Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Tell Me Lies

Just to make clear on timeline we are in the month of March. It has been a year since Luke and Peter stopped talking to each other and it has only been several days since Luke was given the threat to pay up or give up his business. The birthday bash I did for Luke on Instagram does not fall into this timeline. It was just for fun for everyone to enjoy! 🤗
It's early morning on Wednesday. Yesterday Laura got busy working on hiring "Bobby" or shall we say Baz at Luke's request. He called her on Monday afternoon and Laura did a phone interview with him. After speaking to him and getting his information Laura put a rush on things yesterday hoping that an extra pair of hands in the shop will help calm Luke's nerves. 
As Laura is deep in thought brushing her teeth and using the bathroom facilities. A shrill squeal of a cry comes barreling down the hallway. It's Finn's voice crying out for Mama. Laura sighs...if only she could have a moment of peace for at least 20 mins this morning before her day gets started. It does not seem like it will be one of those days.
Laura leans forward to see Luke is still sacked out asleep in bed. He needs to get up anyways since he has the new hire coming in today. 
Phineas all th while is still crying for his Mama.
*Laura* "Luke!!!..."
Luke stirs in the bed hardly registering in his mind that 
Phineas is crying and Laura is calling him.
*Luke* "hmmm..."
Laura tries one more time 
to get his attention. 
*Laura* "Luke, please wake up! I need you
 to go check on Finn!..."
Luke's eyes flutter awake as he now 
realizes he hears someone crying.
*Luke* "Ugh...."
Phineas cries again and Luke pops
 up moaning and cursing.
*Luke* "Ah...What the fuck?!..."
He squints and blinks as his eyes adjust to the morning sunlight. He calls out for Laura not realizing she is in the bathroom and 
not beside him in the bed.
*Luke* "Laura?!...Finn is fucking crying..."
Laura immediately gets irritated as well, that Luke
 won't just get up and go check on Finn.
*Laura* "I'm over here, in the bathroom! Now can you 
please go see what is going on?"
Luke grumbles and sighs and Laura picks up on the
 grouchy undertone. It is going to be one of those
 days and Luke's mood does not seem any better.
*Luke* "Fuck....Fine I'll go..."
Luke gets up and begins to walk to the door stopping 
by the bathroom before he goes down the hall.
*Luke* "Did you put a pull-up on him last night, like I told you?..."
*Laura* "No, I didn't. I need him to get used to real underwear..."
Luke rolls his eyes and walks towards the bedroom door. Laura speaks as he walks off, hoping he heard her. Potty training Finn has been a challenge and dealing with a soaking wet toddler at six in the morning is not what Luke wants to deal with right now.
*Laura* "I'll be done in a minute, okay?...."
Luke pads off down the hallway and
 enters into Finn's room.
*Luke* "What's all the fuss about?..."
*Phineas sobbing* "I peed!..."
Rubbing his face and trying to move but not liking the feeling 
of waking up in a wet bed and wet pajamas 
Phineas asks for mom again.
*Phineas* "Mama?..."
*Luke* "Follow me...and we'll go find her."
Phineas begins to fuss again. Scrunching his face up like he
 is gonna cry again. He is really fighting mom and dad on
 this whole potty training business.
*Luke*  "Phineas you can move. You're not stuck to the bed
 because you peed in it, now come let's go get Mommy..."
Phineas does as dad says. The boys tend to listen to him more 
when he gets firm with them. Luke walks off down the hallway back
 to his room with Phineas trailing behind him. 
*Luke* "He pissed in the bed. He's soaked and so are the sheets...Can you 
please just leave the fucking pullups on him for now?..."
*Laura* "I'll think about it..."
*Luke* "Just do it. I don't want to be waking up in the middle of
 the night because this shit can avoided."
In the midst of their quarreling, Phineas 
cries out for Laura.
*Phineas* "Mama...."
*Laura* "It was hardly the middle of the night..."
*Luke* "What the fuck ever, I'm gonna go make coffee."
Luke takes off to make coffee while Laura turns her attention to Phineas. It is definitely going to be one of those days. She was hoping to go visit Willow since she's been home resting after her surgery. Plans may change though if her morning does not go smooth.
*Laura* "What's wrong, sweetie?..."
*Phineas* "Mama I peed...."
*Laura* "I know. It's okay but you have to remember that you can't wear
 the pullups all the time. You have to use the potty."
*Phineas* "Nooooo!.....I don't like potty."
Laura does her best to convince a grouchy two year
 old that ditching the pullups for underwear 
is a much better option. 
*Laura* "But the potty is so much better! How about today you wear your new
 underwear to school and tonight I will let you wear
 the pullup for bedtime, okay?..."
*Phineas* "No!..."
*Laura* "This is not up for negotiation. You are going to preschool today with you undies. You will see it is much faster and much better so you can get back to playing again with your friends."
Phineas grumbles. He is not liking mom's idea at all. Great 
now two grouchy guys to deal with this morning...

A little later that same morning, Laura is back at home after dropping both boys off at preschool for the day. She still has plans to go see Willow and check up on her but before she does that she is waiting on a customer to pick up a catering order. While she waits Laura decides to head upstairs to get ready when suddenly the doorbell rings. She stops and turns heading back down to go answer the door.
Upon opening the door she comes face to face with a man on the other side. Probably 9 times out of 10 her catering customers are women but today is an exception. His frame is tall and slender but not too slender. Nice broad shoulders balance it all out and he looks extremely handsome
 today in his casual work attire.
*Laura* "Hey, good moring..."
*Chad* "Morning to you too, Darlin'...."
*Laura* "Well, come on in...I have everything ready."

Laura opens the door wider so that 
Chad can step inside.
*Laura* "I just took the pie out of the oven a few minutes ago, everything
 is ready. It's back here in the kitchen."
Laura gestures to where the kitchen is as if Chad cannot see it from where he is standing. She closes the front door and begins to pad off in her bare feet down the narrow path to the kitchen that is the in the back of the house. Chad cannot help but watch her for a moment as she sways her hips while she walks, taking in all her new curves. Naturally Laura was a little skinnier when they were dating but now those curves have filled
 out into all the right places. Turning her into a woman and
 not the young adult she was back in college.
*Laura* "The veggie plate is ready, just give me a 
moment to cover the pie for you."
Chad stops and looks down at the series of photos that 
are on display on the console table that sits behind the sofa. 
He has been curious to see what this husband of hers looks like. 
*Chad* "I take it these are your wedding photos?..."
*Laura* "Oh, um yes...they are. We had a small wedding in the fall."
Chad remembers how much Laura wanted a, big fancy wedding, but this one is quite the opposite. He notices too she is holding a baby in one picture. So that explains the rush on marriage in his mind. Krystal must have insisted her daughter no longer shack up with this guy.
*Chad mumbling under his breath* "Hot damn, darlin..."
*Laura* "What was that?..."
Laura has her back turned so she did not quite hear what
 Chad had said. She turns to face the kitchen island and Chad is
 standing there observing the veggie tray.
*Laura* "I'm sorry what did you say?..."
*Chad* "Oh, it's nothing I was just admiring you attention
 to detail. This looks delicious."
Laura does her best to treat this transaction as she would any other customer and not get caught up in conversation with Chad. Plus she still wants to get to Peter's apartment as soon as she can
 have plenty of time to catch up with Willow.
*Laura* "If you want to go ahead and take that out to your car. I'll just quickly
 cover this and follow you out there."
*Chad* "You're the boss, Darlin'..."
Chad and Laura both smile at each other. A phrase Chad
 would often say to her years ago. A moment later Chad meets Laura at the front door for the pie. He reaches to take it from her as he talks.
*Chad* "Thanks so much for doing this so last minute, Darlin..."
*Laura* "Sure, it's no problem really. Small orders like this I can easily do last minute.
 I hope everyone enjoys it."
*Chad* "I'm sure we will. I'll pass on your info around at work." 
*Laura* "That would be great, thanks!..."
Laura exchanges the pie for some cash that Chad 
owes her for her hard work. Then before Laura can refute Chad
 steps in to hug her. He selfishly wants to feel her 
against him and breath in her sweet scent. 
*Chad* "Thanks again. Darlin..."
*Laura* "You're welcome, Chad anytime..."
He steals a quick kiss and lands it on her temple the urge to go 
farther to take her lips to his is tempting him. As the two are
 in an embrace the loud rumble of a motorcycle engine can be heard,
 and then it stops abruptly in front of the house.
As soon as Laura realizes it is Luke's bike making that rumbling sound, she breaks the hug with chad and he steps back to look in the direction that Laura is looking. Luke should be at work getting ready 
to welcome the new guy. Why is here? Luke swings his leg over the bike and strides over to the porch. Laura can tell he looks mad, 
even through those dark shades that hide his eyes.
*Laura* "Luke, wha...what are you doing here?..."
*Luke* "What the fuck is this?..."
In his haste to get out early this morning and beat traffic Luke decided to take his bike instead of the Jeep. Problem is he also forgot some important papers for Bobby to fill out and Luke rushed back as 
soon as he had realized he forgot them.
*Laura* "This is Chad. He just came to pick up his catering order..."
Chad stands stoic as he watches Luke come up to the small porch 
and stand to face him toe to toe. The two men are nearly the same height, with Chad maybe beating Luke by an inch. Luke looks tense and angry and Laura tries her best to keep him calm. Laura may not want to be rude to Chad, but Luke has no qualms about it. 
He calls him out instantly on why he is so touchy feely with his wife.
*Luke* "You looking to get fucked up, man?...Should keep you fucking hands to yourself."
*Laura* "Chad is just an old friend. It's nothing what you're thinking."
Laura presses a hand into looks abdomen, hoping that he keeps his cool.  Luke has been so stressed these past few days and weeks
 that he could possibly snap over any little thing. 
*Chad* "I ain't looking for anything. Just came to pick up my catering order."
*Luke* "Right...Don't fucking touch my wife again."
*Laura* "It's just a harmless hug, that's all..."
Luke stares him down and contemplates beating the shit outta this guy for laying his hands on Laura. Luckily for Chad Luke did not see him kiss her on the temple. Chad steps down and begins to walk away. He thanks Laura again for her hospitality and tries to walk away in silent defeat.
*Chad* "Thank you again, Laura. You saved my hide agreeing to make these."
*Laura* "Not a problem, Chad...Anytime."
Laura immediately regrets that last word. Chad tries to
 nonchalantly smile in response but Luke loses it
 and curses him out one last time.
*Luke* "Dude, get the fuck outta here!..."
*Laura* "Luke, just stop it."
Luke stops just like she asks then turns and steps into the house. 
He knows he needs to calm down. He is way more angry 
about this hug than he probably should be and beating Chad to
 a pulp will not fix all his problems.
*Laura* "I'm sorry he has no filter sometimes when is comes
 to others and their southern manners."
Chad smiles and nods and then walks away not really believing Laura's excuse for her husband's behavior. Luke knew what Chad was after. Laura steps back into the house and closes the door behind her. Luke is standing
 there in the living room, anger still rolling off of him.
*Luke* "What the fuck was that, Laura?..."
*Laura* "It was you overreacting and making a scene, that's what!..."
Luke does not buy it. He saw how quickly Laura jumped
 as soon as he pulled up on his bike. 
*Luke* "Bullshit! He was trying to make a move on you, babe!...
Who the fuck is this guy? How can you not see he was all over you?!"
Laura waves him off and walks off towards the kitchen, setting the money down on the table. She was going to put it away in her puse but Luke has her distracted with his comment about Chad. 
Luke follows her into the kitchen demanding she answer him.
*Luke* "Laura, fucking answer me...."
*Laura* "Chad is my ex-boyfriend from college. We ran into each other the other day.
 I told him about my catering business."
Laura omits the part about actually running into him. Well backing into him and then having coffee. If he wants to have his secrets so can she. Laura doesn't turn around completely to look at him. Instead she goes to tidy up the kitchen so she can leave to go see Willow. Jealousy boils over in Luke. Laura has never really ever given him a reason to feel these feelings before. She always only had her attention on him.
*Luke* "What day? You never told me any of this?!.."
*Laura* "Oh I dunno, maybe it's because you're never home?..Does it really
 matter? He was just here to pick up his order."
*Luke* "Yeah it fucking matters!...The guy was fucking creeping
 all over you."
Laura rolls her eyes then walks around the island
 to put away the small cutting board.
*Laura* "You're being paranoid...Chad is just being a gentleman."
*Luke* "I'm a man Laura. I know what's going through his mind. Gentleman 
or not the fucker wanted in your pants, babe."
Laura stops and finally looks at him. Her hand on her hip.
 She is so tired of bickering with him almost every single day. 
They are at odds more now than they have ever been before
 in their entire relationship.
*Laura* "Oh, so it's okay for you to be jealous but not for me?!..."
*Luke* "That's not what I'm fucking saying..."
*Laura* "That's exactly what you're saying! You spend nearly an entire day catching
 up with one of your ex-girlfriends and fail to say a word to me.
Then expect me to act like it's nothing. Now who's the one who's spewing bullshit!.."
Then she turns to put away the box of foil into the 
kitchen drawer. Luke rubs his forehead as he
 tries to gather his thoughts. 
*Luke* "Fucking hell!...So what the fuck is this then? 
You trying to just piss me off or what? Because it's fucking working..."
*Laura* "You're the one who won't talk to me, you're the one who keeps shutting me out...I'm just trying to have a conversation that doesn't turn into this!"
*Luke* "You're fucking right I 'm mad. He was clearly trying to get laid, babe."
Laura turns and grabs the carton of creamer that is behind 
Luke on the counter opposite the kitchen island. She then walks back
 past him to go put it away in the fridge. Luke turns to follow.
*Laura* "So what! It's not like I had plans to have sex with the man."
*Luke* "I don't fucking know that...."
*Laura* "I'm not interested in Chad. If I was we wouldn't be married!
 You don't get to accuse me of cheating."
*Luke* " The fuck? Yeah I do! You fucking do it to me all the damn time. 
You're the only woman I want, Laura."
*Laura* "You're the only man I want, but it's hard for me lately. 
You hardly touch me or kiss me at all anymore."
Laura puts the creamer away and when she turns Luke is right behind her. His arm slides up behind her closing the fridge door and pinning her against it. The look in his eyes has changed and when their eyes meet, Laura instantly feels that magnetic pull. The same one she
 has felt since the first day she met him. Luke's gaze darkens
 on her and it sends a jolt through her body.
*Laura* "What are you doing?..."
*Luke* "What do you want me to do, babe?"
Laura's eyes drop to his mouth as she speaks,
 then back up to meet his eyes. Right now she would love nothing more than for him to throw her over his shoulder take her upstairs and ravage her till she can't handle anymore, make her feel like she is the only woman that is ever on his mind but they do not really have time for that. Life and responsibilities now days take precedence over their love life. 
*Laura* "I want you to touch me...."
The two can no longer ignore what that magnetic pull is doing to them and Luke swiftly lands his lips down onto hers, 
as Laura reaches up and wraps her arms around him. She instantly twists her fingers into his hair loving the feel of him and the sensation of his mouth on hers as his coarse beard rubs against her soft skin. 
Soaking up all of his rugged sexiness, that is 
something Chad could never give her.
It's been weeks, possibly months since the two 
have shared such a deep passionate kiss. Luke spins her 
around now pinning her to the kitchen island, as their
 mouths continue to devour one another with a desperate, fervent passion. It's obvious Luke wants to go a lot farther than just locking lips.
It would seem that seeing Laura with another man finally got Luke's attention. Then finding out it was her ex from college gave him even more reason to be jealous. Right now his only need is for her to forget all about this Chad fella and to make sure that only his name falls from her lips. It's been too many months since Luke has touched her and suddenly
 now he cannot wait any longer. Luke breaks their kiss to look down at Laura making sure she wants this just as bad as he does.
*Laura* "Don't stop..."
Luke grabs her by the waist and hoists her up onto the kitchen island. Laura grabs him around the neck again and pulls his mouth back to hers as the two continue to kiss each other into a heated frenzy. At this point they are done talking time to let their bodies do it for them.
A few short minutes later....
 Luke lifts his head to meet her lips with his returning the sweet gesture.  The look on his face is no longer angry or upset but 
that of sated, sexual satisfaction.
*Luke* "It's only ever you, baby...No one ever fucking, fucks my shit up like you do."
*Laura smiles sheepishly and shakes her head* "Oh, Luke..."
*Luke* "I'm serious, babe..."
*Laura* "I know, but does this mean you're gonna stop shutting me 
out and finally talk to me? We need to talk Luke..."
Luke pulls away breaking the connection their bodies were still holding. Here we go again, time to come back down to reality. Pulling his pants up and zipping himself back into his blue jeans Luke begins to talk.
 Laura does the same as she pushes her dress back down over her knees.
*Luke sighs* "Isn't that what we're doing right now?..."
*Laura* "Making love to me is hardly talking."
*Luke* "It's getting late, right now....I need to get back to the shop by 10am to open up."
Laura hops up off the kitchen island as Luke continues to
 adjust himself comfortably back into his blue jeans. They do need 
to sit down and have a serious talk,
 having sex will not solve everything even though this seemed to have helped in breaking some of the tension between them. 
*Laura* "I know, but what about tonight? You should be home 
on time right? Especially now with the new employee..."
Luke turns to go wash his hands as he contemplates how to answer Laura back. Laura meanwhile realizes she is gonna need to scrub the heck outta her kitchen island and make sure it's clean. Her hand immediately flies up to touch her face as she gasps.
*Luke* "I'll do my best to make it home on time, okay?"
Luke's phone suddenly goes off with a series of beeps as his phone lights up and vibrates from some incoming text messages. While in the midst of of their love making Luke had set his phone down on the surface next to them. Laura grabs at his phone as soon as she 
sees who the messages are from.
Luke instantly knows this cannot be good. Laura scoops up
 his phone and enters the code to unlock it and he instantly regrets not changing his passcode lately. Luke tosses the hand towel down and follows Laura, demanding she hand him back his phone. But Laura is too busy as she is lost in thought while she reads the messages.
*Luke* "Laura, gimme the phone...It's not what you think."
Laura stops and turns around, her green eyes 
nearly blazing like a hot flame. The anger and disappointment
 is clear as day all over her face. The tone in the
 room has now has instantly flipped.
*Laura* "You lied to me! Over and over again I asked
 you if you had heard from Rufus...Are you having some kind of affair with her?!"
Luke knows he is definitely not having an affair with Rufus, but 
whatever Rufus typed in that message surely has 
Laura jumping to conclusions. Luke demands she hand over his phone again and Laura's temper just rockets up another notch.
*Luke* "Don't be fucking ridiculous! You're gonna believe that crazy ass woman over me?! 
C'mon now give me my fucking phone, Laura!"
She jerks her arm back as he tries to reach for the cell phone. Laura demands he answer now. She feels like a fool letting him make love to her when all the while this was going on behind her back.
*Laura* "No! Not until you answer me!...You've obviously been texting her for a reason. You
 promised to tell me everything and again as usual you lie about her!"
Luke drops his hand and takes a deep breath. He does not
 know what to say because he is torn on whether to
 tell her the whole truth or not. The truth as to why Rufus wants Ruby protected and the truth about Rufus and his dad owing money to a mob boss. Things could probably easily de-escalate if he 
would just come clean about everything.
*Luke* "There is nothing going on between me and Rufus! Stop being
 so fucking paranoid. You know I hate that shit..." 
*Laura* "I have every right to be right now, Besides...How do I know you're even
 telling me the truth the first time?!"
*Luke* "Ah, fuck me, c'mon! Give me the gawddamn phone!!!"
*Laura* "Tell me the truth right now, Luke all of it or we're done! I'm done 
with all these lies that keep coming out of your mouth!...I know you're hiding something."
That last sentence comes out pained and much louder as she yells at him her final demands. The anger in her boils over after all these months of living with worry over Rufus. As Laura begins to breakdown in tears, Luke takes the opportunity to grab his phone from her grasp. He is mad as well
 and tired of always being accused of cheating...
*Luke* "You fucking sure you want to demand an ultimatum like that?..."
*Laura* "Luke....I...I need to know. I can't do this anymore."
*Luke* "Neither can I...Maybe you should go find Chad
 and pick up where you two left off..."
*Laura* " was nothing like that..."
*Luke* "uh...huh...Right."
 Silence fills the room for a moment as they both
 wait to see if the other has anymore more to say. Luke is hoping for now she'll let it go, but the fire in her eyes is still there
 and he won't back down either.
*Luke* " You know what, looks like that fucking prenup actually was necessary after all..."
Then Luke takes a step back, turns and begins to walk away. Right now so much is at stake, and losing his business to this mob of gangsters is top on his list. As much as he wants to tell Laura everything his anger and 
pride get the best of him. Right now he just wants to be alone
 with his thoughts and try to get through his day.
*Laura* "Luke, no...."
*Luke* "I've got to get to work. I don't have time for these fucking games."
*Laura* "This is not a game Luke, this is our marriage on the line."
Luke does not reply back to her as he walks through the house back to the front door. He only came here to grab the paperwork he left here 
for the new hire never expecting for things to go down like this.
 He slips his shades over his eyes and walks out the door 
Laura following right behind him.
*Laura* "Luke?!...Say something! Anything!"
His name rolls off her lips in desperation and with a bit of anger as well. Luke turns his head slightly to see Laura is standing there in the doorway but his feet keep moving. He does not stop to turn around completely.
*Laura* "Don't bother coming home then. If you walk
 away now then we are through!"
Luke swings his leg over his bike as Laura speaks. When he does not respond Laura slams the door shut behind her. Luke turns to look and can see she is standing there leaning against the door. 
He kickstarts the bike then throttles the engine and takes
 off, knowing he just fucked up everything good in his life. Again as usual Luke lets all those feelings of anger and frustration bottle up inside of him and when they finally all come out they
 explode leaving only destruction in their wake.
The rumble of Luke's bike can be heard as it takes off down the street. The sound of it fading as he gets farther and farther away. Laura finally breaks down completely knowing neither one of them have handled things well lately. She knows Luke is hiding something but he refuses 
to let her in and she cannot handle it any longer. 
Laura stops her sobbing just enough to notice a humming sound coming from the coat rack near the front door. It's coming from her bag. Her phone vibrates down in the bag like it has a pulse. She left it there earlier after she sent the boys off to preschool. 
Thinking it could be Luke she quickly goes for it before the pulsing vibration dies out.
She answers the incoming call not even bothering 
to check the caller ID on the screen.
*Laura* "Luke?..."
*Willow* "No....It's Willow. I was checking to see if you're on your way..."
*Laura* "Oh....Ummm...I dunno....I..something came up..." 
Sensing the pain in her voice, it is 
obvious something is very wrong.
*Willow* "Laura what is going on? Is everything okay?"
Laura walks over to sit down on the couch. Her body feels like
 it just ran a marathon then suddenly hit a wall leaving her senseless. Things seemed so promising only moments ago. Now it looks 
worse than she could ever imagine.
*Laura's voice cracks* "No, It's bad...I think...I think things 
might be over between me and Luke."
Willow nearly yells in response to Laura's comment. Waving her
 hand back in forth in disagreement. Her and Luke cannot 
be finished, they love each other so much.
*Willow* "What?! Over? No, no honey....I'm sure you two can work it out."
Laura shakes her head in opposition. Luke stormed out of 
here so fast it was like he could not get
 away from her fast enough. When only moments before that he made her feel like everything was gonna be fine.
*Laura sobbing* "No, it's different this time...he refuses to let me in. I think Rufus is coming betweens us again. I don't know what to do anymore. I can't be married to man who 
keeps lying to me to save his hide."
*Willow* "I'm sure he just needs time to cool off. He loves you. I have seen the way he looks at you."
*Laura* "It doesn't matter if he loves me. If he keeps lying to me,  I can't keep doing this."
*Willow* "Honey, men are fools. I'm sure Luke will come to his senses soon."
*Laura* "The problem is he is so angry, Willow. I don't know where it's coming from."
Willow stands up Laura needs her and she needs to get 
over there to comfort her and help her figure this out.
*Willow* "I'm coming over, you shouldn't be alone right now."
*Laura* "No, you need to rest. I should be coming to comfort you right now."
Peter tips his chin at her in a questioning manner, 
curious now as to what is going on. He just woke up only a few minutes ago, since he works late nights as a manager of a nightclub.
*Willow* "I'm fine. I'll have Peter drive me. We can be there in about 30 minutes. Okay?"
*Laura nods as she responds* "Yeah, okay..."
*Willow* "I'll see you soon, honey we'll figure this out..."
*Laura* "Okay, see you soon."
Willow hangs up the call and Peter immediately 
wants to know what all the fuss is about.
*Peter* "What happened?...I thought Laura was coming over here?"
Willow cups her hand around her mouth. She has been extra sensitive these past few days after dealing with her ectopic pregnancy and all the emotions that have come with it. Peter has done his best to try
 and make her feel comfortable and let her know that it was 
not her fault. But Willow still feels like she failed somehow.
*Willow* "It' bad Peter...Laura thinks Luke is cheating. He won't 
admit to it but Laura found text messages from Rufus."
*Peter* "C'mere...I'm sure they'll figure it out. Luke would be a fucking 
fool to get involved with Rufus again..She's a total psycho."
*Willow* "I know but Laura seems so sure of it."
*Peter* "Lemme get dressed and we will go."
*Willow* "Okay..."

To be continued...

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