How to Make a Lamp...

How to make a lamp for your fashion dolls.

 Items needed:
I found that the push pop ice cream treats make perfect lamps. Once your done eating the treat. I rinse the plastic push pop. I also rinse the cardboard cylinder. Allow them to fully dry before you build your lamp.

You will also need
scrapbook paper or card stock
wooden beads that will fit on the small plastic stick
glue stick
plastic bottle caps
and a hot glue gun

Step 1

 While the hot glue gun is heating up. This is a good time to choose your beads and how you want it. This is a how the base will look once I glue it all together.

Step 2

 First of choose your base (I chose a plastic bottle cap off of a Powerade drink) Then glue one bead down and center it.

 Step 3

 Next drop some more hot glue down inside the bead and then place the plastic stick and hold straight till glue sets.

Step 4

 Now you just need to glue and stack your beads one at a time till you finish your desired look.

Step 5

I carefully run a line of glue on the previously laid bead then slide a new bead down and press and turn until the beads are glued to each other.
 Now you can set aside the base and allow the glue to completely cool. Don't forget to turn off your glue gun. You will not be needing it anymore.

Step 6

 Now it is time to make the shade for your lamp. The tube as it sits right now is too long cutting it in half will give you 2 shades. You can easily swap these so you have to different shades for your lamp.

You can either cut with a scissor which may not give you a perfect edge or use a blade(if you are a minor ask an adult to do it for you).

 Step 7

 Now slide the push pop piece back into the tube that is now cut in half. I placed mine in the middle.

Step 8

 Measure your tube and mark on the paper you have chosen to cover the lamp shade with. I have a scrapbook paper trimmer which comes in really handy for cutting long strips of paper. Or you can carefully cut by hand on the line you have marked.

Step 9

 Now with the strip of paper and a glue stick your ready to 
cover the tube.

Step 10

 Apply a very generous amount of glue and work fast because the glue will dry quickly. Then begin to wrap the paper around the tube.  You will have excess paper once you gone around the tube don't cut the paper continue to wrap it around.

Step 11

 Don't cut the excess continue to wrap around apply more glue to the paper and press. Once the paper is completely glued down you are ready to add the shade to your base!

Step 12

Your lamp should look something like this once you are done :)
My kids followed along with me and each made their own lamp too....


  1. In the story when the baby comes the lamp was light how did you do that?