Friday, January 4, 2013

The Dinner

 After finally making their way out of the airport. They have arrived at Laura's restaurant Ma Cherie.
Laura talks to the hostess Lea while the others take in the scene and look around.
 *Laura* "Hi Lea! Is the table all set and ready for 4 people instead of 3?"
*Lea* " Hi Miss Laura, Yes the table is ready for 4."
*Laura* "Perfect. Can you please get everyone seated I am going to go get the wine and check on the food."
*Lea* "Yes."
*Cynthia* "This is a very lovely place. So quiet and relaxed. It has such a charming look."
*Luke* "The lady that owns it restored this old building. She and a few others helped jump start the restoration of this side of town."
Lea directs the others to take a seat at the table reserved for them.
*Cynthia* "Where did Laura go? She doesn't have to cook does she? Oh dear I should have told you I was coming with someone so you could plan ahead."
*Luke* "Mom it's okay. She just went to go check on everything. Please take your seat. I'm sure she will be out here soon."
Once they have settled in Laura comes out with the wine and sets one out for everyone.
*Laura* "I went ahead and selected a wine to go with the meal. Some bread will be coming out shortly and the main course after that."
*Cynthia* "I feel terrible not telling you two about Megan. I hope you didn't have to make too many changes to tonight's dinner."
*Laura* "It's quite alright Ms. Cooper. My kitchen staff was able to make the changes to accommodate 4 people."
*Cynthia* "Oh! That's good.  And please call me Cynthia, Ms Cooper is way to formal for me."
*Laura smiles and nods*
 As Laura begins to return to the kitchen. The owner Jett comes over to the table to greet everyone. She has also brought a bowl of fresh hot bread.
 *Jett* "Welcome!..Welcome Ladies! Hello Luke. (He nods in acknowledgement of her greeting.) Laura has prepared the most delicious meal for you tonight. You will not be disappointed.
*Cynthia* "Thank you....You have done an amazing job on fixing this place up. Your restaurant is quite lovely. And I cannot wait to taste what Laura has prepared for us."
*Jett* "Why thank you. It has taken a lot of years to get this place back to it's former glory. Well, I will leave you all and go check other the tables. Also here is some of our fresh baked breads. Enjoy!"
*She smiles and takes the tray from Laura, so that she may sit with the others.*
Laura takes her seat at the table next to Luke.
*Luke* "So Megan, have you ever been to New Orleans before?"
*Megan* "No this is my first time. I have always wanted to come down here."
*Luke* "This is your first time down here too, right Mom?"
*Cynthia* "Yes,and it is such a nice change of scenery. I can't wait to go site seeing."
*Luke* "Well tomorrow we have Christmas dinner at Laura's Parents house."
*Cynthia* " Yes that's right! I so look forward to meeting your parents, Laura.
*Laura* "My parents feel the same way, Cynthia. My Mom has been planning a special Christmas meal for your visit."
*Cynthia* " That is so sweet of your Mom. I hear she is a talented cook as well."
*Laura* "Yep, she has really inspired me to pursue my love of cooking."
*Megan* "Mmmm. Speaking of....this bread is delicious!"
*Laura* "Thank you."
*Luke* "It's addictive that bread. Plus it also reminds me of our third date. We came here to eat and she had the whole meal all planned out. I hadn't ate that good in a long time."
*Cynthia* "Awww! That is so sweet. Megan is the one that does most of the cooking for us. You know I can't cook."
*Megan laughs* "Yeah but my skills are no where near Laura's. You better move the bowl to the other side of the table. I'm gonna fill up on bread before dinner gets here. You're right it is addictive."
The main course arrives and everyone begins to eat. Savoring and enjoying each bite.
*Cynthia* "Mmm...this is fabulous Laura."
*Megan* "It's divine!"
*Laura* "Thank you Ladies. You are actually the first customers to taste this. It is set to be added to the menu next week."
 While they continue to eat and chat. The restaurant begins to fill up. And Jett makes her rounds to make sure that everyone is happy with their service.
     *Jett* " How is everyone doing over here?"
*Cynthia* "Oh fantastic! This meal is wonderful. You are so very lucky to have Laura here."
*Jett* "That's wonderful...Yes Laura has made our restaurant quite a success with her unique recipes. She managed to bring this place into the spotlight and away from my mediocre cooking."
Laura smiles bashfully and thanks her for her kind words.
*Jett* "Well I will leave you all to finish your meals. Enjoy!"
*Luke* " Well, I guess after dinner you will need to check in to your hotel."
*Cynthia stutters* "Ummm....yeah..yeah I guess so."
She quickly takes a sip of her wine.
 *Luke* "Mom, you booked a hotel room right?  It's Christmas Eve you know the hotels are gonna be busy. Please don't tell me you forgot."
*Cynthia* "I'm sorry sweetie! I tried getting one a few days ago but they were all booked up. You said you have a sofa bed, right?"
Everyone including Megan is surprised by the news.
*Luke* "A few days ago? Oh my god! This is a joke right?"
*Laura* "Luke it's okay. They can stay at our place tonight. And tomorrow we can see if we can figure something out."
*Megan* "Why didn't you tell me I could have booked something for us. Did you go online to find one like I told you."
*Cynthia* "I tried that but it was way to confusing so I just called a few places."
*Megan* "Cyndi, I can't believe you did this. It's embarrassing. So, how many hotels did you actually call?"
*Cynthia* " Like 2 or 3.....I'm sorry Sweetie. I screwed up..."
*Megan* "Yeah you did. Now they probably think we are mooching off them and are too cheap to pay for a hotel."
*Cynthia* "I just figured my son would be okay with it since it's Christmas and all."
*Megan* "It's one thing to surprise them with me coming down here but dropping the ball on getting us a room is not cool, Cyndi."
*Luke* "This is not how I wanted the night to end but..."
*Laura* "We'll figure it out tomorrow. Maybe in the morning I can call my Mom. My parents have a great guest bedroom they can stay in."
*Luke* "Noooooo!,no no I can't do that to your Mom. I'll find them something tomorrow for sure." 
*Laura* "Okay....but tomorrow is Christmas you really think you'll find something?"
*Luke* "Not likely but I gotta try. My Mom hasn't even been in town for 24 hours and she has already managed to shock us twice.  I just want Christmas day at your parents house to go smoothly."
*Laura* "I know, Baby. I'm sure tomorrow will be fine."
 *Luke* "Well, we better get going so we can get you settled in for the night. I'll try and find a place for you tomorrow."
*Megan stands* "Luke, I feel really bad that we did not get this taken care of ahead of time. I apologize. I thought Cyndi had booked us a place."
*Luke* "I appreciate it Megan but you don't have to apologize for my Mother. She has a knack for causing trouble. (He turns his gaze to his Mom.) Besides, she knows she #@*% up."
*Laura* "Luke! Don't talk about your Mother with that kind of language! Plus it's Christmas Eve be a little more compassionate."
*Cynthia* "Thank you Laura but it's okay. I know he is angry and he has every right to be. I messed up. I promised him I would take care of it even after he offered to find a hotel for me."
*Luke with frustration in his voice* "Let's just get outta here. We can talk back at the house."
 Jett sees that everyone is getting ready to leave. She makes her way back to the table of four.
*Jett* "Thank you all for coming tonight. I hope you enjoyed your meal and had a wonderful evening. Merry Christmas!"
Everyone thanks Jett her for her generous hospitality and says goodbye.
So the four head off to Luke and Laura's house and try to make the best of a most awkward situation.
Hopefully things will settle and Christmas will go smoothly without anymore surprises.

I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday and a happy new year!!

Stay tuned ^_^


  1. I love Luke's expressions, he cracks me up! :) Cyndi is a mess but I do like her free spirit. It will be interesting to see the meeting between parents, LOL. This was so worth the wait.

    Happy New Year!!

    1. Hi Tracy...
      Yes, poor Luke is having a hard time. It's been years since he has seen his Mom. I think that is why he moved so far away in the first place. :)

  2. Hello from Spain: Laura's restaurant is very nice and real. I like all your furniture. The cups in the tray I love. I see Cyndi is very free. The clothes they are wearing all your dolls are beautiful. Keep in touch

    1. Hi Marta!
      Thank was fun to do a restaurant scene. The wine glasses were made by a dear dolly friend. :)

  3. Happy New Year Miranda!

    Cynthia is very full of surprises. I can't wait to see what's going to happen at the Christmas dinner with Laura's family.

    I love your restaurant's decor.

    1. Happy New Year To You Too! :)

      That she is ...I definitely think she will make this a Christmas for everyone to remember

  4. Poor Luke. This is going to be a lonnngggg visit. She is definitely acting like the child. Love your restaurant.

    1. Hi Vanessa!

      Yes this is a stressful Christmas for Luke but he'll get through it :)

  5. Wow what a great dio! This done very well and I love the story too!

    1. Hi Ms. Leo
      Thanks you so much :)
      I am so glad to hear you are enjoying the story and dioramas :)

  6. Aaaahhhhh, I just had deja by, traumatic deja by! I actually had this happen to me with my psychotic ex mother in law. She, her husband and his mother were invited for a weekend and stayed 9 Days... I was in grad school and working full time. The grandma was in my office and I couldn’t get into my computer and ended up failing a class because of it.

    1. oh my! Well I hope it wasn't too traumatic, but Yeah I've had some crazy incidents with my mother in Law as well. It's not always easy getting along with them. I hope you still enjoyed despite the crazy deja vu! :)