Sunday, January 29, 2017

Let's Catch Up!

I had huge plans to post a third episode of the Pumpkin Patch but life and personal things happened. So in short it didn't leave me much time for the dolls. If you'd like to catch up on that last Pumpkin Patch episode. Then click here...
 Michelle and Benjamin were 
late to the pumpkin patch because well ya know these 
two can't keep their hands off each other... 😏
 Michelle moans softly, and closes her eyes. Benjamin looks 
down at her and smiles...
*Benjamin* "You like that?..."
*Michelle* "Mmmmm....Yes!."
if you care to see more...Tumblr has a few more

OneSixthAvenue: After Dark

After realizing how late it is, Michelle reaches for her phone. Everyone must be waiting on them, she needs to call and let 
them know that they are running late.
She grabs it and dials the number to her parents house, after several rings her father comes on the line answering the call.
 *Michelle* "Good morning, Dad!..."
*Michelle* "We're running late this morning....So y'all don't wait up.....
We'll meet ya at the pumpkin patch. Oh!...and Benjamin want's to
bring Madison and Mason with us....Okay, Daddy...Bye!"
Benjamin has just got out of the shower, while Michelle hangs
 up the phone. He walks over to the end of the bed.
*Benjamin* "You gonna shower?..."
*Michelle* "Of course...."
*Benjamin* "Don't take too long then..."
*Michelle smiles* "Is that right?...As I recall you're the one who made us late this morning..."
*Benjamin* "And as I recall you loved every minute of it..."
  Scott explains to them that Michelle and Benjamin are running late. So the five of them head off to the pumpkin patch....
So Michelle and Ben eventually make their way to the pumpkin patch
with Benjamin's much younger half siblings Madison and Mason. After a very successful opening day at the pumpkin patch. Everyone is tired and ready to call it a day... But their day got a lot longer after Cassie went into labor that same evening.
*Cassie* "Bree...Call your water just broke!..."
*Brianna* "Holy Toledo!.."
Everyone converges and makes a quick plan. Brianna is still in a bit of shock, she's young and cannot believe she will be a aunt so very soon.
 *Brianna* "She's really in labor ain't she?..."
*Josh* "Yes, Bree....Now close up your till so we can git on..."
Brianna does just that, making sure the money
 is not left in the register.
 *Justin* "Darlin' I pull the truck around..."
*Marilyn* "Okay, I'll fetch Bree's hospital bag."
 The whole family hops into the truck and heads to the hospital, 
after being up all night and completely exhausted. 
Cassie finally gives birth to a little baby girl.
 *Joshua* "She's beautiful, Darlin'...Absolutely beautiful."
 *Cassie* "I can't believe she's finally here, Josh...She is perfect. Look at her tiny toes! 
Oh! And her small button nose..."
  *Joshua* "She's is perfect, just like her mama..."
*Cassie* "Oh, Josh...I think she looks more like you...Ella Grace Trudeau,
you are precious."
Shortly after the nurse finishes cleaning up. 
The rest of the Trudeau family comes in to see the 
new addition to the family.
*Brianna* "So did y'all settle on a name?..."
*Cassie* "Yes, Ella Grace..."
*Brianna* "Why hello there! Miss Ella Grace...I like it! Has
 a nice ring to it."
*Marilyn tearing up* "Oh she is just the sweetest thing...Ella Grace,
you're gonna have your Daddy and your
 Grandpa wrapped around your little finger I just know it!"
*James* "I'ma  real proud of you, son. You're gonna be a great father...I know
 I was hard on ya at first but seeing her sweet lil' face an I ah know you're
 gonna do just fine."
*Josh smiles* "Thank Dad..."


About a month later closer to Thanksgiving people are grabbing last minute things for their meals and get together's. Peter plans to spend it alone in is apartment, so he's grabbing a few "Essentials" 
to get him through.
 Peter looks down at the shelf in front of him, the last few times he hooked up with Shelby-Lynn, he wasn't prepared. The next time she shows up in the middle of the night for a booty call, he'll be prepared. Being across the hall neighbors makes it quite easy for her to sneak out and into his apartment whenever she feels like it...
And every time afterward Peter regrets it but that girl is a fucking freak and he does like it...better safe than sorry, Pete....he thinks to himself and grabs a box of condoms. Next time he hooks up with Shelby-Lynn he will be in control. He places them in is basket and looks up. A woman in the next isle is all too familiar, but what is she doing on this side of town?...
He watches her while she selects a carton of eggs. Damn! He misses her, he royally fucked up when he let her walk out of his life. Then his mind drifts back to Halloween night, and he wonders if she's still with Nathan. She must be at her Mom's place if she's on this side of town. Then he decides to speak up, he can't let her walk out 
of here without saying hello
*Peter* "Willow?..."


Then Peter gets a quick flash of memory, of when they celebrated their one year anniversary together at Bull Tavern, just a quiet little dinner, then they went back to Peter's place for the night.

 *Peter* "Kinda hard to believe it's been a whole year, huh?"
*Willow* "I were like a lost little puppy there in the grocery store,
so cute and adorable, I just had to take you home with me."
 *Peter leans in closer* "Adorable? I don't think anyone has ever described me that way..."
 *Willow pulls him in for a kiss* "Oh yes you're very adorable, especially
when you look at me that way."

Back to reality....


 She turns to face him, placing the eggs in her hand basket.
 And he's still looking at her that same way,  and it sends a rush of heat through her body to see him standing there. Especially after the way things were left hanging between each other Halloween night.
*Willow* "Peter!....Hey...How are you?"
*Peter* "I'm uh....good...You?."
But he'd feel even better if she would take him back...He was so close to making a connection with her on Halloween. Peter never much believed in fate before but he feels like Willow really may be worth fighting for...Maybe...
*Willow* "I'm okay....spending the weekend with my Mom..."
*Peter* "And Nathan?..." 
Willow fidgets and hesitates to answer his question. Part of her wants to let Peter have his way with her, but the logical part is screaming "No way! Are you fucking crazy?! Don't give him anything, the bastard doesn't deserve you!"

*Willow* "Oh, he's spending Thanksgiving with his folks..."
*Peter* "Did you two break up?..."
*Willow* "Ummm, no! No we didn't...I just needed to spend the weekend with my Mom.
She fidgets again then smiles at Peter.
*Willow* "Ya's a tradition with me and her...Remember?"
*Peter* "Ah yes I remember, that's how we met here in the supermarket the first time...
Cause you were staying at your Mom's..."
Peter smiles and Willow can see he is also remembering how they first met, here in this same little supermarket over 2 years ago. A year ago she would have told anyone that Peter is the love of her life and she's ready to spend her life with him. Now she looks at him and feels so betrayed, betrayed by him, betrayed by her emotions for him, and betrayed the fact that no other man has come so close to intertwining with the deepest parts of her soul...
*Willow clears her throat it's getting dry* "Uh, yeah! That's right...kinda hard
 to forget that day..."
And the second that last line is spoken she regrets it, here she is trying to not give him any ammunition to use and she admits she can never forget the day they first met. When everything was new they were first getting to know each other, and the high they were both on every time they connected, emotionally and physically.
*Peter* "Yeah, it was pretty epic...

*Willow* "Yeah...listen I gotta go, it was great seeing you Peter. I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving..."
She notices the box of condoms in his basket, 
and leans in to speak.
*Willow* "And tell Hannah I said, Hi!..."
Then she walks! Seeing Peter again has left her an emotional wreck. Well even more, she lied to him when she said things were good between her and Nathan. Things have not been good, not at all, it's slowly falling apart for them.

 Just like it did the first time. Willow cannot help but punish herself, she thinks she is cursed just like her mother, doomed to never find love and happiness. She was so close when she had it with Peter. She regrets how, she handled things, maybe he would not have cheated had she not ignored his calls.
Peter watches her walk away and swallows hard. He hasn't seen Hannah since Halloween but hearing her say her name takes him back to that day she caught him in bed with Hannah. He regrets how he handled the situation. 

He knew what he was doing then, but now he regrets it, really regrets it. Willow never deserved to be treated that way. All he had to do was say he loved her, things would be a lot different, follow her tell her you're sorry again?! 

No that's just dumb and desperate. Peter is exhausted, been working very long hours at the Night Club, New Years is quickly approaching and it is a busy time of year for him, Nikki relies on him to get it all prepared. He needs to get a better lock on his door, no way is he in the mood for a surprise visit from Shelby-Lynn tonight...


It's a chilly December evening, and Luke and Laura are relaxing in bed late on a Friday night. Laura is on the iPad and Luke is on his Macbook finishing up work related business.
The room is quiet for the most part, occasionally they say 
something to each other, until Laura's little grunt 
of frustration breaks it.
*Laura* "Uggggggh! Are you kidding me?! Really?!...
Oh! the nerve of her!...Now she's just rubbing it in!"Luke is startled by her little outburst, Laura is usually as 
sweet as they come but she is seeing red at the moment.
 *Laura still ranting* "I cannot believe this!...
 *Luke* "What?!...."
*Laura* "She posted an ad in one of the local Mommy
Facebook groups I'm in..."
*Laura continues* "I swear she's doing this on purpose...
She's always been one to rub shit in your face!" *Luke* "You talking about Penelope?..."
 *Laura* "Of course, I'm talking about Penelope!..."
Laura tilts the iPad so Luke can see 
better what she is seeing.
 *Laura* "Her new 'Yoga Studio' is now doing classes for expecting mothers!
She knows I'm pregnant, and I bet she knows I'm part of this group....
She's doing this on purpose, Luke!"
*Luke* "C'mon, Babe....You don't know that...She's just trying to advertise
 her new business."
*Laura* "No, but I know her, and after I tried to be civil with her?! She knows I
 really wanted that space, which was better suited for a coffee shop anyways! She
goes and rips everything out and turns it into a yoga studio?!...."
 Laura drops her iPad and hunches over quickly...
Luke closes his laptop and moves in closer.
*Luke* "Babe?!...Laura answer me!..."
 She turns her head and responds to 
his panicked request.
*Laura* "I'm fine...He just kicked me really hard in the spine."
*Luke* Are you sure?!..."
*Laura* "Yes...I'm fine now..."
*Luke* "Your change in blood pressure must have done something,
you need to stay calm, Babe."
*Laura* "Luke, I'm fine...really I am...
Oh! he's kicking again...C'mere. Give me your hand."
Luke leans over and Laura grabs his hand placing it 
on her belly where the baby is kicking.
 *Laura* "Did you feel it?...
 There is a long pause while they both wait to
 see if he moves again.
*Luke* "I felt it!...Damn, he's really moving."
*Laura* "I know, I guess I woke him or something..."
*Luke smiles* "Definitely something, Babe. You flared up red
 when you saw that ad."
 *Laura a tad embarrased* "I did, didn't I? Why don't you talk to him,
see if he responds...Maybe it will settle him some."
 Luke rolls over more, and scoots his head
 down to Laura's big round belly.
*Luke in stern yet comical voice* "Phineas Elias Cooper! This is your
father speaking...stop kicking your mother in the back Bud...
She's still gotta carry you for 2 more months. We're all very anxious to meet you
but you gotta bake a little longer, okay?"
Laura giggles a little and Luke continues 
to speak to her baby belly.
*Luke* "Your brother Phoenix is excited to meet you, he asks Mommy about you everyday.
He calls you Fin cause...well he can't quite say your whole name very well.
So, I think that's gonna be your nickname bub, I like it. I hope you do.  You know what else? We're all so curious to know what you look like, your Grandma Cyndi thinks you'll look like your Mother..."
*Luke* ".....but if you look like me she said we better watch out, cause we will have girls pawing at our door once you hit puberty. Ah, scratch that don't listen to her, she's a bit crazy. It doesn't matter who you look more like we love you, Fin...and can't wait to meet you buddy."
Then Luke leans down and kisses her belly. Then pops
 back up to look at his wife.
*Luke* "Is he moving anymore?..."
*Laura* "No....Well sorta, he's got the hiccups now..."
*Luke* "The hiccups?! I hope I didn't scare him..."
*Laura* "No, it's normal...Phoenix got the hiccups like that too..."
*Luke* "He did?..."
*Laura* "Yes...Now stop worrying and come here and kiss me."
Luke leans down and kisses her softly, then looks down at her.
 *Luke* "Mmmm, I like you all horny and preggers like this, I must say it's been real nice Mrs. Cooper real nice... I'm gonna fucking miss this Babe...."
*Laura* "Awww, act like that's the end of our sex life. You know it won't be gone forever....Just put on hold for a little while. C'mere..."
Then she pulls him down to kiss her again, and as they start to get deeper into the kiss and more passionate. Neither of them heard the soft pitter patter of feet coming from down the hallway but they did however hear the very small but loud voice at the foot of their bed.
*Phoenix crying* "Mamma!...Mamma!..."
 The two almost simultaneously jump and break away 
from each other, Laura tells Phoenix to come to her. He is most likely having trouble adjusting to his new room and bed, it's been a bit of a struggle with him.
*Laura* "Oh, pumpkin! What's the matter?...
C'mere...Come to Mamma..."
Phoenix pulls himself up onto the bed and 
waddles over to Laura. *Luke* "What's wrong, little man?...You're not
 getting sick are you?"

*Laura* "C'mere...Momma's got you....I better check and
see if he's running a fever."
Laura sets her wrist over his forehead and 
checks his temperature
*Luke* "Is he warm?..."
*Laura* "No, he's fine...I think he's just having trouble
sleeping in his new bed."
*Luke* "Just put him between us I guess, it's late and I
need to be up early to open the shop..."

The End...for now.
Thanks for tuning in and I hope you enjoyed!

I think for now I will only be posting 1 episode a month. 
I have just too much going on and too many projects!


  1. Loved seeing a new post from you! I know it must take a lot of work for you to put together a story because your photos are just so spot on, I sometimes forget these are dolls! Congrats to Josh and Cassie on their new baby girl. Ella Grace is a beautiful name! I notice you put Laura on a MTM body. Is that a permanent move or will she be getting her Poppy body back after delivery?? I love the MTM body as it is so much nicer for posing!

    1. Hi Phyllis!
      Thanks so much! I glad to hear y'all are still enjoying my silly stories...I miss posting them, it's just been crazy hectic... Yes I put her on a MTM body. I helps a lot to have her more pose able. I may end up keeping her on this body. As much as I love the detail on Poppy, I really prefer the movement.

  2. I agree with Phyllis. Wouldnt it be nice if Mattel just sold the bodies!! I love the pose of Willow asking about Hannah with her head to the side. LOL So real.

    Anyway the stories are great as usual. I see they are getting a little more steamy these days.

    1. Yes!!! That would be awesome if Mattel would just sell us the bodies, man...I have so many MTM heads lying around...I may use them as practice on repaints, since they have that gawd awful glue in them.
      Glad to hear you enjoyed the episode! Hehe! My dolls have always been a bit steamy, I've just decided to post it a little more that just imply it ;)More Pictures always push the story along.

  3. I put one of my dolls on an MTM body so she can easily hold her newborn when he or she arrives. I agree they are great for posing, but leave a lot of heads in their wake.

    Penelope is something else. Watching this clash with her and Laura will be interesting.