Wednesday, November 16, 2011

"House Hunters"

   Luke and Laura have decided to get the help of a real estate agent. With both of them having such busy work schedules. They needed someone to do the bulk of the leg work when it came to finding a house. This agent came highly recommended by Luke's friend Aric.
*Real Estate Agent* "So what do you think of the house?"
*Laura* "It's nice but.... I think it is too big for us. Plus it needs a lot of work and updating. I prefer something more simple and with an open floor plan."
*Luke*  "I actually like the house. It has a lot of character and they just don't make houses like this anymore. The asking price is great for the amount of space."
*Laura* "This house could turn up being a money pit. I am just not willing to gamble on it. You said yourself that you didn't want to buy something that is gonna require this much work. "
*Luke* "I know Babe but seeing this house makes me want to pursue that need to fix it and make it my own."

*Real Estate Agent* "Well I do have several more houses that might interest you. I can show where to check them out online and then we can do a house visit if you want to see it in person."

*Luke* "I guess we could scope out a few more places. But if we don't find one better than this place. I say we go for it."
*Laura* "Oh! we will definitely find something better!" *She gives him that sly smile that means she will get what she wants and there is no way around it*
*Real Estate Agent* "Well if you choose to make an offer on this house let me know and we will get started on the paper work right away."
*Luke* "We definitely will. I appreciate you taking the time to show us this house at the last minute."

   Back at Laura's apartment they enjoy a relaxing evening together. Luke is watching TV while Laura checks out the other houses on her laptop.

*Laura* "What do you think of this place Luke? It looks nice and it's not too far from either of our work places. I say we check it out. Luke are you even listening to me?"
*Luke* " Yeah I heard what you said. I will email her tomorrow maybe she can show us the house in a couple days."

*Laura* "Don't you want to email her now? So we can see the house as soon as possible.  I feel like we have been looking forever and we haven't even found one house that we both like. It's been over 3 months since we started looking."
*Luke* " Just be patient the right house will find us. I don't think getting upset about it will change anything. Stop stressing out! I will call her tomorrow morning and see if she can show us the house tomorrow afternoon. Okay?"
*Laura* "Stop stressing out! Of course I am you seem so laid back about all of it. I feel like I am the only one who is really trying!"
*Luke* "Babe please don't get upset. I do care but you know how busy things have been. That's why we got a real estate agent. I am sorry I upset you."
*Laura* "I'm sorry too. You're right I just can't help myself. I get all excited and I want things to happen right away."
     Luke kisses her forehead
*Luke* " You know I love you. We will find something and when we do we will know it."
     Laura kisses him back.
*Laura* "I know...I love you too."
*Luke* "Pass me some of those crackers you made."
*Laura* " I made them this morning with parmesan and rosemary. You'll never want store bought crackers again. Plus they go great with this red wine."
   So after a little lovers quarrel things are back to normal now and Luke and Laura relish each others company for the remaider of the evening. Laura is excited and anxious to start this new phase of their relationship. Luke is still apprehnsive about it. Hopefully these two can work through it. Cause even if you have found true love relationships always take work.......


  1. The perfect phase is ending. Relationships take tons of work, and that's why I'm not in one. lol :) I hope they work through it though. Love her cute outfit and pigtails!

  2. @ Cat.....Thanks! I am glad you enjoyed it! I hope they stay together too. I know for a fact it is not easy living with someone. It can take years before you know all their dirty little secrets. I hope these two are completely honest with each other. :-)

  3. Yeah...I don't generally stick around for all the dirty secrets. Eventually the secrets go beyond dirty into the "Okay I think I should go now" stage. LOL :D As far as them staying together, I find with my dollies, that sometimes no matter how much I want them to last, they tend to do what they want. Luke and Laura are so cute together. But after seeing this lover's quarrel you see how laid back Luke is and how demanding and higher maintenance Laura can be. Who is to say a more down to earth gal that is less demanding of Luke won't walk into Luke's life? Or that a guy that has Laura's same ideas and values on quality of life won't come riding up on his white steed? I babbling again? lol I am a SUCKER for character discussion. :)

  4. @ Cat...LOL!!You crack me up! I agree if you can't get past the little things then they aren't the one. I soooo know what you mean. My dolls have a mind of their own too. They always say opposites attract. So maybe this is true with these two. But I do sense a twist coming into the story line in the future.
    I remember playing Barbies with my Sis when we were kids and we could have dolly soaps go on for days and weeks it was so much fun. I remember I had a character die and come back from the dead one time. And my sister started crying when we did the funeral. lol!! =D
    So much fun!!!

  5. Love the story. As a real estata agent, I can really appreciate it.

    @Cat - LOL! Did you meet Tina, my new psychiatrist? You and I have a lot in common as far as being in a relationship, but when we can't make some of our dolly relationships work, we really have issues. My couples have their occassional spat, but they have worked it out. All except Rod and Melanie. But the track record isn't bad. Send your dollies over here. I will work with them and get them on the right trace. I think Luke and Laura will work it out. They nicely balance each other out.

  6. @ Vanessa Thanks I am so glad you liked it!! I think I watch just a little too much HGTV lol!! As for Luke and Laura I hope they do keep it up. I really do enjoy them together. ^_^

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  9. I'm like a year late commenting but I'm trying to catch up, LOL. I think Laura has just the right amount of brattiness and Luke is cool enough to be the yang to her ying...or is it the other way around? :)

    Opposites definitely attract and if they have the same values and each have goals they can achieve while keeping the right relationship balance, that's a better match to me. I think, when you have two laid back people, it can get boring. We all need a little challenge. :)

    I agree with Cat, I love character discussion, LOL.

    1. I think you put it perfectly..they are meant for each other.
      Me too, I love character discussion. It gives the reader a good sense of the dolls personality :)