Friday, December 6, 2013

Thanksgiving Dinner at Ma Cherie

 This year Laura is hosting a Thanksgiving feast at the restaurant she works at ,Ma Cherie. While Luke and Benjamin have been sent on a last minute errand the two sisters make a few last minute preparations before guests arrive. They also take the time to talk to each other. They have not had a long conversation with each other since Halloween night.
*Laura* " are things between you and Benjamin going? He still taking you away next weekend?"
*Michelle a bit unconfident* "Oh...we're doing okay.  He still won't tell me where we're going. All he said was to pack for cold weather."
*Laura* "You don't sound too sure. Are you nervous about a weekend away with him?"
*Michelle* "Um...yeah!! I have never been so nervous about something. What if it all goes terribly wrong. I have never done anything like this before."
*Michelle continues* "I'm just scared he is gonna loose interest in me once this weekend getaway is over and done...."
*Laura* "Just be your normal, confident self. That is what attracted him to you in he first place right?"
*Michelle* "Yes ,but..."
*Laura cuts her off* "Are you that nervous about being with him? Is it because he is nearly 8 years older than you?"
*Michelle* "What if all my nervousness ruins the moment. I mean he likes women who are....well.... you know what I mean.  I don't think the age difference is a big deal."
*Laura sets the tub of beers down on the floor* "Let me tell you what I think.  I am guessing he is nervous as well. This is not a one night stand with some bimbo he met at a club.  He has got to live up to your expectations as well. Plus, if it has been as long as he says it's been for him. Well, he might be a little off his game and you can use that to your advantage."
*Michelle in shock that her sister is so understanding*
"Wow! I guess I underestimated you...... So, you really think he is feeling the pressure about all of this too?"
*Laura turns back to her sister* "Oh, Yes! definitely, without a doubt! This serious relationship stuff is new for him. If he really does love you. Then yes, he is gonna feel the pressure too of wanting it to be perfect and not disappoint you as well. Think about it. Why else would he go through all this?"
*Michelle* "True.....but I still can't help but be nervous about all of it."
*Laura turns to make sure she has everything ready then turns back to her sister*
"Everyone is nervous when it's a new relationship. That will all pass. In fact I think this weekend might be a good thing. Maybe this is what ya'll need to bring you even closer."
*Michelle keeping busy with the plates* "Yeah....Maybe....I hope so."
*Laura with some curiosity*"Michelle, how many guys have you been with? If you don't mind me asking...."
*Michelle sits in the chair by her* "Is it that obvious?"
*Laura* " do seem a lot more nervous than excited about this getaway. Are you still..?.."
*Michelle stops her* "No...I'm not. *she pauses for a second* I have only been with one guy. It's why I came back home to finish college."
*Laura takes a seat and lets her continue*
*Michelle sighs* "I met someone at school. He was sweet, smart, and terribly sexy. I fell hard for him. We studied for class together and spent a lot of time with each other. I thought he was perfect. Until he dumped for the next hot little thing to walk through the door...."
*Laura* "Oh my god! Michelle, Why didn't you ever tell me?.... I had no idea!"
*Michelle* "I was too embarrassed. I only told Penelope. That is why I couldn't finish school there."
*Laura* "Does Mom, have any clue this is why you left and came to finish school back here?"
*Michelle* Oh no! I could never talk to her about something like that. Please don't say anything to her."
*Laura motions that her lips are sealed*
Then the door swooshes open and Luke and Benjamin walk in. The two seem to have been successful at finding the items that Laura requested they hunt down.
*Laura* "It took you awhile...."
*Luke* "The only place open was MegaMart and the lines were a mile long. I grabbed what I thought would work."
Luke walks over to one of the tables and sets the bag down.
Benjamin takes a seat next to Michelle. Laura peeks in the bag to make sure what he got will work.
*Luke* "I tried to find what you were asking for but the selection there is not all that great even though they call it MegaMart."
*Laura* "This will work fine. I know... but right now I need you to help get the turkey out of the oven. It's very heavy."
While Luke and Laura are caught up in their own affairs. Benjamin begins talking to Michelle.
*Benjamin* "I didn't get a chance to tell you earlier how gorgeous you look. I like you in black."
  *Michelle feeling like she needs to be defensive* "Still can't help it can you?"
 *Michelle points to the beers* "There are some cold drinks over there if you want one."
They both get up from their seats. Michelle walks over to the bag of groceries and Benjamin grabs a beer.
*Benjamin* "Have you started packing yet?"
*Michelle* "Um....sort of. I am trying to go through my stuff since you said we were going some where cold. How cold will it be?"
 *Benjamin's voice becomes a smooth southern drawl* "Ah, you know I can't tell you where we're going ,Darlin'."
*Michelle* "So....not even a hint?"
 *Benjamin* "Well it might get cold enough that is might snow... And make sure you pack a carry on bag.  We are flying to get there. The rest you'll find out on the way."
 *Michelle* "Are you serious? How far are we going?"
*Benjamin's voice still smooth* "Do, I look like I am kidding ,Darlin'? You'll see when we get there."
Benjamin takes one long stride towards her and is now standing face to face with her. Michelle holds the shopping bag against her as a barrier but it is not working. Benjamin's hand slowly moves from her shoulder down to her backside. He pulls her in for a kiss and she has given up resisting him. Benjamin's lips brush hers but Michelle is suddenly distracted by a familiar voice that trails in from the entryway of the restaurant. Michelle takes a huge step back away from him and sees that her parents have arrived.
 *Michelle a little embarrassed* "Mom!, Dad! Hi!!"
*Benjamin does not show any embarrassment* "Mr and Mrs Lavigne....good to see you again."
*Krystal* "Hello....Where is everyone? Are we the first ones here?"
*Michelle* "Yep, Laura is in the kitchen with Luke. I think they are getting the turkey out of the oven and ready to bring in here."
*Scott shakes his hand* "Benjamin! How is your father? Business doing well for you two?"
*Benjamin* "It's going good, Sir."
*Scott* "Call me Scott....I always hated that 'Sir' crap.You know....never did I imagine one of my daughters would be dating my competition."
*Benjamin chuckles* "My Father says the same thing....."
*Michelle* "Daddy...there are some drinks over there if you want to get one."
The two men continue to talk business. While Michelle peeks into the the kitchen to let Laura know that their Parents are here.
*Krystal* "You and Benjamin looked quite happy together when we walked in."
*Michelle blushes red* "Mom!! He is right over there."
*Krystal* "Oh, Sweetie. Don't be embarrassed. It doesn't look like Benjamin was...."
*Michelle in a hushed voice* "Mom!!!!" 
 Michelle wishes Laura would hurry up and come out and save her from one of Mom's embarrassing lectures.
 *Krystal* "You know your Father really likes Benjamin. Of course it has a lot do do with the fact they are in the same line of business. Look at them talking over there. They look very comfortable with each other..."
*Krystal continues* "So where is Benjamin taking you for your big weekend away?"
*Michelle* "I don't know he won't tell me. All he said was that is might snow and that we are flying to get there. I am thinking it's some ski resort or something. I will call you when we get there."
*Krystal* "Oh my! It sounds wonderfully romantic..."
*Michelle* "Ugh!! Mom..pleaseeee.."
*Krystal directs her sit down with her* "Oh stop it...listen Sweetie. I know talking about this with me is embarrassing for you but I was a young lady once too. I know it's not something you choose to think about. I just want you to know that if you ever need to talk to me you can...."
*Michelle* "I's just easier to talk with Laura about these things."
*Krystal* "Okay.... but I'm still here if you need me.   You and Benjamin remind me a lot of your Father and I. He was the handsome business man and I was so young and full of energy. My goodness how the time flies."
*Michelle* "Again Mom!! So not what I wanted to hear!"
*Krystal laughs* "I know, I know. But you know its true. You and Benjamin are almost the same age distance apart as your Father and I. Plus he works in the same line of business. Benjamin's father was your Father's main competitor for so many years."
*Michelle* "I know, Mom. It's just I've heard all this before. You have a knack for repeating this story to me."
*Krystal* "Okay, I'll stop. I am just happy to see my two girls happy. That's all...."
As everyone is settling in two more guests arrive. Roxie and Aric have finally made their way into Ma Cherie.
Benjamin waves hello to his best friend.  Aric and Roxie walk over to the table where they are standing. Michelle and Krystal come over and join them also.
*Benjamin* "Scott, you remember my friend Aric. He and his wife own the bar Bull Tavern. He is also friends with Luke as well."
*Scott* "Yes, yes I remember. How are you doing? It is good to see you again."
*Aric* "Good, thank you. It's good to see you again as well. I can't wait to taste what Laura has prepared she is quite the cook."
*Scott* "I agree, Laura gets her cooking skills from her Mother."
*Krystal* "Oh, Honey,...Laura is a far better cook than me."
*Roxie* "Speaking of Laura and Luke where are they?"
*Michelle* "Oh, they are in the kitchen. They should be bringing out the turkey already..."
Everyone gets settled at a table while Michelle an Benjamin head into the kitchen to see what's up with the turkey. Michelle comes out to let everyone know that the turkey is ready and it is now time to eat.
Following Michelle Laura comes from the kitchen with Luke following behind her holding the the big heavy turkey. Michelle moves so they can take her place and she goes to stand next to Benjamin.
 *Laura* "Time to dig in and eat. Looks like there might be some guest that arrive a little later but we can go ahead and get started. Dad, would you come help with carving the turkey?"
*Scott* "Sure thing, Sweetheart."
Luke sets the turkey down on the buffet table. While Laura and her Dad work at slicing it.
Everyone gets settled with a plate of food and enjoys their meal.
 As everyone is finishing up their meal Luke decides to get up and make an announcement.
*Luke* "Laura and I have some news we would like to share with everyone here.  On Monday I closed on the building that was for sale next to Bull Tavern."
*Aric* "That's great news! So I guess this means we are gonna be neighbor?"
  *Luke* "Yeah, Laura and I plan on moving into the apartment above and my record shop will relocate there as well."
Aric and Roxie congratulate Luke on his new investment and are happy to hear they will be neighbors. Laura's Dad is smiling and pats his daughter on the shoulder. He whispers to her that he can bring a crew of guys to help them move. Krystal on the other hand hasn't said anything yet then....
 *Krystal takes a sip of her wine* "So you ever plan on marrying my daughter Luke? Or you two just gonna shack up together for another two years?"
*Laura* "Mom! I can't believe you just said that!!"
 *Krystal* "Honey, I am just looking out for you. I just don't understand why you two haven't even gotten engaged yet..."
*Luke puts his hand on her shoulder* "It's okay. Laura and I have talked many times about it. We just don't see the point in rushing it."
 *Krystal* "Well....I just don't agree with that. I mean you have been living together for two years. How is that rushing it?"
*Laura* "Mom! I cannot believe you are bringing this up right now!" *Laura gets up from the table* "....I'm not feeling so great....excuse me."

Laura leaves the table and briskly walks to the restroom. Luke follows behind her. He is worried about her she looked as pale as a ghost. Roxie stops Luke as he follows behind Laura.
*Roxie* "Is everything okay? Do you want me to check on her?"
*Luke* "Oh, no it's fine. Just finish your meal. I make sure she is all right."
Luke follows Laura into the ladies restroom and sees her sitting slumped over on the toilet.
*Luke* "Are you okay?"
*Laura sniffles and wipes her face* "Yeah, yeah I'm okay. I just can't believe she just did that.  Sometimes I swear she just likes to give me hard time."
*Luke* "She loves you, she just wants what is best for you that's all. At least your Mom cares about you. Mine was never a concerned Mother."
*Laura* "Well, she sure has a funny way of showing it...."
*Luke motions for her to come to him* "Come here....Listen I know she could have picked a better time and place to ask us but it's too late for that now."
*Luke continues* "Besides I guess I kinda fueled it when I announced that we were moving into another place."
*Laura* "Still...she always seems to give me a harder time.  She is over the moon about Michelle dating Benjamin..... but when it comes to us she...she.  Ugh! Sometimes I feel like I will never live up to her expectations."
*Luke* "So you want me to propose to you right now? Here in the restroom? Just to make your Mother happy?"
*Laura smiles a little* "No! No, I want you to do it when the time is right, when it feels right."
*Luke* "I'm sorry she upset you. If I could take it back I would. I have never seen your Mom react like that before....."
*Laura* "Now you know where Michelle gets her bluntness from but I seem to be the only one her brings that side out with my Mom."

*Luke pulls her in and holds her tight* "Babe, stop being so hard on yourself.  What you need to do is get yourself together and get back out there. I know she is pressuring us but you just need to try and not let it get to you."
*Laura leans back and looks up at him* "You're right...."
*Luke* "You need to go out there and tell your Mom she is just gonna have to be patient and that pressuring us is not going to give her what she wants."
*Laura* "Ummmm.....I...don't know.....if I can do that."
*Luke looks at her very seriously* "I know it's hard but she needs to respect our decision."
*Laura* "Okay, okay....lets go tell her."

 While Luke and Laura were talking in the restroom. Scott told his wife that she needed to be a littler easier on their daughter. Roxie was concerned about Laura and how she seemed so ill so fast. She discussed her thoughts about it with Aric. He just thought that maybe she is working too much.
 Luke takes her by the hand and reassures her that he loves her. They exit the restroom and walk back into the dining area of the restaurant. They make their way through the tables back to where Krystal is sitting.
*Laura* "Mom...Dad. I know that you just want the best for me but....."
*Krystal interrupts her* "Sweetie, listen I am sorry that I questioned you two the way I did. I just....well. I really just want my girls to be happy and I don't see what would make you more happy than getting married."
*Laura* "But...Mom...we are very happy. I know you don't exactly approve of how we are living right now but that is my choice to make. So can we please finish the evening without anymore confrontations?"
*Krystal* "Yes, Sweetie. I won't bring it up again...."
*Laura* "Okay...well lets get some dessert then!!"
*Scott* "Can you cut me a slice of that cherry pie, Darlin'"
*Laura* "Sure thing ,Dad."

Overall I would say Laura's first Thanksgiving dinner was a success. Even though she had to deal with her Mother's tough love and criticism she managed to get through it all. Everyone enjoyed themselves and had a good time. A few more guests arrived later into the evening and enjoyed good food with family and friends.

Next episode is Michelle and Benjamin's weekend away!!


  1. Very nice story Miranda! Krystal seems a bit overbearing. I am happy to see that they made up. I love your setting.

    1. Thanks :)
      Yes Krystal can be a little overbearing but I think a lot of Moms are like that. Moms are always worrying about their kids even if they are adults :)
      I know mine does LOL!
      Thanks for commenting