Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Night Part 3

Well I planned on posting this late last night but we had a HUGE thunderstorm last night and lost power for over an hour. So by the time we had power I was too tired to do anything...

As the evening progresses a few more guest arrive. Laura heads on over to answer the door and sees that it is her sister Michelle with Benjamin by her side.
*Laura* "Hi! C'mon in..."
*Michelle* "Hey sis!"
*Laura* "I am so glad you two made it!"
*Michelle* "You know I couldn't miss this."
*Laura* " about a drink.? Ya'll come in and find a seat."
As Michelle and Benjamin are arriving Luke takes a moment to introduce himself to Cruz.
*Luke* "Hi, Luke Cooper."
*Cruz* "Hi, Cruz Peterson...I'm Isolde's older brother."
*Luke* "Yeah. I see the family resemblance. She tells me your living in Florida?"
*Cruz* "Yeah, I moved there because of my job. I work in marine biology."
*Luke* "Wow! That must be some interesting and scary work. I'm sure you have some great stories to tell."
*Cruz* "Yeah, it has it's good days and bad....."
As the two continue to talk Benjamin comes in and spies his old high school football buddy....

 *Benjamin* "Uh Oh! Pretty boy Cruz is back back in town!"
*Cruz* "Ben! Hey man! Good to see you."
*Aric* "Hey, Benjy! Who you supposed to be, that Bieber boy!!
*Benjamin* "Hell no! He wishes I came dressed as him.... I'm ME as a hip hop star. Can't you tell?"
*Roxie* "Hahahah! Good one Benjamin. Very creative..."

Roxie gets up and offers Benjamin her spot. She has decided to go see what the ladies are discussing. Benjamin sits down and takes her place on the couch. 
 *Benjamin* "So when did you get back are you stayin' long?
 *Cruz* "I just came in last night. I leave on Saturday to London, England."
*Benjamin* "Woah! Really? Is it for work or pleasure."
*Cruz* "I guess you could say pleasure. I'm meeting my Fiance's parents."
*Benjamin" "I'm sorry what did you say? Fiance? Dude! Your getting married?
Wow!! That's gonna leave me as the only bachelor of our little group...."
*Cruz* "Yeah! Crazy huh? I'm getting married. Believe me I had plans to stay a bachelor. I was living it up but then Holland came along and I just couldn't picture my life without her. How about you? I saw you come in with someone, is it serious?"
*Benjamin shrugs* "Sorta kinda?  We are just dating and having fun right now nothing too serious."

 On the other side of the room the ladies are chatting and saying hello to each other.
*Michelle* "Hey Isolde! Good to see you again."
*Isolde* "Hi Michelle, I see your still hanging out with Banjamin."
*Michelle* "Yeah we are. I know you have good reason not to like him but he has been great so far."
*Isolde* "Well, I guess as long as you know what your getting into with that one I guess he can't be so sly."
*Michelle* "True, but I made a bet with him on our first date. You know how men are. They can't resist a good bet. And of course he wants to make sure he wins the bet and I fold."
*Isolde* "Smart move, what kinda bet did you make?"
*Laura* "A crazy one that is for sure..."
*Michelle* "I bet him that he couldn't go out with a woman and just be friends. Because he is so used to making sexual advances and getting a girl to go to bed with him."
 *Isolde* "I agree, that is one crazy bet. I'm assuming the bet is still going?"
*Michelle* "Yep! No one has folded yet."
*Laura* "So do you really see it going anywhere with Benjamin?"
*Michelle* "Honestly, no. I'm just having a good time with him. I am having too much fun torturing him with this bet."
*Isolde smiles* "I like it. Torturing men is fun."
The girls laugh.
*Laura* "You two are naughty."

Across the table Luke and Aric are talking.
 And Roxie has just came back downstairs after a trip to the ladies room.
Everyone has settled in and are enjoying each others company.
The guys have gravitated to the couch and the girls are in the kitchen.
*Cruz* "So Luke how did you and Aric meet?"
*Luke* "Our businesses used to be right next to each other before Aric moved to his new location."
*Cruz* "What kind of business do you own?"
*Luke* "It's a record shop. We carry vintage records and music that might be hard to find. Plus we feature new and upcoming local artists and bands."
*Cruz* "Cool. Now that I think about it. I think Isolde did tell me you were the music shop guy.
What about you Benjy you running your Daddy's company yet?"
*Benjamin* "Not yet. Probably in a couple more years I will. Which still gives me some time to party and play the field since technically I am the last bachelor out of all of us."
*Aric* "What about Michelle? I thought you two were real serious?"
*Benjamin* "No were not serious. Although she would love to be.  We're just friends hanging out and having some fun. She knows she can't grab this bull by the horns."
*Luke lewdly grabs himself* "That's because she's got your bull by the balls ,man! You haven't told Cruz about that crazy ass bet you made with her."

In that instant Cruz busts out laughing. While Aric is to embarrassed to speak after what Luke just did. Benjamin is starting to steam. Cruz is the last person he wants finding out about his bet with Michelle. So he instantly chimes in to defend himself but finds himself speechless.

*Benjamin* "I.....She...."
*Cruz still chuckling* "Oh man! I think you finally met your match. So what's the details of the bet?"
*Benjamin* "It's nothing....just a stupid bet, but she know she can't win."
*Cruz* "Oh really, how long the bet been going on?"
*Benjamin* "I don't know like 3 months?"
*Luke* "It more like 5 months, man. You 2 have been going out since July."
*Benjamin a little surprised its been that long* "Oh...yeah. It has been about 5 months."
*Cruz* "5 months! Crap! (Cruz pats Benjamin on the shoulder) Benjamin, my friend you have already lost. She has you and you don't want to admit it."
*Benjamin* "But you don't even know what the bet is."
 *Cruz* "I don't need to. You have been seeing in each other for 5 months and she hasn't folded yet?
Whatever is may be you already lost man! She is playing with you now and you can't see it!
Just admit it your in love with her."

*Aric raises his beer* "I'll drink to that. That's the best advice there, Cruz. I have been trying to tell him.  We can all see it but he don't wanna listen. Maybe it'll sink in this time.

As Benjamin mulls over what just happened the door rings. So, Luke goes to answer the door....

To be concluded in Part 4!!!


  1. Luke is hilarious! I think Benjamin has definitely met his match in Michelle, LOL. Looking forward to part 4....Happy Halloween. :)

    1. I think he may have had a few too many beers, lol!
      Benjamin has had quite the revelation. I think Cruz finally made it sink in for him....

  2. Luke scores! Great point, man. Benjamin playing the "macho" in front of the other guys was so annoying... I hope he learns something now.

    1. Hehe! Yeah, Luke is quite sick of his bravado. Benjamin tends to get that way when around other guys. He likes to think of himself as "top dog".
      When Luke shot him down like that it burned his ego but Luke was happy to get the chance to do that. In the end it worked out. Benjamin needed a harsh wake up call....