."
Krystal gets up so the nurse can examine Laura.
*Nurse* "Your about halfway early morning you should be holding your baby."
Laura sits back up another contraction sending waves of pain down her back.
*Nurse* "Now is a good window if you want an epidural...once you get closer to being fully dilated, it'll be too late."
*Cynthia* "I had one it was smooth sailing after that....."
*Laura* " epidurals."
*Nurse* "Okay, just remember to breathe...your doing great so far."
The nurse steps away and checks in with the other nurse who just came in the room.
*Luke* "You sure you don't want one, Babe?"
*Laura* "No, I'll be okay. You know how much I hate needles."
*Krystal* "You kicked and screamed as a kid when you had to get shots."
Everyone decides to take a quick break when Michelle shows up, only Luke stays with her.
*Michelle* "Hey sis! You look like your handling this like a champ."
*Laura* "Yeah, until I get another contraction....then it's not so fun."
*Michelle* "Well, your brave, Mom said you turned down pain meds."
*Laura* "Yeah, they say some can affect the baby..."
Then Laura stops talking another contraction building...
*Luke* "Help me out here....rub her back it helps the pain."
Michelle and Luke start rubbing her back while Laura breathes.
*Michelle* "You ready to be a Dad?"
*Luke* "Yeah, though I guess you can never be completely ready."
*Michelle* "True..."
*Luke* "Where's Benjamin?"
*Michelle* "Out in the waiting room with our parents."
The contraction dissipates and Laura looks up again.
*Michelle* "You zoned out there when that contraction hit."
*Laura* "Yeah, kinda hard to carry on a conversation when it happens..."
Michelle stays a little longer then heads back out to the waiting room to be with Benjamin. One of the nurses continues to prep a few more things for the birth.
*Nurse* "Everything is ready to go! All we need now is for you to deliver your baby."
Everyone falls into a routine while they wait for Laura to progress. Several hours later, and now early morning the following day. The moment has finally come for Laura to start pushing.
*Nurse* "Dr. Bratters was called in for an emergency c section. So Dr. Kelly will be delivering your baby."
Everyone gets gathered around her, Luke on one side and Krystal on the other, while the doctor and nurses get everything into place.
*Krystal* "This is it sweetie, the last stretch...."
Laura just smiles. Luke runs his hand across her forehead, feeling proud of her.
*Luke* "I love you, Babe..."
*Laura reaches up and grabs his shirt* "I love you too..."
*Dr. Kelly* "I want you to push on your next contraction."
So on the the next round Laura pushes but not hard enough.
*Dr Kelly* "Now one this next one I need you bare down and push hard...."
Laura keeps it up for several more rounds of contractions but starts to get tired.
 *Laura* "I don't think I can push again!"
*Dr Kelly* "Laura, your so close, just one more good push...."
Luke leans over to look at what the doctor can see.
*Luke* "Just one more time, Babe...I can see his head!"
*Krystal* "Luke and Dr, Kelly are right sweetie your almost there just one more good push and he'll be here."
So Laura pushes one last time and Dr. Kelly gets ready to catch little Phoenix....

to be continued.....