Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter with the Trudeau Family

The Trudeau Family
 Benjamin with his Father Justin Trudeau and his younger siblings 
Kevin and Kenzie who happen to be twins. Justin's first wife died in a car accident when the twins were just babies. He raised the three on his own until he met his second wife 10 years later.
Justin is now married to the young and lovely Ellie. They have to children together Whitney and Christopher. 
 Michelle has been invited to spend Easter Sunday afternoon with Benjamin and his family. This will be the first time Benjamin brings Michelle home to meet his Father, Step Mother, and his 4 younger siblings. Everyone one is outside on the patio having a good time and enjoying the warm weather.
The kids are waiting for Benjamin to show up because his little sister Whitney wants him to hold the pinata so they can take turns trying to hit it. So she is playing with some of the girls that live in the neighborhood.
Soon Benjamin and Michelle finally arrive. Benjamin introduces his Father and Ellie to Michelle
*Justin* "It is finally nice to meet you Michelle. I think Ellie finally hounded Benjamin enough to finally invite you to a family gathering."
*Michelle* "Thank you for inviting me. You have a lovely home."
*Justin* " It's our pleasure to have you here. Son, Whitney wants you to guide the pinata so the they can all have a chance to hit it."
Benjamin turns to face his little sister and the others playing down on the patio floor.
*Benjamin* " You little ladies ready to take on the pinata?"
They all turn and cheerfully respond YES!
Up first to bat is little Kelly one of the neighborhood children. She swings at it real hard but no candy. So next up is Katelyn Carson the next door neighbors youngest daughter.
Katelyn takes a few good swings at the pinata but on her last swing she twirls and falls on her bottom. Everyone laughs at her cute and graceful fall. Katelyn gets up and finds herself embarrassed by her fluke accident. She  runs to her Mom for comfort. Up next is Whitney.
Benjamin pulls the pinata up high so that Whitney can't hit it. She jumps and swings the stick at the pinata but it is no use. She cannot reach it. 
 All the time Benjamin laughs at his little sis who is trying her best.
*Michelle* " You are so mean teasing you little sister like that."
*Benjamin* "She's fine. Look at her she is having a blast."
Eventually Dad steps in and helps Whitney hit the pinata. 
*Whitney* "Look Dad! I cracked it. There is a crack in the pinata!"
*Justin* " You sure did little lady. Now let's let someone else have a turn before all the candy spills out." 
Up next is Stacie Carson.
 Stacie takes her turn whacking the pinata while Whitney goes and sits on her big brothers lap and tries to help him with the pinata.
Stacie's Dad Ken Carson helps her out by showing her how to take a swing at the pinata.
She gets a few good hits on it and the crack on the pinata gets a little bit bigger.
Justin asks around to see if anyone else wants to try and hit it before it is too late. His other son Kevin jumps up and decides to go for it. All it took was one good whack from Kevin and the candy eggs cascaded everywhere. The girls flew to the ground and gathered up the goodies.
* Benjamin calls out to his little brother*
"Now that is how you hit a pinata!"
The girls finish grabbing up all the candy and the then the girls go off to play, while the other talk.
Barbara sits the girls down for a game of Duck, Duck, Goose. Kelly gets to go first she picks Whitney and the goose. Whitney jumps up and Kelly plops down before Whitney can tag her.
Meanwhile the adults are conversing in background and behind them the teenagers are having their own little pow wow.
Everyone finishes eating and talking the rest of the afternoon. Barbie and Ken Carson head off home next door while Kenzie and Kevin's friends also make their way back to their homes. Benjamin says goodbye to his Father, Stepmother Ellie, and his younger siblings. It's now time to take Michelle back to her parents house for a late Easter dinner there.

The End!



  1. Hello from Spain: I really like these familiar scenes. Interesting and very cute family. I like outfits your dolls is wearing. Your collection is awesome. Happy Easter! Keep in touch

    1. Hi Marta!
      Thank glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Very nice story Miranda! I love their attire especially the hats. The piñata is too cute!

    Happy Easter!

    1. Thanks Georgia girl!
      It was fun to put together. My daughter helped me out this time. She even added some of her dolls to the story :)

  3. What a fun time. Love the pinata. Happy Easter.

    1. Thanks Vanessa! I came up with the idea for the piñata the other day and that is what started the the whole thing :)

  4. Looks like a great time was had by all. Hope you had a great Easter. :-)