Sunday, October 14, 2018

Pumpkin Patch Playdate...

This episode is rated PG-13 for
 some grown up doll language... 
It is early Saturday Morning the Trudeau family pumpkin patch is starting to fill up with customers. A new family to the OneSixthAvenue bunch is here today and it looks like Juniper is 
here with her family as well...
*Juniper* "Oh look at this one...Very Farmhouse..."
Aaron nods his head as he watched their son Ashton who is enjoying looking, touching, and discovering all the pumpkins...
*Ashton* "Ba ba ba ba..."
*Aaron* "You like that tiny one Ash?...It's the 
perfect size for you."
Meanwhile the growing Trudeau family is busy working setting up a few more items...Every year more and more people come and every year Marilyn sets out more items for sale. The farmhouse look is booming with popularity right now....Josh is speaking with his young pregnant again wife Cassie, while holding their soon to be
 2 year old daughter Ella Grace...
*Josh* "Can you take Ella...I need to go get that scarecrow and set him up..."
*Cassie* "I need to watch the till..."
Normally Bree would be in charge of the till, but
 Josh's little sister is off at college she will not
 be home till Thanksgiving.
*Marilyn* "Go ask your father to take Ella, Josh...and before you get that scarecrow 
I need you to fetch a chair for Cass. She can't be standing all day..."
The patriarch of the family, James is standing talking with a customer. He has built this farm from the ground up, 
with the help of his wife Marilyn...Choosing to live this life was not easy as he was suppose to run Trudeau Construction with his brother Justin.
*James* "Well, I thank ya for stopping by...hopefully
 y'all be around next year."
*Joseph* "Yeah, definitely...the kids are enjoying it."
*Isaac* "Dad!....Dad!...."
*Miranda* "That's a cute one...I like it not
too big, not too small..."
*Emily* "I dunno...I like this one too."
*Miranda* "Yeah, they're all beautiful in their own
 way. You have time to decide..."
Josh hunts down his dad and gets him to take Ella Grace 
while he goes to get a chair for Cassie.
*Josh* "I gotta git a chair for Cass...Can you watch your little Peanut?"
*James* "I sure can. C'mere Peanut...."
*Josh* "Then can you help me setup that Scarecrow, Mom wants out?"
*James* "She still want that ugly thing setup?..."
*Josh* "Yeah you know, Mom.."
*James* "Yeah I do, don't worry I'l help ya."
*Marilyn* "As soon as Joshua comes back with that chair, you take a break Darlin'..."
*Cassie* "Marilyn...I'm okay...I'll be fine."
*Marilyn* "'ve been up since 4 am...I insist you take a
 break. I'll watch the till for now as more people show up..."
Cassie is now 6 months pregnant with her and Josh's second child. Beating his cousin Ben and his wife Michelle yet again in the great grandkids race...
Grandma Erica Trudeau is still waiting though, on her pride and 
joy Benjamin to give her great grand babies....
Isaac has found the scarecrow hats and is being silly,
 while sister and mom laugh. Juniper and Aaron finally decide on a 
pumpkin they like and head over to go pay for it.
*Juniper* "What'd ya think Ashton, you like this one?..."
Ashton nods his head and smiles.
*Aaron* "Yeah me too...lets head out and get an early lunch."
*Juniper* "Okay...sounds good."
Josh found a chair for Cassie, she decides to sit and rest 
her feet while the crowd of people is still minimal...
*James* "Your turn to take little Peanut...I gotta help your
 son with that heavy as hell Scarecrow."
*Marilyn* "Oh my Pawpaw's little Peanut, come here sweet girl."
Isaac continues to ham it up for his family, trying to 
convince Mom and Dad to buy him the hat.
*Emily* "Yeah! He could wear it for Halloween and Thanksgiving!..."
*Miranda* "I dunno, Isaac..."
*Joseph* "It's want it?"
*Isaac* "Yes!..."
Miranda is always trying to be frugal when making 
spur of the moment purchases but if the kids 
want it Joseph cannot say no to them...
*Miranda* "You already promised them they could get their own pumpkins..."
*Joseph* "I know, they can share the hat...See anything you want?.."
*Miranda* "Well...Um yeah...but.."
*Joseph* "It's fine, baby we're here to have fun..."
Because naturally he wants to spoil his wife just as much too...
Juniper and Aaron are checking out now with their pumpkin.
*Marilyn* "Oh that's a lovely one!..."
*Juniper* "It is...I love the color."
Meanwhile Emily and Isaac choose 
the pumpkins that they want. Emily knows right 
away while Isaac is still indecisive so many 
cool ones to choose from.
*Emily* "I want this one!!!"
*Miranda* "Good choice, that's a nice one."
*Joseph* "Did you figure out which one you want, Isaac?"
*Isaac* "I dunno! I like both of these..."
*Miranda* "You have to choose. We're not buying both."
Juniper and Aaron head off as more people arrive. 
Bianca is there with her son Jeremy.
*Aaron* "You ready for some lunch, Ash?..."
*Ashton* "Uh huh!..."
The young family heads out satisfied with their 
visit and their purchase.
*Jeremy* "Mommy, I like dis one..."
*Bianca* "Yeah, that's an interesting one."
*Bianca* "I see more pumpkins over there and some hats!"
*Jeremy* "Where?!..."
*Bianca* "Behind you over there...Go ahead I'm watching you."
Back at the checkout counter Marilyn stays busy...
*Marilyn* "Those are some mighty fine choices! Do y'all know 
what you gonna carve them into?"
*Isaac* "A scary monster!..."
*Emily* "Mine is gonna be a ghost!...."
*Marilyn* "Those sound like some very scary choices. Just promise me one thing....
Make sure you two have mom and dad's help when you carve them, okay?"
*Isaac and Emily* "OKAY!!!..."
*Joseph* "Also he wants the hat, too..."
*Marilyn* "oh yes the hat!...such a dapper scarecrow you are."
*Miranda* "And I'll take one of those fabulous Lanterns!..."
*Marilyn* "All comes out to...fifty-eight dollars and ninety-five cents..."
Josh and his dad James managed to get the large life size scarecrow setup...They think it's a bit much but Marilyn insisted on it and she is after all the driving force behind this pumpkin patch. She has a great eye for things and it brings in the customers each year.
Kimber and her girlfriend Elizabeth have managed to make their annual trip to the pumpkin patch. Kurt, Kimber's brother wasn't able to make it this year...So the girls go alone. Lizzy poses on the scarecrow for an fun pic they both love this time of year...
Jeremy didn't notice the scarecrow before until he saw
 the girls taking pictures...His face gets very serious...
Not sure what to think about it. Mom can see
 he is looking a bit worried.
*Bianca* "It's okay...the scarecrow isn't real...c'mon let's walk 
over here and look at the baskets."
Bianca leads Jeremy away but he cannot tear 
his eyes away from the lifelike scarecrow.
*Bianca* "You saw the girl sitting on it, and it
 didn't move...It's not real, sweetie..."
*Jeremy* "I know..."
*Bianca* "You want to take a picture?..."
*Jeremy* "No..."
Marilyn shows Ella Grace the Scarecrow from a distance...
The younger ones are very unsure of it. Marilyn begins to wonder
 if maybe her husband was right on this one...
*Elizabeth* "How do I look?..."
*Kimber* "Oh make an adorable scarecrow...
How much are the hats?"
*Cassie* "They're six ninety-nine each..."
Across the way it looks like the Cooper clan has finally showed up 
the boys are happy to be out of their carseats after a very long 
ride from the city out to the country. Phineas tries to reach in
 on the same pumpkin that Phoenix is trying to pick up...
*Laura* "Amari said they're almost here..."
*Luke* "Okay, I guess we'll just let the boys run around for now."
*Phoenix pushing and squealing* "Nooo! Mine, Fin!!..."
*Phineas* "No. no...."
Luke and Laura stop talking and quickly look 
down at the squabbling duo. Last time they came Luke hovered over little Phoenix when he was about the same age as Fin. Now
 he's not as worried having lived through it already, lol!
*Luke* "Whoa, whoa...we just got here and you two are already fighting?..."
*Laura* "It's a long car ride...I'm sure they just need a moment to adjust."
Luke scoops up Phineas to console him, as Laura watches Phoenix...
Phoenix runs then stops dead in his tracks as he 
eyes the scarecrow cautiously...
*Luke* "It's okay...little man. There are lots of pumpkins here...
You can help me look for one, okay?"
*Phineas nods* "I whelp..."
*Luke* "Let's look over here..."
He squeals out to mom and goes running back 
to her almost knocking her over....
*Laura* "Ooof!...Hey slow down there."
*Phoenix* "Mama! I wanna weave..."
*Laura* "Phoenix we just got here! We're not leaving!..."
*Phoenix crying* "Mama! Mama!!!..."
Laura sighs, this day is already starting off to a disaster....
getting out the door was rough, the long car ride to get here
 and now Phoenix is beside himself over the scarecrow.
*Luke* "Hey, don't look at me...this is what you wanted to do today."
*Laura* "I know!...Okay!? You don't need to rub it in for the 3rd time..."
*Luke* "You know we can leave...I'm sure they'll understand."
*Laura* "No, we just got here...."
*Luke shrugs his shoulders* "Whatever,'s your call."
Laura rolls her eyes. She knows it's a big trek to get out here but to just give up so quickly is not happening....It seems to just be one of those days for Luke and Laura...When things don't go as smooth 
and you tend to grate on each other's nerves...
*Shaun*"Hey what the hell! You didn't tell me this place was out in
 the boondocks!...Took fucking forever to git here, man!.."
*Amari* "Shaun...your language. There are kids around."
*Luke laughs* "What part of pumpkin patch on a farm did you not get, man?..."
*Shaun* "I thought we'd be closer to the city...anyways hopefully out
 here I won't get recognized..." 
Laura tries to persuade Phoenix to let go of her 
leg so the can greet Amari and Leila.
*Laura* "C'mon....lets go say hello to your cousin Leila..."
*Phoenix* "No! I wanna go..."
*Laura* "We're not leaving Phoenix..."
*Amari* "Hey, what's wrong with him?..."
*Laura* "He's terrified of the scarecrow...But he'll be fine. So how was the ride out here?"
*Amari* "Good, Leila had a mini nap so hopefully that will keep her going for awhile."
*Laura* "So you're heading back home tomorrow?..."
Meanwhile the guys chit chat and catch up
 on what they've been up to.
*Luke* "So what are you gonna be doing once Amari leaves for a few weeks?"
*Shaun laughing* "Catching up on my sleep!...Shit, touring at 21 was easy, now..."
*Luke jokes* "I know...hangovers effing suck now don't they?..."
*Shaun* "Yeah they do. Hey so uh...Coco invited me to 
come play at The Tomb....I dunno if I should."
*Luke* "Oh yeah? Peter still working there?..."
*Shaun* "Yeah...she said she could book me on nights he's off but
 she was hoping we could do some jamming together..."
*Luke* "Well I'd come check it out, long as I know Pete ain't around..."
*Shaun* "I told her to give me a week to think about it. Wouldn't 
hurt though to play a few nights a week."
*Luke* "Well let me know..."
Laura continues to catch up with Amari as well....
*Amari* "Yeah I am...Don't worry we'll be back in a couple weeks. I want to have a small birthday party for Lala next month at Shaun's place...."
*Laura* "Oh! Okay...Well let me know if you need a caterer...."
*Amari* "Could you bake a cake like the one you
 made for Fin?...I can pay you."
*Laura* "Sure! I would love to...Anything else?"
*Amari* "No, just the cake would be great. I know you're busy."
*Laura* "And What about Thanksgiving?..."
*Amari* "I think we're gonna have a quiet meal at my parents house."
*Laura* "Okay..."
After Phoenix can't seem to calm down Laura picks him 
up and Amari goes to let Leila explore a little.
*Luke* "He still upset?..."
*Laura* "Yes, you know how dramatic he gets..."
*Shaun* "Why is he upset?..."
*Laura* "He's afraid of the scarecrow..."
*Shaun* "Hey little man! Don't be scared."
Meanwhile Leila is enjoying looking at all the beautiful 
fall colors...So much to look at and touch...It's a discovery 
of the senses for a budding toddler.
Sucking on her pacifier she bends and reaches down to touch a pumpkin. Amari watches closely, letting Leila just move at her own pace...and tell her what different items are.
*Amar* "That's a pumpkin...It's pretty isn't it?"
Shaun comes over to see what his Little Lala is up to.
*Shaun* "Did you find a pumpkin?..."
Leila cranes her neck up to look at Dad, 
who towers over her...
(This is where I wish these Ken dolls had better knee and hip articulation, 
so shaun could squat down 😑)
*Luke* "Phoenix look he's not real its just a's like a
 giant action figure like your toys...look!"
*Phoenix* "No!..."
*Laura* "Phoenix it's okay..."
*Luke* "I dunno Babe, he's pretty upset 
maybe we should go."
*Laura* "No we are not leaving, he needs to stop being so dramatic....Phoenix you 
need to stop, you are okay nothing is going to happen...."
*Phoenix crying* "No, mama! No!..."
*Luke* "Laura, he's scared shitless! Let's just go."
*Laura* "Will you stop, already?..."
*Luke confused* "Me or him?..."
*Laura* "You! You're not helping..."
While everyone is busy a couple of young girls 
show up to the pumpkin patch...
*Brunette* "Like this place is like a real farm...."
*Blond* "I know right?'s like super real looking, with like hay and corn."
*Brunette* "Yah I totally love nature...I could like live here."
*Blond* "For sure....Except bugs! euw!!"
The brunette girl lifts her head
 and takes a deep breath.
*Brunette* "Like, I can totally smell pumpkin pie!"
*Blond* "Ohmygawd! I love pumpkin pie. It's like my
 favorite kind of food."
*Brunette* "I'm so glad we found this place!..."
Distracted by Phoenix's fussing the brunette girl looks 
over across the way and something or should 
I someone catches her eye.
*Brunette* " don't freak out right now but I totally
 think that is Shaun from Rock Candy!"
*Blond freaking out* "What?!...Are you serious!"
Laura again rolls her eyes and then turns to walk away...Luke doesn't get it. Phoenix tends to get overly dramatic when it's not necessary. Laura tries to not give into it all the time. Luke is now visibly upset
 he too gets dramatic, it's obvious where Phoenix gets it from.
*Luke* "What!?! He's fucking screaming Laura....let's just go!"
*Laura* "Gee...I wonder where he gets that from?..."
*Luke* "Where are you going?..."
*Laura* "Just watch Fin...I'll be back."
Then Laura begins to walk away. She needs a break. All she wanted was for this day to go smoothly but it has been nothing but
 the opposite of that. Amari calls out and catches up to her cousin, 
leaving Leila with Shaun...
 *Amari* "Hey girl, wait up..."
*Laura* "I'm sorry...I just need to get this kiddo to calm down."
*Amari* "That's okay..."
 *Amari continues* "I'll come with you...I could use a bathroom break."
*Laura* "Okay, but just so you know they only have port-a-pottys on the grounds."
*Amari* "Ugh!....I sure hope they're clean."
While Laura and Amari head off, Luke and Shaun hang back 
with the other two little ones. Phineas reaches out to his
 cousin Leila who is quite equally curios. 
 *Shaun* "Trouble in paradise or is it just that time of the month?...."
*Luke shrugs* "I don't fucking know...She's been in
mood all morning...Nothing I say is right."
Shaun nods and understands all to well, women can be so confusing. You try to help and then you've somehow just managed to 
dig whatever personal pit of hell you are in a little deeper.
*Brunette* "Like, let's go get his autograph..."
*Blond* "Ohmygawd! No...Like, I'm totally too scared!!!
What if it's not him."
*Brunette* "Oh it's him..Like for sure."
*Blond* "But like what if it isn't?..."

To Be Continued!

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Thanks so much y'all....
 I will have the conclusion
 to this set of episodes up next Friday!