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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Shaun and Amari: 7 and a Half Months Ago

This short little episode is rated R
for some minor language and mature content.

I know you've all been waiting to see what happened between these two, so let's rewind and go back to April again once more, where Amari finally tells Shaun she is pregnant. It's early morning the day after all the carnage that took place at Peter's apartment and the hospital.  Amari could not sleep well last night, after all the drama, her fight with Shaun, Willow nearly dying, and her own secrets eating her up as well, she decided to get up and make pancakes and bacon for breakfast. Might as well since she's eating for two now.
Shaun comes shuffling in still half asleep, the smell of bacon bringing him to life. They did kinda sorta make up from their little fight the night before but things are still a bit touch and go. Feelings are still very sensitive, especially after all that transpired over the past few days and weeks everyone was on edge.
*Shaun* "Damn, baby that smells good..."
 *Amari* "I couldn't sleep anymore so I figured I'd cook us some breakfast....
Sit down it's almost ready."
 Amari gets their plates and takes them to the table, she sits down across from Shaun. She is not much of a cook so Shaun knows she must be buttering him up for something. Amari is used to getting what she wants, but so is Shaun. Amari lets him take a few bites of his pancakes before she lays it out on him. She knows this will not be easy, this may not go well at all then again who knows...
*Amari* "Is it good?..."
*Shaun mouth full* "Mmmhmmm....Yeah it's good baby."
*Amari* "Did you sleep okay?..."
*Shaun chewing* "Yeah, slept like a baby now that I know Cade is behind bars."
Amari inwardly cringes at his comment about sleeping like a baby. She knows Shaun is not wanting to start a family anytime soon or maybe ever, but one thing led to another and now she is pregnant. She waits for him to swallow that last bite, then speaks....
*Amari* "Uh, Shaun?..."
*Shaun* "Yeah?..." 
*Amari* "I uh...I'm pregnant."
Shaun wastes no time at being upset. He knows exactly what night it was she got pregnant, too. Amari had not yet scheduled a new appointment to renew her birth control, and Shaun was fresh out of rubbers. So being so horny as they were they agreed to take the chance and Amari would take a morning after pill the next day.
*Shaun* "What the fuck, Mari?  You said you would take care of this shit with a pill."
*Amari* "I know! I know, I did!....I forgot, okay? I was running late for work that morning. I didn't have time to stop anywhere...I'm sorry."
Shaun shoves his hands against the table pushing his chair back. He is no longer hungry anymore. He is downright angry now.
 *Shaun* "Forgot?! Sorry is not gonna fucking cut it, Mari! I didn't agree to this shit! We agreed that we both didn't want a baby...You said it yourself. Is this a fucking game to you? 
Fucking entrapment is what this is! Dammit Amari..."
 Amari springs up out of her chair. She would never ever purposely get pregnant to trap him or any man for that matter.
*Amari* "Excuse me?! I would never do that. I know I messed up, and
 I'm sorry! Shaun,  please believe me!"
*Shaun scratches his head* "Yeah, baby I believe you...."
He is still in shock about it all, he walks around the table to face her. Amari clutches her stomach she too is still nervous about how Shaun will take it once it really sinks in she is not giving up this baby.
*Shaun* "So that's settled then, we're on the same page about this, right?"
*Amari* "Uh...um what do you mean?"
*Shaun* "That you'll just have to get an abortion."
And just as she suspected how he would react, he does. Amari knows she could very well be on her own if she can't get him to understand. The thought of this unknown scares her but she cannot deny either how much she would love to have this baby too.
*Amari* "I never agreed to getting an abortion, Shaun..."
 *Shaun* "Mari, I never fucking agreed to you getting pregnant!...What about what I want?"
*Amari* "It's my body, my choice!..."
*Shaun* "I don't want this!."
*Amari* "Tough shit!...I didn't either but it is what it is."
 *Shaun* "Don't tell me to eat it! Just think about it. You know you're not ready for any of this...Remember that means no more partying, no more drinking all of it, life as you know it is done!"
 *Amari* "I know, and I'm prepared to make all those sacrifices...Laura 
did and her and Luke are very happy..." 
*Shaun* "You can't compare us to them, our relationship is not the same. You know you're only with me to stir drama up with Daddy. The privileged little rich girl who parties and only works when she feels like it..."
*Amari* "Take that back Shaun Harris! Take it back now!
*Shaun* "You're not even showing yet so there is still enough time to lock 
this shit down...get it taken care of."
 *Amari* "Excuse me?! Lock it down?! Maybe you shoulda locked it down and pulled out like you said you would, but no you were just as into the moment as I was!..."
 *Shaun* "Oh no! Don't you go turning this shit on me! You're the one who didn't follow through. I offered to pick it up for you, remember?"
Amari huffs and turns away she cannot look at him anymore. She did promise to take care of it that day and Shaun is right he did briefly offer to pick up the pill for her.
 *Amari* "I'm keeping this baby, with or without you,
 I don't need your support..."
*Shaun* "And what about your Dad?! You think he's gonna want to support you 
and your baby?!...At some point he's gonna expect you to grow up and
 he'll stop paying all your bills. Think about it..."
*Amari* "I can manage just fine..."
*Shaun* "Mari, you grew up very pampered. You really think that it's all gonna be fine, 
ride off into the sunset with your fucking prince charming?!..."
*Amari* "Now you're just being an asshole!...I am not asking anything of you
 and you can't change my mind!" 
*Shaun* "You're being fucking ridiculous, 
save yourself the heartache and misery...Get the gawddamn abortion!"
*Amari* "How can you compare a baby to heartache and misery?! I know they are a 
lot of work, but I can handle it. You can't talk me outta this!..."
*Shaun* "You're a fucking spoiled brat! This is not a game, a baby is for life Mari..."
*Amari* "I know!!!"
She rolls her eyes and Shaun starts to walk away 
then turns around to face her one last time.
 *Shaun* "You know the guys were right, you get to comfy and shit happens..."
*Amari* "What do you mean they were right?..."
*Shaun* "That night we played poker, Peter knew you were fucking pregnant, he fucking knew before I realized it. And dumb shit me denied all of it being true, cause I thought, oh no Mari would never fuck me over she'd never ever do that!..." 
 *Amari* "Screw you over?! Now you're acting crazy, I told you it was an accident..."
*Shaun* "Then get the fucking abortion."
*Amari* "No!..."
Shaun twists his finger against his temple 
suggesting she is loony. He is so upset in fact he is angry, she failed to do what she said she would. Shaun has a hard time believing now that  this is no accident, he feels cornered and betrayed.
*Shaun* "Now, you're fucking crazy to think this will all workout. All those
hormones are fucking with your head...I'm gonna take a hot shower, 
maybe by then you'll come to your senses..."
Then he finally storms off leaving Amari to decide 
the fate of their relationship. She stands there finally letting tears roll down her cheeks, as she begins to question 
everything that has happened.
When Shaun finally shows up out of the shower and dressed he finds the condo empty, Amari has left. He grabs his phone 
and keys and heads out the door.

The End!
Oh, but not quite! 
Did Shaun and Amari ever get past all the drama? 
Did they break up? Did they stay together? 
Did she keep the baby like she said she would?

There is more to come, and hopefully I can be on time with this next one. Just not enough hours in a day for me to get done everything that I want to do, haha!
Thanks so much for tuning in and stopping by!

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Luke & Laura...Flashback to Their First Date

This episode is rated PG-13 for some language and adult themes.

 Tonight it has been exactly 3 years since Luke and Laura tied the knot and said I do. So with that they have plans for dinner tonight just the two of them. Laura sits at her new vanity, that was in fact her anniversary gift, and gets ready for their much anticipated date night. Laura has been up to her ears is feedings, diaper changes, and all the other things a mother of two young boys takes care of. She looks forward to a night off with her man, no screaming 
kids just a nice quiet dinner.
She begins to work some creme onto her face when Luke 
comes into their bedroom and pauses at the doorway. Luke too is looking forward to a evening alone with his beautiful wife. Marriage and a family never was a goal he set out to have in life, but meeting Laura changed that with her sweet face, rockin' body, and home cookin' made him realize a man could get used to this.
 *Luke* "Babe?.."
*Laura* "Yeah?..."
*Luke* "Kenzie is here, she's downstairs with the boys..."
 *Laura* "Okay, good...did they eat all their food?"
 Luke steps in closer, mesmerized by her beauty, he cannot peel his eyes away from her poised their on the chair in her sexy black underwear. His mind drifts off and begins to think about how much he wants to just peel it all off and skip dinner.
*Laura* "Luke, did the boys eat all their dinner?..."
 *Luke* "Uh?!...Yeah, yeah Kenzie is making sure of it."
 *Luke* "You almost ready?..."
*Laura* "Almost...Just enjoying my new vanity..."
She smiles at him and he steps in farther
 into the bedroom. He is glad she is so happy with her anniversary 
gift. It is something she has been wanting for so long.
 *Luke* "You know you're just as beautiful without makeup, babe..."
*Laura* "Honey, you know a girl never reveals her beauty secrets..."
She smiles up at him then goes back to looking at 
her reflection in the mirror.
 The two are silent while Luke watches Laura. She rubs her hand down her neck and over her chest, brushing the top of her breasts with her forearm, using the moisturizer generously all over. She wants to look and smell good tonight. Luke meanwhile continues 
to think other things...
 *Luke* "If you keep that up I'm gonna have to toss you on the bed,
 pass on dinner and go straight for dessert..."
 *Laura* "Doing what?..."
Then she runs her hand again down the other side of 
her neck and along her chest. She is not totally oblivious to what she is doing but does not realize that it is affecting him so much either.
*Luke* "That! That right there!..."
*Laura* "It's just face cream..."
*Luke* "Then why do you keep rubbing it all on your tits, Babe?..."
*Laura giggles and smiles* "Oh, you mean like this?..."
*Luke* "Fucking cut it out...You're being a cock tease."
 *Laura* "I'm just trying to get ready, you're the one standing there staring..."
*Laura continues* "Besides I haven't even put the dress on yet. That will
definitely tease ya some more..."
Luke looks over to the bed where the dress is laying. 
It's not much a red and black sexy little dress.
*Luke* "Shit..That's is all of it?...You wearing a coat over it?"
 *Laura* "Uh huh...I have a black shawl."
Luke walks up behind and sets his hands on her shoulders 
staring back at her reflection in the mirror.
*Luke* "I'm so fucking glad I agreed to that blind date..."
*Laura* "I know. You have no idea how nervous you made me..."
*Luke* "Nervous?!...You were amazing, Babe. I didn't want it to end with you..."
 Laura smiles back at his reflection in her mirror. She too is happy she agreed to their blind date. Neither of them were looking for love at the time but Isolde insisted that both of them meet each other and just see where it goes. So both of them, very skeptical never expected to fall so hard and fast for each other.
*Laura* "Neither did, I...At first I was afraid you would just be some cocky 
asshole who wanted to get laid."
*Luke laughs* "Shit, I did want to get laid...But I wanted to get to know you more too."
 *Laura* "Good thing for you I felt the same way...You know Isolde 
described as 'Eye candy and Fun"..."
 *Luke laughs hard* "HAHA! She told me you were limber and fit cause you loved yoga..."
 *Laura* "Are you serious?!..."
*Luke* "I shit you not Babe, but I think she just wanted us to enjoy ourselves, 
we had both been so deeply invested in our jobs at the time..."
*Laura* "I think you're right about that..."

Luke and Laura's blind date was not a conventional one, the day and time was a mid-Monday morning in early June. The two both worked very busy schedules, Luke's only day was Mondays since his shop was closed and Laura had free time before she was due in for work later that day at Ma Cherie. Laura of course was the first one there, she sat quietly and waited nursing a small cup of coffee. 
She was so nervous, it has been months since she has gone on a date, work has kept her so busy since she recently landed her job as head chef. Isolde, who is one of her workout buddies, insisted she get out let loose a little she has been working so hard, she deserves a little eye candy and fun for once. 
Laura finally agreed and now she sits and waits for this man to show up. Isolde refused to show her a picture of Luke, she said "Laura, just trust me, let this date be a complete surprise. Trust me when I say he is handsome and then some..." So Laura did she trusted her, all she had to go by was a brief description and that when she saw him she would know it's him.
And boy was she right! Laura tilts her head up from her coffee cup and sets it down, the bell chime on the door signaling that someone is either coming or going. A breeze gusts in as the door is swung out and open, taking her breath with her, and she hears Isolde's voice in her head while she watches him walk towards the order counter...
"He's tall but not too tall, very long brown hair, brown eyes, and plenty of tattoos, believe me you'll know him when you see him..." Laura mumbles under her breath, watching him while he orders.
*Laura* "Holy Shit!...That has to be him! Oh my gawd, Isolde, 
who did you set me up with?!..."
 Laura grabs her coffee again and sips it. Laura.."Oh man I sure hope he is not some arrogant asshole..."
 He begins to walk towards her, and when she looks up at him again she realizes something, he looks nervous as well. How can a man who exudes so much presence be so nervous of her?! What did Isolde tell him about her?...
She thinks..."Gawd, he must have some major flaw I haven't noticed yet. Maybe his voice is high pitched or something...Isolde did say he was a musician though..."
He stops, coffee cup in his hand with tattoos running up the length of both arms and up his neck. Laura usually dates guys with a lot less flair, but Isolde insisted she would find his company pleasant. He comes up to the empty chair that is across the table from where she sits. Then she finally hears him speak...
*Luke* "Hi...Laura?..."
She about melts when her name passes over his lips. It's deep and smooth, rich like her cup of coffee not a single bit of twang to it. His west coast accent coming through, definitely not from the south.
She smiles up at him and nods her head. She has 
trouble at first getting a word out.
*Laura* "Ye..uh...And you...You must be Luke...Hello!"
She points to the chair and he takes the seat across from her, his nervousness showing more now. Laura takes a
 deep breath and decides to talk first, someone 
needs to break the ice.
*Laura* "Soooo, how do you know Isolde?..."
*Luke* "Oh, uh...I met her at Bull Tavern. I eat lunch there a lot..."
Then he flashes a smile and Laura is afraid she will end up as puddle under the table, down at his feet...."Oh good lord this man is fine!..."
*Luke continues* "Shit, and dinner too..."
His nervousness makes her feel better and it's obvious that he doesn't like to cook, no wonder Isolde thought they might make a good pair. She likes to cook, he likes good food... 
*Laura* "Oh, yes....okay...She keeps asking me to stop by for lunch
 one day but my job makes it hard, maybe one day...I owe her that much."
Luke begins to talk again and the sound of his voice hits her all over again..."Good lord, I wonder if he's a singer?..."
*Luke* "Yeah you should, they have great food there and Hey, I'm 
almost always there for dinner..."
Laura flips her hair, feeling a tad nervous,...The man just oozes sex and rock and roll..."Oh my gawd, did he just kinda insinuate we should have dinner together?..."Luke continues talking.
 *Luke continues* "She told me you were a chef for some fancy french restaurant..."
*Laura* "Mmmhmm, yes Ma Cherie. I just got hired there about 6 months ago...
And you're a musician, right? Isolde didn't want to tell me much about you."
*Luke* "Uh, yeah same here, she said to trust her...and I'm glad I did...."
He looks at her smiles again and sips his coffee. Laura blushes and quickly darts her eyes down to her coffee cup. "Oh my gawd, he's hot...And he's glad to be here!" She is definitely attracted to him and he definitely seems interested too. 
Luke continues...
*Luke* "I'm kinda taking a break from music at the moment. Right now I just opened a record 
shop a few months ago. Decided it's time to settle down, put down some roots 
and I always liked it here...so here I am..."
Laura thinks to herself..."And boy am I so glad you picked my town..."
She smiles at him and sweetly welcomes him to New Orleans.
*Laura smiles* "Well, welcome to New Orleans..."
*Luke smiles back* "Thanks..."
*Laura* "Where are you originally from?..."
*Luke* "Seattle...but I haven't lived there since I was 19. Traveled
 as a roadie for quite a few rock bands for many years...."
*Laura* "Oh! Wow, so you've probably been all over..."
 *Luke* "Oh yeah, I loved it for so long. It was great seeing new places..."
*Laura* "Any bands I might know?"
*Luke* "Uh, well yeah...Rock Candy was the biggest band I traveled with."
*Laura* "Oh yeah?! My sister used to love their music...I never got into too much. 
I still prefer my old grunge music any day..."
*Luke smiles* "Oh yeah?...You don't strike me as girl who likes that type of music..."
*Laura* "Oh really? What music do you think I would like? Just by looking at me..."
Luke looks her over and she blushes again..."Laura stay calm, don't freak out!...Oh my gawd how can I not...He's
 blatantly checking me out!..."
*Luke* "Mmmm, Just by looks...I'd say pop and maybe some country...You're 
dressed way too cute for grunge..."
Laura makes a face and wrinkles her nose.
*Luke* "That bad huh?...
*Laura* "Best not to judge a book by it's cover...I'd say."
*Luke* "Yeah no, you're right, my bad...So if you're so into grunge maybe you know
 what this tattoo here is referring to..."
Luke lifts his right forearm and points to a tattoo...
In small script writing are the words 
Release Me...
 *Laura smirks* "'That's easy...Pearl Jam's debut album...10, the last song on there is Release...
I love Pearl Jam. I wanted to marry Eddie Vedder when I was a teenager...He was quite
dreamy with that long brown hair..."

Pearl Jam-Release

Laura rolls her eyes and blushes, she's a tad 
embarrassed she admitted to that. Then tilts her 
coffee cup to take a sip.
*Luke laughs and then smirks* "Okay, wow! I was not expecting that...
I guess that's bonus points for me with the hair...huh?"
 *Laura smirks* "Bonus for sure..."
*Luke laughs again* "Shit, every girl wanted him, and I wanted to be like him. I just
didn't expect you to like their music so much..."
*Laura she smiles awkwardly* "Well, I do...
Luke leans back in his chair and stretches running his hands down the length of his long brown hair. He smiles at her...."This is good, so far we get along well. I could listen to him talk for hours...And gawd he's so freakin' gorgeous, he could have any woman he wants how the hell is he single?..." 

*Laura* "So, music is a big part of your life huh?...You sing too?"
*Luke* "Oh, hell yeah...it always has been. My Gram taught me how to play piano, when I was a kid. She'd sing with me as well. She taught me a lot actually...And I wanted a guitar so bad for a long time, so I'd practice without one. My mom would see me sitting there arms stretched out strumming an invisible guitar..."
Luke gestures and Laura giggles...
*Laura* "Awww!..."

*Luke continues* "Yeah!...My mom thought I was just being silly, she'd shake her fuckin' head like gimme a break...I was young. She thought I'd grow out of it, but my Gram knew better.
 She's the one who finally got me a guitar that Christmas..."
*Laura* "Awww, that's so sweet. Your Gram sounds like a wonderful lady."
*Luke* "She was. I miss her a lot. She passed that year after I got the guitar..."
*Laura* "Oh, no...that must have hit you hard, being so young and all."
*Luke* "Yeah it did. She kinda kept me in line. My mom was young when
she had me and so she never really felt like a mother..."
*Laura* "Well I must say your Gram still did a wonderful job, You're living a successful life now."
*Luke laughs n smiles* "Yeah...sorta...well she wouldn't be proud of everything I've done."
*Laura* "Oh I'm sure she would love you no matter what..."
Laura smiles back, his grin is infectious and she has her eyes locked on his lips. She is beginning to really seriously like him, and seeing him
 again would make her very happy...
"I sure hope he wants to go out again..."
*Laura* "Well you're lucky to have had her around at all. I never had that. My dad's parents had already passed by the time I was born, and my mother's parents live in Houston. So we only saw them for Christmas and Thanksgiving usually...So I helped my mom a lot in the kitchen..."
*Luke* "So, is that what prompted you to become a chef?
*Laura* "For the most part, yeah...My mom is a wonderful cook, so she taught me a lot. She definitely helped me appreciate good homemade southern food. And seeing people react to a recipe you just made and worked so hard on....Well it's very rewarding..."
*Luke* "I can imagine...We all need to eat..."
*Laura smiles* "Hmmm, yeah...we do..Or music, which is food for the soul."
Luke smiles and nods. Then there is a flash of awkward silence between the two of them. Laura rakes her fingers again through her hair, "What now she thinks? Is the date over? We can't sip coffee all day..."
*Luke*  "Hey, my business is only a few blocks from here...Would you like
 to come check it out?...If you have time..."
Laura perks up, "He doesn't want this to end either!" 
She chimes in with very happy yes.
*Laura* "Sure, Yes! I would love to..."
*Luke* "Cool, lets get outta here then."
They get up and leave their table, this place will bust the table for you so they immediately head for the front door. Luke comes up on her side quickly his fingers brushing the small of her back. Laura pauses at his touch, feeling a jolt of electricity charge through her. His other hand reaching for the door..."Oh my gawd! I want him to touch me again, that was so unexpected.."
*Luke* "Hang on lemme get that..."
*Laura smiles* "Thank you."
So the two walk and talk as they come up on Luke's record shop.  It's in a up and coming neighborhood one that is being revitalized and worked on; the building has old charm but new construction to it as well. Luke did not tell her he has the store closed on Mondays so he hopes she does not shy away when she notices...
*Luke* "This is it..."
*Laura* "Oh! It's closed?..."
Laura pushes the sunglasses up off her face and Luke 
walks around to the door so he can unlock it. He thinks to himself "Shit, I shoulda warned her now she probably thinks I'm a fuckin' creep."
*Luke* "Yeah..I close on Mondays to catch up on inventory and 
book keeping, shit like that."
 *Laura* "Oh okay..."
*Luke* "We can go somewhere else if you're uncomfortable..."
Laura smiles at him and Luke is relieved. It's been a very, very long time since he has been on a real date. Its been over a year since he left Rufus and broke things off with her. Sure he's had women come and go since moving here but they were not the type he would consider dating.
 *Laura* "No, it's fine...I dunno, I feel safe with you."
 She shrugs her shoulders and smiles up at him again.
Luke feels the connection too, he felt it when he touched her back at the coffee shop. It's that buzzy, jittery jolt of something new and you can feel the other person is on the same wavelength riding it out with you.
*Luke* "Just so you know, I usually don't invite women over like this, I promise..."
 *Laura* "I believe you, now open that door will ya?..." 
Luke gets the door open then heads over to the corner where the alarm panel resides. He quickly disables the alarm, 
while Laura takes in the place.
 *Luke* "Hang on lemme just kill this alarm before we have sirens blaring down on us...
 *Laura* "Oh wow! You have quite a collection..."
*Luke* "I have more inventory coming..."
 Luke turns and leans against the counter and watches her as she takes in the space. Luke definitely knows he wants to see her again 
and he is pretty damn sure she feels the same...
"Damn, she is really cute..."
*Luke* I have been slowly collecting inventory over the years...So my mom is
helping out by shipping items from my storage up in Seattle..."
*Laura* "So how come you didn't just open a store there in Seattle?
Close to home and family?..."
*Luke* "Because I don't get along too well with my Mom, like I told you before
 she was young when she had me...
*Laura* "What about your, Dad? or  siblings?.."
*Luke* "We don't really talk, he left when I was just a baby and I'm an only child."
*Laura* "Oh!..I'm sorry about your Dad..."
*Luke* "It's no big deal, I prefer it that way..."
Laura turns, she has spotted a certain album 
sitting there on the shelf.
 *Laura* "Uh! Look what I found! Pearl Jam's second album!..."
*Luke chuckles a tad* "Yeah you sure did..."
 She smiles at him with the biggest happiest grin on her face and Luke enjoys it. She kept flipping her hair that would fall over her shoulder at the coffee shop. Luke could not take his eyes off her there and he still cannot here and it has intensified more. Here they are all alone no one to interrupt them...
 *Laura* "Hmmm, I don't see their first album..."
She begins to flip through the records there in front of her on the shelf. Luke knows where it is. He reaches down and grabs for it. He listens to it often, still one of his favorite albums ever. It kinda shaped him as young man, influenced him a whole lot...
 *Luke* "That's cuz, I got it over here..."
 He looks up at her and she turns to face him.
*Laura* "Oh!..." 
*Luke* "You wanna listen to it?..."
She smiles at him and answers back.
*Laura* "Sure, I'd love that...Been awhile since I've
listened to that album."
Luke gets to work setting up the record player, while 
Laura continues to look around. He watches her through dark eyelashes, his eyes following up her body as she walks around the shop. Her red hair swaying as she moves..."Shit, I would really love to tug on those long red locks..."
 *Laura* "I love how you've decorated the place it's fun and funky, eclectic....
definitely my style as well."
 *Luke* "Oh....Well, I can't take credit for that too much. Jacob helps me out a lot with that."
 *Laura* "And who's that?..."
 *Luke* "He's my one and only employee at the the moment...
I can't afford to hire anyone else right now."
 *Laura a bit concerned now* "OH no...Is business slow?..."
*Luke* "Uh no, business is good actually....it's just getting the word out and advertising,
trying to bring in new customers. It's all costly so I have to budget closely..."
 *Laura* "I know, my dream is to own my own bakery, cafe one day....So I have been looking into it. You know my Dad has a great financial adviser he might help you if you're interested..."
 *Luke* "Uh, yeah...I think eventually I might need some help..."
Luke could care less what she is saying he just enjoys listening to her, her sweet, soft voice, her green eyes glinting with excitement when she looks over at him and smiles. Luke could do this all damn day... "C'mon Luke! You said you weren't gonna date women, relationships suck!...Why the fuck did I agree to this blind date?! Yeah but look at her, her body is killer...At least ask her out one more time!"
*Laura* "I think it's smart. This place has so much potential I believe you will do well, especially with the surge in popularity to listen to records again...Besides I think you may just have found a new customer too!..."
She tilts her head and shrugs her shoulder, smiling at him with
 an all too infectious, lustful, enticing way about her. Then she turns to look at the records again like she is really shopping for one. Luke continues to battle with himself, he is so drawn to her, physically for sure no doubt he wants her already and it has been a few months since he has been with a woman. The shop has kept him so busy, but still something about her has him hanging on for more...
 *Laura* "Oh that's a good one...and I remember that one, oh man it was popular...
eh...I don't like that band..."
*Luke* "Why not? That's a good album..."
*Laura* "I dunno, I just never got into them...Hmmm...Oh, now this one I like....
that one I never heard of..."
 Luke watches her closely, as she continues to shop and comment on the records. The more he stares the harder it is to look away..."Yeah but shit she's fuckin', smart, confident, sexy and she likes my kinda music...This chick has got me by the balls! Fuck!! What the 
fuck is wrong with me?! Maybe I just need to fuck her and 
get it outta my system. No! what?! No, she's not like that,
no way is she like that!...She's sweet, dammit!"
While Luke is battling with his thoughts Laura continues on...
 *Laura* "Oh, yeah...I remember this one it was so popular...
Oh, this one I can never forget..."
*Luke* "Why's that?..."
*Laura* "Reminds me of someone...Oh wait! this one
takes me back..."
*Luke* "Yeah, me too another fave...Classic."
*Laura* "Definitely....Oh, lost my virginity to this one..."
And there it is! That is what is so damn hot about her. She is like a sweet little red fox with that body, then she just says what's on her mind, she is bold with a sweet aura around it..."Gawddammit. Fuck, now we're talking about sex...shit, shit, shit!..."
*Laura* "Ohmygawd!...You just didn't hear that!..."
Luke chuckles hard and deep, oh he fucking heard it alright! And it just made the space in his tight fitting jeans just a little snugger. In his head Luke is begging for some relief..."Fuuuuck! She's 
fucking with you, Cooper...this chick wants it..."
*Luke smiles* "Well, I guess it's only fair if I share mine now...Trust me, it's
not as exciting as your little confession.."
*Laura* "Ohmygawd, you probably think I am the worst..."
*Luke chuckles again* "No, no fucking way...I like
 your boldness. It's sexy."
Luke sits against the shelf and Laura walks to stand
 closer to him. "I better fucking sit down, not cool
 if I pitch a tent right here right now...Fuck!"

*Laura blushes* "I..I'm usually not like
this with someone I just met, I swear!"
*Luke* "I believe you..."
*Laura* "You do?!..."
*Luke* "Yeah, I do...And talk as much as you want I like listening..."
*Laura* "Hey now, you promised to share your song, don't try to distract me..."
*Luke smirks* "Shit...Didn't work huh?..."
Luke thinks to himself..."No, I'm just trying to distract myself!...Just get it over with Cooper! Then you can change the subject..."
*Luke* "I...uh...Well I skipped school a lot when I was a kid..."
*Laura* "Uh huh...we all did."
*Luke* "No I ditched school often, I'm fucking lucky I graduated...anyways.
Fucking Mr. Rogers neighborhood was playing on the TV in the living room. So that song always reminds me of my first time..."
*Laura* "Nu uh! No way, you're joking..."
*Luke* "No! Fucking serious as a heart attack, Babe...It was Mr.
Rogers neighborhood on the TV!...
Laura giggles so hard, it becomes infectious..and Luke looses up some. "Shit why did I call her Babe?...Way too soon..." Laura touches his shoulder, she cannot stop giggling. But her touch is charging him, he wants to make her laugh again, smile at him, make him feel like he's the only one who can do all those things to her.
*Laura* "I guess it was a beautiful day in your neighborhood that day..."
She chuckles hard again, nearly snorting she is cracking up so hard at her more than corny joke about it all...."Oh man Luke she even laughs fuckin' cute...But damn she has still got me reeling. I want to kiss her, no I need to kiss her, but what if she's not ready for that. 
I just met her a few hours ago...Kissing her will definitely make this hard on not go away!..."
*Luke laughs some* "Yeah I guess so...You're fucking beautiful when you laugh."
Laura drops her hand from his shoulder, taking the charge of electricity with her and walks towards the counter. She blushes hard, very hard. Luke can see her cheeks are very flush "Damn I made her nervous...No don't fucking leave!.."
*Laura* "It's kinda warm today, so hot this summer..."
*Luke* "I can turn the AC up if you want..."
*Laura* "Oh no that's fine..."
Then Luke comes up behind her and she turns to look at him. Their faces only inches apart Luke leans over her..."Just fucking do it already...she wants you to kiss her!..."
*Luke* "I think I know why it's so fucking hot in here..."
*Laura* "Yes, I know..."
That is all Luke needs to know, she feels the exact same way...He pulls her in and crashes his mouth down onto hers. Laura reciprocates 
reaching up to embrace him, kissing him back.
 The two quickly become a tangled mess, both of them have been feeling the tension rise between them for awhile now. Luke grabs her by the waist and hoists her up onto the counter, squeezing his hands tightly around her soft, firm backside...
 Luke runs his hands up her back and twists his fingers into her hair. Finally tasting those sweet lips. She sets a fire down in him and he wants to go farther, his body is already there itching for more..."Shit! but not here! Not now, it's too fucking soon...He can't do that with her like some sleazy slut he picked up at a bar. This chick has more depth she deserves to be wined and dined as they say..."
 Laura pulls away, she touches her face, it's all red and her lips are slightly swollen from their heated little make out session. Luke is now worried that maybe he pushed her just a tad too hard..
*Luke* "Shit, I'm sorry...I'm fucking moving way too fast."

 *Laura* "No, no...it's just...Your beard. I...I'm not used to it..."
Laura smiles again and blushes. Luke smiles too, he is relieved she is not dashing out the door thinking he just wanted one thing from her.
 *Luke* "Oh,...uh yeah...Some women don't like it all..."
*Laura* "Oh!...No..no...I love it...just not used to it...You know I really should be
going though. I've got to be at work very soon..."
Luke thinks..."Damn, I did. I've fucking scared her away...But she seemed so into it..."
Then suddenly, Laura slides her hand up his chest then along his rib cage...
*Laura* "I had a wonderful time..."
*Luke* "Oh yeah?...I wanna see you again..."
*Laura* "I'd love to go out again...Or stay in..."
She smirks, and Luke darkens his gaze..."Oh fuck yeah!..."
Then they collide again. Neither of them want to end whatever this is, this raw physical attraction and the deep connection it feels as if their souls already knew before they did.
Laura breaks away again...
*Laura* "Hey, you wanna have dinner tonight?..."
 *Luke* "But you're working aren't you?..."
*Laura* "Yeah, come by my restaurant later tonight before closing.
I'll make us something..."
She bats her eyes sweetly, while Luke hesitates a bit. He 
would love a home cooked kinda meal.

*Luke* "Uh...."
*Laura* "I'm sure it's been awhile since you've had a decent meal...."
*Luke* "Uh, yeah it has but I don't want you to get in trouble or anything. I mean cooking at work for a date or whatever..."
*Laura* "Oh no, it's fine...Jett doesn't mind at all. Hey, you showed me your passion
 for music. Now let me share my love of cooking with you..."
*Luke* "Fuck it, why not...no reason we can't have our second date tonight...
I wanna see you again."
*Laura smiles* "Perfect..."
Luke scoops her up around the waist and helps her down off the counter. He hates to see her go already, but now it is obvious she is feeling the same. Laura gives him her number and the address for the restaurant...Then he sees her off at the door.
 *Luke* "So 9:30 tonight?..."
*Laura* "Mmmhmm...I know it's late but that way I can
sit and eat with you."
 *Luke* "Yeah, no...that's cool...I don't need to wear no fucking suit jacket or anything, do I?.."
*Laura giggles* "No silly...What you're wearing is fine."
 Then Luke leans in to steal one last kiss from her lips...He wants to be able to hold onto it till he sees her again. How the hell will he make it through dinner, though?! All he wants to do is just be this close to her breath her in some more.
They finally say goodbye and officially bring
 their first date to an end.


Now back to present day and time...Luke and Laura have just finished dinner and decide to take a walk...It's nice out it's still not too cold, Summer is still winding down here in the south. They stop in front of the record shop. Laura wants to go and Luke of 
course cannot say no to her.
*Luke* "You're sure we got time for this?..."
*Laura* "Yes, Baby...I told Kenzie to expect us back
pretty late...We're fine. You have your phone turned on right?"
*Luke* "Of course..."
*Laura* "Good...Now open up that door..."
They get settled in and Luke puts a record on...He skips 
right to the last song on the album...

Nirvana-Something in the Way

Luke pulls her in moves with her to the music...
And just like all those years ago, all he wants is to be close to her, breathe her in, spend every waking moment making her the happiest woman on earth cause she chose him to spend the rest of life with...

The End!

I thoroughly enjoyed writing, photographing, and building dioramas for this one, haha! It brought me back so much as to why I fell so hard, so fast for these two. They remind everyday why I enjoy this hobby so much and how they fuel my creative passion to create their little world.

And as always thanks so much for tuning in, reading, commenting and just enjoying them as well. Next few weeks there will not be any episodes...I need a break! 
And I plan to work on some items for my Etsy shop and get the pumpkin patch ready as well. 
Don't y'all worry I have not forgot about Shaun and Amari...😉