Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Dinner at the Lavigne House

So I'm gonna fast forward here a bit to New Year's Eve.  Christmas dinner went off without a hitch and Luke was able to find his Mom and Megan a hotel for the remainder of their stay. With only a few more days left before his Mother and Megan leave town. Laura's parents have invited them over for a early New Year's Eve meal. First to arrive is Michelle with Benjamin by her side. Benjamin picked her up at her friends house where she has been staying.
*Michelle* "Daddy, I would like you to meet Benjamin Trudeau. His Father is also in the construction business."
*Scott* "It's great to finally meet you Benjamin. I have heard quite a bit about you. I have met your father a couple of times. He is a great business man."
*Benjamin* "Thank you Sir, it is a pleasure to finally meet you too."
*Scott* "Ya'll go on to the kitchen and see if  Mama is ready in there. I'll be there shortly."
*Michelle* "Okay Daddy. C'mon Benjamin....it smells good and I'm starvin'."
*Michelle calling out from the hallway* "Mom?"
*Krystal* "I'm in the kitchen Dear. What is it?"
*Michelle* "Just wanted to let you know that we are here. MMMmm it smells good."
*Krystal* "Okay..., you two want something to drink? 
The food is ready I am just waiting on everyone to get here. Benjamin would you like a beer?"
*Benjamin* "Yes Ma'am that would be fine by me."
Everyone settles into the kitchen and waits for the rest of the guest to arrive.
*Scott* "Well you two have been seeing each other for awhile now haven't you?"
*Krystal* " You're right Honey. Now that I think about. Time sure does fly by. "
*Michelle* "Oh it hasn't been that long. She counts off the months since their first date.  It's only been like 4 months."
*Krystal looks back at Benjamin* " Wow 4 months ..huh?! So are you two seeing this go anywhere?"
*Benjamin* "I..."
*Michelle* " Wait....Mom! I can't believe your asking him that."
*Krystal* "Sorry Honey, I was just wondering. What I....
 I mean is are you two gonna date exclusively? So if anyone asks I know what to say."
*Benjamin* "To answer your question Mrs Lavigne. I would love to call your daughter my Girlfriend. If that is what she wants."
 *Krystal* "Oh..... you are a sweet talker. Michelle sweetie how can you say no to that?"
Michelle goes and sits down beside Benjamin.
*Michelle* "You really want me to be your Girlfriend? Your serious about this?"
*Benjamin* "Yes Darling, I am serious. I know when we started out it was just an easy going friendship. I don't see the point in dragging it out anymore. I mean we both enjoy each others company."
 Before Michelle can respond to him the door bell rings.
*Scott* "I'm sure that is Laura and her posse. I'll go get it."
*He gets up and leaves the kitchen*
*Krystal* "Oh look at you two. Ya'll are sweet. I think we got one more thing to celebrate tonight. You could have your first kiss as a couple on New Years Eve how romantic! Well.... I'm gonna go greet the others and let you two love birds have a moment." *She giggles with delight*
*Michelle* "Mom....seriously did you have to say all that?"
*Krystal dismisses Michelle's remark and exits the kitchen* "Oh sweetie.... it's all right."
Once they are alone Benjamin puts his arm around Michell and pulls her close to him.
 *Michelle*"Wow my Mom the match maker....Okay! I guess we're an item now...."
*Benjamin*" You look a bit pale, Darling. You alright with what just happened here?"
*Michell* "Yeah...yeah I'm fine just a little shocked that my Mom was so bold to ask you those questions. I don't know what has her acting like that."
*Benjamin* "Maybe she is just happy for us. I think she likes seeing you happy. *he gets a serious look on his face* You know I wanna make you happy, Michelle." *Benjamin pulls her onto his lap*
"Can you let me do that?"
*Michelle slightly startled by their closeness*
"I...I...Benjamin you do make me happy."
*He pulls her tight to his chest and kisses her neck.*
"How about after we have dinner here at your Parent's house. We go back to my place and ring in the New Year there together."
*Michelle is trembling inside. Usually she is in control and has Benjamin on following her lead. But not this time her body is tingling and giving into his touch. She thinks to herself what happened? Did I finally let him get to me or am I really falling in love with him? She stands up quickly so she can think clearly.*
*Michelle* "Don't you think that this is moving a little to fast. I don't know if I am ready to spend the night with you." *She starts walking to the other side of the table*
*Benjamin* "I think we have gotten to know each other well enough.*Benjamin gets up and wraps his arms around her.* "I want to be with you. I want to make you happy."
And to make matters worse Laura strolls in catching the two in an embrace
*Laura* "Ugh! Get a room you two!"
*Michelle turns around to see her sister's look of disgust. Then proceeds to kiss Benjamin in front of her. Michelle is still a bit upset from when Laura tried to tell her she couldn't date him. So she sees this as an opportunity to get her back.*
*Michelle*"Okay...I'm game if you are."
*The two continue to only focus on each other and ignore Laura's reaction*
     *Laura*"I'm out of here...."
*Michelle is quite satisfied with her sister's reaction.*
  Laura makes her way to the others. Fuming from what she just saw. She still cannot stand Benjamin. And refuses to accept him.
 *Krystal* "What's wrong Laura?"
*Laura* "Michelle and Benjamin are in the kitchen making out. Ick! I thought she would see through him by now."
*Krystal* "She didn't tell you? They are a couple now."
*Laura* "What! Oh my god. I hope he doesn't break her heart."
*Krystal*"I think she is quite happy with Benjamin and the same for him too."
 *Scott* "Sweetie I know you have a good reason not to like him but let's let your sister make that decision for herself. They are very happy together. If you just open yourself up to the idea of it. I think you will see it."
*Krystal* "You're Father is right. Let's just go have a nice dinner and enjoy ourselves. Try not to worry about your sister."
  Everyone heads off to the kitchen to go eat dinner.
*Krystal*"Everyone find a seat. Let's eat!"
*Luke* "Ah Great!....I think I left my phone in the car. Or did I leave it in your purse?"
*Laura "I'll come with you to check. Ya'll go ahead and start we'll be right back." 
Laura is about to open the door when Luke stops her.
*Luke* "Baby..wait come here."
*Laura she looks at him puzzled* "What is it?"
 *Luke* "I just wanted to tell you how beautiful you look tonight."
*Laura* "Oh Luke...you are so sweet. Thank you, Baby."
 *She wraps her arms around him and finds that his phone was in his back pocket the whole time.*
*Luke* "I lied...I just wanted a moment alone with you. I love you and I don't want you to be upset the whole time we're here. Besides once we're done with dinner here and I drop my Mom and Megan back at the hotel. We have the rest of the night to ourselves."
*Laura* "You're right Baby. I am looking forward to that as well. Thank you for cheering me up I do feel better now. *She kisses him then pulls back.* Let's head back before my Mom comes looking for us."
Luke and Laura head back to the kitchen to join the others for dinner. So far the evening has gone quite well.
Krystal is pleased with the way her meal turned out and happy that she has another wonderful evening to spend with her husband and their two daughters.
Scott feels the same way. His little girls are all grown up now and he hopes that the men in their lives will make them happy. He would hate to see either one with a broken heart.
Michelle is nervous about where this relationship with Benjamin is going. So far she thought that she has been leading him on but the tables turned on her tonight. He switched on his charm to full blast and she melted in his arms. This made her angry with herself for not being able to control her emotions. But when Laura came in and saw them. This fueled her and she was able to gain some of her confidence back.
Benjamin is excited to have won Michelle over but he too is also nervous. He really does want to make her happy. He knows deep down inside he is falling in love with her. He has never felt so close to a woman before and been able to share openly his thoughts and dreams. He hopes tonight can be a good start to a solid relationship with her.
Laura has calmed down after Luke pulled her aside and comforted her. She is having the hardest time trusting that Benjamin will not break her sister's heart. She is also fuming at the fact that her Parents are supporting and pushing her in her decision to date him. After all they were not to fond of her shacking up with Luke after only 3 months of dating him.
She wonders how this is any different.
Luke is just happy that in a matter of days he gets to see his Mom off to the airport.  He has enjoyed her visit but is ready for it to be over. He is ready for life to go back to it's usual routine. Megan and his Mom plan to spend late night New Year's Eve together out on the town. So Luke is looking forward to spending it with Laura and no one else.
Cynthia has had a blast down here visiting and does not want it to end. She is so happy that her son found some that truly loves him. She really likes Laura and hopes that her son can make a good life with her.
Megan is ready to get back home and see her friends and family. She is beginning to question her relationship with Cynthia and wonders if this is what she really wants. After the whirlwind of craziness when they first got here. She wonders if this will happen again and if she can forgive Cynthia again. If it did happen.

Stay Tuned!


  1. This was AWESOME! It's definitely becoming a great "drama" series, love it! Can't wait to see more. :)

    1. Thanks so much Tracy!
      I am glad you are enjoying them.
      It keeps me inspired and motivated to continue on with the story :)

  2. Loved it! I really like Luke and Laura's relationship. Looking forward to the next episode.

  3. Thanks Georgia Girl!
    So glad you are enjoying it :)

  4. Look at mom, being matchmaker...and a little pushy. LOL! Laura looks beautiful. I love that blue dress on her. Glad they were able to get through dinner without too much drama.

    1. Haha...she sure is isn't she. I think Benjamin reminds her a bit of her husband when they were young. So she is pushing just a little for the two.
      Thanks the dress was one of my first attempts at making one from a sock :)

  5. Hi Miranda,
    I'm new to your blog. I just love your Luke doll! I hope to get me one someday. :-)

    1. Hi Cindi,
      Thanks so much for stopping by. I am quite in love with Luke. You can probably see that. lol! He is by far the best ken doll I have ever had. I hope you are able to get one someday :)