Sunday, October 27, 2013

Halloween NIght

Luke and Laura are hosting a party for a few close friends for Halloween.
Everyone is coming dressed up and ready to Monster Mash the night away!!

Aric and Roxie are the first to arrive.
Luke greets them at the door while Laura is upstairs for last minute primping.
*Luke* "Okay, I know Roxie is Wonder Woman but who are you supposed to be, Aric? Rambo!?"
*Aric* "No, but close enough. Like a mercenary or some sh*t like that. I just put it together last minute."
*Roxie* "I tried to get him to dress up like Superman but..."
*Aric a little flustered* "I ain't wearing no tights. How long have you known me?"
*Luke laughs* "Yeah that would be a stretch for you."
*Roxie quickly changes the subject* " So ,where's Laura? She still getting dressed?"
*Luke* "She's upstairs fixing her hair or something."
*Aric* "Who the hell are you supposed to be?"
*Luke* "You're joking right? C'mon you should know this one."
*Roxie as she heads upstairs* "He's the Phantom of the Opera, Honey."
*Aric takes a seat* "Ah! Yeah, I forgot about that guy! Did you choose your costume or did Laura have it all planned out for you?" *with a slight snicker*
*Luke reluctantly acknowledges Aric* "You know Laura, she had it all planned out. She rented me this costume from some place."
*Aric* "So are ya'll all dressed up to match as a couple?"
*Luke sighs* "Yeah!! But she looks great in her costume and she is so happy to be hosting a party.  She has been wanting to plan a party for a while. But it's freaking hot with this cape and tux and all the layers."
*Aric* "Ya'lls relationship is still young. So I understand. But me and Roxie well....She knows she can't get me to do something fancy like that.  I'm too country. 
*Luke smiles* "Yeah, the things we do for love....but I can't wait to get her out of that sweet little outfit she's in later tonight."
*Aric* "You low down dirty dawg. I see what your doing. I wasn't thinking about it from that angle. You're into that kinky sh*t in bedroom?"
*Luke shrugs* "Yeah, maybe? I don't know..."
*Aric* "Let's leave it at that.  It's more than I wanted to know."
*Luke* "Awe! C'mon it's good to get a little out of your comfort zone sometimes."
*Aric* "I ain't to sure about that. Not when it comes to ya know...."
*Luke* "So you don't fantasize when you see your wife all dressed up for Halloween? You have been together since you were teenagers."
*Aric stutters* "Well....I.... yeah I guess so."
*Luke* "See it wasn't that hard to admit it. You gotta stop being so up tight about sex, man. Women want to be romanced."
*Aric* "Easy for you to say. You led quite the life back in the day, traveling with rock bands and  music legends."
*Luke* "Yeah, I saw some crazy sh*t. There was this one time...."

Voices start to follow down the stairs and Luke stops mid sentence. 

*Laura eyes them suspiciously* "What were ya'll talking about?"
*Luke clears his throat* "Ahem.....Oh, nothing Babe just catching up."
*Laura not sure to believe him* " Uh huh, can you turn on the music I forgot to do it?"
*Luke* "Music? Why do we need music?"
*Laura* "Just turn it on. But not to loud."
*Luke bows and goes to turn on the music* "As you wish, mi lady!"
*Aric chortles* "I see you got the accent to go with that outfit your wearing too!"

  So the ladies choose to ignore the men and their silliness.

 *Laura* "So how have thing been going at the bar?"
*Roxie* "It's been great. We get a great lunch crowd. Much better than where the bar was located before. We might need to hire another waitress. So I can help out more in the kitchen."
*Laura* "I might know a few girls who could fill that job, just let me know."
*Roxie* "Yeah, I'll let Aric know we just started considering it."
*Laura* "Okay, I think it might be a good idea. Especially with the holidays coming up. People tend to eat out more while they are holiday shopping."
*Roxie* "That's a good point. How are things going at your cafe?"
*Laura* "Things are going great at work. Oh! A lady who blogs about local restaurants wants to interview me. She said Ma Cherie is one of her favorite place for brunch with girlfriends. So next week she is coming in before we open to talk to me."
Aric turns around overhearing what they are talking about.

*Aric* "Sounds like you are doing real well over there, Laura."
*Laura* "Yes and Roxie tells me business is booming for ya'll in the new location."
*Roxie* "Laura said she may know some girls who might be looking for a waitress job."
 *Aric* "Okay....once I got over the months revenue then I will know for sure if I want to hire another waitress."

Ding Dong!!

Sounds like there are some more guests at the door. 
Stay tuned....!!!



  1. Hi. I love the costumes and decorations! Great party!

    1. Thank you!! I am having a lot of fun with this one ^_^

  2. Aric, cracks me up. I think Dylan made him blush talking about the private stuff, LOL. Everything looks great and I love Roxie's Wonder Woman costume. Looking forward to the next episode. :)

    1. Hi Tracy,
      Yeah Aric is a bit shy when it comes to that stuff. And Luke loves to tease him about it. I agree she makes a great Wonder Woman :)

  3. Yay, a Halloween story. Laura will be late to her funeral. LOL! Everyone looks nice and I love all the cool lighting you have up.

    1. Hi Vanessa!
      That's Laura always gotta look her best :)
      Thanks, I want to set the mood as best I could and the low light really helps but it's a pain to photograph ;-)

  4. Very nice set up! Your pics with lighting is awesome. Everyone is dressed very nice in their costumes. Love it!!

  5. Thank you! So glad to hear that you are enjoying it :)