Friday, December 20, 2013

Surprise....Surprise!! Luke and Laura's Friday Night

While Laura's sister Michelle is off on a romantic getaway. That very same night Luke and Laura have an unexpected night of surprises. 
Luke is relaxing on the couch after a long day of work and watching a movie on the television.  Laura is just making her way down the stairs after changing into something more comfortable.
 *Laura bends down and kisses his cheek* "When did you get home?"
*Luke*  "I don't know like 20 minutes ago....."
*Laura* "And you didn't come up to kiss me hello?"
*Luke* "I ordered a pizza it should be here soon."
*Laura* "Oh! Okay....what are you watching?"
*Luke* "A new movie I just bought at the store earlier today."
*Laura steps over his legs and sits down next to him* "You hate going shopping....Mmmm were you buying me something for Christmas?"
*Luke lowers the volume on the TV* "I guess you'll have to wait to find out...."
*Laura starts getting excited* "Oh! You did! I know you did! You can't even look at me and keep a straight face!"
*Luke turns and looks at her, he can't help it but crack a smile* "What?!"
*Laura smiles* "You are the worst liar. You soooo did buy me something." 
*Luke* "Even if I did you still gotta wait..."
 *Laura* "I thought you said we weren't going to buy each other other anything this year since we closed on that new place?"
*Luke shrugs his shoulders* "Patience Babe, patience....."

Luke turns the volume back up on the TV and Laura cuddles up against him again.
*Laura* "Where is this pizza you ordered? From that new place?"
*Luke* "Yeah, I did and it should be here already." 
  Goes the doorbell 

*Luke* "About damn gets some beers. I'll get the door."
*Laura* "Okay.."
 Laura is at the fridge when she hears Luke say....
*Luke* "What are you doing here?"
*Person at door* "Surprise!! Merry Christmas Honey!"
*Laura wondering who is at the door and calling him honey* "Luke? Who is that?"
*Laura turns and walks to see who it is*  


*Cyndi* "I thought I would surprise you two."
*Luke having a hard time getting his words out* "Mom! What?.....I....I thought.  You said you were sending us a gift this year. What are you doing here?"
   *Cyndi* "I did, its me! I'm the surprise silly!"
*Laura* "Cynthia! Wow! This is quite a surprise we had no idea you were coming."
*Cyndi walks over to Laura* "Laura! Sweetie!*She gasps* Oh!! You are absolutely glowing! Your skin looks flawless..."
 *Laura feeling a little uncomfortable* "Ummm....Thank you...."
*Cyndi* "When were you two planning on telling me?"
*Laura* "Telling  you what?"
 *Cyndi* "That your pregnant....I mean look at you!"
*Luke* "Mom! What the hell? Why would you say something like that?"
*Laura walks over to the table and sets down the beers* "Cyndi, I'm not pregnant."
 *Cyndi* "I know my way around a woman's body and you have all the signs. Flawless skin, bigger boobs, and just the right amount of plumpness."
 *Luke* "Mom!.... enough already. Laura is not pregnant."
*Laura* "Cyndi your mistaken. There is no way I could be pregnant."
 *Cyndi* "Are you absolutely sure? Have you had any morning sickness?"
 *Laura* "No..*she pauses to think*....Oh Dear......but I have been getting nauseous a lot lately at random times."
Laura takes a seat. She starts looking pale again like she did at Thanksgiving . Luke takes two big strides and is right by her side.
 *Cyndi* "How long have you been feeling this way, Sweetie?"
*Luke waves his hand back and forth* "Mom!......stop!"
 *Laura* "Luke stop getting upset. I think she might be right.......Oh my god! Why did I not realize it!"
*Luke* "What?! What are you saying?.....Babe!"
*Laura* "Your Mom is right, Luke....I think I could be pregnant."
*Luke* "No, this is not possible!"
*Cyndi* "Oh! Honey that odds are stacked against you more than you realize.....Didn't you already get some girl pregnant?"
Luke is starting to loose his cool with his Mother she never brings out the best in him. This is why he chose to live so far away from her. She always talked to him like he was just some friend and rarely ever made him feel like she was his Mother.
*Luke takes a deep breath* " is not the time for that.  Please keep those thoughts to yourself right now."
*Cyndi* "Okay....okay...I shouldn't have said that."
*Luke kneels down in front of Laura* "Babe?  Are you sure about this? We're always careful." 
*Laura hesitates...she lowers her voice* "Yeaaaah! But remember?......not so much that Friday night after Halloween. When we ran into your old friend Peter at Bull Tavern."
 *Luke's eyes light up and he freaks out* "Ah!! Sh*T!! Your right.....I can't believe this...."
*Cyndi* "Oh dear! Maybe I shouldn't have said anything. I was just so taken by your appearance ,Laura. You know a baby is really not a bad thing."
*Luke turns back around to look at his Mom* "What the hell are you doing here anyways?"
*Luaura* "Luke! Please calm's not your Mother's fault."
*Cyndi is used to Luke being frustrated with her* "I'm sorry Honey. I just wanted to surprise you two for Christmas..... if you want to know for sure take a pregnancy test. Do keep one just in case?"
*Luke looks at Laura* "Do you have one?"
*Laura* "No, no....I never thought to buy one just in case." *Laura gets up* "I'm gonna run over to the drug store down the street and get one."
*Luke stops her* "Babe, wait your not even dressed I'll go. I'll be right back. You wait here with my Mom. That freaking pizza guy hasn't even shown up yet! Don't leave him a tip either."
*Laura* "Are you sure? Your okay going to the store and buying one?"
*Luke* "Yeah! It's fine. I want to know just as much as you."
*Laura* "Okay...."
Luke kisses her goodbye and heads straight for the door. Of course the minute he walks out the door. The pizza delivery guy finally shows up. Cyndi offers to pay for the food. She feels bad for surprising them and then on top of that causing them to realize something that they hadn't. In less than 15 minutes Luke is back from the drugstore....
*Laura gets up and meets him halfway* "Wow, that was quick. How did you know which was the best one to buy?"
*Luke* "I didn't. I asked the girl at the pharmacy counter. She told me which one was the best."
*Laura* "Oh...Well, I guess I better...ah go and see...."
*Luke* "You want me to come up with you?"
*Laura* "No! I'll be fine." *Laura heads up stairs*
*Cyndi* "Luke, Honey come sit over here and eat some food while you wait."
 *Luke* "I'm really not hungry right now."
*Cyndi* "I understand....but if your gonna drink that beer you should eat a little something."
*Luke sighs* "I'm fine.......why didn't you call and tell us you were coming?"
*Cyndi* "I just wanted to surprise you! I know.....I know after the last time I should have thought twice about it."
*Luke* "Yeah you should have but, your here now so....I guess it doesn't matter anymore, does it? So, what happened with  what's-her-name? Meagan?"
*Cyndi* "Oh! We went our separate ways months ago..... I realized that I still prefer the company of a man over a woman. If you know what I mean."
 *Luke moans* "Yeah, I know all too well what you mean and, I don't want to know any  more details. You know I'm still traumatized after I walked in on you that one time when I was a kid...."
*Cyndi* "I'm sorry honey but you were supposed to be at school it was the middle of the day. I guess that taught you not to ditch school anymore."
*Luke shrugs his shoulders* "Yeah you would think but no.... not really.  I just didn't go home anymore after that."
*Cyndi hesitates for a moment* "I have one more thing I need to tell you..."
*Luke afraid to ask* "What now?"
*Cyndi* "I sold my house back home in Seattle. I met a guy online and he lives here in New Orleans.  So I'm moving down here. That way I can be close to you and to him! That was my surprise. That is why I didn't want to call you and tell you I was coming."
*Luke pops up out of his chair* What?! Are you f*cking kidding me?"
*Cyndi* "Luke! Language please.....No, I am not joking. I am serious."
Luke leans into the back of the chair and tucks it under the table. He doesn't know how may more surprises he can take tonight. He pulls the rubber band from his hair he feels as though it is adding to his headache. He runs his hands over his head and just groans with frustration.
 *Luke lets out a string of curse words* "Sh*t! f*ck!...... f*cking! f*ck!.... I cannot  f*cking believe this night!"
*Cyndi* "Luke Allen Cooper! I can't believe what I am hearing come out of your mouth!"
*Luke* "Just... don't..... Mom, I don't need a lecture from you right now......We'll talk about your moving down here some other time. I'm more worried about Laura right now.  You know what?  I think you should go. I will call you in the morning tomorrow....."
 *Cyndi* "Honey...I..I..I was hoping."
*Luke* "Ah, hell no! Your serious are't you? cannot stay here! Go call that guy you met online see if he will take you in."
Luke walks around the table and grabs his Mother's bags and set them on the table.
*Cyndi* "Luke? I......."
*Luke stops her* "What Mom? Your sorry? Just always apologize but then you do the same sh*t over and over again. Please just leave. I will call you tomorrow."
*Cyndi* "Okay...okay. I will go but please don't forget to call me. I want to know what happens."
 Luke ushers his Mom to the door.
*Luke* "I will. Goodnight Mom."
*Cyndi* "Goodnight Honey." *she kisses her son goodbye and walks out the door.*
 *Luke calls up the stairs to Laura* "Babe?! What's going on up there?"
 *Laura* "I'll be down in a minute."
Luke starts pacing the floor. His nerves are eating him up and he can't take having to wait anymore. He sits, he stands, he paces then finally sits on the couch. If she doesn't come down soon he is heading up there to find out what is going on.
 Laura finally comes back downstairs.
*Laura* Luke....Is everything okay? Where is your Mom?"
*Luke gets up off the couch* "Don't worry about her....she left."
 *Luke continues* "So...what happened? Are you...?"
*Laura looks straight into his eyes* "Yes...." *tears start rolling down her cheeks* "I took both tests and they both came out positive. *her voice starts to crack* I'm scared....we.....we didn't plan for this. We just spent a bunch of money on a new place and now a baby! Luke....what..what....."
Luke wraps his arms around her and she buries her face into his shoulder and just starts sobbing. 
*Luke kisses her forehead* "It's okay we'll figure this out...we'll make it work...."
*Laura wipes some tears away * "You're not upset about this? This doesn't scare you at all?"
 *Luke* "Babe, I love you more than anything and yes I am scared but we'll be fine."
*Laura* "So...your not mad about this?"
*Luke* "No! no, never Babe! I could never be mad at you. If anyone should be upset it should be you. I was the one who insisted on that night and look where it got us..." 
*Laura* "Don't say that. We both knew the risks and, I love the idea of having your baby. I just wasn't planning on it happening already."
 *Luke* "Babe, you can't always plan life out the way you want it. You know that....I know you had it all set out but your just gonna have to change all that."
*Laura gasps and realizes* "......Oh! god! I am going to have to tell my parents...My Mom, she is going to freak out!"
*Luke* "Stop worrying .....we will deal with all that tomorrow. It's late and right now all I can think about is taking you to bed."
 *Laura* "We just found out I'm pregnant. Really? Right now?"
*Luke kisses her* "I can't help it, Babe. Besides, I only got about 9 months left before you start hating me for getting you pregnant and telling me..." *tries to imitate her voice* "No more sex for you Mister!"
*Laura lets out a laugh* "Ha! I don't sound anything like that. Besides, I can never tell you no. You know that...."
*Luke kisses her agian* "Mmmmm..I'll remember that...*getting fresh with her* "now get your sweet little ass up stairs and into bed."
Laura turns to head up the stairs and Luke slaps her on her bottom. 
*Laura in playful tone* "Hey!! Behave yourself..........Mister!"
  *Luke smiles at her and laughs* "Mister huh?.....Oh,... now your really gonna get it..."
Luke dashes up the stairs behind her. Laura giggles and runs the rest of the way up the stairs. 
 All in all they seem to be handling this news very well.....for the moment. Luke still has to deal with the fact that his Mom has packed up and moved down to be close to him. Laura will have to face telling her Parents that she is pregnant. All this happens right on the heels of her Mom asking why they haven't got married or engaged yet. It seems that life is taking measures into it's own hands and giving these two quite a few surprises. Let's hope they can handle all of it.
To be continued..... 


  1. OMG! I am just in love with this couple. Your stories are getting better and better each time i see them. Cindy cracks me up.

    1. Hi William
      Thanks so much, they are my favorite dolly couple. I am glad you are enjoying them I have had a lot of ideas floating around in my head It's just hard to find the time to do it all. Hopefully I can keep it up :-)

  2. hahahaha, poor Luke! His reaction to news was priceless! "Sh*t! f*ck!...... f*cking! f*ck!.... I cannot f*cking believe this night!" Poor guy, what a bad luck! Maybe it's just false alarm, hopefully! He's way to handsome to be, ugh, a daddy, hahahaha

    1. btw, test can be wrong, she should visit her gynecologist too, hahaha.
      I totaly love this post, it's so funny! Poor Luke!

    2. Lol! I feel the same way. He is way to hot to be tied down with a baby. But what can you do? I thought about that too he test could be a false positive. I guess we will have to wait and see.
      As for Cyndi she always finds some way to screw up what relationship she has with her son. Maybe it will be good for them if she moves closer maybe not?

  3. Aww...I'm gushing for Laura. I adore this couple and I totally agree with everyone else, your story telling is awesome. It's so nice to tune in each week for grown up stories, it's literally like a favorite television show or book series. Cyndi, is something else, lol. She's going to give poor Luke gray hairs before his time,

    Very well done!

    1. Awwww, thanks Tracy!
      I am so happy you enjoyed it. When I was a kid, my sister and I used to play out dolly dramas for weeks. Now that I am grown. It's so much fun to do them with a more adult perspective. I hope I can keep up the posting I have enjoyed it so very much :)
      As for Luke and Laura we'll see how it plays out. I know Luke is not happy at all about his Mother's decision to move closer to him but maybe it will work out....

  4. Great story and setting! Anxious to see what happens to Laura

  5. Surprise, surprise! Poor Luke when it comes to his mom. Just when he thought she was safely tucked away out of town. I'm happy for them. Sometimes life throws you just the curve ball you need. Having Cyndy that close to their baby could be a problem. I can't imagine that she would be a good influence on anyone's child. But maybe a child would help change her. Look what it did for Snooki.

    1. Yes Luke is not a fan of surprises when it involves his Mother. Although she means well and she loves him. I agree having her around with a baby n the way may volatile or maybe this will force her to finally grow up.